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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders R - S

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Rabbitts Samuel, Spread Eagle, St. Mary's road. Kingston
Ralph James, butcher, 51 Charlotte street
Rance Henry, beer retailer, 81 Upper Church path
Randell William, shopkeeper, 42 Lucknow street
Rattenbury James, draper, hosier & haberdasher, 225 Commercial road
Ray Jane Ann (Mrs.), seminary, 307 Fratton road
Ray William, jun. timber merchant, Queen street, Commercial road
Raynard Chas. Alfred, wheelwright, 31 Matrimony place
Rayner Joseph, greengrocer, 39 Nile street
Rayner William, bricklayer, 42 Crasswell street
Rayson & Son, boot makers, 154 Commercial road
Reading George, oil & color man, 5 Hyde Park road
Redin Julia Cordelia (Miss), pianoforte teacher, 2 Cornwall terrace, Kingston road
Redman Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 74 Wingfield street
Redman Thomas, beer retailer, 67 Fratton street
Reed Isaac, beer retailer, 31 Railway view
Reeves Herbert & Co. wholesale grocers, 15 Greetham street
Reiner Matthew, watch maker, 51 Arundel street
Restall Edward, wheelwright & blacksmith, 58 Thomas street
Restell George Thomas, oilman, 217 Commercial road
Reynolds Sc Totterdell, stay manufacturers, All Saints' road
Reynolds Anthony, jun. baker Sc beer retailer, 6 & 8 Great Prospect road
Reynolds Edmund, printer, 298 Commercial road
Reynolds Edmund, shopkeeper, Twyford road
Richards & Co. wholesale tea dealers, All Saints' street & 38 Spring street
Richards Amy (Miss), ladies' school, 337 Commercial road
Richards James, builder, Garrison view
Richards Joseph, plumber, 10 Kingston road
Richman Frederick Walter, clothier, Green row road, Southsea
Riddell Alexander, clerk of works, 2 Carlton ter. London road
Riddell William, american stove dealer, 20 Russell street
Ridoutt George, leather seller, 93 Charlotte street & 184 Commercial road
Rigler Thomas, carpenter, 4 Amelia street
Roach Charles William, cabinet maker, Waterloo place
Roach John, firewood dealer, 48 Central street
Roberts Charles, draper, 127 Fratton street
Roberts James, fruiterer, 419 Commercial road
Roberts John, greengrocer, 1 Cottage view
Roberts William, hair dresser, 32 Russell street
Roberts William Thomas, hair dresser, 26 Charlotte street
Robins Henry, picture dealer, 12 Surrey street
Robinson, Pollard & Co. chemical manufacturers, Stamshaw chemical works
Robinson Benjamin, Queen's Head, 26 Little Charlotte street
Robinson Samuel, corn dealer, Kingston crescent
Robinson Sutcliff, boys' school, 13 & 15 Great Prospect road
Rodmore Richard, beer retailer, St. Mary's road
Roffe George, butcher, Kingston cross
Roffey John, Blue Anchor, London road
Roffey Rosina (Mrs.), fancy repository, 11 Commercial road
Rogers Thomas, chandler's shop, 97 Crasswell street
Rollings Sarah (Mrs.), girls' school, 280 Commercial road
Rolls William, shopkeeper, 28 Church street
Rommey James, wood dealer, 10 Lord street
Rouse Albert, shopkeeper, Ridge street
Rook Thomas William, master mariner, Leopold house, Queen's road, Buckland
Rose Arthur Edward, brassfounder, Grafton street
Rose Benjamin, Crown tavern, 244 Commercial road
Ross Samuel, Havelock tavern, 114 Crasswell street
Royal Naval Seamen's Club (Robert Young, sec.), 292 & 294 Commercial road Smith Robert, grocer, 165 Fratton road
Ruffle John, commission agent, 209 Fratton road
Rundle Joseph, wardrobe dealer, 46 Arundel street
Russell James, butcher, 433 Commercial road
Russell Maria (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 46 Fratton road
