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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders R - S

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Radwell G. W. R., architect and surveyor, 3, Kingston crescent
Randall Henry, clock maker, 22, Little Charlotte street
Randall William, shopkeeper, Lucknow street, Fratton
Rands James, boot and shoemaker, Commercial road.
Ranger J., earthenware dealer, 9, Lake road
Rant Mrs. Sarah, stay maker, Lake road
Rattenbury James, linen draper & carpet warehouse, 225, Commercial road
Rawson Robert, head master of the Dockyard school, 381, Commercial road
Ray John, farm bailiff to Mr. Smith, 2, Bovel Charles, Milton
Ray Mrs., straw Arundel street
Ray Richard, greengrocer, 26, Fratton street
Ray William & Son, shipowners, timber & coal merchants, and steam saw mills, Commercial road, & at 11, Phil!pot lane, London
Raymond & Son, elders, naturalists and photographers, 304 and 97, Commercial road,
Rayson Ziba, boot and shoe manufacturer, 19, Charlotte street
Reeves Mrs. Julia, dressmaker, 51, Abercrombie street
Rendell William, gas fitter, All Saints road.
Ree John, stone mason, Fratton street
Reynolds Alexander, beer retailer, 18 Greetham street
Reynolds Anthony, grocer & baker, 428 Commercial road
Reynolds Edmund, printer & book binder, 298 Commercial road
Reynolds Edmund, printer & bookbinder, 4 Upper Arundel street
Richardson Jas., ironmonger, 23 Church Path
Ridoutt Alfred 0., bookseller St stationer, 1 Alfred terrace
RID OUTT GEORGE, currier & leather merchant, 72 Charlotte street
Rivett Mrs. Harriett, greengrocer, Greetham street
Roberts Miss E., milliner and dressmaker, Fratton street
Roberts James, builder & undertaker, 1 Prospect road, Flat house
Roberton Fredk. hairdresser, 155 Lake road.
Roberts Moses Allin, Osborne tavern, 401 Commercial road .
Roberts Wm., hairdresser, 32 Russell street
Robins Hy., photographer, 14 Surrey street
Robinson John, bookbinder, 301 Lake road.
Robinson Miss Mary- Frances, mathematician, 46 Lower Church path
Robinson Samuel, grocer, 4, Kingston crescent
Rogers James, brewer, Lord John Russell brewery, Commercial road
Rogers James, brewer & beer Paradise street
Rogers John, butcher, 72 Spring street
Rogers Thomas, baker, Kilmiston street
Rome John, beer retailer, 11 Lower Church path
Rollings James, clerk, H.M. dockyard, 278 Commercial read.
Rolls William, greengrocer, Church street
Room John, lodging-house keeper, 58 Commercial road
Ross John H., cabinet maker, &c., 87 Charlotte street
Rouse Edward, beer retailer, Fratton street
Rowland Evan, shopkeeper, 71 Fratton street
Ruff Miss M. A. dressmakers 26 Surrey street
Russell. T., blacksmith, Waterloo place, p.r., 33 Clarence street
Russell T., butcher, 105, Lake road
Russell Thomas Beasant, brewer, Crescent brewery, Kingston crescent
Russell W., lodgings, 56 Princes street
Rustell T., blacksmith, Meadow street
Rutley Henry, lessee of the Theatre, p.r.,66, Commercial road
Salter John Henry, steward R.N., Regent place, Mile end
Sampard John, beer retailer, 374, Commercial road
Sandford Mrs. S., shopkeeper, 10, Greetham street
Sams Mrs. Eliz., lodging-house, 83, Commercial road
Samuel Douglas, fruit merchant, 177, Commercial road
Sandys Edwin, beer retailer, Crasswell street
Sangster Robert, scale beam, patent weighing machine and steel mill manufacturer, 286, Commercial road
Saunders George, Shakespeares Head, Charles street
Saunders James, .beer retailer, Oxford street
Saunders John, timber merchant, 42 & 44, Charlotte street
Saunders Mrs. Sarah Ann, beer retailer, 38, Surrey street
Saunders Tom, engineer, millwright and machinist, 189, Commercial road, p. r., 2, Salem street
Saunders Thos., baker, &c., 48, Commercial road
Savage Mrs. Eliza, last & boot tree maker, 82, Crasswell street
Savage John, builder, Kingston crescent
Savage Walter, saddler, Kingston cross
Savell Mrs. Caroline, beer retailer, Kingston crescent
Sawyer James, White Hart inn, Kingston cross
Saxey George, leading hand of shipwrights, H.M. dockyard, 460, Commercial road
Saxey William Joseph, greengrocer, New Tratton
Scale and Son, surgeons, 129, Commercial road
Scullard Mrs., ladies seminary, 23, Sydenham terrace
Seaton Frederick Charles, butcher, 71, Arundel street
Seaton Geo., timber merchant, Fratton street
Selway Edward, shopkeeper, 8, Commercial place
Setford George, greengrocer, 26, Montague street
SEWELL HENRY, Lord Nelson tavern, Commercial road, Mile end
Shaddick John Wm., beer retailer, Upper Church path.
