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Landport 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders T - Y

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 index

Tait William, shopkeeper, 55 Surrey street
Tarrant Henry, academy, Clarendon place
Tartrick Jas., grocer, 68 Lake road
Taylor George, market gardener & seedsman, 441 Commercial road
TAYLOR JAMES, saddler & harness maker, North end, Kingston
Taylor James, bricklayer, 51 Surrey street
Taylor Mrs. Jane Elizabeth, The Crimea, 102 Commercial road
Taylor Samuel R., linen draper, 145 Commercial road
Taylor William, grocer & baker, 1 Abercrombie street
Teram Joseph, smith and wheelwright, 46 Buckingham street
Tercy Mrs. Caroline, milliner, 191 Lake road.
Thatcher Jas., shoemaker, 19, Little Charlotte street
Theatre Royal, Commercial road, Mr. Hy. Rutley, lessee
Thick John, shopkeeper, 1 Sydenham terrace
Thomas Geo., shopkeeper, 20 Thomas street
Thorn F., Crown inn, North end, Kingston
Thom James, shopkeeper, 111 Surrey street
Tick ner Wm., carpenter, Bailey street
Tier Frederick, beer retailer, 28 Lake road.
Tier James, fruiterer, 12 Russell street
Tilbury Wm., shopkeeper, 66 Princes street
Tilly J., railway carrier, 40 Greetham street
Timpsim Henry, railway tavern, 98 Commercial road
Tivves Geo. baker & grocer, Stamford street
Tonkinson Edward, accountant, 19 Sydenham terrace
Townsend Mrs. Emily, beer retailer, 67 Abercombie street
TOWNLEY WILLIAM BENNETT, medical botanist and patent medicine proprietor, 2 Commercial place
Treadgold Mara, iron merchant, Bishop st., Portsea, p.r., 355 C:mmercial road.
Treiss Miss Susannah, seminary for young ladies, 19 Princes street
Tribe Mrs. Mary, educational establishment, Percy house, Buckland
Triggs T., Trafalgar brewery, Fratton road.
Triggs Wm., boot and shoe maker, 122 Commercial road
Trimboy Jas., tallow chandler, Ridge street
Trimboy J., The Jordan tavern, Chandos street
Trimey Chas., smith, Church street
Trivess Nicholas, bookseller, stationer and newsagent, 174 Commercial road
Trivess William, grocer, 65 Fratton road
Trott David, beer retailer, 37 Clarence street
Tryon William George, chemist & druggist, 37 Church street
Tubb Chas., tailor, 113 Surrey street
Tubb John, Battle & Breeze, Lion gate road.
Tubbs Charles, tailor, 113 Surrey street
Tuck Frederick, plumber, painter & glazier, 281 Commercial road
Tuckett Geo. shipwright, dockyard, 351, Commercial road
Tucker W., cabinet maker, 93, Fratton street
TUPPER and CO., grocers and tea dealers, 283 Commercial road
Turner Jas., eating house, 9, Surrey street
Turner John, blacksmith, 101 Surrey street
Turpin R. J., beer retailer, Wingfield street
TuiTett John, beer retailer, Milton
Twine W. H., Lamb & F1agtavern, Fratton street
Tyler Robert, fruiterer, 11, Charlotte street
Verey E. J., pork butcher, 101, Commercial road
Vine John, beer retailer, Surrey street
Yoke W., commercial traveller, Salisbury terrace Kingston road, Buckland
Volley U. boot & shoemaker, 287, Commercial road
Wade J. S., plumber, glazier, painter, & house decorator, 12, Lake road
Wade The Misses, establishment for young ladies, Crescent house, Kingston
Wade Mrs. Nancy, plumber, painter and glazier, Kingston cross
Wade W., plumber glazier, & painter, & beer retailer, 22 & 24, Thomas street
Wailing J., beer retailer, Railway view
Wake 8., The Green Post, North end
Wakeford J., builder, Regent pl., Mile end
Waldron J., news agent, 15, Fratton street
Walters I., greengrocer, 45, Princes street
Walton G., beer retailer, 57, Russell street
Ward Geo., manager for Messrs. Brimble
& Allaine, stay rnanufrs., Spring street
Ward Wm., beer retailer, Coburg street
Warder Jas., leading hand shipwright, H.M. dockyard, 63, Up. Arundel street
Ware John, butcher, 45, Charlotte street
Warne John, hatter, 83, Arundel street
Warner George, Wheelwright, 39, Upper Church path
Warner John, leading hand joiners, H.M. division, 330, Commercial road
Warner Wm. Henry, fruiterer, 9, & 13, Commercial road
Warren Joseph, Windmill & Sawyer Flat House road
Warren Thomas, pork butcher & poulterer, 60,Arundel street
Warren W., wood dealer, 2, Thomas street
Waterman R. J., grocer, Buckland road
Watson A., Queens arms, 61, Russell street
Watson Joseph R., cabinet maker, upholsterer, & undertaker, 4, Russell street
Watson T., market gardener, Buckland
Wa.eell James, greengrocer, Fratton street
Wearn R., grocer & baker, 89, Surrey street
Wearn Thomas H., shopkeeper, North end, Kingston
Weam R., grocer & baker, 19, Conway street
Webb, Frederick, schoolmaster, Seborne terrace, Tratton
Webber John, Portsmouth Arms, 30  Charlotte street
Welch, William, bookseller & stationer, 61 Charlotte street
Wells F. A. C., butcher, 65 Arundel street
Wells G., beer retailer, Tyning street
Wells Samuel, plumber, painter, & glazier, 187 Lake road
