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London historical street directories and pub history

Aldgate - East Ham & City of London parishes , Forest Gate - Spitalfields , St Alban - St Margarets, St Martin - St Thomas , Stoke Newington - Whitefriars

Here are a considerable number of London directories of publicans, beer houses, hotel, coffee houses etc.; and another more interesting page of London pub history describing a London historical pub site which I have been attempting to build for nearly twenty years.

It is all out of date, but that's what makes it pub history.

I am starting to build a specific site about London history, at which is an amazing wander through time, and continues to get better.

The pub wiki site records detailed research about people, buildings and streets from diverse sources, including census detail, insurance records, street directories, licensing records, births, christenings, marriages, deaths and wills. There are also a significant number of images of the buildings, business cards and other related material.

The research has been built over a number of years by a team of experts; and continues to evolve. The best research on this site is for London pubs, taverns and beer houses over the past two hundred years, but nearly all of the south of the UK has entries; and much of the entirety of the UK is listed in one format or another. This history site also continues to evolve into a London history project, using the many thousands of pubs as part of this; plus street directories especially the unique 1832 and 1842 Robsons street directories.

The London pub history section of the site covers not only the original City of London, but also encompasses the many local home counties which became part of London in 1965 as part of the London county council, i.e. pretty much anything inside the M25 motorway.

Here are some of these by postcode as I sort them:



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Many of the more astute licensed victuallers were involved in the Licensed Victuallers Association. This association was an insurance  to protect families in times of hardship. The licensed victuallers association offered this, to their own family, or members of an extended family.

Here is the first article on researching a pub, My next article on research of a pub will start to explain the differences between the different areas of London and the South East, and why some areas had lots of pubs, and some had none. I have a massive interest in history of any old building, whether it be a pub, a church, or any other landmark that is identifiable in history. My latest site on London history continues to build as I try and make sense of some of this.

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