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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders H - J

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Habens Amelia (Mrs.), flour dealer, 21 Hyde Park road
Hackett George, chandler's shop, 41 Delhi street
Hackman Leonard Lewis, pharmaceutical chemist, 325 Fratton road
Hain John, earthenware dealer, 163 Lake road
Haklen John marine store dealer, 48 Church path north
Hall Kempster SE Co. newsvendors, 193 Lake road
Hall Emily (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Hampton street .
Hall James boot maker, 57 Russell street
Hammond Henry, beer retailer, 99 Commercial road
Hamper Thomas malt & hop factor, 19 Arcade
Hampshire Advertiser (branch office) (Thomas Lewis, agent), 123 Commercial road
Hampshire Banking Co. (George Charles Hayles, manager), Commercial road ; draw on London Joint Stock Bank, Princes street, Mansion house London e.e
Hampshire 6- Landport Mutual Building Society (John Alfred Byerley, manager), 3 Edinburgh road
Hancock Brothers, china & glass dealers, 175 Commercial road
Hanham Edward Sparrow shoe manufacturer, 216 & Commercial road Se 27 & 29 Russell street
Hankin Henry, greengrocer, 37 Waltham street
Hann Elizabeth Ann (Miss), teacher of the pianoforte, 30 Regent street
Hannam James, grocer, & agent for Henry Brett & Co.'s "Eau de Vie" pure brandy, 363 Commercial road
Harden Henry, greengrocer, 82 Great Prospect road
Hardham Frederick, Royal Engineers' tavern, 51 Great Prospect road
Harding Charles, builder, Brunswick road
Harding John, beer retailer, 1 Curtis terrace
Harding William, saddler, 338 Commercial road
Hardinge Christopher, watch maker, 31 Lake road
Hardy Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Church street
Harfield Daniel, greengrocer, 57 Crasswell street
Harfield Robert, greengrocer SE wood dealer, 78 Arundel street
Harnett Samuel, lime, cement & plaster mer. Railway station
Harper Thomas, shopkeeper, 29 Great Prospect road
Harries Owen, tailor, 116 Commercial road
Harris Benjamin, stone mason, 18 Commercial road
Harris Edwin Douglas, butcher, 79 Charlotte street
Harris John, fishmonger, 91 Russell street
Harris Robert, beer retailer, 8 Church path north
Harris William, greengrocer, 45 Surrey street
Hart Edward, cork manufacturer, 185 Commercial road
Hartley Alfred, shopkeeper, 71 Church street
Harvey Frederick William, solicitor, 343 Commercial road
Harvey George, farmer, Baffin's farm, Portsmouth
Harvey James, beer retailer' Garrison view
Harvey Sarah (Miss), school, 30 Delhi street
Harvey William pork butcher, 426 Commercial road
Harwood Samuel, saddler, 252 SE 254 Commercial road; & at 30 King's road, Southsea
Haseltine SZ'Hartley, outfitters 125 Commercial road
Haskell John, corn dealer, 58 Mary street
Haskett Charles, shopkeeper, Stamshaw lane
Hatch William, clerk of Portsea parish church (St. Mary, Kingston) & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, 262 Fratton road
Hatherly John, grocer, 19 Thomas street
Hatlee Henry, coal dealer, 20 Clifton street:
Hawgood Alfred James, pawnbroker, 53 & 55 Russell street
Hawkins Richard, Palmerston Arms, South road. Buckland
Hawkins Robert, butcher, 31 Charles street
Hawton Edmund, beer retailer, 297 Commercial road
Hay Edward, beer retailer, 56 Charlotte street
Hayles George Charles, manager to the Hampshire Banking Co. Commercial road
Hayles William Wheeler, chemist, 21A, Arundel street
Hayter George, butcher, Hertford street
Hayter Tom Baker, contractor, Northsea cot. Rudmore road
Hayward Robert, baker, 118 Fratton road ; 187 Commercial road; 183 Lake road ; & at Southsea
Hayward William Charles, pawnbroker, 38 & 40 Upper Church path, & furniture dealer, 77 Charlotte street