Sharpe Richard, coal meter, 1, Clarence terrace, North end, Kingston
Shaw Charles, grocer & baker, 95, Crasswell street
SHAW WILLIAM HENRY, fruiterer and tobacconist, 25, Commercial road
Sheppard John, beer retailer, 270, Commercial road
Shei idan & Co., ginger beer & soda water manufacturers, 38, Spring street
Sherry James, boot and shoemaker, 24, Charlotte street
Shervell J., shopkeeper, 35, Thomas street
Sherwood Gross, shoemaker, Church road
Shore C., Lucknow tavern, Somers road
Shotter & Co., grocers and provision merchants, 158 & 160, Commercial road
Shotter William John, grocer & beer retailer, 76, Fratton street
Shuns Mrs. Emma, embroidress, Lake road.
Sildon John, supervisor of inland revenue, 6, Lovegrove terrace, Commercial road
Silver Daniel, beer retailer, Lake road
Silvester Jas., Fountain inn, North End, Kingston
Silvester Thomas, greengrocer, 16, Little Charlotte street
Simco George, photographer, 103, Commercial road
Simmons D. J., butcher 48, Russell street
Simmonds Mrs. Eliz., George & Dragon tavern, Kingston road, Buckland
Simpson Wm., boot maker, Cottage view
Skeens Henry, master painter H.M. dockyard, 8, Clarendon place
Slade James, London stout house, 246, Commercial road
Slade Mrs. I., seminary, 178, Lake road
Slade Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 56, Arundel street
Sleap -, furniture broker, Commercial road.
Slemming Wm., greengrocer & fruiterer, 75, Arundel street
Sly Miss S., school, 56, Lucknow street, Fratton
Smees John, boot & shoemaker, 54, Charlotte street
Smith E., shopkeeper, 37, Clarendon street
Smith E., beer retailer, Al] Saints road
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, bonnet maker, 35, Arundel street
Smith Mrs. E., eating house, 110, Commercial road
Smith George, agent to the Alliance Assurance office, 447, Commercial road
Smith George, furnishing ironmonger and gas fitter, 235 and 237, Commercial road.
Smith George boot and shoe maker, 156, Commercial road
Smith Geo., marine store dealer, 29, Crasswell street
Smith Miss Harriett, greengrocer, Kingston road
Smith James, general dealer, Kilmiston street
Smith Jas. Thos., greengrocer, 1, Cottage view
Smith John Thomas, saddler and harness maker, 95, Commercial road
Smith Miss, school, Amelia street .
Smith P., beer retailer, 111, Fratton street
Smith Thomas, bird fancier, Thomas street
Smith T., hat manufacturer, 12, Surrey street
Smith Thomas William, private boys school for preparing engineers students, 51, Commercial road
Smith William, furrier, stationer & newsagent, 238, Commercial road
Smith William, shopkeeper, 67, Wingfield street
Smythe Samuel, beer retailer, 41, Upper church path
Snook Thos., beer retailer, 41, Surrey street
Snow George, gas fitter, 57, Crasswell street.
Southerton Thomas, hairdresser, 79, Lake road
Spark Mrs. ´┐ŻEliza, beer retailer, Railway view
Sparks Joseph, pork butcher, Fratton street
Sparks L. "J ., pork butcher, 34, Russell street
Sparks Wm., baker, 46, Surrey street
Sparshott Wm. Henry, hardwareman, 293, Commercial road
Sprent Richard G., tea & coffee warehouse, 55, Charlotte street & Meadow street
Stafford Mrs. Rachael, china and glass dealer, 173, Commercial road
STANSWOOD JOHN, chemist & druggist, 265, Commercial road
Stapleton George, beer retailer, Commercial road
Stapely James, tailor, 72, Crasswell street
Stapleton Miss Mary Anne, haberdasher, Fratton road, Fratton.
Stephen James, pork butcher, 51, Charlotte street
Smith James, farmer, Copnor
Stephens John, dairyman, beer retailer, shopkeeper, 5, Candahar place
Stephens Justus Wm., grocer & provision factor, Arundel house
Stephenson John Charles, linen draper, 198, Commercial road, p.r., Arundel street
Stevens & Company, family grocers and provision dealers, 199, Commercial rd., and 1, Charlotte street
Stevens James, farmer, Milton
Stevens James, boot and shoe maker, 19, Commercial road
Stephens John, outfitter, 229, Commercial road, p.r., 3, Hampshire terrace, Southsea
Stevens Robert, plumber, 482, Commercial road
Stevens William Augustus, farmer, Milton
Steward Jas., Robin Hood tavern, 359, Commercial road
Stewart Ebenezer John, painter and picture frame maker, 51, Fratton street
Stewart Jas., general dealer, Kingston road.
Stewart Jas., warrant officer, R.N., 7, Princes terrace
Stockman Frederick, dispensing chemist & druggist, Medical hall, 86, Arundel street.
Stow George, gas fitter, 57, Crasswell street
Strange Thos., beer retailer, Stamshaw lane, Kingston
Streten William, beer retailer, North End, Kingston
Stroud Ann Maria, Dog and Duck, Fratton road
Stroud George, beer retailer, Rudmore road, Kingston
Stroud James, medical botanist, 22, Charlotte street
Strugnell Mrs. Charlotte, bee retailer, 188, Commercial road
Strugnell William, hairdresser, 73, Arundel street, and 5, Surrey street
Suter Samuel, rag merchant, 336, Commercial road
Suter Thomas John, grocer, 215, Lake road.
Sutton Jaa., blacksmith, Commercial road, p.r., 70, Crasswell street
Sweetham Mrs. Lucy, beer retailer, Regent place, Mile end
Sydenham Charles, boot and shoe maker, 263, Commercial road

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