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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders K - M

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Kallenbach Albert, watch maker, 25 Lucknow street
Keen Edward, beer retailer, 42 Princes street
Keen Edward, wardrobe dealer, 28 Charlotte street
Keenan John, greengrocer, Railway view
Kellaway James, shoe maker, 90 Lucknow street
Kelleway William, plumber, 260 Commercial road
Kemp Alfred, beer retailer, 403 Commercial road
Kempster Henry, grocer, 2 Adelaide street, Kingston
Kennelly Robert, shopkeeper, 123 Charlotte street
Kennett George, furniture broker, 134 Fratton road
Kent George Edward, farmer, land surveyor & valuer & agricultural implement agt. Stubbington ldg. North end
Kenward Robert, chemist, 7 Little Charlotte street
Kerrey William George, beer retailer, 30 St. John's street
Ketley Samuel, grocer, 19 Hampshire street, Kingston
Kidd Edwin, tobacconist, 249 Commercial road
Kidd Thomas, wholesale confectioner, 202 Commercial road
Kilbury Valentine, dyer, 16 Church street
Killpartrick James John, grocer, 76 Lake road Commercial road
Killy Albin, clock maker, '19 Surrey street
Kimber Philip Warner, beer retailer, 47 Charles street
Kimber William, boot manufacturer, 127 Commercial road
Kinch George, dairyman, Kingston road
King Christopher, pawnbroker' 30 Crasswell road
King James, butcher, 19 Hyde Park road
King James, wheelwright, 256 Commercial road
King John, baker, 1 Holloway street
King Matthew, _Duke's Head, 55 Lucknow street
Kingsbury William Salter, importer, exporter & manufacturer of mineral waters, Duncan street
Kingswell William, clog maker, 50 Spring street
Kinsell William & Son, furniture dealers 38 Lake road
Rinsell William, furniture dealer, 1 Paradise street
Kinsman George William, beer retailer, 109 Wingfield street
Kirton William, chemist, 57 Hyde Park road
Knight George greengrocer, Kingston crescent
Knight John, boot maker, 186 Commercial road
Knight John Berry, egg dealer, 86 Green row
Knott Charles, surgeon, 506 Commercial road
Knowles William, shopkeeper, Buckland street
Knowlton Jernima (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 121. Lake road
Lacy George Albert, grocer, 7 Candahar place
Lambert George Knight, beer retailer, 127 Lake road
Landport & Southsea Tramway/ Co. (Alfred William White, sec.) ; offices' Commercial road
Lane Henry, outfitter, 280 Commercial road
Lane James, shopkeeper, 6 Commercial place
Lane John, beer retailer, 28 Surrey street
Lane Robert, butcher, 200 Commercial road
Lang Joseph, dairyman, Upper Stamshaw
Langdon Henry, beer retailer, 9 Leopold terrace
LangdonSarah(Mrs.), Windmill 6-Sawyers, 1 Garrison view
Langford & Son, patent rope manufacturers & importers of hemp, tar, pitch, deals & timber; manufacturers of improved patent yacht rope, Church street
Langford William, Blacksmiths' Arms, Church street
Langharn John, beer retailer, 1 Central street
Langridge George, tailor, 360 Commercial road
Langton James, chemist, 329 Commercial road
Langworth Eliza (Mrs.), Foresters' Arms 55 Lake road
Langworthy George, furniture dealer, 37 cottage view
Lanning George, butter dealer, 2 Church path north
Lansdale Moses, stationer, 239 Lake road
Large George, draper, 81 Charlotte street
Lawrence Henry, builder, Commercial road
Lawrence William, coal merchant, 104 Fratton road
Layton Albert, boot maker, 303 Commercial road
Layton George, boot maker, 167 Commercial road
Layton William, coal dealer, Upper Church path
Leach William, greengrocer, 60 Kingston road
Lear George tobacconist, 63 Lake road
Lear Maria (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 5 Meadow street
