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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders C - D

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Candey John, ironmonger, 197 & 199 Commercial road
Candey Josiah, ironmonger, 45 Arundel street
Capie George, beer retailer, Finsbury street
Carbis Charles Randall, grocer, 1 Powerscourt H. Buckland
Canine William Arthur, grocer, 56 St. John's street
Carlton Arthur Joseph, grocer & agent for Henry Brett & Co.'s "Eau de Vie" pure brandy, 105 Lake road
Carroll Martha (Mrs.), corn dealer, 411 Commercial road
Carter Albert, shoe maker, 31 Surrey street
Carter Charles, wheelwright, 80 Green row
Carter Edward, greengrocer, 40 Temple street
Carter Edwin, news agent, 19 Fratton street
Carter Elias, dyer, 10 Fratton street
Carter Frederick, beer retailer, 3 Marylebone street
Carter John, dyer, 57 Surrey street
Carter Joseph, dyer, 34 Bridport street
Carter Richard, saddler, 276 Commercial road
Carter Walter, beer retailer, 20 Charlotte street
Caseley Frederick, tailor, 387 Commercial road
Cawse William, tailor, 43 Arundel street
Cawte Henry, refreshment rooms, Railway station ; & Sussex family & commercial hotel, Railway terminus, Southsea
Chainey Ann (Mrs.), greengrocer, 78 Charlotte street
Chainey William, beer retailer, 32 Alfred terrace
Chalcraft George, hatter & outfitter, 17 & 19 Russell street
Challenger Charles, tailor, 17 Somers road
Chalmers George, beer retailer, 56 Thomas street
Chalmers James, beer retailer, 12 Stamshaw lane
Chamberlain George, stationer, 30 Lake road
Chamberlain John Alfred, chandler's shop, 17 Conway street
Chambers James, shopkeeper, 32 Lower Church path
Chandler Frances (Mrs.), Old George tan. 70 Kingston road
Chandler John, beer retailer, St. Mary's road, Kingston
Chandler Thomas, Delhi tavern, 43 Seymour street
Chaplen George Augustus, grocer, 47 Russell street
Chaplin & Horne, carriers & railway agents, 62 Commercial road ; &76 High street, Portsmouth
Chappell Caroline (Mrs.), beer retailer, 336 Commercial road
Chase Luke, shopkeeper, 53 Hyde park road
Cheater. George, hardware dealer, 69 Arundel street
Cheesman George James, stationer, 67 Charlotte street
Chilcot & Williams, stay makers, Surrey street
Chinese (The) Genuine Tea Co. (William Collinson & Co. consignees), 6 Edinburgh road
Chittenden James, Sultan tavern, 62 Conway street
Chivers Thomas, beer retailer, 57 Waltham street
Chiverton Richard, baker & grocer, 135 Fratton road
Christmas Walter, Garrick's Head, Baker street
Churcher Henry, clothes dealer, Lower Church path
Churchill William, The Air Balloon, Commercial road
Clark George, beer retailer, 173 Lake road
Clark Henry, beer retailer, 29 Fratton street
Clark Henry; beer retailer, 8 Meadow street
Clark John, beer retailer, 101 Fratton road
Clark Joseph, builder, 57 Cottage view
Clark William, chemist, 25 Charlotte street
Clegg Stephen Robert & Tbeophilus, .brush merchants, 159 Commercial road
Cleife James, beer retailer, New road, Kingston
Clements James, beer retailer & market gardener, Copnor
Cleverley Henry, shopkeeper, 80 Hertford street
Clothier Charles, Great _Eastern, Holloway street
Cobden Edward, greengrocer, 209 Lake road
Cockram James, shopkeeper, 37 Wimpole street
Coffin John, timber dealer, Staunton street
Coffin William, jun. market gardener, 32 Arnaud street, Buckland
Coish Henrietta (Mrs.), seminary, 153 Fratton road
Coish Henry, builder, 153 Fratton road
Cole George, chandler's shop, 55 Gunner street
Cole James, saddler, 130 Commercial road
Cole Rhoda (Mrs.), beer retailer, 76 Arundel street
Colebrook William, butcher, Kingston road
Coles George, beer retailer, Buckland street
Coles George Edwin, beer retailer, 37 Upper Arundel street
Coles William, boot maker, 37 Church path north
Collier George, beer retailer, 102 Commercial road
Collings George, timber merchant, 141 Commercial road
Collings William, hosier, 111 Commercial road
Collins John, furniture dealer, 73 Church street
Collins John, shopkeeper, 179 Fratton street
Collins Richard, furniture dealer, 75 Lake road
Collis John Henry, beer retailer, 1 Surrey street
Combes Henry John, linen draper & milliner, 245 & 251 Commercial road
Compton Torn, shoe maker, 322 Commercial road
Conrad John, musical instrument dealer, 191 Commercial road
Cook Eliza ilirs.), confectioner, 315 Commercial road
Cook William, china & glass dealer, 92 Surrey street
Cook William Whittington, tailor, 64 Arundel street
Coombs Henry, greengrocer, 332 Commercial road
Cooper Thomas, greengrocer, 87 Fratton street