Russell Thomas, butcher, 307 Commercial road
Russell Thomas Besant, farmer, Manor farm, Copnor
Russell William, tailor, 226 Commercial road
Rutledge Samuel, beer retailer, 86 Church street
Rutledge Samuel, beer retailer, 88 Green row
Salisbury Henry, tailor, 23 Fratton. street
Salter Edward, Richmond Arms, 98 Lake road
Sampson John, beer retailer, 1 Church road
Samuel Douglas, fruiterer, 177 Commercial road
Sandford Richard, beer retailer, Kingston crescent
Sangster Robert, scale maker, Staunton street
Sangster Robt. weighing machine maker, 286 Commercial road
Saunders Edward, coal dealer, 58 Spring street
Saunders Martha ( Mrs.), timber merchants. 42 & 44 Charlotte street
Saunders Michael, corn dealer, 24 Commercial road & 26 Russell street
Saunders Thomas, baker, 48 Commercial road
Saunders Thomas, wine merchant, 60 Commercial road
Savage George Charles, greengrocer, 9 Kingston road
Savage John E. undertaker, London road
Savage Joseph, beer retailer, 398 Commercial road
Savery Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 98 Lower Church path
Sawyer James, White Hart, Kingston cross
Sawyer Joseph Albert, baker & grocer, 65 Kingston road
Saxey William, greengrocer, 38 Curtis terrace
Scale & Green, surgeons, 129 Commercial road
Scarrott George, furniture dealer, 23 & 25 Arundel street
Scriven James butcher, 105 Charlotte street
Seeley Elias, beer retailer, 46 Charlotte street
Sealey William, chemist, Kingston cross
Seaton Frederick, butcher, 71 Arundel street
Selway Edward, shopkeeper, 37 Clarendon street
Sever Thomas, chemist, 44 Russell street
Seymour Harriet ( Miss), shopkeeper, 87 Kilmiston street
Shaddick John William, beer retailer, 35 Upper Church path
Sharp James, chandler's shop, 106 Crasswell street
Shaw William Thomas, baker, 67 Upper Church path
Sheaf Thomas, shopkeeper, 43 Hyde Park road
Sheath William Henry, beer retailer, 299 Commercial road
Shepherd James & Son, railway agents, forwarding agents & contractors, Percy place, 66 Commercial road.
Shepherd David, greengrocer, 243 Fratton street
Sheppard John, shopkeeper, Hertford street
Shergold George, shopkeeper, 5 Gladstone terrace
Sherrill William, hair dresser, 41 Lake road
Sherry James, boot maker, 24 Charlotte street
Shervell John Edward, machinist, 171 Commercial road
Shervell John Jonathan Page, grocer, 43 Thomas street
Shipp George Samuel, beer retailer, 92 Lower Church path
Shotter George, grocer,483 Commercial road ; & at 28 King's
Silvester Jane (Mrs.), greengrocer, 16 Little Charlotte street
Simco George, photographer, 103 Commercial road
Simmonds Elizabeth (Mrs.), George & Dragon, Kingston road
Simonds & Co. ale stores, Marylebone street
Sims William James, chemist, Queen's road, Buckland
Skardon Thomas Charles, The Florist, 324 Fratton road
Skeens John, tobacconist, 5 Commercial road
Sky Thomas, beer retailer, 81 Marylebone street
Slade Alfred, butcher, 72 Kingston road
Slade Caroline (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 56 Arundel street
Slade James Thomas, engraver, 52 Arundel street
Stemming Robert, hoot Sc shoe maker, 243 Lake road
Small Charles, wardrobe dealer, 62 Spring street
Smart William, beer retailer, 35 Oxford street
Smith, Bell & Co. millers & biscuit manufacturers & aerated bread bakers, Southsea steam biscuit manufactory
Smith St Vosper, grocers, Kingston cross
Smith Alfred, beer retailer, Copnor
Smith Charles, blacksmith, 22 Surrey street
Smith Edward, beer retailer, 143 Lake road
Smith Edwin, beer retailer, 56 All Saints' road
Smith Elizabeth Jane (Mrs.), Duke of Wellington, 93 Russell street
