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Portsea 1852 Slaters Directory - Traders

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With Landport, Southsea, Kingston and Fratton


Bush (and posting house), John Prince, Park lane, Southsea
Crown, Benjamin Rose, Queen street
King's Arms, Mary Robertson, 190 Queen street
Portland Family Hotel, Digby Dent, Portland terrace, Southsea
Red Lion (commercial), Daniel Low, St. James street
Ship and Castle, William Blake, 1 the Hard
Sussex Hotel, Jos Beaumont, Landport road
Totterdell's Hotel (commercial), Robt Totterdell, St George's square

Admiral's Head, Joseph Hayward, Kingston cross
Admiralty Arms, James Emery, Spring street, Landport
Air Balloon, Geo. Simmonds, Kingston
Anglesey Arms, James Bufton, 180 Queen street
Antelope, John Haskell, 42 Hanover street
Bakers Arms, Thomas Eades, Union road
Barleymow, John Ward, Park lane, Southsea
Battle of the Nile, William Augustus Kerbv, Nile street, Landport
Bear & Staff, Henry Pennett, 28 North street
Bedford in Chase, John Davidge, Common hard
Bell, Henry Lutman, 63 Queen street
Black Swan, William Yendall. North street
Blacksmiths' Anns, Fanny Horn, Landport road
Blue Anchor, James Beer, 1 Saint George's square
Blue Anchor, John Davey, Kingston cross
Blue Anchor, James Whittle, St. George's square
Blue Lion, John Edwards, 40 Queen street
Bricklayers' Arms, Charles Clark, St. James street
Buckingham Arms, Egbert Kenway, Crasswell street, Landport
Bull's Head, John Thomas Mills, 127 Queen street
Butchers Arms, Jno. Purse, 25 Bishop street
Carriers' Arms, Thomas Oldfield, 76 Queen street
Castle Tavern, George Cooper, St. Helen's view, Southsea
Castle Tavern, Simeon Pinkard, Castle place, Southsea
Coach & Horses, Harriet Warden, 7 Frederick street
Cobden Arms, Fanny Brlckwood, Lower Arundel street, Landport
Cricketers, Elizabeth Jeram, Southsea common
Crown, Edward Fry, Union road
Crown & Anchor, James Allen, 21 Hanover street
Crown & Eagle, Thomas Pink. Ordnance row
Dog & Duck, Thos. Bourne, Fratton
Dolphin, Thomas Lawrence,16 Ordnance row
Duke of Clarence, William Stephens, 110 Queen street
Duke of Wellington, Wm. Sprake, Russell street, Landport
Earl St. Vincent, James Wafer, 31 Common hard
East Hants Club House, Henry Gilbert, the Common, Southsea
Elephant & Castle, Elizabeth May, St, George's square
George, John Adams, 84 Queen street
Goat, John Lovell, Wish street, Southsea
Golden Fleece, John Rose, 7 Ordnance row
Hand-in-Hand, Mary Harvey, 13 St. Georges Square
Hat-in-Hand, Anthony Hill, 1 Camden alley
Heart-in-Hand, Elizabeth Stallard, Montague street
Heart-in-Hand, Henry Yates, Union street
Horse & Jockey, Rebecca Diddams, Marlborough row
Jolly Brewers, Ann Peddar, Cross street
Keppel's Head, George Clark, 24 Common hard
King & Queen, William Hastings, Fratton
King & Queen, John Hobhs, Common Hard
King's Arms, William Butler, Green road, Southsea
King's Arms, Jas. Lanham, King street
King's Arms, Mary Robertson, 190 Queen street
King's Head,Thomas Homer, Landport road
King's Head,JohnJurd, 166 Queen street
King's Head, Geo. Winter, Cross street
Landport Arms, Frances Richards, Union road, Landport
Leopard, Joseph Mosion, 9 Butcher street
Lion, James Mindegs, 29 Havant street
Lord Hood, James Windsor, Rutland street, Southsea
Manchester Unity Arms, Elizabeth Loney Wavell, 29 Queen street
Mile End Tavern, Mahala Smith, 51 Eden row
Military Arms, John Rendle, Unicorn gates, Portsea
Mitre, James Burgess, Butcher street
