The story behind our pubs in the UK.

The story behind our pubs in the UK.

Some years ago I visited the old town of Pompei, and mentioned the taverna which was in reference to nearly 2000 years ago. This was Pompeii, and which was largely destroyed in 79 AD by the eruption of Vesuvius. It is a brilliant place to visit, as is Herculaneum, which is another site nearby, and equally visitable.

The point is that whether the Romans invented the pub as we know it now, my sites are the best for listing the pub history of the entirety of the UK.

I use specific towns in the UK to show the records available in research. Here is Lancashire I am just restarting research of Liverpool where there are at least two thousand pubs and beer houses through time. This will take a lot longer than Lancaster.
My research in London pub history is amazing, not that anyone has noticed.
Please send me some pictures and other detail to update the sites.

I have been adding Liverpool for the past few weeks, or maybe days.
Also an introduction to the Brewery, which appears to be more prevalent in the North?

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