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Landport 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders T - Y

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Tart Emma (Mrs.), Locomotive, 17 Railway view
Tayier William, ship chandler, 80 Great Prospect road
Taylor Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Church road
Taylor Elizabeth ( Mrs.), butcher, 45 Charlotte street
Taylor George, shopkeeper, Harley street
Taylor Richard James, saddler, London road
Taylor William, beer retailer, 1 Abercrombie street
Tee George, beer retailer, Cottage grove
Terry John, shopkeeper, 1 Sydenham terrace
Thomas George, boot maker, 49 Charlotte street
Thomas George, greengrocer, 24 Thomas street
Thomas John, marine store dealer, 66 Crasswell street
Thomas Joseph, beer retailer, 20 Copenhagen street
Thomas Silas, shopkeeper, 1 Little Charlotte street
Thompson Walter, hair dresser, 3 Commercial place
Thompson William, firewood dealer, Waterloo place
Thorburn Walter, The Baltic tavern, 38 Thomas street
Thorn John, greengrocer, 105 Surrey street
Thorn Joseph, grocer, 35 Telegraph street
Thornton James, confectioner, 15 Charlotte street
Threadingham Thomas Henry, tobacconist, 46 Russell street
Tickner William, chandler's shop, 36 Harley street
Tilbury John, shopkeeper, Cottage grove
Tilly Martha (Mrs.), saddler, 1, 3 & 5 Green row
Timpson Henry, greengrocer, 130 Crassweil street
Timpson Henry, Railway hotel, 98 Commercial road
Tiscornia Antonio, confectioner, 13 Meadow street
Tiscornia Joseph, confectioner, 1 Commercial place
Todd Samuel, plumber, 38 Church street
Tollervey Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 41 Hertford street
Tooes George, baker, 57 Stamford street
Townley William Bennett, chemist, 2 Commercial place
Townson Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 16 Telegraph street
Toynton William, printer, 14 Charlotte street
Tregarthen Hugh, hardware dealer, 195 Lake road
Triggs George, pianoforte warehouse, 9 Arcade
Triggs James, boot maker, 255 Commercial road
Triggs James Davies, boot maker, 24 Arundel street
Triggs Julia (Mrs.), brewer & beer retailer, 177 Fratton road
Triggs Win, boot ma. 122 Commercial road & 15 Arcade
Tring Matilda (Mrs.), greengrocer, 25 Fratton street
Trivess Nicholas, bookseller, 174 Commercial road
Trodd Cornelius, greengrocer, 49 Church road
Trollope William Thomas, chemist, 397 Commercial road
Tubb Edward, Battle the Breeze, 11 Edinburgh road
Tuck Frederick, house decorator, 281 Commercial road
Tuck William James, chemist, 53 Church street
Tucker William, Sun, Church street
Tupp Henry, beer retailer, 59 Stamford street
Turner James, beer retailer, 9 Church path north
Turner John, wheelwright, 49 Crasswell street
Twine Thomas, shopkeeper, Derby road
Upstett George, shopkeeper, 482 Commercial road
Upward William, dairyman, Kingston road
Urry Benjamin, shoe maker, 27 Bishop street
Vardy Joshua Lambert, surgeon, 72 & 74 Commercial road
Yarns Jesse, greengrocer, Hertford street
Verren Thomas Milne, beer retailer, 85 Russell street
Veryard John, hair dresser, 31 Fratton street
Vickey James, beer retailer, Kingston Cross
Viggers Henry, grocer, 27 Charles street
Vincent & Hancox, tailors, 104 Commercial road
Vincent James, beer retailer & brewer, 18 Thomas street
Vincent Robert, fishmonger, 3 Upper Church path
Vine Edward, butcher, 443 Commercial road
Voller George, boot maker, 287 Commercial road
Wade Elizth. Ann (Mrs.), Northbrook tavern, 26 Thomas street
Wade John Samuel, plumber, 13 Lake road
Weight Abraham, grocer, 53 Arundel street
Walker Frederick, solicitor, 85 Commercial road
Walker George Thomas, linen draper, 224 Commercial road
Walker Joseph, beer retailer, 31 Commercial road