Nag's Head & Pier Tavern, William Luff, 21 Common hard
Navy Friends, William Standing, 22 Havant street
Nelson's Arms, Geo. Fletcher, Kingston road
New Inn, John Steele, Marylebone street
Norfolk Arms, John Aken Chase, Queen street
Old George,Edmund Bendell, Buckland
Old Leather Bottle, William Tammadge, Prince George street
Old Star, Stephen Johnston, 3 Wickham
Old Union, James Saxty, Union street
Pelican, William Lee, 39 Saint George's square
Plough & Barleycorn, Jane Crowson, St. George's square
Plough & Spade, Sarah Emery, Fratton
Portsmouth Arms, William Weekes, King street, Southsea
Prince George's Head, Henry Chaînait, 18 Prince George street
Queen Charlotte's Head, John Cox, Little Charlotte street, Landport
Queen's Head, Henry Rooms, 7 Common Hard
Rainbow, George Kerby, 6 Saint George's square
Red House, John Figgins, Fratton
Red House, Thomas Samuel Hawgood, Church road, Fratton
Rose & Crown, Sophia Kuell, Cumberland street
Row Barge, _, Common hard
Royal Oak, George Seagrove Neale, 171 Queen street
Royal Standard, George Harrison, 189 Queen street
Shakespere's Head. Stephen Bright, Charles street, Landport
Shakspere's Head, Mary Ann Coker, 27 Bishop street
Sheer Hulk, Charlotte Newman, 19 Common hard
Sheriffs' Arms, Henry Buckley, 45 Kent street
Ship Anson, Joseph Scarrott, 10 Common hard
Ship Leopard, Samuel Christopher Palmer, 29 Havant street
Shipwrights' Arms, Thomas Young, Buckland
Star, Edward Downer, Lake lane, Landport
Still, Henry Woodhouse, 60 Kent street
Strop & Block, John Spicknell, Ordnance row
Sun Tavern, Joseph Griffiths, North road, Mile end
Surrey Arms, George Ward, Surrey street, Landport
Terminus Tavern, George Brixey, Landport road, Landport
Three Crowns, Henry Seeling, St James street
Three Cups, Joseph Piggott, 23 Butcher street
Three Guns, Thomas Budd, 69 St. George's square
Three Pots, James Bragg, Wickham street
Three Tuns, Edmund Ives Palmer, Kent street
Two Shipwrights, Sarah Hackney, Queen street
True Blue, Howell Rees, 27 College street
Vine, Richard Churcher, 12 Clock street
Waterman's Arms, Priscilla Kent, Common hard
Wheatsheaf, William James Newton, 3 Common hard
White Bear, Henry Ramsbottom, South view, Landport
White Bear, George Terey, 187 Queen street
White Hart, James Clark, 114 Queen street
White Hart, James Emery, Kingston cross
White Hart, Timothy Scarrott, 27 Common hard
White Horse, Denis Walsh, Saint George's square
White Swan, Daniel Dugdale, Landport road
White Swan, George Mussell, Kingston
Wiltshire Lamb, William Hillier, Landport road

RETAILERS OF BEER. Absalom James, Alfred terrace, Landport
Adnami Joseph, 34 Hanover street
Allen Thomas, Buckland
Anderson John Lovegrove, Commercial road
Archer Louisa, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Arnold Henry, 174 Queen street
Aslatt Charles, King street
Aslatt William, 80 North street
Bailey James. Upper Arundel street, Landport
Bailey Jeremiah, Russell street, Landport road
Bailey Joseph William, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Bailey William, Greetham street, Landport
Ball Thomas, 15 Bonfire corner
Ballard Matthew, 10 College street
Bane Robert, Lower Church path, Landport
Barber Joseph, 50 North street
Barnes John, 14 Queen street
Bateman Francis, 67 Wish street, Southsea
Beardsell George, Great Southsea street
Beckett Christopher, Bishop street
Benzey Charles, White's row
Bewsey Charles, 14 Britain street
Bicknell James, Unicorn street
