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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders A - B

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Abbatt Charles, furniture dealer, 86 Lower Church path
Abbott Henry, shoe maker, 79 Arundel street
Abraham Frederick, dairyman, 310 Commercial road
Abraham Thomas, beer retailer, 64 Charlotte street
Abrahams George, coal dealer, Nile street
Abrahams Richard, shopkeeper, 29 Clarendon street
Absolarn James, shopkeeper, 59 Church street
Admires Henry, butcher, 99 Surrey street
Adames Thomas, beer retailer, Baker street
Adams Jacob, butcher, 39 Charlotte street
Adams Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 55 Northam street
Adams William, beer retailer, 16 Trafalgar street
Ade Alfred, shopkeeper, 2 Marylebone street
Ades William, beer retailer, 97 Church street
Aldridge George, greengrocer, 89 Titnewell terrace
Alford Alfred, tobacconist, 5 Lake road
Allen Alfred, beer retailer, 380 Commercial road
Allen Fanny (Miss), beer retailer, 1 Railway view
Allen Henry, beer retailer, Queen's road, Buckland
Allen James, beer retailer, Elm lane
Allen James, builder, Terwiek street
Allen John, shopkeeper, 57 Town street
Allen Thomas, beer retailer, Lake road
Allen Thomas, brewer & grocer, 99 Kingston road
Allen Thomas, ironmonger, 24 Russell street
Allen William, beer retailer, 22 Bow street
Allsopp Samuel & Sons, brewers ; stores, Railway station
Alsford William Henry, shoe maker, 101 Commercial road
Amey William photographer, 192 & 253 Commercial road
Anderson Alfred, greengrocer, 128 Commercial road.
Anderson Edward James, grocer, 241 Commercial road
Andrews John, beer retailer, 1 Glidden street
Andrews William, butcher, 44 Canal walk
Angell Albert Gregory, outfitter, 178 Commercial road
Annett Edward, printer, 12 Charlotte street .
Archer Francis, bookseller, Commercial road
Arnold Henry, confectioner, 237 Commercial road & 17 Arundel street
Arnold John, confectioner, 119 Commercial rd. & 12 Arcade
Arthur Charles, grocer, 163 Commercial road
Arthur Copus, shopkeeper, 24 Hampton street
Arthur Frederick, beer retailer, 5 Staunton street
Arthur John Cornelius, baker, 9 Little Charlotte street
Artlett Francis, carver & gilder, 305 Commercial road
Asbury James Louis, butcher, 86 Fratton road
Ash George Wallis, sewing machine dealer, 73 Russell street
Askell John Thomas, shopkeeper, 32 Surrey street
Aslett John, draper, 2 Waltham street
Aspinell Mary Ann ( Mrs.), beer retailer, 9 Greetham street
Astridge William, greengrocer, 840 Commercial road
Atkins Emanuel, beer retailer, 34 Church path north
Attree James, shopkeeper, 54 Clarence street
Attwood Edward, grocer, 223 Lake road
Aylen George Thomas, accountant, 369 Commercial road
Ayling Charles, furniture dealer, 12 Upper Church path
Ayres Charlotte (Mrs.), beer retailer, 4 Commercial. place
Backett Thomas, market gardener, Fratton
Backshell William, pawnbroker, 97 Lake road
Baigent Louisa (Mrs.), hair dresser, 47 Charlotte street
Bailey & Nance, timber, slate, iron & cement merchants saw mills & slate enamellers, Commercial road
Bailey Charles, beer retailer, 60 Charlotte street
Bailey Jane Maria (Mrs.), beer retailer, 41 Clarence street
Bailey Thomas, beer retailer, 77 Russell street
Bain George, cooper, 3 Chandos street
Baker Stephen James & Co. wholesale stationers, 18 Charlotte street
Baker Charles, coffee rooms, 7 Surrey street
Baker Edward, pawnbroker, 229 Commercial road
Baker Henry, brick maker, 2 Camilla terrace, Buckland
Baker John, outfitter, 168 Commercial road
Baker Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 70 Upper Church path
Ball Alfred, china dealer, 13 Hyde Park road