Leary John William, shopkeeper, 4 Fratton street
Leat James, greengrocer, Kingston cross
Leddra George, shopkeeper, Hertford street
Lee George, builder, 75 Arundel street
Lee Helen (Miss), tobacconist, 11 Arundel street
Lefevre Thomas, stay box maker, 29 Ridge street
Legget Anthony, marine store dealer, Rudmore road
Leggett Alfred, butcher, 12 Meadow street
Leggett James, leather cutter, 57 Lake road
Lenkoske Francis, dairyman, 52 Highfield street
Lever 'William, beer retailer, Kingston crescent
Levett John, shopkeeper, 20 Telegraph street
Levey Joseph, outfitter, 7 Edinburgh road
Levi Isaac, jeweller, 23 Russell street
Lewis Henry, hair dresser, 97 Surrey street
Lewis Henry, photographer, 33 Russell street
Lewis Thomas bookseller, 123 Commercial road
Light Wrn. Robt. & Charles, contractors, 445 Commercial road
Light George, Heart-in-Hand, 57 Sussex street
Liffington Henry, boot Sc shoe maker, Kingston cross
Lillington Stephen, plumber, Kingston cross
Lillywhite Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 54 Sussex street
Linington Brothers, carriage & harness manufacturers, 52 Commercial road; & at North street, Havant
Linington William, jun. coach builder, 42 Commercial road & 3 Swan street
Little William, shopkeeper, 16 Regent street
Littlefield Fredk. window blind maker, 66 Surrey street
Lloyd John Llewelyn, linen draper, 85 Lake road
Loader Charles St Henry, timber dealers, 16 Church street
Loader George, boot maker, 139 Commercial road
Loader James Henry, borough of Portsmouth financial loan & discount office, 22 Arundel street offices,
Loader Thomas, tobacconist, 124 Commercial road
Lobb William, greengrocer, 441 Commercial road
Locke Henry, Bedford commercial & family hotel, 136
Lockyer Benjamin, manager of the National Provincial Bank, Commercial road
Lockyer Henry George, boot manufacturer, 220 Commercial road
Loft Samuel, pork butcher, 12 Greetham street
Long George, sack manufacturer, 316 Commercial road
Long Harriet Augusta (Mrs.), Lord John Russell, 232 Commercial road
Long John, beer retailer, 13 Hampton street
Long Josiah, oilman, 10 Church road
Long Josiah, shopkeeper, 30 Church path north
Longyear George, jun. painter & decorator, 84 Fratton street
Longyear Samuel, Old Red House, 158 Fratton road
Lovatt John, fancy repository, 295 Lake road
Lovelock William, beer retailer, 27 Lake road
Loxton Aaron, miscellaneous dealer, 63 Russell street
Ludford Edward, toy dealer, London road
Luke Harriet (Mrs.), midwife, 18 Union place
Luke Ophelia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 55 Bishop street
McAskie Joseph, shopkeeper, .279 Somers road, Fratton
McBain Hugh, beer retailer, 37 Hampton street
McCreary Edward, beer retailer, 21 .Arundel street
McCreary Henry, pawnbroker, 7 Canal walk
McDonagh John,fancy repository, 1 Queen's ter. Kingston road
McDougall James, beer retailer, .25 Railway view
Mace Adelaide (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Finsbury street
MeGoran Thomas, beer retailer, 75 Upper Church path
Macklin Thomas, Mile End tavern, 317 Commercial road
Macklin William, beer retailer, 302 Fratton road
Maitland James, beer retailer, 39 Harley street
Major Francis, greengrocer, 40 Charlotte street
Malcolm John, bookseller, 40 Russell street
Male Henry James, shopkeeper, 18 Spring street
Malley William, marine store dealer, 71 Kingston road
Maithy John, tailor, 126 Commercial road
Manna John William, firewood dealer, 1 Ridge street
Mansbridge Edward, brewer, 1 Amelia street
Mariner Charles, grocer, 241 Lake road
Marsh Charles, greengrocer, 5 York street