Walker William, shoe maker, 2 Greetham street
Walsh John, beer retailer, 206 Commercial road
Walton Sarah Elizth. (Mrs.), Briton tavern, 84 Harley street
Ward George Thomas, beer retailer, Hertford street
Ward William, Cobourg Arms, 39 Cobourg street
Warden John, Gladstone tavern, 2 Upper Arundel street
Ware Charles shopkeeper, Buckland street
Ware Jeremiah, beer retailer, Milton road
Ware John, firewood dealer, .24 Cutlers' row
Ware Sophia (Mrs.), tobacconist, 97 Commercial road
Ware William, beer retailer, 201 Commercial road
Wareham William, butcher, 215 Lake road
Warne Isaac, watch maker, 3 Hyde Park road
Warne John, hatter, 261 Commercial road & 19 Arundel street
Warner William, fruiterer, 25 & 29 Commercial road
Warren Brothers, marine store dealers, 57 Church street
Warren George, oil & china dealer, 27 Fratton street
Warren John, marine store dealer, Hyde Park road
Warren Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 87 Timewell terrace
Warren Peter, marine store dealer, 97 Fratton street
Warren William, coal dealer, 5 Thomas street
Warrener Thomas, beer retailer & baker, 60 Kelmiston street
Waterman Richard James' grocer, 74 Kingston road
Watkins James, currier, 5 Arundel street
Watkins William butcher, 62 St. John's street
Watson Joseph Russell, cabinet maker, 4 Russell street
Watson Samuel, coal agent, 1 Cornwall ter. Kingston road
Watts James, shopkeeper, 101 Surrey street
Way Henry Cave, solicitor, 274 Commercial road
Way John Palmer, surgeon, 421 Commercial road ; surgery, 327 Commercial road
Way Samuel Stembridge, corn & seed factor, Kingston road
Wearn George, shoe maker, 13 Mary street
Wearn Richard, carman, 17 Abercrombie street
Wearn Thomas Henry, greengrocer, London road
Weaver Augustus pawnbroker, 65 Arundel street
Webb Caroline (Mrs.), coffee rooms, 49 Commercial road
Webb James, beer retailer, 28 Spring street
Webb William, greengrocer, Providence place
Welch Joseph, photographer, 213 Commercial road
Welch William, bookseller 8:stationer, 147 Commercial road
Wells John, shopkeeper, 1 Twyford road
Wells Samuel, painter, Sutton street
Wells William, beer retailer, Wingfield street
Wells William Henry, monumental mason, 320 Fratton road
Wellstead John, beer retailer, 277 Somers road
Wellsteed Charlotte (Mrs.), market gardener, Trafalgar farm, Fretton
Wellsteed Henry, farmer, Oak farm, Hilsea
West Emma (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 52 Charlotte street
Westcott William, White Swan tavern, Commercial road
Whale John grocer, 176 Commercial road
Wheeler Albert, chemist, 485 Commercial road
Wheeler Henry, beer retailer, 250 Commercial road
Whinier Benjamin, beer retailer, 57 Fyning street
Whither John, monumental mason, 1 St. Mary's road
Whillin Alfred, income tax collector, 15 Stamford street
White Brothers, monumental masons, 347 & 349 Commercial road ; at Southsea
White James & Son, builders, 334 Commercial road
White Peter John & Frank Simons, curriers, 6 Russell street
White Charles, butcher,  Fratton street
White Edwin Charles, beer retailer, 101 Wingfield street
White Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 82 Hertford street
White Frederick George, linen draper, 33 Lake road
White George, china & glass dealer, 3 7 & 9 Charlotte street
White Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 5i Central street
White Henry, Cobden Arms, 70 Arundel street
White Henry Woolford, china & glass dealer, 22 Commercial road ; & 6 Queen street, Portsea
White James, grocer, 47 & 49 Spring street
White Joseph, oil dealer, 228 SG 230 Commercial road
White Richard, beer retailer, 107 Commercial road
White Samuel James, toy dealer, 5 Arcade
White Timothy, oil & color man, 158 & 160 Commercial road
White William, beer retailer, 85 Fratton street