Ball Henry, beer retailer, 1 Fitzroy street
Ball William, chemist, & deputy registrar of births & deaths for Land port district, 67 Russell street
Bampton. Henry, grocer, 91 Lake road
Bampton William, fruiterer, 12 Little Charlotte street
Bampton William, greengrocer, 117 Fratton street
Banger Albert, shopkeeper, 26 Hereford street
Banks Charles, flop Pole, Buckland street
Bargent James, butcher, 18 Somers road
Barker Henry, tailor, 95 Commercial road
Barlen William Thomas, beer retailer, 68 Upper Arundel street
Barling Edward Alfred, grocer, 395 Commercial road
Barnard Henry, news vendor, 167 Lake road
Barnes & Son, railway carriers, 52 Fratton road
Barnes George, builder, London road
Barnes Isaac, beer retailer, 81 Commercial road
Barnes John, draper, 360 Fratton road
Barnes Othniel, bookbinder, 50 Fratton road
Barnes Robert, painter, 121 Commercial road
Barrett Thomas, greengrocer, 06 Regent street
Barrett William, greengrocer, 35 Brighton street
Barrington Edward, greengrocer, 44 Swan street
Bartholomew Joseph, wood dealer, 2 Northam street
Bartholomew Samuel, beer retailer, Twyford road
Bartlett James, news agent, London road
Bartlett John, builder, 146 Fratton road
Bartlett Richard, beer retailer, 64 Lake road
Bartlett Samuel, marine store dealer, 9 John street
Bartlett William, blacksmith, 2 Waterloo place
Bastable Elisha, baker, 33 Church street
Bastett Thos. Edmund, beer retailer, Binstead road, Kingston
Batchelar Joseph, fishmonger, Brunswick road
Batchellor William, who. confectioner, 49 Russell street ; & 7 Queen street, Portsea
Batchelor William, greengrocer, 11 Clarendon street
Bate William, boot & shoe maker, 23 Lake road
Batson George, confectioner, 197 Lake road
Baxter Alfred, beer retailer, 9 Railway view
Bayne William, paperhanger, 65 Surrey street
Bayntun Harry, watch maker, 27 Arundel street
Reacher John, baker, 62 Fratton street
Beaton Edward, beer retailer, 61 Russell street
Beazley Robert, builder & photographer, 290 Fratton road
Becham George, beer retailer, 2 South road, Kingston road
Beckett Thomas, market gardener, Fratton, Portsmouth
Beckett Thomas Arthur, beer retailer, 49 Clarendon street
Beerling Norris, beer retailer, 270 Commercial road
Bell Jane (Mrs.), straw hat maker, 11 Clarendon place
Bellchamber George Augustus, grocer, 287 Fratton road ; & at 66 Cross street, Portsea
Bendall William, whitesmith, Mile end place
Benham Fredk. picture frame MR. 7 Arcade & 61 Russell street
Benham William, greengrocer, 294 Fratton road
Benttell William, gasfitter, 43 Lake road &
Berman Louis, grocer, 59 Sydenham terrace
Berry Henry, chandler's shop, 94 Surrey street
Berry John, shopkeeper, 24 Delhi street
Berry William, grocer, 64 Conway street
Bessant Samuel, beer retailer, 4 Oxford street
Bevis William, oyster dealer, 79 Commercial road
Bignell Charles, butcher, 112 Fratton street
Bigwood John, chemist, 1 Victoria terrace
Bilton William, boot manufacturer, 9 & 11 Russell street
Binstead Richard, blacksmith, 24 Cutler's row
Bird Rebecca (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 27 Leopold terrace
Bishop James, boot & shoe manufacturer, 198 Commercial road
Blackman William, day school, 113 Fratton street
Blackmore Elizh. (Miss), ladies' school, 496 Commercial road
Blackwell John Rudd, inland revenue officer, 4 Claremont terrace, Queen's road, Buckland
Blake Henry, greengrocer, 105 Crasswell street
Blake Joseph George, beer retailer, 22 Copenhagen street
Blanchard John, fishmonger, 17 Charles street
Blanchard William, beer retailer, 211 Lake road
Bleach George, shopkeeper, 8 Fratton street
Blessley Henry, pianoforte warehouse, 325 Commercial road
Boghurst George, Star, 177 Lake road
