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PETERSFIELD 1855 Post Office Directory


PETERSFIELD is a small but neat market and Union town, head of a division, and borough, recently lit up with gas, in the Hundred of Finch Dean, and South Alton division, on the old road from London to Portsmouth, 52 miles from the former, and 17 from the latter, 12 miles south of Alton, and 27 from Southampton. Previous to the establishment of the South Western railway, this town was of some importance from the large traffic passing through it; at one period there were nearly 30 coaches daily. The market is held every alternate Wednesday, which is well attended, and considerable business transacted in corn and stock of all sorts. The fairs are held July 10th, October 6th, on the Heath, and 11th December. The town is governed by the magistrates of the county, who meet every fortnight at the Town-hall, on the Tuesday before market day. Sir W. G. H. Jollifife, Bart., is member for the borough and lord of the manor. The civic officers of the borough consist of a mayor, who is elected annually, but is not a magistrate in virtue of his office; high constable of the lower half-Hundred of Finch Dean, two tithing-men, hayward, and leather sealers. There is an excellent institution, called Churcher's College, which boards, educates and clothes 14 boys, when they are apprenticed to some trade or profession, upon which a premium, not exceeding 30, is given, and an allowance of 3 per annum to each boy for the purchase of clothes. There are also National, British and Infant schools, all of which are well supported ; two almshouses, Antrobus's and Miss Parr's. The church, which is annexed to Buriton, is a plain but ancient structure, with a square tower, a chancel in which are several elegant monuments to the memory of the Jolliffe family, a nave, and 6 bells, and has considerable Norman remains.- The living of Buriton, with Petersfield and Sheet annexed, is a rectory, in the diocese of Winchester, and in the presentation of the bishop of the diocese; the rector is the Rev. John M. Sumner, who resides at Buriton ; and his curates are the Rev. John Williams, M.A., and the Rev. William Sealy, B.A., both of whom reside here. There is an Independent chapel, of an old foundation. A literary institution, known by the name of the Petersfield Library and Reading-rooms, was established in the year 1838, and is now in a flourishing condition. The population was returned in 1851, at 1,452 inhabitants, exclusive of Sheet tithing, with 274 acres of land. In the centre of the Market-square is an equestrian statue of William III., standing on a lofty pedestal, with a Latin inscription; it was erected at the expense of the late William Jolliffe, Esq., and was removed to its present site from the New Way about the year 1815. Here is a workhouse. A court leet is held in the Town-hall annually, on the second Monday in Epiphany. There are several charities for the relief of the poor. On the heath are bar rows.
SHEET is a tithing, 1 mile north-east, with 1,540 acres and 453 inhabitants ; Addes, 2 miles north-east; Horn and Heath Farms, 1 mile cast; Heath House, half a mile south ; Stroud Common and Steep Common, 2 miles west; Rothercombe and Winters, l 1/2 miles north-west; Steep, 2 miles north-west; Ashford, 2 miles north.

Abery William, esq. the Spain
Atkinson Mr. Henry, High street
Atkinson Mrs. High street
Carter John Bonham, esq. M.P. Market square
Floud Rev. Thomas, M.A. [curate], the Spain
Holland Mr. William, College street
Isaac Rev.Wm.[Independent minister], Horn lane
Keunett Richd. Barlow, esq. Market sq
Lellyet Mrs. Market square
Lipscomb Mrs. High street
Mellersh Chas. Jno. esq. Dragon street
Minty Richard, esq. the Spain
Mitchell William, esq. Market square
Newport Miss, High street
Parsons Robert, esq. High street
Sealy Rev. William, B.A. [curate], Heath lodge
Silvester Mrs. Dragon street
Williams Rev. John, M.A. [curate]

