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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders E - G

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Eades Waltham Arms tavern, builder and contractor, Waltham street
Eales James, Shakespears Head, Charles street
Earle John, beer retailer, Commercial road.
Earle Robert, beer retailer, St. Marys rd., Kingston
Easton Mrs. Mary H., seminary for young ladies, 11, Harley street
Easton Michael, Golden Fleece, s& coach builder, 35, Commercial road
Eddy Mrs. Catherine, greengrocer, Rudmore road, Kingston
Edge Francis Country House, Mile End, Commercial road
Edge Henry Thomas, Old Red House, Fratton road
Edwards John Lacey, officer of Inland Revenue Kingston cross
Edwards Miss, preparatory establishment, Kingston
Edwards Thos., butcher, 117, Fratton road.
Egerton James Bridger, pawnbroker, All Saints road
Egerton Thomas, wheelwright, beer retailer, and parish clerk and sexton, Milton
Elgar Richard H., beer retailer, St. Marys road, Kingston
Elliott Edward, foreman of shipwrights, H.M. dockyard, Carlton terrace, North End, Kingston
Elliott Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 64, Spring street
Ellis Charles Wright, mathematical and commercial academy, Arundel street, p. r., 98, Lake road
Ellis James, farmer, 501, Commercial rd.
Ellis John, shoe manufacturer, Queen street
Perfecto., p. r., Belmont, Kingston crescent
Elsey Henry, farniture broker, 309, Commercial road
Emery Augustus lodging-house keeper, 56, Commercial road
Emery Charles Edward, Buckingham Arms, Crasswell street
Emery Edward, grocer, Queen street, Portsea, p. r., 15, Kingston crescent
EMERY JAMES, family grocer, and provision merchant, 120, Commercial road.
Emery James, Bakers Arms, 164, Commercial road
Emery John, grocer, 2, Buckland road
Emery Peter, farmer, Jews lane, Fratton
Emery Richard, cattle dealer, &c., 27, and 29, Conway street
Essery John, Mile End cellars, 365, Commercial road
Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 230, Commercial road
Evans Wm. John, greengrocer, 228, Commercial road
Everett James, tea dealer, 54, Upper Arundel street
Everett Richard, greengrocer, 40, Charlotte street
Fabian Augustus Phillips, manager of the Hampshire banking company's branch, banks at Landport, Portsea, & Gosport, agent for the Royal Fire & Life insurance office, the Norwich Sr London Accidental Death and the Guardian Plate Glass offices, 117, Commercial road
Faller John A., watch and clockmaker, jeweller, 28, Charlotte street
Farenden Thos., butcher, 15, Commercial place
Farndell Stephen, baker and beer retailer, 28, Lake road
Fayer Eliza Ann, beer retailer, Oxford street
Fellarnore George, coal merchant, 99, Lake road
FELT HAM WILLIAM FRIEND, wholesale and retail grocer, and wine merchant, 146, Commercial road
Fielder Walter, chemist and druggist, 53, Charlotte street
FIELDER WILLIAM, cutler, 75, Russell street
Figgins John, wheelwright and smith, Fratton road
Fisher Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 52, Central street
Fleet Benjamin, shoeing & jobbng smith, Temple street
Fleming Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 63, Arundel street
Fleming Thomas, hairdresser & perfumer, 3, Lion Gate road
FLEMING WM., cabinet maker, upholsterer, &c., 101, 102, 105, Charlotte st., and at 8, Little Charlotte street
Fletcher J. Sandford, editor & proprietor of the Landport and Southsea gazette newspaper, and correspondent for the Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, and Standard, agent for the Globe & Briton Fire and Life offices, 123, Commercial road
Fletcher William, Birmingham & Sheffield warehouseman, 127, Commercial road
Flowers Edward, coal merchant, 5, Crasswell street
Flux William, bricklayer, Conway street
Fogden John, beer retailer, Commercial road.
Foord James, bookseller, bookbinder, stationer, and newsagent, 16, Charlotte st.
Ford Edward, grocer, Stamshaw lane
Ford William, baker and grocer, 2 and 4, Tyning street
Fox Thomas, bootmaker, 41, Fratton street
Foyle John, shopkeeper, Ridge street
Francis Charles, manager of the National Provincial Bank (branch of), agent for the Life Association of Scotland and the Provincial Welsh Insurance offices, 148, Commercial road
Franckeiss James William, linen draper, 203, Lake road
Franklin Mrs. Kate, dressmaker, 6, York street
Fraser John, Baltic tavern, Thomas street
Freeman John S., butcher, 76, Arundel street
Freeman Samuel, butcher, 76, Arundel street
Freeman William, photographic artist and picture frame maker, &c., 54, Lake road
Freemantle Charles, baker, 62, Crasswell street
French George, ironmonger and axle manufacturer, 8, Russell street
French George, grocer and baker, 17, Church street
French George, tobacconist, 234, Commercial road
French Miss, dressmaker, 12, Victoria street
Fry Mrs. Catherine, marine store dealer, 12, Greetham street
Fry George, ginger beer maker, 3, Ridge street
Fuller Henry, linen draper, milliner, &c., 201, 203, & 205, Commercial road
Fuller Henry, beer retailer, 129, Lake road.
