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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders C - D

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Calender Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper and beer retailer, 69, Charlotte street
Canaway Thomas, watch & clock maker, & jeweller, 153, Commercial road
Candey Jas., second hand clothes dealer, 62, Spring street
CANDEY JOHN, cooper & Birmingham and Sheffield warehouseman, 197 & 199, Commercial road
Candey William, wine and dry cooper, Buckland road
Cann William, toy dealer, &c., 57, Clarence street
Caplin Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, 55, Commercial road
Carledge Joseph, stay maker, Outram terrace, Somers road
Carter Augustus Frederick, grocer & baker, 91, Surrey street
Carter Elias, dyer, 13, Arundel street
Carter Samuel, machinist, 296, Commercial road
Carter William, stay manufacturer, 18, Charlotte street, 22, Ludgate hill, and 7, Newington Causeway, London, Thomas Loader, manager
Case Henry, butter factor, 85, Charlotte street
Castle William Henry B., L.R.C.P. ;111. R. C. S., surgeon and accouchenr, 276, Commercial road
Chalcraft Geo., outfitter, &c., 17, Russell street
Chalmers George, Thomas street
Chalmers Jas., beer retailer, Stamshaw lane
Chandler Mrs. Frances, The Old George tavern, Buckland
Chandler John, beer retailer, St Marys road, Kingston
Chaplin & Horne, agents by appointment to the South Western Railway company, Greetham street, & Broad street, Portsmouth
Chase John A., ironfounder, 44, Commercial road
Chettle Samuel, asphalte manufacturer, Kingston road, Buckland
Chilcot J. W. & Co., wholesale stay manufacturers, 100 and 102, Surrey street
Chisham Daniel Henry, boot and shoe maker, 303, Commercial road
Chiverton Richd., brewer, Fratton brewery, baker and grocer, Tratton road
Christopher James, sugar confectioner, 217, Commercial road
Chumlley George, general dealer, 8, Fratton street
CHURCHER RICHARD, Blue Anchor tavern, Kingston Cross
Clarke James, tea dealer & provision merchant, 395, Commercial road
Clarke Joseph, beer retailer, Buckingham street, Tratton
CLARK WILLIAM, timber and coal merchant, Arundel street, p.r., 48, Bow street
Clark William, bricklayer, Tratton street
Clegg Samuel, oil & colour merchant, & seedsman, agent for the Sun Fire and the National Mercantile Life office, 159, Commercial road
Cleeve William, corn factor, Russell street
Cleiife James, beer retailer, Kingston road, Buckland
Clements James, market gardener and beer retailer, Capnor
Cleverly Thomas, Red Lion, and brewer, 14, Thomas street
Clifford Harry George, news agent, tobacconist, and photographer, 27, Russell street
Cloverson Joseph, greengrocer, 80, Tratton street
Coacks Matthew, grocer & baker, St. Marys road, Kingston
Cobb Wm., greengrocer, 92, Surrey street
Cocking John, surgeon, Kingston terrace
Cope Daniel, beer retailer, Upper Arundel street
Coffin John, timber dealer, Staunton street
Coish Henry, builder and undertaker, Tratton road
Cole James, saddler and harness maker, 130, Commercial road
Cole John, beer retailer, Milton
Coleman Daniel, baker, 9, Little Charlotte street
Coleman Thomas, boot & ehoe maker, Lucknow street, Tratton
Coles George, hairdresser & toy dealer, 210 and 212, Commercial road
Coles William, boot maker, Church path, north
Coley Charles, shopkeeper, Church path, north
COLLINGS GEORGE, timber and slate merchant, 262, Commercial road
Collins Ann, marine store dealer, Charlotte street
Collins Mrs. Ann Eliza, milliner, &c, 21, Commercial road
Collin Donaldson, baker and beer retailer, Church path, north
Collins Henry, Custom house and Shipping agent, Victoria villa, Mile End
Collins John, greengrocer, 199, Commercial road
Collins John, furniture carrier, Church street
Collins Thomas, greengrocer, &c., 39, Charlotte street
Collins Titus, boot manufacturer, 165, Commercial road
Cook Chas., pastry cook and confectioner, 315, Commercial road
Cook Daniel Matthew, agent to the Atlas Fire and Life Assurance office, 16, Regent place, Mile end
Cook Mrs. Jane, wardrobe dealer, 45, Russell street
Cooper Geo., news agent, 45, Crasswell street
Cooper Josiah, tailor, 45, Crasswell street
Cope Daniel, beer retailer, Upper Arundel street
Cope John, ironmonger, 257, Commercial road
Cotton John & Co., pawnbroker, 231A, Commercial road
Cottrell George, Richmond Arms, 1, Greetham street
Couzens Henry Soper, grocer, 30, Arundel street
Couzens John William, ironmonger, &c., 221, Commercial road
Couzens John William, ironmonger, 87, Lake road
Couzens William, linen draper, hosier, &c., Charlotte street, and Spring street
Conrad John, musician & tobacconist, 77, Lake road
Cowles George, boot manufacturer, 55, Russell at.