Hayworth Joseph, White Swan, Kingston road
Helby Emily (Miss), school, 53 Stamford street
Helby Stephen Wm. auctioneer & house agt. 222 Commercial road
Hellyer Henry, linen draper, 1 & 2 Edinburgh road
Hendy James & William, ironmongers, 279 Commercial road
Hewett Alfred Wm. St. Mary's Arms tavern, St. Mary's road
Hewett John Edwin, Dolphin, '21 Lake road
Hewitt William, beer retailer, 481 Commercial road
Hibberd Charles, beer retailer, 47 Chandos street
Hibberd Thomas, beer retailer, 12 Radmore road
Hibberd William Powerscourt Arms, Church street
Hibbs Edward, beer retailer, 178 Lake road
Hicks Charles, house agent, 199 Fratton road
Hicks James, stone mason, 114 Commercial road
Hicks William, greengrocer, Kingston road
Higinbotham George, beer retailer, 2 Gunner street
Higinan James, butcher, 97 Green row
Hill George, glass & china dealer, 389 Commercial road
Hill Herbert, beer retailer, 37 Church road
Hill John Gray, confectioner, 24 Church road
Hill Samuel, shopkeeper, 20 Timpson street
Hilton Henry, toy dealer, 3 Russell street
Hindmarsh Helen (Miss), teacher of the pianoforte,5Victoria terrace
Hinton Francis, shopkeeper, 102 Grafton street
Hitchcock Augustus & Co. coal merchants, 6 Green row
Hoad Charles, beer retailer, 65 Abercrombie street
Hoadley Thomas, tin plate worker, 367 Commercial road
Hoar James, hair dresser, 91 Crasswell street
Hoar William George, grocer, 480 Commercial road
Hoar William Payne, beer retailer, 24 Surrey street
Hobbs Henry, miscellaneous dealer, 64 Spring street
Hobbs Richard, baker, 91 Wingfield street
Hodder Walter, shopkeeper, 107 Surrey street
Hodges Alfred William, corn dealer, 83 Marylebone street
Hodges John, butcher, 141 Lake road
Hodges Thomas, beer retailer, 44 Abercrombie street
Hogarth Henry, chandler's shop, 55 Kilmiston street
Hoggett Charles The Dial, 104 Crasswell street
Hog-gett John, Charles, Arms, 94 Commercial road
Holdron George, linen draper' 156 Commercial road
Hole James, corn dealer, 2-28 Lake road
Holland George, beer retailer, 68 Stamford street
Holloway Cecilia (Mrs.), ladies' school, Kingston road
Hollyer Thomas, beer retailer, 67 Church street
Holmes George, greengrocer & coal dealer, Kingston road
Honeybourn. Henry, chandler's shop, 20 Church path north
Honeyfield Frederick, cutler, 101 Charlotte street
Honeyfield Jesse, tin plate worker, Hertford street
Honeywell Ann ( Mrs.), greengrocer, 1 Stamshaw lane
Hooper Alfred, fishmonger, 35 Russell street
Hopkins Mary Emma ( Mrs.),greengrocr.248Commercial road
Hopkins William' confectioner, 91 Charlotte street
Hoptrough John Henry, beer retailer, 57 Gunner street
Horn George Edmund, butcher, 34 Lower Church path ; & 25 St. James's road, Southsea
Horn William, beer retailer, 33 Charles street
Home William Henry, Lamb Flag, 64 Fratton street
Horner Thomas & Charles, grocers, 74 Spring street
Horner George, wheelwright, Buckland street
Hoskins Andrew, grocer k news agent, 7 & 8 Kingston road
Hoskins George, Oak brewery, 53 Marylebone street
Houghton Philip, wheelwright, 46 Church street
Houlihan James, shoe maker, 27 Surrey street
Hounsell Henry, beer retailer, Baker street
House James, beer retailer, 123 Lake road
House John, shopkeeper, 40 All Saints' road
Howard William Henry, house decorator, 176 Lake road
Howarth Isaac, Jordan tavern, 12 Chandos street
Howe Eleanor (Mrs.), school, 9 Sydenham terrace
Howe John, rent & debt collector, 9 Sydenham terrace
Howell John Ebenezer, linen draper & undertaker, 243 Commercial road
Hubbard Edward, butcher, 157 Lake road
Hubbard Edward James, school, 1 Commons street
Hubble William, shopkeeper, 5 Duke street
Huddle Alfred Charles, harness maker, 32 Arundel street