Fulljanies John, pawnbroker, 68, Fratton street
Furrier James, academy, Lake road
Gadd George, second-hand bookseller and toy dealer, 75, Commercial road
Gain Joseph, general shop, Fratton road
Gall James, beer retailer, Victoria street
Gamble John, oyster merchant, Milton
Gamble Peter, general dealer, Duncan street
Gardiner James, furniture broker, 36 Russell street
Gardiner James, painter, plumber, and gasfitter, 33, Russell street
Gardiner James Douglas, grocer, 22, Upper Arundel street
Garnett John, butcher, 41, Lake road
Garnett Richard, butcher, 34, Arundel street
Garnett William, butcher, 185, Lake road
Garnett William Osborne, butcher, 185, Lake road
Garrett William, grocer, 145, Fratton street
Gates Thomas, beer retailer, All Saints street
Gauntlett George, beer retailer, Copnor
Gauntlett Henry Francis land, building, and timber surveyor, valuer, auctioneer to H.M. War Department, timber merchant, and steam saw mills, 417, 418, & 419, Commercial road
Gawn Daniel, saddler and harness maker, 206, Commercial road
Gene John Chitty, Alexandra music hall, 268, Commercial road
George Charles, agent to the British Prudential Assurance Company, Upper Arundel street
Gerrish Joseph, fruiterer, &c., 96, Commercial road
Gibbins James, greengrocer, 52, Fratton street
Gibbins William, shopkeeper, 1, Church path north
Gibbs Gilbert, grocer, 16, Commercial place
Giddens William, Lord John Russell, 232, Commercial road
Gilbert Charles shopkeeper, Amelia street
Gilbert Mrs. Harriet, greengrocer, Commercial road
Gill Mrs. Emily, establishment for young ladies, Kingston road, Buckland
Gill Henry, pilot, North End, Kingston
Gill Thomas, The Heart in Hand, Montague street
Gillham Charles, smith and gasfitter, 7, Lake road
Gillham John, relieving officer for the Landport district, 115, Lake road
Gillham William, Royal Oak, 56, Charlotte street
Gillmore Mrs., beer retailer, Stamshaw lane
GLANVILLE JAMES CORNELIUS, wholesale boot and shoe manufacturer, 45, 47, & 49, Spring street
Glazier Mrs., beer retailer, Stamshaw lane
Gleason Mrs. Elizabeth, Travellers Joy, Kingston
Goble Thomas, shoeing smith and beer retailer, Kingston crescent
Goddard William & Son, cheese factors & curers of Wiltshire bacon, 302, Commercial road, and at ,Gillingham, Dorset
Goddard William Charles, tailor and toy dealer, 71, Russell street
Golding James, beer retailer, Milton
Goldsmith James, farmer, Milton
Good Edward, butcher, 399, Commercial read
Good Thomas, loan office, agent for the European Life awl the Liverpool and London Fire Insurance offices, 296, Commercial road
Good William, cattle dealer, 9 & 10, Meadow street
Goodchild Mrs. Frances, Eden brewery tap, 8, Great Charlotte street
Goodeve Alfred Thomas, tobacconist and fruiterer, 301, Commercial road
Goodman Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 194, Commercial road
Goodyer Joseph, butcher, 240, Commercial road
Gossage George, pawnbroker, 34, Upper Church path
Gough William, Buckland brewery, Kingston road
Gould Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer, 28, Buckingham street
Gould Thomas, staymaker, 249, Commercial road
Gover Mrs. Catherine Mary, lime and cement works, 496, Commercial road
Grace James, beer retailer, Telegraph street
Gradey Mrs, Aim, drapery, 73, Fratton street
Grant William, Coopers Arms, 250, Commercial road
Grant William, beer retailer, Charlton street and Conway street
Gravenor & Co., hat manufacturers, 113, Commercial road and at Queen street, Portsea
Gravenor William, hosier, 115, Commercial road
Green Charles Cornelius, confectioner, 25, Russell street
Green George. Augustus, asphalter and coal merchant, Herbert street, Mile End
Green George, confectioner, 25, Lake road
Green James Alfred, baker and grocer, 33, Church road.
Green Jas., Trafalgar tavern, Fratton road.
Green John, butcher, Kingston cross
Green William, pastry cook & confectioner, 37, Charlotte street
Greenleaf Richard, warrant officer R.N., 17, Princes terrace
Greenslade Mrs. Eliza, grocer, Fratton road.
Greenwood Edwin, receiving office for letters, Milton
Grees Henry, coach maker, 46, Commercial road
Greetham Frederick, tobacconist & photographer, near the railway station
Gregory Arthur, licensed to let horses, Spring row, Commercial road
Gregory John B., veterinary surgeon, 1,Percy place or 70, Commercial road
Gregory Miss, tailoress 59, Arundel street
Griffin Mrs. Elizabeth, fruiterer and confectioner, 47 & 49 and stores, 114, Russell street
Grout George, baker and grocer, 16, Baker street
Grout William Thomas, cabinet maker and clerk of All Saints Church, 295, Commercial road
Gulliford James, beer retailer, wood and coal dealer, 56, Crasswell street
Gunnell William, confectioner and biscuit baker, 118, Commercial road
Guppey Samuel, builder, Buckland road
Guy B. J., tailor, 157, Lake road
Guy Bennett, tailor, Upper Arundel street
Guy James, builder, 45, Lucknow street, Fratton
Guy James, tailor and hatter, 170, Commercial road
Guy Richard Henry, decorative painter, &c, Commercial road
Guy William, Surrey Arms, Surrey street