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PORTSEA 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders A - D

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory


Abbott Thomas, Three Crowns, 12 St. James street
Absalom George, builder & surveyor, Kent street
Adames Cornelius, cattle dealer, 39 Prince George's street
Adams John, George tavern, & printer, 84 Queen street
Adams Stephen, hairdresser, 96 Queen street
Adams William, cooper, 40 Daniel street
Adams William, tailor, 24 Hanover street
Addison George, Royal Standard tavern, 190 Queen street
Allcot William Robert, millinery & bonnet warehouse, 27 Qneen street
Allen William Frederick, beer retailer, 6 Lion street
Allen James, Crown & Anchor, 21 Hanover street
Allnutt & Son, chemists & druggists, 104 Queen street
Andrae Madame Henry, teacher of the german language, 49 St. George's square
Andrews & Son, cabinet makers & upholsterers, 29 Hanover street
Andrews Jeremiah, academy, 8 Lion place
Andrews John Pearce, carpenter, 32 Union street
Antill Nathaniel (late Antill, Peters & Co.), importer of wines & spirits, scotch & irish whiskey, agent for london stout & porter, Allsop's pale & other ales, & Watkins's dublin stout, Halfmoon street.& Oyster street, Portsmouth
Arnold Elizabeth (Mrs.), seminary, Hay street
Astridge John, inspector of police, 12 Britain street
Atkins George Henry, carver & gilder, music & print seller & library, 5 Ordnance row
Atkins Lydia (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Lion terrace
Atwood Edward, grocer, 44 Queen street
Avery George, boot & shoe maker, 7 Havant street
Aylen John, builder & conductor, 19 Lion terrace
Aylen Thomas, currier & leather seller, 4 & 5 Kent street
Bacchus Moses Piercy, chemist & druggist, 50 Queen st
Bacchus William, bootmaker, 7 Camden alley
Backshell William, butcher, 33 Queen street
Badcock Sarah (Mrs ), butcher, 73 Queen street
Badcock Thomas, general agent, Kent street
Bailey Charles Holloway, coal merchant, brickmaker, shipping agent & importer of fire bricks, lumps etc. 23 St. George's square
Baker & Grover, wholesale & ratail grocers & teadealers & provision merchants, 28 Queen street
Baker George, tailor, 44 Prince George's street
Baker William, boot & shoe maker, 62 Hanover street
Ballard Matthew, ivory & wood turner, 10 College street
Bartlett Wm. & Son, boot & shoe makers, 53 Queen street
Bartlett Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 7 Hanover street
Bartlett Richard, grocer, 12 Kent street
Bascomb Jane (Mrs.), plumber & glazier, 34 Kent street
Bascomb Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 34 Cumberland st
Bastard Henry, linendraper & stay factor, 35 Hanover st
Batcheller William, wholesale confectioner, 7 Queen street
Battman Thomas, chemist & druggist, 3 Camden alley
Bayley Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 51 St. George's sq
Bayly Charles Elijah,Rose & Crown, Cumberland st
Beattie Henrietta (Mrs.), seminary, 44 Hanover street
Bechervaise John, agent to the Standard life assurance company, Cumberland street
Bedbrook Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobacconist, 12 Camden alley
Beldham Allen & Co. linendrapers, mercers & carpet dealers, 158 to 161 Queen street Sc34 North street
Bell Thomas Edward, professor of music, 37 Britain street
Benfield Martin, shopkeeper, 17 Hanover street
Benzey Charles, beer retailer, 139 Queen street
Besant William, wine & spirit merchant, 11 Union street
Bewsey Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 13 Britain street
Bigwood John, chemist & druggist, 44 St. James' street
Blake Edward, furniture dealer, 30 Union street
Blake Harriett (Mrs.), Ship & Castle hotel, 1 the Hard
Blake Joseph Starling, linendraper, 118 Queen street
Blake Robert, furniture dealer, 5 St. James' street
Blake Willlum, carpenter, 36 Hawke street