Hughes Thomas, shopkeeper, 42 All Saints' road
Hulbert Tom, shopkeeper, 51 Thomas street
Humby James, butcher, 2 York street
Humby James Ozzard, painter, 92 Crasswell street
Humby Joseph, shopkeeper, 23 Crasswell street
Humphreys John, marine store dealer, 57 Fratton road
Humphreys John, tailor, 3 Commercial road
Humphreys Martha (Mrs.), marine store dlr. 37 Harley street
Hunt Francis, market gardener, Fratton. house, Milton path
Hunt Henry, offal dealer, 55 Charlotte street
Hunt John, greengrocer, Railway view
Hunt William, baker & brewer, 8O& 82 Crasswell street
Hunter George James, beer retailer, Kingston road
Hunter Thomas Coker, beer retailer, 78 Fratton street, & cork cutter, 16 Thomas street
Hurst William, Battle of the Nile, 87 Nile street
Hutchinson William, grocer, 1 East street
Hyde George, wood dealer, Arundel street
Hyde William, tailor, 43 Marylebone street
Hyde William Turner, timber merchant, 374 Commercial road
Hyslop Thomas, grocer, St. Mary's road, Kingston
Illman Henry, Admiralty tavern, Spring street
Ings Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Gunner street
Ireson Charles, Monarch tavern, Commercial road
Irish Alfred, beer retailer, 11 Lower Church path
Irwin Caroline (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 8 Arcade
Isaacs John, shopkeeper, 151 Fratton road
Isles George Frederick, dyer, 306 Commercial road
Isted Robert, glass & china dealer, 43 Commercial road
hod Edwin & Son, manufacturers & patentees of steam moulded corsets, Charlotte street ; & at 30 Milk street, London e.c
Jackman Augustus, plumber, 9 Dorset street
Jackson Hannah Eliza (Mrs.), seminary, Marsden house, Kingston road
Jacobs Charles, haberdasher, 79 Stamford street
Jago Thomas, coppersmith, Church street
James Thomas William, baker, 31 Hereford street
Jannaway Henry, shopkeeper, 31 Bishop street
Jannaway William Henry, Fountain inn, London road.
Jeffery George, pawnbroker, 3 & 5 John street
Jeffery Henry, greengrocer, 187 Lake road
Jeffery Samuel Pring, beer retailer, 43 Russell street
Jeffries Benjamin, greengrocer, 358 Fratton road
Jeffries Louisa (Mrs.), Prince of Wales, 246 Commercial road
Jelks Alfred, beer retailer, Fratton road
Jenkins Ann (Mrs.), chimney sweeper, 324 Commercial road
Jenkins David, collector for the Portsmouth Urban Sanitary Authority, 314 Commercial road
Jenkins Frederick, newsvendor, 21 Commercial road
Jenkins George Atherly, butcher, 59 Arundel street
Jenkins George Atherly, jun. butcher, 11 Hyde Park road
Jenkinson James, Clarence gardens, London road
Jennings Charles, greengrocer, 7 Great Prospect road
Jeram Joseph, wheelwright & blacksmith, Chandos street
Jeram William, beer retailer, 38 Stamford street
Jerram James John, grocer, 204 Commercial road
Jessop Samuel, confectioner, 301 Commercial road
Jewell Wm. George, beer retailer, St. Mary's rd. Kingston
Johns James, beer retailer, Binstead road, Kingston
Johnson Amelia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Bedford street
Johnson Elizh. Louisa (Mrs.), milliner, 478 Commercial road
Johnson John, herbalist, 50 Arundel street
Johnson Walter, chandler's shop, 14 Clifton road
Johnston James, beer retailer, 33 Thomas street
Jolliffe Henry, beer retailer, St. John street
Jolliffe Josiah, watch maker, 83 Lake road
Jones Charles, fruiterer, 149 Commercial road
Jones Edward George, tailor, 9 Arundel street
Jones Frank, Surrey Arms, 79 Surrey street
Jones Hy. chief engineer, n.t4.6 Charlton terrace, London road
Jones Thomas, blacksmith, Staunton street
Jones Thomas, toy dealer, 3 Arcade
Jones William, beer retailer, 23 Church road
Jones William, greengrocer, 7 Commercial place

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