COWLING THOMAS, tailor & woollen draper, 38, Russell street
COX JOHN, brewer, maltster, wine and spirit merchant, Eagle brewery, Little Charlotte street
Cox Mathias, shopkeeper, 29, Clarendon street
Cox Thomas, shopkeeper, 87, Montague street ; beer retailer, 38,
Cradock Albany, chemist and druggist, 71, Charlotte street
Cranstone James, linen draper, Kingston Cross
Craven Mrs. Eliz., seminary, Amelia street
Craven George, beer retailer, coal & wood dealer, 57, Up. Church path
Craven Joseph, confectioner, 104, Commercial road
Craven Joseph Thos., monumental mason, St. Marys road, Kingston
Craven William, painter & glazier, 9, Tratton street
Crockford John Henry, florist & seedsman, Buckland road
Crockford William Henry, florist & seedsman, 65, Lake road
Croft Humphrey, boot and shoe maker, 10, Little Charlotte street
Cross William, pork butcher & poulterer, 81 & 83, Russell street
Croucher Henry, baker & shopkeeper, All Saints road
Crowter Miss Mary Sarah, establishment for young ladies, 140, Lake road
Cudliff Arthur, pawnbroker, 18, Lower Church path
Cummings John, Plough and Spade, Fratton road
Cunningham Richard Charles, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 62, Arundel street
Curie Mrs. Jane, greengrocer, Crasswell street
Cunley Thomas, greengrocer, Chandos street
Cm tis Geo. and Geo., corn & flour merchants, steam flour mills, 209, Commercial road
cuRns JACOB J., porn & seed merchants, 179 & 181, Commercial road
Curtis Jas., cattle dealer, 488, Commercial road
Curtis John, cattle dealer, Stamshaw terrace, Stamshaw
Culhbertson Wm., beer retailer, St. Marys road, Kingston
Cutler Philip, beer retailer, Temple street
Dagnell James, boot. & shoe manufacturer, 195, Commercial road, & 51, Russell street., p. r., Lake road
Damerum George, turner, Clarence street, p. r., All Saints street
Dash Edward, beer retailer, 6, Charles street
Davey Henry Davey, brewer, St. Marys brewery, St. Marys road, Kingston
Davidge John James, Cremorne Gardens, &c., pleasure grounds, B. H., Milton
Davidson Henry, warrant officer, R.N., 344, Commercial road
Davidson John Richard, baker & grocer, Buckland
Davies John Griffiths, linen and woollen draper, hosier, &c.,65, & 67, Charlotte street
Davies itobert E., wholesale & retail silk mercer, linen and woollen draper, hosier) haberdasher, &c., retail establishments, 140, 142, & 144, Commercial rd., wholesale warehouses, 4, 6, & 8, Arundel street., p. r., Crescent villa, Kingston crescent
Davies Owen, surgeon, Mile End house, Commercial road
Davis Henry & Wm., engineers, iron and brass founders, Pye street
Davis Henry, (firm of 11: and W. Davis), 43, Clarence street
Davis Mrs. Martha, beer retailer, Tratton road
Davison Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Lucknow street
Dawson Frederick, timber and slate merchant, Lake road
Dawson Frederick, Prince of Wales tavern, Lake road
Day Mrs. Emma, beer retailer, Church Path, North
Dean William, The Victory, 74, Charlotte street
Dearlove William, china and glass dealer, 191, Lake road
Dynam John, baker, All Saints road
Delve Charles, stationery, 15, Church street
Denham John shopkeeper, Candahar place
Dennis Mrs. John, seminary, 15, Lower Arundel street
Dennison John, beer retailer, Wingfield street
Dewar Thomas, warrant officer, RN., 4, Princes terrace
Dickenson John George, shopkeeper and cheese factor, 208, Commercial road
Dickinson Mrs., millinery warehouse, 41, Russell street
Digby Charles, dyer, cleaner, &c., 261, Lake road
Dipnaw Mrs., milliner & dressmaker, 9, Arundel street
Dix Charles, coal dealer, 7, Commercial pl.
Dodd David Thos., ironmonger, and furniture broker, 72 & 74, Arundel street
Donaldson Wm., shopkeeper, 45, Lake road.
Doudney Edward Philip, (firm of G. E. & E. P. Doudney), 337, Commercial road
Doudney George Ebenezer and Edward Philip, soap & candle manufacturers, South of England Steam Works, Commercial road
Douglas J., gas company's inspector, Flathouse
Dowden Isaac, shopkeeper, Staunton street. Drew Mrs. Constance, butcher, 13, Charlotte street
Drew John, greengrocer, Kingston Cross
Drew Mrs. Mary, pork butcher, 291, Commercial road
Drewett Wm., stonemason, 1, Charlton street
Duck William, grocer, 33, Commercial road.
Dent Henry D., Admiralty tavern, Spring street
Dudney Mieses, milliners, 1, Lower Church Path
Duffett William Henry, builder, Buckingham house, Lake road
Dugan Alfred, linen draper, & carpet warehouseman, 271, 273, and 275, Commercial road
Dugan Thomas, bookseller, printer, stationer:& perfumer, 253, Commercial road.
Dugdall Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 76, Charlotte street
Dumrner & Warren, woollen drapers hosiers, &c., 155, and 157, Commercial road, and Meadow street
Dummer James, beer retailer, 68, Amelia street
Dunkin Mrs. Eliza, stationer & newsagent, 5, Commercial road
Durden James, shoe mercer, currier, &c., 5, Arundel street
Dyer - shoemaker, Crasswell street

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