Adams Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Dragon street
Aldridge Andrew, builder, College street
Allingham Richard, grocer, Chapel street
Bailey John, gardener & seedsman, College street
Balnes Thomas, saddler & harness maker, Market square
Baker Thomas, butcher, High street
Bell Thos. blacksmith, College corner
Biden William, cooper & beer retailer, Sheep street
Blackmore Henry, draper & grocer, High street
Blackmore Henry, tailor, College street
Blanchard George, Fighting Cocks, Dragon street
Bone Thomas, maltster & brewer, College street
Bradley Henry, boot & shoe maker, College Street
Brewer Francis, bricklayer, the Spain
Brisby Wm. veterinary. surgeon, the Spain
Burnand Edward, grocer, High street
Calvert, Henry, tailor & draper, Market square
Carter William, plumber, painter & glazier, Dragon street
Chapman Charles, boot & shoe maker, Sheep street
Chapman Henry, boot & shoe maker, College street
Charge Benjamin, tailor & draper, Market square & High street
Chase Jno. grocer & corn dealer. College street
Childs Henry, boot & shoe maker. High street
Cbatfield Benj. confectioner, Dragon street
Chatfield Charles, baker, College street
Cole Joseph, hairdresser k tobacconist, High street
Colebrooke Alfred, butcher, Market square
Cooke Ann (Mrs.), butcher, Horn lane
Court Samuel, blacksmith, Dragon street
Crafts Robert, Red Lion hotel, commercial inn & posting house, College street
Crassweller Christopher John, grocer & provision dealer, Market square
Cross Jno. boot & shoe maker, High street
Cross Robt. Sbackleford, M.D. surgeon, Dragon street
Duplock Gideon, bookseller & stationer, High street
Dusantoy Alfred, private academy, College street
Eade John, gardener, College street
Eames Henry, watch & clock maker, College street
Etberington George, cabinet maker & auctioneer, Dragon street
Faulkner William, George inn, & corn dealer, Market square
Ford Ann (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, High street
Gammon Thomas, carpenter & joiner, College street
Guy John, plumber, painter & glazier, Sheep street
Hall David, cutler & ironmonger, High street
Hall William, timber valuer, Dragon street
Hartley George, confectioner & grocer. Market square
Head Alexander, carpenter, Back lane
Heath John, watch & clock maker, Chapel street
Henson Fanny (Miss), boarding & day school, Market square
Henty George k Rohert, maltsters (James Stening, manager), Dragon street
Henson Sarah( Mrs.), staymaker, Market square
Hoar Caroline (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, Market square
Hoar Charles, saddler & harness maker, Market square
Holdaway John, baker & grocer, the Spain
Isaac Joseph, tailor, Dragon street
James Thomas, watch & clock maker, High street
James William, blacksmith, Chapel street
Johnson Geo. general dealer, College street
Kealey Lucy (Mrs.), Dolphin hotel, comtnercial inn & posting house, High st
Lillywhite Stephen, beer retailer. Chapel street
Mann Frederick, Old Drum, Chapel street
Maxfield Geo. farmer & maltster, Market square
Meeres & Son, auctioneers, Market square
Meeres James, grocer & baker, Market square & Golden Ball street
Mellersh Chas John, solicitor, Dragon street
Minchln Elizabeth (Mrs.), printer & bookseller, High street
Minchin Samnel, builder & auctioneer, High street
Minty Richard, solicitor, the Spain
Mitchell William, solicitor, Market square
Monk Eliza (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, College street
Monk Henry, Sun inn, Dragon street
Monk Thomas, hairdresser, College street
Moore William, Bell, New way
Mundy John, omnibus proprietor, Dragon street
Neighbour William, undertaker & tailor, Market square
Nichols Henry, chemist & druggist, High street
Outridge James, hairdresser, High street
Outridge Owen, stonemason, College corner
Parker Ebenezer, Bricklayers Arms , the Spain
Parker James, pork butcher, Dragon street
Peskett Henry, jun. M.D. surgeon. High street
Peskett William, sen. surgeon. High street
Pledger Robert, blacksmith, Dragon street
Pocock Charlotte (Mrs.), milliner k dressmaker. Sheep street
Port James, Swan inn. Chapel street
Powell Ellen (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, High street
Ring John William, yeoman, High street
Putnam Henry, plumber, painter & glazier, Dragon street
Robins James, Spread Eagle, New way
Seward William, beer retailer, Sheep street
Small John, draper & hosier, Market square
Smith Daniel, Crown inn, Dragon street
Southon Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Golden Ball street
Start James & Thomas, wheelwrights, Horn lane
Todman George, butcher, Dragon street
Tietkens John Hulbert, chemist & druggist, High street
Tigg John Francis, plumber, painter & glazier, Market square
Todman Jane (Miss), china & glass dealer & grocer, High street
Todman William, tailor. Dragon street
Todman John, ironmonger & whitesmith, College street
Wade Frances (Mrs.), White Hart inn, College street
Walker Fras. Golden Horse, Market square
Waller Thos. grocer & baker, Dragon street
Weeks & Summers, drapers & tailors, Dragon street
Wetherspone Robt. bricklayer, College street
Whicher & Cross, surgeons, High street
White Henry, basket maker, Sheep street
White John, tailor & hatter, Market square
White William, blacksmith, New way
Young Edwd. grocer & baker, Market square
Zigg Robt. boot & shoe maker, Market square

Andrews, Samuel, esq
Askew Mrs
Eames Misses
Howard Smith, esq
Jolliffe Mr. George
Judd Richard Roberton, esq
Morey Mrs

Bailey Wm. chandler's shop & carrier
Budd Henry, blacksmith
Hull Martha (Miss), ladies' school
Holder George & Henry, carpenters
Light James, conveyancer
Purr Charles, rattle dealer
Smith Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer
Stallard William, woolstapler
Trimming John, dairyman
Wakeford Elijah, Blue Anchor
Welch Joseph, miller
Winter George, Half Moon

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