Blanchett Charles, fruiterer & greengrocer, 108 Queen st
Body John Pile, warder of Portsmouth New Convict Prison, North street
Bolitho Henry Walter, watchmaker & jeweller, 4 Union st
Bone John, retail brewer, 26 Frederick street
Bone William, inspector of police, 10 Hay street
Bonney Elias, confectioner, 54 Hanover street
Bonney Walter Charles, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 74 Queen street
Booth William, grocer & teadealer, 117 Queen street
Borrowes Walter, navy agent, 15 Ordnance row
Bovey Samuel, baker, 24 Marlborough row
Bowers Charles, coal dealer, 36 Havant street
Bowman Joseph, beer retailer, 19 Prince George's street
Bowyer Mary (Mrs.), toy dealer, 45 St. James' street
Bowyer Richard, hairdresser, 6 St. James' street
Boyce John Hilliar, shirt manufacturer, 7 Portland street
Boyd John, linendraper, 34 Union street
Bradley John, tailor, 23 Queen street
Bragg James, Three Pots, Wickham street
Bramble James, builder, 32 King street
Braxton Charles, lodging house, 40 King street
Bray Henry, grocer & teadealer, 60 Queen street
Brett Henry, grocer & teadealer, 11 the Hard
Brewer James, eating house, 7 College street
Bricknell James, cowkeeper, 40 Unicorn street
Bricknell Thomas, baker, 7 Lion street
Brightiff Martha (Mrs.), milliner & straw bonnet maker, 26 Union street
Broadhead George, muffin baker, 25 St. James' street
Brooks William, shopkeeper, 8 Pud's lane
Brown George, greengrocer, 40 Kent street
Bryant Henry James, painter & japanner, 12 Hanover street
Bubb Ann (Miss), berlin wool repository, 49 Hanover street
Buckell Henry, linendraper, 46 Queen street
Buckler Elizabeth (Mrs.), bookseller & stationer, 90 Queen st
Buckler Robert, baker & grocer, Cross street
Buckley Henry, Sheriff's Arms, 44 Kent street
Budd Thomas, Three Guns, St. George's square
Buddan Joseph, tinplate worker, 59 Kent street
Bunn Jane (Mrs.), berlin wool repository, 70 Hanover st
Bunt John Hope, grocer, 2 Havant street & North street
Burden George, poulterer & fruiterer, 101 Queen street
Burgess Ann (Mrs.), Mitre tavern. Butcher street
Burry, John, boot & shoemaker, 23 Ordnance row
Burt Henry, beer retailer, 4 Camden alley
Burt Mary Elizabeth (Mm.),marine store dealer,S4 Cross st
Burt Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, 102 & 103 Queen st
Burton Maria(Mrs.), boot & shoe maker, 1 Frederick street
Bush Mary (Miss), lodging house, 12 Chapel row
Butland James, beer retailer, 15 Pud's lane
Button Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 26 Kent street
Byerley Isaac, baker & mealman, 10 Kent street
Calcott Albert, engraver & printer, 11 Hanover street
Calcott James Henry, agent for the Hand in Hand fire & life office, 6 the Hard
Cullender David, baker, 48 Bishop street
Carey Emma (Mrs.), eating house, 11 Ordnance row
Carliell Thomas, builder & umbrella maker, 7 Union street
Carnon Alexander, stay factor & draper, 128 Queen street
Carnon William, linendraper, 30 St. James' street
Carter Henry, surgeon, 68 St. George's square
Carter Joseph, ironmonger, 30 North street
Cartwright Sarah (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, 14 Bishop st
Carver Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 59 St. George's sq
Caught John Cuzens, tailor, 9 King street
Cavander Samuel & Co. tobacco & snuff manufacturers,13 & 14 Queen street
Chalcraft Henry, Coal Exchange, Cross street
Chamberlain ing, solicitor, 65 St. George's square
Chamberlain Henry, furniture dealer, 34 St. James' street
Chambers William Grant, teadealer & grocer, 4 the Hard, & 83 High street, Portsmouth
Champ Charlotte (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 6 Queen street
Cbaplen Harriet (Mrs.), grocer, 6 Butcher street
Chapman William, watchmaker & jeweller, 5 Butcher st
Charles John, watchmaker, 3 Daniel street
Charlette William, joiner, 60 North street
Cbarpentier Susannah (Mrs.), grocer, 13 Unicorn street