Blackman Richard, Great Southsea street, Southsea
Blanchard John, Surrey street
Boghurst William, Buckland place
Bone John, Frederick street
Bowman Jos. jun. Prince George street
Bracher Isaiah, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Bramsdon John, Hertford street
Bray Cornelius, Grcetham street, Landport
Brown James,29 Grigg street, Southsea
Browning Joseph, Frederick street
Buckle James, 3 Wish street, Southsea
Buckle Susannah, Hambrook street, Southsea
Bufton John, Little Charlotte street, Landport
Brill Julia Ann, St. Thomas street, Landport
Bunt John Hope, Cumberland street
Burgen Cornelius, Marylebone street
Burgess Kezia, Prince George street
Butcher Eliza, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Butler John, Rolland street, Southsea
Callender David, Bishop street
Callender James, Great Charlotte street
Carrell Geo. Grosvenor street, Southsea
Churcher Sarah, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Cleverley Thomas, St. Thomas street. Landport
Cole Wm, Grosvenor street, Southsea
Comlay John, Alyward street
Cook Harriet, 57 Union street
Cook James, 51 North street
Cordis John, 4 Camden alley
Couzens John, Grove road, Southsea
Cox Joseph, Kent street
Craig James, 2 St. James street
Craven Benjamin, Marlborough row
Crofts George, 50 St. James street
Crofts James, Landport road
Dagwell John, Liongate, Landport
Dauter Jos. Church road, Landport
Davey Henry David, St. Vincent street, Southsea
Davey Thomas, Lenox row
Dawson Frederick, St. Thomas street, Landport
Dorey George, Conway street, Landport
Drew Richard, Commercial road
Dugan Frederick, Little Southsea street, Southsea
Easton Sarah, Landport road
Egerton Edmund, Wish place, Southsea
Elgar Richard, St. Mary's road
Emery John, Buckland
Evam Edward, Lake lane, Landport
Frltham James, Little Charlotte street, Landport
Flowers George, 55 Havant street
Fryer James, Daniel street
Gain Joseph, 28 Butcher street
Gardiner Robert, Union road
Gibbs William, Chapel row
Giles George, 17 Butcher street
Giles James, Great Charlotte street
Gordon Hugh George, Grosvenor street, Southsea
Gregory Edward, Commercial road
Gribble Wm. Church road, Landport
Grills William, Lake lane, Landport
Gulliford Jas. Craswell street, Landport
Gunner Elizabeth, Commercial road
Gutteridge Jos. Commercial road
Guyatt Geo. Church path, Landport
Hale Henry, Albion street
Hallett Robt, Gt. Charlotte street, Landport
Hansler Thomas, 51 Hanover street
Hardham Frederick, Fratton path, Landport
Harris John, Mile end, Landport
Hart Lewis, Great Southsea street, Southsea
Hawkins Richard, North rd, Mile end
Hewitt Edward, Britain street
Hill Elizabeth Ann, Buckland place
Hill William, Charles street, Landport
Holland Richard, Kingston cross
Holland William, St. James street
Holiest Chas. William, College lane
Holmes Charles, 27 1/2 Onion street
Horton William, 36 Union street
Hoskins George,  Marylebone street
House George, Lake lane, Landport
Humby Mathew, Church road. Landport
Hunt Charles, 2 Clock street
Haut John, Uuion road, Landport
Hyde Frederick, 1 Brunswick road
Iuder George, Lower Arundel street, Landport
Jackson Henry,Hailway view, Landport
Jamison James, Surrey street, Landport
Jeram John, Belgrave street, Landport
Johnson Elizabeth, 55 North street
Joliffe Charles, Buckland place
Jolliffe James, Lake lane, Landport
Kenderdine William. Dorset street, Landport
Kirton George, Albion row
Knighton William, Marlborough row
Lane Harriet, Hampshire street, Southsea