White William, haberdasher, Kingston cross
Whiteheart Albert John, plumber, 68 Crasswell street
Whiteheart William, leather seller, 49 Arundel street
Whiting & Handley, fancy repository, 385 Commercial road
WhitingGeo.Edwd. MarketHouse tavern, 438  Commercial road
Whiting James, grocer, 35 Crasswell street
Whitmarsh Henry, beer retailer, 19 Somers road
Whittle James, furniture dealer, 6 Greetham street
Wickenden James, baker & corn dealer, 76 Fratton street
Widdows James, shopkeeper, 202 Fratton road
Wield Henry, beer retailer, 26 Hertford street
Wilder David, greengrocer, 116 Fratton road
Wilkins Ellen (Mrs.), tobacconist, 87 Lake road
Wilkinson John, tailor, 9 Hyde Park road
Wilkinson Robert, baker, Church road
Wilkinson Thomas outfitter, 11 Arcade
Williams Alfred John, greengrocer, 431 Commercial road
Williams Frank, hatter, 109 Commercial road
Williams George Edward, beer retailer, 3 Arundel street
Williams Henry, beer retailer, 66 Brighton street
Williams Henry, beer retailer, 39 Marylebone street
Williams Henry, chimney sweeper, 23 Church path north
Williams John Oscar, Ship, 25 Candahar place
Williams Joseph John, butcher, 13 Charlotte street
Williams Robert Henry, shopkeeper, 372 Commercial road
Williams Thomas, beer retailer, 301 Fratton road
Williams William, blacksmith, 15 Meadow street
Williamson William, beer retailer, 28 Russell street
Willis William grocer, 89 Russell street
Willmott Jas. Wm. Old Countryman tavern, 52 Thomas street
Wills Honor (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 98 Fratton road
Willsher John, fancy repository, 10 Arcade
Willshire William, shoe maker, 27 Hampton street
Windebank Charles, Green Post, Hilsea
Windebank James, shopkeeper, 67 Wingfield street
Windsor Henry James, auctioneer, Edinburgh road
Wing Vincent, marine store dealer, 2 Little Charlotte street
Wingham William, blacksmith & beer retailer, 91 Green row
Winsor John William, shopkeeper, 2 Holloway street
Winter Emma & Edith (Misses), teachers of music, 419 Commercial road
Winter Richard, Old House-at-Home, 52 Gt. Prospect road
Wisdom Charles, beer retailer, 110 Crasswell street
Wise William, Newtown tavern, 257 Commercial road
Withers & Allsop, milliners, 6 Arcade
Withers Charles, butcher, 2 Guildford street
Wolfe Hen. timber merchant, Quebec wharf, Commercial road
Wolfe John, draper, 10 Queen's terrace, Kingston road
Wood Thomas, carpenter, 7 Clarendon place
Woodeson William, beer retailer, 52 Russell street
Woodhouse Harry, hair dresser, 275 Somers road
Woodman John, greengrocer, 55 Amelia street
Woods George, Magnet, 2 Telegraph street
Woods Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 47 Hyde Park road
Woodward & Laurence, provision merchants, Edinburgh road
Woolfreys Alfred, beer retailer, 59 Oxford street
Worley Francis, shoe maker, 7 Arundel street
Worsfold Abner, clothier, 11 Charlotte street
Wratten John Thomas, district superintendent to the Prudential Assurance Co. 8 Highfield street
Wright Elias George, plain & ornamental machine wire worker & patentee of the Excelsior' rotary machine for brewers' finings Sc sifting powders, 272 Commercial road.
Wright Francis Henry, shopkeeper, 42 Church path north
Wright Joseph William, plumber, 33 Fratton street
Wright Thomas, shoe maker, 86 Charlotte street
Wyatt Henry, coal dealer, 7 Clarence street
Yearworth Abraham, baker Sc grocer, 108 Kingston road
Young John James &Sons, brewers, Thomas street
Young Charles, beer retailer, 92 Commercial road
Young George, news agents, 93 Crasswell street
Young Henry, beer retailer, 39 Trafalgar street
Young Richard, butcher, 24 Upper Arundel street
Young William, greengrocer, 15 Hyde Park road

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