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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders N - Q

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 index

National Provincial Bank of England (branch of), 148, Commercial road ; open from 10 till 4. Draw on the London Joint Stock Bank ; Charles Francis, Esq manager
Nargate Thomas, shopkeeper, Milton
Nash Henry, Commercial Arms, 2 61, Commercial road
Nash Mrs. Jane, Spread Eagle tavern, Fratton street
Newbury George, timber merchant, 34, Fratton street
Newell John, beer retailer, Church path north
Newman Ebenezer, Crystal Palace, Fratton bridge, Fratton
Newman William, basket maker, 13, Little Charlotte street
Newnham George, carver, gilder, and picture frame maker, 8, dreeiham street
Nichols Mrs. Elizabeth, Stout House, 47, Charlotte street
Nichols John, turner and cabinet maker, 6, Little Charlotte street
Nichols John, beer retailer, Little Charlotte street
Nicholls John, beer retailer, 1, Conway street
Nicholls Thomas, greengrocer, 2, Little Charlotte street
Nicholson William George, boot maker, Buckland road
Nicholson William, grocer and baker, 43, Lake road
Niner Richard, bread and biscuit baker, 26, Fratton street
Noble Henry, shopkeeper, 19, Church road
Notting George, beer retailer, Delhi street, New Fratton
Oakley Alfred Thos., tailor, 219, Lake road.
Oakley Charles, beer retailer, Fratton road
Odey Henry, hairdresser, 26, Charlotte street
Oliver Stephen, shopkeeper, Delhi street, New Fratton
Oliver William, architect and surveyor, 50, Lucknow street, Fratton
OLLIS CHARLES W., mathematical & classical academy, Arundel street
Orley John James, Gladstone tavern and brewer, 4, Upper Arundel street
Outon Charles Allen, photographic artist, 204, Commercial road
Owen James Thos., fishmonger, 92, Surrey street
Padbury John C. C. set., watch & clock maker, 9, Arundel street
Padbury Theophilus Frederick, watch and clock maker, 319, Commercial road
Page Wm., hairdresser, 85, Crasswell street
Pagent Mrs. Louisa, hairdresser & stationer, 41, Charlotte street
Paine John, shopkeeper, 11, York street
Painter William, jeweller, &c., 7, Russell street
Palmer Edwin, grocer and baker, 43, Abercrombie street
Palmer George, butcher, 81, Charlotte street
Palmer George, shopkeeper, 2, Conway street
Palmer Mrs., dressmaker, 95, Surrey street
Parker Samuel, china and glass warehouse, 4, Lion Gate road
Parker William Lee, warrant officer R.N., 188, Lake road
Parker William, shopkeeper, Lake road
Parnell Charles, milliner, 5, Russell street
Parr James Charles, grocer & beer retailer, Fratton road
Parr Joseph, warrant officer RN., 24, Victoria street
Parrott Joseph, beer retailer, plumber, painter, and glazier, 65, Church street
Parsons Sohn, butcher, 105, Surrey street
Parsons Thomas, butcher, Church street
Payne James, coal dealer Wingfield street
Payne John, hairdresser, Buckland road
Payne John, shopkeeper, All Saints road
Payne Wm., paperhanger, &c., 75, Surrey street
Paynter John, shopkeeper, Fratton road
Pearce John, beer retailer, 65, Lucknow street
Pearce Josiah, potato stores, 51, Upper Church path
Pearson The Misses, rope & twine dealers, 247, Commercial road
Pearson Samuel, bookbinder, 1, Commercial road
Peel Edward, Victoria Arms, 266, Commercial road
PeBatt Theophilus, beer retailer, Wingfield street
Perfect George, chemist, 44, Russell street
Perman Owen, blacksmith, Green row
Perry James, tinman and brazier, 23, Charlotte street
Peters George, fruiterer and greengrocer, 34, Charles street & Upper Church path
Peters John, tobacconist, 21, Little Charlotte street
Pettet Francis, pork butcher, 35, Charlotte street
Pettet Joseph, pork butcher, Charlotte street
Phareah Joseph, dairyman and cowkeeper, Elm park dairy, 15, Commercial road
Pharoah Richard, butcher, 1, Meadow street
Philips Miss Hannah, dressmaker, 298, Commercial road
Phillips Solomon, clothes dealer, 7, Little Charlotte street
Philp Geo., general dealer, 27, Charles street
Pinchin John, agent to the Royal Fire and
Life Insurance Company, Crystal terrace, Commercial road
Penfold Alfred, clerk H.M. dockyard, 389, Commercial road
PINK JOHN, Bedford family and commercial hotel and posting establishment, Commercial road
Pink Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 108 & 112, Commercial road
Piper Edward, Duncans Head, and dairyman, Capnor
Pitcher Giles, boot and shoemaker, 279, Commercial road
Pittis Richard Mathews, grocer and tea dealer, 429, Commercial road, Mile End
Platt Thomas, linen and woollen draper & millinery warehouse, Arundel house, 150 & 152, Commercial road
Police Station (head), Richard Barber, superintendent, and 6 inspectors, 12 sergeants, and 76 constables
Poison John, beer retailer, 31, Commercial road
Ponsford William, shopkeeper, 83, Crasswell street
Pook Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, 9, Church road.
Poole Joseph, bootmaker, 24, Conway street
Poole Miss Susannah, stationer and circulating library and Berlin wool repository, 182, Commercial road
Poor Mrs. Sophia, confectioner, &c., 171, Lake road
Pope Alfred, linen draper, 393, Commercial road
Portsmouth and Gosport Po-operative Company (Limited), 272, Commercial road, Mr. Edward Horn, manager
Post Office, 171, Commercial road ; Mr. Edmund L. Hicks, postmaster
Poulden James, beer retailer, Charles street
Pratt T., carpenter and joiner, Mile End place, Commercial road
Preston William, beer retailer, North End, Kingston
Price Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, 13, Baker street.
Price Mrs: Sarah, wardrobe dealer, 169, Commercial road
Pridhara Samuel Alga; fruiterer, 45, Arundel street
Prince & Aylen, boot and shoe manufacturers, 77, Charlotte street
Prince Edmund, boot maker, Baker street
Prince Edward, jeweller and watchmaker, 73, Russell street
Prince William John, boot maker, 42, Fratton street
Prior William, dealer, North End
Prossor George Baker, provision *went ; office, 284, Commercial road ; p. r., ciAshlar cottage, Buckland, Kingstone
Prout William, rope and twine maker, 282, Commercial road
Pruce George, toy dealer, 131, Crasswell street
Purches Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, greengrocer, &c., Crasswell street
Purches John, fishmonger, 39, Lake road
Purkis Samuel, grocer and tea dealer, 63, Charlotte street
Putman James, baker and beer retailer, 1, Holloway street
Pycroft William, beer retailer, St. Marys road, Kingston
Quick Edward Joseph, hairdresser, 31, Russell street
Quinton Edward William, tobacconist, 52A, Fratton street
Quick David, confectioner, 31, Russell street
Quick David, beer retailer, 85, Russell street
Quick Joseph, Great Eastern tavern, Holloway street
Quinton Mrs. Sarah, furrier and feather dresser, 25, Arundel street

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