Smith Emanuel John, architect, 45 Stamford street
Smith Frederick, grocer, 42 Russell street
Smith George, Trafalgar Arms, 254 Fratton road
Smith George Walter, Commercial hotel, 106 & 108 Commercial road
Smith James, beer retailer, Kelmiston street
Smith John, beer retailer, 44 Victoria street
Smith John, greengrocer, 12 Hampton street
Smith John Thomas, saddler, 16 Lake road
Smith Maria (Miss), school, 45 Stamford street
Smith Sarah (Mrs.), marine store dealer, 38 Fratton street
Smith Thomas William, boys' school, 51 Commercial road
Smith William, beer retailer, 68 Amelia street
Smith William, furnishing ironmonger & oil merchant 236, & stationer & news agent 238, Commercial road
Snook Thomas, corn dealer, 22 Swan street
Sole George, draper, 1 Stamford street
Southsea Clarence Esplanade Company Limited (Alfred William White, see.); offices, Commercial road
Southsea Dairy Company (James Thomas Helby, sec.), 165 Commercial road; & at Marmion road, Southsea
Southsea & Isle of Wight Steam Ferry Company Limited, (Alfred William White, sec.); offices, Commercial road
Sparks Joseph, pork butcher, 9 Fratton street
Sparks Joseph Henry, pork butcher, 163 Lake road
Sparks Luke, pork butcher, 34 Russell street
Sparks Robert, beer retailer, 190 Fratton road
Sparshott William Henry, toy dealer, 293 Commercial road
Sperring William Henry, ironfounder, 17 Clarendon place
Sprent George Edward, grocer, 480 Commercial road
Spriggs John, shopkeeper, 1 South road, Backhand
Stacey Joseph, ironmonger, 5 Edinburgh road
Stacey William, shopkeeper, 376 Commercial road
Stagg Edward, china & glass dealer, 80 Arundel street
Stagg Henry, fishmonger, 23 Commercial road
Stallard Edward, wood dealer, Stamshaw lane
Stallard Henry, shopkeeper, Stanley road
Stallard William Andrew, cabinet maker, 143 Commercial road
Staning Rd. surgeon, 4 Alexandra ter. Queen's rd. Buckland
Stanlake James, beer retailer, 70 Stamford street
Stanlake William, tailor, 48 Arundel street
Stanswood John, chemist, 265 Commercial road
Stapleford Edmund, pawnbrokers' salesmen ,119 Crasswell street
Stapleford Sarah(Miss), teacher of music, 422 Commercial rd
Stapley James, tailor, 76 Crasswell street
Stares Richard, confectioner, 1 Hyde Park road
Starks Thomas, shopkeeper, 64 Harley street
Steel John, shopkeeper, 428 Commercial road
Steele Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, 52 Adelaide street, Buckland
Stephens James, farmer, Copnor
Stephens James, pork butcher, 29 Charlotte street
Stephens Richard, beer retailer, 20 Fratton street
Stephens William Henry, brewer, London road
Stephenson John Charles, cement manufacturer, Arundel street
Stevens Henry, Hearts of Oak, 451 Commercial road
Stewart James, greengrocer, 12 Kingston road
Stickland Samuel, surgeon, 15 Commercial road
Strange James, beer retailer, Twyford road
Strange Thomas, butcher, 3 Stamshaw lane
Streten Matthew, cowkeeper, 3 Abercrombie street
Strick George Richard, Dairyman's Arms, Stamshaw lane
Stringer Thomas, gikier,22 Candahar place
Stroud George, beer retailer, Simpson road
Stroud James, chemist, 22 Charlotte street
Strugnell Ann (Mrs.), toy dealer, 212 Commercial road
Strugnell Charlotte ( Mrs.), beer retailer, 188 Commercial road
Strugnell Henry, beer retailer, Baker street
Stubbings George, pork butcher, 06 Curtis terrace
Stubbs John, hair dresser, 87 Crasswell street
Sturman Joseph, beer retailer, 29 Besant terrace
Summers Robert, New inn, 27 Marylebone street
Swanston Albert, blacksmith, 64 Green row
Sweet Timothy, watch maker, 37 Russell street
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