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History of East Ham in 1863 Whites Directory

East Ham 1863 Whites Directory

HAM (EAST) is a long scattered village, from 1 to 2 miles W and S.W. of Barking, 6 miles E. of Whitechapel, and 2 1/2 miles S.E, of West Ham. Its parish contains 2264 inhabitants, and 2600 acres of land, "bounded on the east by the river Roding, and on the south by the Thames, and a long strip of about 500 acres of marshes belonging to Woolwich, on the opposite side of the Thames. At the north end of the village is a Station on the London and Southend Railway. About 1100 acres form rich pastures and marshes, on which great numbers of cattle are fed; and in different parts of the parish are several large houses, with pleasant grounds, commanding fine prospects, and some of them occupied by merchants and others, who have their places of business in London. The road through the village leads down to the north bank of the Thames, where there is a steam ferry to Woolwich, and the terminus of a branch from the Eastern Counties Railway at Stratford, called NORTH WOOOLWICH STATION, and situated on the marshland belonging to Kent, close to the new floating pier, which is 300 feet long and supports a wooden bridge, (190 feet long,) raised on trusses, by means of which passengers, cattle, &c., are easily landed from the steamers, even at low water. This branch railway, with the station, pier, &c., was opened in June, 1847. East Ham was anciently part of the endowment of  Westminster Abbey, to which it was confirmed by Edward the Confessor, under the name of two hides in Hamme.
It is in three manors. Lord Heniker is lord of the manor of East Ham, which, was granted to Stratford Abbey by Roger de Lancaster, in 1319. At the dissolution it was granted by Henry VIII. to Bichard Bream. Sir J. H. Pelly, Bart., is lord of the manor of East Ham Burnels, and Edward Humphreys, Esq., is lord of the manor of West Ham, which extends into this parish, where many smaller owners have estates and neat mansions.

East Ham CHURCH (St. Mary Magdalen) is evidently of great antiquity, for, like the churches of primitive Christians, it consists of. a sanctuary, an ante-temple, and a temple, or, as they are now called, a nave and two chancels. The upper chancel, or sanctuary, is semi-circular at the east end, and has narrow pointed windows; on the south side is a piscina, with a double drain, divided by a column forming two plain pointed arches, between which, is a bracket for a lamp. On the south Wall of the lower chancel are several Saxon arches, with zig-zag ornaments, which appear to have extended into the nave. Behind the communion table is a handsome monument to the memory of Edmund Nevill, Lord Lathner, and seventh Earl of Westmoreland of that family: the effigies represent the Earl andhis lady, Jane, Countess of Westmoreland, in kneeling attitudes. Several other distinguished personages have been interred in the church and churchyard, and among them the renowned antiquary, Dr. Stulteley, who, as appears by the register, was buried here in 1765. The tower had formerly eight, but has now only two bells. It was repaired, with new buttresses, &c., in. 1830. In 1844-6, the church was thoroughly repaired and beautified at the cost of about 800. The organ was purchased by subscription in 1847, and cost 100. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at 14.13s. 9d., and now at 865, is in the patronage of the Bishop of London, and incumbency of the Rev. E. F. Boyle, M.A., who has a good residence, which was partly rebuilt in 1832. There is only about 1 1/2A. of glebe. The tithes belonging to the vicarage were commuted in 1841 for 1000 per annum, subject to rates; and those held by the impropriator (Rev. R. F. Wilson), for 320 per annum. A New Church or chapel of ease is now (1862) building in the parish, at the cost of about 3500. National and Infant Schools were established in 1837, in .the building formerly used as the parish workhouse.
At Plashet are large INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLS for the pauper children of the Union of St.  George's-in-the-East, London. They were built in 1851, at the cost of 35,000, and have room for about 550 children. Here are Almshouses and various Charities for the poor parishioners. In 1618, Giles Bream left 300 to build ALMSHOTJSES for six aged poor men - three of this parish, and three to be inhabitants of Bottisham, in Cambridgeshire. He also gave the Great Hall Field for the site of the Almshouses and gardens, and directed his executor to purchase land of the yearly value of 40 for the endowment. The latter was not done till 1638, when 800 was laid out in the purchase of a farm of 103A. 2n. 19P. at Braintree, now let for about 80 per annum. Three of the almshouses, are occupied by three aged men of East Ham, on the foundation, and the other three are occupied by paupers; but the stipends belonging to them are paid to three almspeople residing in Bottisham, together with 2 as rent for the three tenements. The almshouses were rebuilt in 1791-'2, at the cost of about 250. Bach of the almspeople receives 8 per annum, and the rest of the income is applied in repairing the building and in other incidental expenses. For distribution in bread the poor of East Ham have 20s. a year from Sampson's Charity, as noticed with Walthamstow.
In 1603, Sir John Hart, Kt., left for the most destitute poor the yearly rent-charge of 4 out of about l00A. of land here, now belonging to Lord Henniker. It is distributed in bread by the vicar and churchwardens about Christmas. In 1620, William Heigham, left about 2 1/2A. of marsh land at Barking, now let for 8 a year, out of which 2.12s. is distributed in bread, and the remainder in coals, among poor parishioners. In 1641, the Dowager Countess of Westmoreland left, out of the Large Field here, the yearly payments of 20s. to the vicar for a sermon, 5s. to the clerk, 5s. for cleansing her tomb, and 80s. for distribution in bread among the poor. For apprenticing a poor boy, the churchwardens and overseers receive 3 a year from Garrard's Charity, as noticed with West Ham. In 1833, Daniel Holt left to them 19.19s. in trust, to distribute the interest in bread. The poor parishioners have also the dividends of 50 Three per Cent. Consols, left by the Countess Poulett, in 1838.

