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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders N - Q

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Nance Andrew, farmer, Oatlands, Kingston crescent; & Great Salterns
Nash William, pork butcher, 88 Crasswell street
National Provincial Bank of England (branch of) (Benjamin Lockyer, manager), Commercial road; draw on Head Office, Bishopsgate street, London e.e
Naylor Charles, beer retailer, 12 Edinburgh road
Needs Henry Doudney, commercial traveller, Holmwood, Queen's road, Buckland
New Charles, pork butcher, 277 Commercial road
New Richard, beer retailer, 133 Fratton street
New Thomas, coal dealer, 57 Kilmiston street
Newberry George, baker, 65 Charlotte at. & 74 Amelia street
Newell George, haberdasher'.7 & 9 Commercial road
Newman Ebenezer, beer retailer, 259 Somers road
Newman Thomas, Claremont tavern, 100 Commercial road
Newnham George, gun maker, 3 Greetham street
Newnham John, shoe maker, 19 Little Charlotte street
Newnham John, tailor, 54 Arundel street
Newton George Alfred Glasse, ginger beer ma. Staunton street
Newton Joseph, grocer, 199 Commercial road
Nicholls John, beer retailer, Little Charlotte street
Nicholls John, furniture dealer, 38 Charlotte street
Nicholls Thomas greengrocer, 72 Charlotte street
Nichols James, beer retailer, 17 Nelson square
Nichols John, furniture dealer, 62 Arundel street
Nicholson William George, shoe maker, 64 Kingston road
Noakes Elizabeth (Mrs.), Infant school, Park view
Noble Henry, coal dealer, 22 Church road
Norris Henry, beer retailer, Kingston crescent
Norris Henry, Victoria Arms, 268 Commercial road
Northey Edwin, shopkeeper, 15 Charles street
Norton Benjamin Hill, greengrocer, 103 Crasswell street
Notting George, Great Western, Delhi street
Oakley Alfred Maurice, tailor, 106 Lake road
Ogden William, beer retailer, 90 Surrey street
Oliver George, beer retailer, 62 Staunton street
Orley Jemima (Mrs.), fruiterer, 75 Commercial road
Outon Charles Allen, photographer, 14 Arcade
Outon James, beer retailer, 58 Arundel street
Oxford George, greengrocer, 27 Railway view
Padbury Henry John, haberdasher, 3 Fratton road
Padbury Theophilus Fredk. watch ma. 283 Commercial road
Page George Augustus, corn dealer, 60 Arundel street
Page William, shopkeeper, 99 Green row
Paice John Priddy, accountant, 85 Commercial road ; & at West street, Havant
Palmer Charles, greengrocer, 72 Highfield street
Palmer George, shopkeeper, .2 Conway street
Palmer James, baker, 214 & 267 Commercial road
Palmer John, brush manufacturer, 17 Commercial road
Palmer William, dairy, All Saints' road
Pannell Henry, Lucknow tavern, Somers road
Pannell Walter Hy. Railway Carriers tavern, 19 Greetham street
Pannell William, corn dealer, 261 Somers road
Parnell William, umbrella maker, 263 Commercial road
Parr Gilbert, beer retailer, 16 Hampshire street, Kingston
Parrott Joseph Josiah, plumber, 25 Gunner street
Parsons Thomas, butcher, 3,5 Church street
Patent Waterproof Glue Co. Limited (Charles Henry Binsteed, sec.), Chandos street
Passells Richard, beer retailer, 9 Thomas street
Passingham James, greengrocer, 41 Marylebone street
Passingham William, beer retailer, 56 Crasswell street
Paul George Joseph, baker, 13 Commons street
Payne John, beer retailer, 7 All Saints' road
Payne John, hair dresser, 20 Little Charlotte street
Payne William Henry, china & glass dealer, 97 Charlotte street
Pearce Charles, carpenter, Nelson square, Fratton
Pearce Edwin Gad, corn & seed mer.179 to 183 Commercial road
Pearce James Joseph, Lord Nelson, Commercial road
Pearce Robert, beer retailer, 42 Northam street