Cooper Thomas Charles, builder & contractor, Swan yard, Commercial road
Cope Daniel, beer retailer, 26 Upper Arundel street
Corben William, pork butcher, 7 Hyde Park road
Coulsell Charles William, fancy repository, 21 Russell street
Courtney William Rice, corn chandler, 48 Fratton road
Couzens George tin plate worker, 9 Clarence street
Couzens John Vim. ironmonger, 221 & 223 Commercial road
Cowling Thomas, tailor, 38 Russell street
Cox Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 87 Sussex street
Cox Edmund, french polisher, 36 Sussex street
CoxHy.coal merchant, Flat house; & Town quay, Portsmouth
Cox John (exors. of), brewer, Eagle brewery
Cox John, coal merchant, 84 Great Prospect road .& 69 Clarence street
Crampton John Thomas, coal merchant, Albion wharf
Cranstone James, linen draper, Kingston cross
Cranstone Jonathan toy dealer, 359 Commercial road
Craven Elizabeth (Mrs.), day school, 32 Amelia street
Craven Joseph Thomas, monumental mason, St. Mary's road, Kingston
Craven Rachel (Mrs.), milliner, 46 Amelia road
Craven William James, plumber, 52 Kingston road
Creese John, shopkeeper, Buckland street
Crockford John Henry & Son, gardeners & seedsmen, 314 Fratton road
Crockford William, seedsman 4 Little Charlotte street
Crook George, greengrocer, 16 Crown street
Cross George, beer retailer, 8 Charlotte street
Cross George, cab proprietor, 89 Surrey street
Cross Sarah (Miss), china & glass dealer, 173 Commercial road
Cross William, pork butcher, 83 Russell street
Crossman John Augustus, beer retailer, 2 Conway street
Crouch Thomas, shopkeeper, Baliol road, Kingston
Croucher Henry, grocer, 4 Lucknow street
Crowter William, coal dealer, 17 Church road
Cudlipp Arthur, pawnbroker„ 14 8c 16 Lower Church path
Cudlipp Benjamin, beer retailer, 53 Charlotte street
Culver William, beer retailer, Brunswick road
Cunningham Geo. Thomas cabinet ma. 10 & 12 Russell street
Curd Samuel, shoe maker, 12 Lower Church path
Curtis George & George, corn factors, .209 Commercial road
Curtis James, cattle dealer, 454 Commercial road
Curtis John, baker, 46 Surrey street
Curtis John, sen. cattle dealer, 452 Commercial road
Curtis William Lucius, boys' school, 489 Commercial road
Dagnell Mary Ann (Mrs.), teacher of music, 287 Lake road
Dale Andrew, grocer, 7 Besant terrace
Damon George Thomas, builder, 154 Fratton street
Davidson John, hardwareman, 74 Kingston road
Davies John, chandler's shop, 110 Fratton street
Davies John Griffiths, draper, 71 Charlotte street
Davies Owen, surgeon, 384 Commercial road
Davies Robert Edmund, linen draper & furniture warehouse, 140 to 148 & 135, 137 & 172 Commercial road
Davis Henry & William, engineers, millwrights & ironfounders, Pye street
Davis Charles, ticket writer, 36 Crasswell street
Davis James, beer retailer, Seymour street
Davis Joseph, builder 8c carver, 18 Russell street
Daw nary Maria (Mrs.), The Country House, 342 Commercial road
Day John, beer retailer, 8 Greetham street
Day John, clothes dealer, 5 Commercial place
Dean William, beer retailer, 80 Charlotte street
Denham Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20 Candahar place
Dennis Martha (Mrs.), school, 15 Arundel street
Dewey William, hardware dealer, Kingston cross
Diver dc Atkinson, surgeons, 69 Commercial road
Dix Charles, beer retailer, 115 Fratton street
Dixon Arthur, water rate collector, 21 Delhi street
Dobson George, brick maker, Stamshaw
Dolby William, wardrobe dealer, 127 Crasswell street
Doming Joseph, beer retailer, 484 Commercial road
Donaldson Colin, baker, 55 Town street
Donaldson John, school, Town street
Dore John James, grocer, 81 Surrey street
Doudney & Co. candle manufacturers, 333 Commercial road
Doughty William, pork butcher, 16 Somers road
Dowden Isaac, shopkeeper, 84 Staunton street
Dowling Edward, coal dealer, 3 Hope street
Down Joram, White Bear, Cottage view
Downer Henry, linen draper, 207 Lake road
Drake George, fancy draper, 87 Russell street
Dressber George, jeweller, 153 Commercial road
Drew John William, shoe maker, 6 Little Charlotte street
Drew Mary (Mrs.), pork butcher, 291 Commercial road
Dryer Henry, grocer, 13 Fratton street
Dryer Henry, grocer, 24 Somers road
Duck Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 33 Commercial road
Dugan Alfred, bookseller & stationer, 391 Commercial road
Duggan Susan (Mrs.), boot maker, 319 Commercial road
Duke Edward William, beer retailer, 35 Duncan street
Dummer William, outfitter, 155 & 157 Commercial road
Dunaway John, pork butcher, 33 Charlotte street
Dyer Richard, stationer, 13 Commercial road

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