Marked 1 are at North-end; 2, South-end; 3,Plashet; 4, Wallend; and 5, at North Woolwich.
Marked * have their places of business in London

2 Arnold Rev. John M. curate
Barnes John, East Ham stationmaster
Boyle Bev. Edward Fitzmaurice, M.A. vicar
Carey Mr Stpn
Collins Mr Chas
Charters John, organist
5 Clapson Susanna, coffee house
5 Colling William, station master
2 Cozens Jas. schoolmaster and par. clerk
2*Dennison William, architect
Fry Mrs Julia, Manor House
3 Fry Miss
l*Gingell Mr James
Garton John, clerk of Northern Outfall Works
2*Grinling Mr Alfred Horace
2*HelIyer Frederick, ship carver
5 Henley William Thomas, telegraph engineer
2 Hunt Thos. Wm. grocer at Stratford
5 Jones William, fishmonger
5 London Colonial Co.'s ale stores
6 Lucy George, cattle ferryman
2 Martin James, draper, Post Office
5 Masterman Mr Henry Thomas

1 Morley Jas. Esq. Green Street House
2 Moss James, blacksmith
5 North James, excise officer
Parr Mr Samuel
Pelly Raymond, Esq. Plashet House
Pierce William Morgan and Co, animal charcoal manufacturers
1 Pizzey Eliel, saddler, etc
5 Poynter William, flag maker
3 Price Francis Edward, master of St. George's Industrial Schools
5 Punter William, pier master
1 Ramsden Rev. Thomas Lagden, M.A. incumbent of Forestgate, etc
3 Sharp Mrs Fanny, matron, Industrial School
5 Sparrow James, marshman
2 Taylor Mr Hy. & 3 Jno. police officer
Thomson Geo. solr. Rancliffe House
Venables Thos. Esq. Temple House


5 Barge House, Peter Bowman
2 Cock, William Holmes
4 Duke's Head, George Carter
3 Green Man, John Biggs
5 Kent Arms, Henry Hammond
Rising Sun, Robt. Smith, Ilford road
5 Royal Pavilion, Edw. K. McNamara
5 Three Crowns, Edward West
2 White Horse, John B. Seabrook


2 Collier Thos.
2 Harmon Robt
5 Jackson Fredk
5 Schramm C. P
5 Brand Thos.
2 Butler Wm
5 Hinds Wm. Hy
Jolly John
Keep John
2 Lucy Joseph
Smith Hy. Dunn


2 Crowest Thos
2 Fisk William
2 Harris William
5 Hunt John

2 Bascombe Hy
Smith Hy. Dunn

2 Lucas Edward
5 Pankhurst Benj
Perry William

1 Squire John
2 Stokes William

(* Gardeners)
4 *Abbott Jabez
3 * Adams Wm
2 Ball (Jesse) & Vale (John)
1 *Circuit Thos
4 * Cobb Mrs Ann
2 Curtis Sarah
2 Holloway Hy
2 Holloway Jas.
2*Holloway Wm
5 Hutohings Wm
2 *Lucy William
2*Matthews Ths & John Gurney
2 Mills Thomas
3 Ramsden Jph
Rust Mrs Ellen
2 Wilson Thos

2 Cooper Willm
2 Craske Chas
2 Foster Wm
5 Lack Benjamin
2 Lampard Thos
2 Pearson Sarah
5 Pook George
5 Rossiter Fredk
5 Skinner David
5 Sussems Geo
5 Whitaker Fdk

2 Dennison Wm
1 Squire John
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