Cheesman John Joseph, lodging house, 66 St. George's sq
Cbeesman Joseph, carpenter, 47 Prince George's street
Cbick Sarah (Mrs.), lodging bouse, 6 Lion place
Churcher Richard, Vine, Clock street
Clark Charles, Bricklayers Arms, 19 St. James' street
Clark James, linendraper, 40 St. James' street
Clark Charles Chatfeild, linendraper, 148 & 149 Queen st
Clarke George, Keppels Head pier hotel, the Hard
Clay John, brush & whiting manufacturer, Richmond place, Lion terrace
Clay Joseph, linendraper, 134 Queen street
Clay Samuel, agent to the Clerical, Medical & General life office, 134 Queen street
Clies Charles, pastrycook & confectioner, 11 Camden alley
Cocks John, shoemaker, 50 Kent street
Coffee Epbraim, shopkeeper, 23 Kent street
Cole Hannah (Mrs.), plumber lc glazier, 16 Bonfire corner
Cole William, beer retailer, 93 Queen street
Colebrook Henry, butcher, 105 Queen street
Colebrook William, butcher, 27 Kent street
Coles Charles, firewood dealer, Hay street
Collins Edmund, fish merchant, 19 Cross street
Collins Joseph, tailor, 182 Queen street
Coltherup Esther (Mrs.), dyer & scourer, 59 Hanover street
Comlay Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Aylward street
Connor Joseph, lodging house, 76 St. George's square
Cook Caroline (Mrs.), beer retailer, 15 Bonfire corner
Cook Francis Qoude, stationer & haberdasher, 24 Queen st
Cooke James, butcher, 11 Cross street
Cooper James, tailor, 20 Hanover street
Cooper Thomas, beer retailer, Southampton row
Cordery James, beer retailer, 37 Frederick street
Cordis John Nicholls, Rainbow, St. George's square
Col ten John Robert, pawnbroker, 15 Daniel street
Cowd John, pork butcher, 53 North street
Cox Charles, professor of music, 47 Bishop street
Cox George, clothes dealer, 32 Havant street
Cox George, toy dealer, 27 Butcher street
Cox Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 6 Kent street
Crampton John Thomas, coal dealer, 23 Britain street
Crampton Peter, contractor, 10 St. James' street
Craven Benjamin, beer retailer, 5 Marlborough row
Croad John Abraham, carpenter, 40 Union street
Cross John, boot & shoe maker, 172 Queen street
Crowson Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 43 Britain street
Cuddemore Sophia (Mrs.), linendraper, 3 Butcher street
Cunningham Wm. upholsterer & cabinet maker. 8 & 9 Queen st
Cutler Lucy Ann (Mrs.), milliner,12 Butcher street
Cutler Thomas, lodging house, 75 St. George's square
Dagnell James, boot & shoe maker, 140 Queen street
Dale Wm. James, chemist & druggist, 65 Queen street
Dance William & James, cutlers & ironmongers, 18 Queen et
Daniell David, beer retailer, 13 Clock street
Darragh Hugh, beer retailer, 20 Butcher street
Davey Thomas, beer retailer, 75 Unicorn street
Davidge John, Bedford in Chase,' 14 the Hard
Davis & Nathan, clothiers, 28 College street
Davis Jacob, slopseller, 15 College street
Deacon Henry, manager of National Provincial Bank of England, 6 the Hard
Dean George, warder of the New Convict Prison, 48 Cumberland street
Dent Henry Digby, Eagle tavern, Butcher street
Dickie John & David, linendrapers, 48 St. James' street
Dickson David, linendraper, 8 Union street
Diddams Rebecca (Mrs.), Horse & Jockey, Marlboro' row
Digby Henry, cabinet maker, 36 Bishop street
Digby Joseph, dyer & scourer, 97 Queen street
Dodman Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 163 & 177 Queen st
Downing William, lodging bouse, 46 Prince George's st
Downton George, furniture broker, 33 Hanover street
Downton George, sen. furniture broker, Mitre alley
Dugan James John, hairdresser, 162 Queen street
Dugan Thomas, printer, 4 King street
Dunning James, corn dealer, 35 & 36 Kent street
Dyer Ann (Mrs.), coal dealer, 49 Havant street
Dyer James Somers, cutler & surgical instrument maker, 14 Ordnance row

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