Wells Samuel Burt, master painter H.M. Dockyard, 474 Commercial road
Wellspring Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 59 Lake road
Wellsteed George .T., jeweller & watchmaker, 39 Russell street
Welsh John, warrant officer, R. N., 37 Sydenham terrace
Wescott W.,White Swan & Theatre tavern & wine merchant, Commercial road
West Edwin, saddler & harness maker, 252 & 254 Commercial road
West Mrs. Emma, furniture broker, 52 Charlotte street
Weston John, shopkeeper, 31 Central lane
Weston T. R., Sussex hotel, & wine & spirit merchant, Commercial road, p.r., R080 cottage, North end, Kingston
Whillier Ben., brewer, Tyning street
Whillier B. F., beer retailer, Kingston crescent.
Whillier John, statuary and mason, St. Marys road, Kingston
White Alfred, Cobden Arms, & brewer, Cobden brewery, 70 & 72 Arundel street
White C., poulterer, 11 Little Charlotte street
White Charles, butcher, 77 Arundel street
White George, china & glass warehouse, 5 Charlotte street
White G., Lennox arms, 92 Commercial road
White Geo., outfitter, Queen street, Portsea, p.r., Queens terrace, Commercial road.
White Mrs. H., shopkeeper, 51 Central street
White Henry W., china & glass warehouse, 22 Commercial road
White James, builder, 334, Commercial road, p.r., 2 All Saints street
White James, statuary & mason, 347 Commercial road
White James, grocer, 43 Spring street
Will fE JO [IN, family grocer & provision merchant, 239, & 241 Commercial road
White M. G., gasfitter, 31 Paradise street
White Mrs. Marianne, ladies seminary, 1 Central street
White Peter & Sons, curriers & leather merchants, 6 Russell street, & 38 Hanover street Portsea
White Aichard, Norfolk Arms, 107 Commercial road
WHITE TIMOTHY, lead, glass, oil, & colour merchant, & wholesale druggist, agent for the Church of England Life & Fire Assurance Co., 214, 216, & 218 Commercial road
White Mrs. Thomas R., milliner & mantle maker, 21 Charlotte street
White W., smith, Kingston cross
White W., corn factor, 24 Commercial road.
Whitehart W. H., currier, 49 Arundel street.
WHITING GEORGE EDWARD, Market House Tavern, Commercial road
Whiting George Edward, butcher, 433 Commercial road, Mile end
Whiting James, grocer & beer retailer, 41 Crasswell street
Whittle J., general dealer, 16, Greetham street
Wickenden James, baker, 48, Fratton street
Wickly Miss, straw bonnet maker, 67, Russell street
Wicks Benjamin, beer retailer, Kingston
Wilkey Robert, baker & shopkeeper, 15, Lake road
Wilkins Mrs. Susanaah, beer retailer, 60, Charles steeet
Wilkins Thomas, marine store dealer, 107, Surrey street
Wilkinson Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 60, Crasswell street
Wilkinson Thomas, outfitter, 289, Commercial road
Williams Alfred John, greengrocer, 431, Commercial read, Mile end
Williams Benjamin, district manager for the British Providential Insurance Co., 31, Arundel street
Williams Daniel, master smith, H.M. dockyard, Fratton street
Williams George, beer retailer, Upper Church path
Williams James, linendraper & hosier, &c., 63, Russell street
Williams J., greengrocer, 11, Fratton street
Williams John, beer retailer, Thomas street
Williams T. H., clerk, 375, Commercial road.
Williamson William, beer retailer, Three Stags, 28, Russell street
Willis William, grocer & tea dealer, 89, Russell street
Wills J., shoemaker, 41, Commercial road.
Wilmot J. W., brewery tap, Thomas street
Wilson H., boot & shoemaker, 4, Clarence street
Windsor H., auctioneer .& upholsterer, 5, & 6, Lion Gate road
Winston Thomas J., boot & shoemaker, 78, Arundel street
Winter John,, Masonic Arms, 299, Commercial road
Winter William, builder & beer retailer, 54, Crasswell street
Witcher J., butcher, 23, Gt. Charlotte street
Witcher W., pork butcher, 27, Charlotte street
Withers C., butcher, Fratton street
Witshad G. farmer, Lower farm, Milton
Woodman Joseph, warrant officer, R.N., Alexandra terrace
Woodward J., beer retailer, 1, Church rd.
World Joshua, farm bailiff, Kingston farm, Kingston
Wright Edward, wire worker & earthenware dealer, 318, Commercial road
Wright John Henry, Landport Arms, 99, Commercial road
Wright J. W., tinplate worker, Fratton street
Wright Thomas, wireworker & earthenware dealer, 46, Arundel street
Wyatt Charles, baker & grocer, Fratton road.
Yardley Robert, manager of the Weigh Bridge, 258, Commercial road
Yates James, warrant officer, R.N., 388, Commercial road
YEAXLEE CLARENCE, sole maker of Melton Mowbray pies, 433, Commercial road, and at Southampton,
Young Abraham, Havelock Arms, 96, Crasswell street
Young J., fishmonger, 236, Commercial road.
Young J., shopkeeper, Church path north
Young Henry, shopkeeper, Fratton road
YOUNG JOHN JAMES, brewer, Thomas's Brewery, Thomas street, & at North street, Portsea, p.r., 343, Commercial road
Young W., barge owner, 2, Albert street, SOUTHSEA.

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