Bollen Emanuel, shopkeeper, 68 Duke street
Bone William, baker, 59 Hyde Park road
Booth & Bate, linen drapers, 150 & 152 Commercial road
Boots William, railway carrier, Swan street
Boulton Edwin, brick merchant, carman & contractor, Claremont lodge, Queen's road, Buckland
Boulden James, beer retailer, 40 Nile street
Boulton William Henry, furniture dealer, 26 Charles street
Bound John, beer retailer, 57 Commercial road
Bounds John, marine store dealer, Buckland street
Bowden Thomas, shopkeeper, 57 Northam street
Bower John Henry, watch maker, 71 Fratton street
Bowler Thomas, builder, Twyford road
Bowles John, boys' school, 1 Chandos street
Bowles John, confectioner, 117 Lake road
Bowyer William, beer retailer, All Saints' street
Boxhall & White, blacksmiths, London road
Boxhall Henry, carpenter, London road
Boyland Samuel, shopkeeper, 61 Clarence street
Boyle George William, beer retailer, 6 Lake road
Bradbear Frederick Giles, tobacconist, 134 Commercial road
Bradley John, beer retailer, 15 Commons street
Brannon John, furniture dealer, 189 Commercial road
Brazier James, shopkeeper, 43 South Brighton street
Brewer Francis, news vendor, 31 Church street
Brickwood & Co. brewers, Arundel street
Brickwood Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, l0 Dorset street
Bridger James, toy dealer, 115 Crasswell street
Bridle James Robert, pawnbroker, 62 Charlotte street
Bridle Joseph, tobacconist, 19 Commercial road
Bright George Robert, Shakesperes .Head, 34 Charles street
Brison Samuel, shopkeeper, 87 Green row
Britton Samuel, grocer, Toronto road, Kingston
Brockway John, wheelwright, 8 & 10 John street
Brooke Emily (Miss), linen draper, 321 Commercial road
Brooks Frank, grocer, Kingston road
Brooks George, grocer, 32 & 34 Charlotte street
Broughton George, hair cutter, 207 Commercial road
Brown Charles, grocer & pork butcher, 311 Commercial:road
Brown George Matthew, chemist, 219 Lake road
Brown John, Constitution, 40 Hertford street
Browning John William, beer retailer, 50 Commercial road
Bryant Richard, beer retailer, 36 Great Prospect road
Brick James Edwin, tool maker, 2 Russell street Portsmouth
Buckett John, beer retailer, 100 Surrey street
Buckle Reuben Ellis, greengrocer, 41 Russell street
Budd & Slade, grocers, 269 Commercial road
Budd John, general dealer, St. Mary's road, Kingston
Bullock Alfred, Osborne tavern, 401 Commercial road
Burbidge William, beer retailer, 24 Copenhagen street
Burbidge William, plumber, 161 Lake road
Burche/1 Charles, news vendor, 23 Surrey street
Burden Mary Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 45 Lake street
Burges Cornelius, greengrocer, 57 Charlotte street
Burgess John, Royal Standard, 40 Church path
Burgess William, beer retailer, 58 Sussex street
Burnett Henry, shopkeeper, 42 Upper Church street
Burnett Susannah (Mrs.), girls' school, 388 Commercial road
Burnett William Compton, chandler's shop, 16 Cottage view
Burr Charles Upsall, Prince of. Wales, 247 Lake road
Burridge John, nurseryman, London road
Burton Thomas Spencer, shirt maker, 13 Arundel street
Bushnell George, greengrocer, 169 Fratton road
Bussey Jane (Mrs.), pork butcher, 81 Arundel street
Butler James, mast & block maker, Grafton street
Butler James, jun. The Clipper Schooner tavern, & mast block maker, 494 Commercial road.
Butt Elizabeth (Mrs.), pork butcher, 35 & 37 Charlotte street
Buttress William Hay, grocer, New road, Kingston
Byerley George, gelatine manufacturer, St. Mary's road
Byerley John, miller, 26 Rudmore road
Byng George, beer retailer, 85 Green row
Byng William, carman, 65 Green row
Candey John, ironmonger, 197 & 199 Commercial road

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