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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders E - G

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Eades William, Waltham Arms, 40 Waltham street
Eager Edith (Miss), seminary, 9 Claremont terrace, Queen's road, Buckland
Earle John, beer retailer, 365 Commercial road
Earle Mary (Mrs.), haberdasher, 58 Gunner street
Earwaker John Henry, grocer, 184 Lake road
Easterbrook Susan Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger, 69 Russell street
Easton Michael, Golden Fleece, 39 Commercial road, & wheelwright, Brunswick road
Eddy Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Rudmore road
Eden Thomas, hair dresser, 82 Fratton street
Edmunds Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, St. Stephen's road, Kingston
Edson William, confectioner, 67 Commercial road
Edwards Edward, beer retailer, 14 Spring street
Edwards James, beer retailer, 20 Sydney place
Edwards John Lacey, malt merchant, London road
Edwards William, beer retailer, 16 Bishop street
Egerton Charlotte (Mrs.), pawnbroker, Church street
Eigar Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, St. Mary's road
Ellenden Henry, beer retailer, 41 Hyde Park road
Ellis Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Buckland street
Ellis Geo. boot maker, 323 Commercial road ; & at Sonthsea
Elsey Henry, furniture dealer, 309 & 320 Commercial road
Elson Thomas, newsvendor, 72 Spring street
Emery Caroline (Mrs.), Bakers' Arms, 164 Commercial road
Emery John, brewer & beer retailer, 366 Fratton road
Emery William Henry, beer retailer, Copnor
Etty Charles William, boys' school, 542 Commercial road
Evans Edward John, grocer, 57 Lucknow street
Evans Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Telegraph street
Evans William, firewood dealer, 62 Green row
Ewen Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 9 Lake road
Faller & Co. watch makers, 215 Commercial road
Farenden Thomas, butcher, 15 Commercial place
Farminer Edward, builder, Ranelagh villa, Queen's road,
Buckland ; office, Timpson street, Lake road
Farminer James, shopkeeper, Bedford street
Farminer John, shopkeeper, Gladstone street
Feltham William Friend & Son, grocers, 162 Commercial road
Fenn Thomas, furniture dealer, 68 Upper Church path
Fennemore Geo. coal merchant & wheelwright,St.Mary's road
Fielder Walter, chemist, 59 Charlotte street
Fielder William, cutler, 75 Russell street
Fisher John George, greengrocer, 32 Church path north
Fleet Benjamin, farrier, 5 Church path north
Fleming James, beer retailer, 30 Nelson square
Fleming Thomas, hair dresser, 3 Edinburgh road
Fleming William, upholsterer, 107 Charlotte street
Fletcher Henry, fancy repository, 7 Russell street
Flowers Albert, coal, coke & potato merchant, 33 Sydney place, Flathouse wharf.
Flowers George, coal & potato dealer, 3 Crasswell street
Fogden George, beer retailer, 54 Kingston road