Pearce William, furniture dealer, 284 & 288 Commercial road
Pearson Ann (Mrs.),young ladies' schoo1,417Commercial road
Pearson Eliza (Miss), rope dealer, 247 Commercial road
Peck John, Wiltshire Lamb, Commercial road
Perfect George, chemist, 131 Commercial road
Perry Frederick, beer retailer, 15 Telegraph street
Peters Eliza (Mrs.), greengrocer, 36 Charles street
Peters George, tobacconist, 5 Russell street
Pettet Francis, pork butcher, 27 Charlotte street
Pettet Joseph, pork butcher, 41 Charlotte street
Pedwell Elias, confectioner, 15 Lake road
Pharoah Henry, Dog Duck, 115 Fratton road
Pharoah John, dairyman, 29 Hyde Park road
Phillips Albert, Portsmouth Arms, 30 Charlotte street
Phillips James, beer retailer, 73 Upper Church path
Phillips John William, Museum gardens, Fratton road
Pickernell John, beer retailer, 56 Gunner street
Pickernell John, shoe maker, 76 Kingston road
Pillman John, painter, 31 Arundel street
Pinhorn. Charles, oilman, 63 Crasswell street
Pink Joseph, chimney sweeper, 5 Stamshaw lane
Pink William, grocer, 110 & 112 Commercial road
Piper Edward, Duncan's Head, Copnor
Pitman John Richard, grocer, 73 Charlotte street
Pittis Richard Matthew, grocer, 429 Commercial road
Pleasance John, furniture dealer, 54 Lake road
Poate Stephen, chemist, 1 Candahar place
Pond William Reuben, butcher, 50 Russell street
Ponsford William, greengrocer, 79 Crasswell street
Poole Joseph, boot maker, 24 Conway street
Poole Susan (Miss), fancy repository, 182 Commercial road
Poor James, beer retailer, 62 Lake road
Poor John Primmer, miscellaneous dealer, 40 Church street
Port George Stephen, beer retailer, Elm lane
Portsea Island Gas Light Co. (John Douglas, superintendent & see.; Thos. Robt. Crook, deputy superintendent) ; works, Flathouse ; office, 47 St.George's sq. Portsea
Portsea Island Mutual Co-operative Stores, grocers & dealers (Joseph Jenkins Williams, man.), 2 Highfield street
Portsea Island Union Dispensary (Edward Barnes, dispenser), 70 Commercial road
Portsmouth Street Tramways Co. (Alfred William White, sec.); offices, Commercial road
Portsmouth Waterworks Co. (Richard William Ford, sec.), Brunswick road
Poucher James B. linen draper, 231 Commercial road
Pounds Frederick, shopkeeper, 85 Crasswell street
Powell Charles, grocer, 72 Fratton road
Pratt James Henry, grocer, 36 Arundel street
Preston William, beer retailer, London road
Price Edmund, tailor, 51 Commercial road
Price Sarah (Miss), wardrobe dealer, 169 Commercial road
Price Thomas, baker, 43 Abercrombie street
Prickwood Martha (Mrs.), Suffolk Arms, 227 Commercial road
Prime Henry, furniture dealer,48 Russell street
Prince Edward, watch maker, 59 Russell street
Prince George, relieving officer, 20 Crown street
Prince James, boot maker, 83 Charlotte street
Prince William, shoe maker, 95 Fratton street
Princes Theatre, Lake road
Prior E. S. coal merchant, 13 & 15 Green row
Pritchard John Fredk. surgeon, Crescent ldg. Kingston crescent
Prout Amelia (Mrs.), rope dealer, 282 Commercial road
Prowett John, haberdasher, 58 St. John's street
Pullen Edward, furniture dealer, 4 Clarence street
Pulley James, coal dealer, 4 Moore's square
Purchase Jane (Mrs.), furniture broker, 248 Fratton road
Purches Rev. George Christian, B.A. boarding school, 415 Commercial road
Purches John, fishmonger, 300 Commercial road
Purches John, fishmonger, 39 Lake road
Purkis Samuel, grocer, 69 Charlotte street
Purrington Sophia (Mrs.), beer retailer, 78 Surrey street
Quick David, confectioner, 47 Arundel street
Quick Joseph, confectioner, 31 Russell street
Quintin Edward Wm. tobacconist, 145 Commercial road

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