Langley Charles, Belgrave street, Landport
Lawrence Henry, Church road, Landport
Lee Mary, 17 Havant street
Legg William, Britain street
Lewis John, Bishop street
Linett Ann, Dauiel street
Long Henry, Marlborough row
Lonnon George, Bonfire corner
Luccas Henry, Fratton path, Landport
Lush Charlea, Catherine row
McBain Hugh, Hampton terrace, Southsea
McKenzie Robert, Fratton path,
Mansbridge Henry,3 Bonfire corner
Marlow Henry, Cross street
Marsh Willism, Wingfield street
Marshall William, Lake lane, Landport
Mason Henry, Telegraph street, Landport
Matthison George, White's row, Portsea
Methven Charlotte, 14 Daniel street
Meall John, Kingston
Mildred Henry, Kingston crescent
Millpye George, George's row, Landport
Mills James, Hambrook street, Southsea
Mitchell Ann, Prospect road, Landport
Mitchell William, Union road, Landport
Moors Ursula, 7 Landport street, Southsea
Morey George, Frederick street
Morey John, North road, Mile end
Morey Joseph, St. James street
Morse Blexiell, Mile end
Mussell Nicholas, Union road
Old field James, Commercial road
Orley John, Upper Arundel street, Landport
Orsmond John, 22 Queen street
Packham Henry, Great Charlotte street, Landport
Parkyn Richard, 50 Hanover street
Parkyn William, White's row
Parnell Henry, Landport street, Southsea
Pond George James, Church road, Landport
Pratt Martha, Frederick street
Price Elizabeth Sarah, 5 Wickham street
Price Thomas, Wingfield street
Privett John, 152 Queen street
Purches Jas., Craswell street, Landport
Purse John, Bishop street
Ralph James, Grosvenor street, Southsea
Raymond Peter, Oxford street
Rayner John, 63 St. George's square
Reed John, 56 Kent street
Richards Esther, North street
Rind James, 1 Landport street, Southsea
Roberts Moses Allen, 31 Queen street
Rogers Robert David, Waterworks lane, Southsea
Roper Ed Wm Augustus, Upper Arundel street, Landport
Roper William, Little Southsea street, Southsea
Saunders James, Oxford street
Saunders John, 20 Havaut street
Saxey William Joseph, Oford street
Scandlin John, Brougham terrace,
Southsea Silvester Wm, Town street, Landport
Smart Richard, 22 North street
Smith James, 36 North street
Snook Thomas, Surrey street, Landport
Sparks Joseph, Waterworks lane, Southsea
Stanfield John, 35 North street
Starkes Henry, 7 Wish street, Southsea
Steel Sarah, Flat houses
Stevens James, Mile end
Stockman Richard, Abercrombie street, Landport
Strange Thomas, Stanishill lane, Kingston
Strickland Louisa, 101 Queen street
Stmt James, Frederick street
Sun ion Amos, 41 Unicorn street
Tan Thomas, Grosvenor street, Southsea
Taylor James, Fratton
Taylor James, Mile end, Landport
Taylor John, 13 Clock street
Taylor Robt. Geo., Pud's lane, Portsea
Terrey John, North road
Thomas Reece, 41 Havant street
Timpson Henry, ?9 North street
Tout Thomas, Bishop street
Tremyne Paul, Fratton path, Landport
Tubb John, Liongate, Landport
Turpin Richard John, Wingfield street
Tyler Susannah, 164 Queen street
Varndell George, Fratton
Vincent Cornelius, Grigg street, Southsea
Walsh Denis, Landport road
Ward William, Lake lane, Landport
Webber William, 31 Havant street
Wells Richard, Green road, Southsea
White Henry, Buckland
White John, Kent street
Whiting James, Crasswell street, Landport
Wild William, Hampton terrace, Southsea
Williams Thomas, 21 Gold street, Southsea
Windsor George, Surrey street, Landport
Windsor George, Landport road
Young Emma, Fratton
Young John, Maitland street

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