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Richard Linsell

He wheeled a barrow with 1 cwt coal from one end of the Stebbing High Street for a bet when he was 90 !! Ran from Dunmow to Chelmsford & back for a bet. Ran from Stebbing to Clare (Suffolk) and beat the coach. His stamina was built up as a Carrier taking goods from the Dunmow/Stebbing area to the London Markets - I presume he walked or ran by his horses! Quite a character!

When Richard left Stebbing he moved to Clare and took over The Swan Inn (still operating) and later built his own house and got a licence calling it the Cricketers (now a private house again). His particular trick there, was to get someone to throw a cricket ball over the building and he would 'catch' the ball on his cricket bat on the other side, again for a small bet!!. The cricket that he played was 'single wicket' , also the subject of wagers. The reason for leaving Stebbing is given as "disappointed in the marriage of one of his daughters" Now I have only found two daughters, one of whom wed a nephew and to whom Richard passed on his carrier business. So I can only conclude that it was the other daughter - from whom I descend !!! Just what did she do I often wonder.

The Kings Head, Stebbing

Supplied by John E. Farrow, the Great, Great, Great, Great Grandson of Richard Linsell.

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