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Canning Town 1874  Post Office Directory Index

Commercial Traders

Ohlendorff & Co, merchants & manufacturers of the dissolved Peruvian guano & sulphuric acir; works, near "Tidal Basin", Victoria (London) Docks; city offices. 110 Fenchurch Street EC
Old David, Marine Hotel, Victoria (London) Docks
Overgage George, paraffin lamp warehouse, 93 Woodstock Street
Oxberry David, boot & shoe maker, 7 North Woolwich Road

Page Thos, yacht agent, 29 Custom House Terrace, North Woolwich Road
Pain John, grocer, Rathbone Street
Palmer Thomas, Sir John Lawrance, Rathbone Street
Parrett Thomas, medical herbalist, 64 North Woolwich Road
Parry Joseph, oil & color man, 1 Widdicombe Terrace, Barking Road
Parsons George, shopkeeper, 7 Alexandra Street
Parsons Sarah (Mrs), shopkeeper, Montesquieu Street
Pearson George, beer retailer, New Road
Pennel John, boot maker, 137 North Woolwich Road
Penticost Alfred, butcher, Bidder Street
Perrin Jonathan, shopkeeper, Alice Street
Phillips Chas, grocer & cheesemonger, 116 North Woolwich Road
Pickford & Co, carriers, Victoria (London) Docks
Pike Samuel, coffee house, 77 North Woolwich Road
Plant Ann (Mrs), Graving Dock Tavern, Victoria (London) Docks
Platt John, City Arms, Victoria (London) Docks
Pond Joseph, plumber & painter, 113 North Woolwich Road
Porter William, grocer, Bidder Street
Powel Sarah (Mrs), beer retailer, Nelson Street
Pressland Eliza (Mrs), beer retailer, Bidder Street
Prickett James, beer retailer, Rathbone Street
Prust Richard B, Lord Nelson, North Woolwich Road
Pulley Ann Elizabeth (Mrs), cow keeper, Rathbone Street
Pyne Robert, shopkeeper, Brickfield Cottage, Barking Road
Pyne William George, grocer & baker, 1 Dolphin Cottages, North Woolwich Road


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