Foord James, stationer, 16 Charlotte street
Foot Charles, beer retailer, 1 Adelaide terrace, Kingston
Foot Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 50 Charlotte street
Foot George, blacksmith, Meadow street
Foot Henry, firewood dealer, 26 Telegraph street
Footner George, cabinet maker, 44 Staunton street
Ford Andrew, marine store dealer, 70 Spring street
Ford Edward, chandler's shop, 11 Stamshaw lane
Ford Wm. carpenter & shopkeeper, 33 & 35 Paradise street
Ford William, grocer, 2 & 4 Fyning street
Fosberry Henry, fruiterer, 166 Commercial road
Foster Thomas, Robin Hood, 351 Commercial road
Foster Thomas, sen. brick merchant, Stamshaw
Foster Tom Scott, chemist, 101 Fratton street
Foster William, stationer, 99 Fratton street
Foster William John, fishmonger, 210 Commercial road
Fowkes William Frederick, harness maker, 135 Crasswell street
Fox Charles James, boot maker, 27 Commercial road
Fox Thomas, shoe maker, 97 Kingston road
Frampton Joseph, hair dresser, 38 Nile street
France Henry, beer retailer, 37 Somers road
Franks John, beer retailer, 70 Fratton road
Freake William, shopkeeper, 27 Conway street
Freeman John Samuel, butcher, 77 Arundel street
Freemantle Charles, baker SE beer retailer, 64 Crasswell street
Freemantle Richard, oilman, ironmonger & glass & china dealer, 375 Commercial road
French Flower Co. (Charles Loud), manager), 4 Arcade
French George Burch, tobacconist, 234 Commercial road
French Thomas, egg merchant, 290 Commercial road
Fry Edward, paper hanger, 291 Lake road
Fry Jane (Mrs.), butcher, 87 Charlotte street
Fryer James, shopkeeper, 2 Charles street
Fryer Samuel, shopkeeper, 38 Crasswell street
Fuller Henry, linen draper, 201 Commercial road
Fullerton James Henry, beer retailer, 20 Alexander terrace
Fulljames John, pawnbroker, 102 Fratton street
Fulljames Thomas Edgar, pawnbroker, 10 Surrey street
Furbridge Daniel, boot maker, 18 Surrey street
Furlong James, carman, 30 Hope street
Gallery Henry, Plough Spade, 55 Fratton road
Gamblen James, baker, 18 Little Charlotte street
Game James, beer retailer, 35 Commercial road
Gardiner, Borrett & Co. brewers, Canal walk
Gardner James, van proprietor, 36 Russell street
Gardner James William, plumber, 378 Commercial road
auntlett Francis, dust contractor,1Queen street, Commercial road
Gauntlett John, inarket gardener, Union street, St. Mary's road
Gauntlett John, market gardener, Upper Stamshaw
German SE Box, stationers, 120 Commercial road
Gerrish Joseph, fruiterer, 96 Commercial road
Gibbs George Wells, beer retailer, Wingfield street
Gibbs Gilbert, grocer, 16 Commercial place
Gibbs John, beer retailer, 9 Edinburgh road
Giddens William, Black Dog, 181 Fratton street
Gilbert Charles, shopkeeper, 53 Marylebone street
Gilham Charles, ironfounder, 7 Lake road
Gillham John, relieving officer, 6 Camilla terrace, Rockland
Glanville Jas. Cornelius, boot manufr. 39,41 & 43 Spring street
Glayser Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, Upper Stamshaw
Goble Thomas, blacksmith, Kingston crescent
Goddard & Tamsett, curers of Wiltshire bacon & wholesale cheese SE butter factors, 258A, Commercial road ; & at Gillingham, Dorset
Goddard Thomas, pork butcher, 302 Commercial road
Goddard William Charles, boot maker, 71 Russell street
Goddard William Charles, tailor, 30 Russell street
Goldring James Henry, greengrocer, St. Mary's road. Kingston
Good Edmund, butcher, 399 Commercial road
Good Edmund, fishmonger, 37 Arundel street
Good Thomas, dentist, 2 Edinburgh road
Good William, butcher, 37 Russell street
Goodman Alfred, china & glass dealer, 4 Edinburgh road
Goodman Peter Henry, brewer, Kingston crescent
Goodman Thomas, boot warehouse, 194 Commercial road
Gossage Elizabeth & Mary (Misses), ladies' school, Lyndhurst lodge, Queen's road, Buckland
Gosse William, nurseryman, London road
Gourd Charles Dean, grocer, 39 Grafton street
Gourd George Thomas, house agent, 255 Fratton road
Grace James, beer retailer, 1 Greetham street
Graham Squire, Red House hotel, 42 Church road
Granger Edward, Builders' Arms, 1 Lucknow street
Grant Alfred, engineer, 33 Crasswell street
Grant Robert, draper, 17 Arcade
Grant Roberts fancy draper, 196 Commercial road
Great Thomas, butcher, 185 Lake road
Gravenor John & Co.hatters&hosiers,113&115Commercial road
Gray John, shoe maker, 77 Bow street
Gray Robert, lodging house, 44 Fratton road
Green Charles Cornelius, confectioner, 25 Russell street
Green Edward, shopkeeper, 3 Bishop street
Green Fredk. Thos. grocer, 1 Cornwall ter. Kingston road
Green George, baker, 25 Lake road
Green George, butcher, 3 Meadow street
Green George, grocer, Derby road
Green George Augustus, manufacturer of asphalte, chemicals, pitch, creosote SE naphtha, Mile end ; works, North sea.
Green Henry, watch maker & jeweller, 362 Fratton road
Green James Alfred, grocer, 36 Church road
Green Walter John, grocer, 128 Lake road
Green William, confectioner, 43 Charlotte street
Greenslade Eliza (Mrs.), baker & grocer, 179 Fratton road
Greentree Elizabeth (Miss), hosier, 20 Bishop street
Gregory John Buss, veterinary surgeon, 68 Commercial road
Griffin William, beer retailer, 4 Greetham street
Griggs William, sewing machine maker, 16 Arcade
Groom Alfred, grocer, 11 Hampton street
Groombridge William, coal dealer, 64 Chandos street
Grout George, beer retailer, 83 Commercial road
Grout George, shopkeeper, Baker street
Grout William Thomas, cabinet maker, 295 Commercial road
Guilliford James, beer retailer, 58 Crasswell street
Gumbrell Charles, butcher, 23 Hyde Park road
Gundry George James beer retailer, 2 Sydney place
Gunnell William & do. confectioners & biscuit manufacturers, 118 Commercial road SE Somers road
Gunnell William George, grocer, 83 Arundel street
Guy James, outfitter, 170 Commercial road

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