Marshman John, marine store dealer, Kingston crescent
Martell Jeremiah, beer retailer, 64 Hampton street
Martin James Rundell, grocer, 283 Fratton road
Martin John, marine store dealer, 94 Fratton road
Martin Mary (Mrs.), news agent, 167 Fratton road
Martin Thomas, draper, 66 Arundel street
Mason Joshua, wardrobe dealer, 17 Little Charlotte street
Mason Lily (Miss), seminary, 2 Claremont terrace, Queen's road, Buckland
Massey Mary (Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 67 Lake road
Matthews Edward, London tavern, 208 Commercial road
Matthews Henry, King 4. Queen, 129 Fratton road
Matthews John, beer retailer, 1 Highfield street
Matthews Samuel, shopkeeper, 62 Charles street
Matthews William Henry, beer retailer, 25 Crasswell street
May Frederick, shoe maker, 45 Hyde Park road
May John, grocer, 75 Charlotte street
Merrett Jonathan, greengrocer, 19 Charlotte street
Merritt Henry, shopkeeper, Buckland street
Mersh Lucy (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 96 Kingston road
Messum Alexander, newsvendor, Kingston cross
Middleton George, Nelson tavern, 53 Nile street
Midland Railway Company's Receiving Office (William Raper, agent), 14 Russell street
Mighell William, beer retailer, Rudmore road
Mill John, beer retailer, Albion street
Mill William Henry, shopkeeper, Brunswick road
Millcan Robert James, tailor, 6 Fratton street
Miller George, shopkeeper, 12 Regent street
Miller John, shoe maker, 20 Great Prospect road
Miller Thomas Brady, tobacconist, 175 Lake road
Mills David, rope &twine maker, Kingston crescent
Mills Henry, beer retailer, 3 Stamshaw lane
Mills John Thomas, lighterman, Selborue house, Fratton
Mintram &Wilkes, boiler makers, Albion street
Mitchell Alfred, wardrobe dealer, 17 Lake road
Mitchell Edward, shoe maker, 38 Church road
Mitchell Hannah Aim (Mrs.), baker, 36 Curtis terrace
Mitchell William, greengrocer, 5 Little Charlotte street
Mitchell William, greengrocer, 33 Telegraph street
Mitchell William, shopkeeper, 13 Greetham street
Mockford Elizabeth (Mrs.), newsvendor, 68 Arundel street
Mockford Peter, grocer, 02 Upper Arundel street
Monck James & George, bill posters, 1 Commercial road
Monek George, butcher, 240 Commercial road
Monk James, cattle dealer, 10 Charlotte street
Moody J. W. & Co. coal merchants ok. shipping agents; 393 Commercial road
Moody Alfred, chemist, 85 Arundel street
Moody Henry, timber merchant, Commercial road
Moody Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, 175 Commercial road
Moore Arthur, grocer, 103 Fratton. street
Moore John, pianoforte tuner, 44 Arundel street
Moore John Geo. cowkeeper, 4 Lansdowne st. St. Mary's road
Moore Thomas, poor rate collector, 285 Lake road
Morey Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 81 Fratton street
Morey James, shopkeeper, 41 Sydney place
Morey John shopkeeper, 26 Church street
Morgan John, pork butcher, 221 Lake road
Morley Henry, stationer, 48 Charlotte street
Morris Moses, blacksmith, 105 Fratton road
Mortimer William Henry, shopkeeper, 63 Charlotte street
Moses Mary Ann (Miss), tobacconist, 61 Arundel street
Moxey John Devonshire, shopkeeper, 82 Kilmiston. street
Mullins John, flour dealer, 26 Fratton street
Munford George, wardrobe dealer, 1 Holloway road
March Philip, drainage inspector to the Urban Sanitary Authority, 9 Camilla terrace, Buckland
Murphy Frederick, grocer, 487 Commercial road
Murphy Frederick, grocer, 217 Lake road
Murrell Ellen (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 193 & 195 Commercial road
Murrell Richard John, brewer & maltster, Kingston brewery, Kingston road

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