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PORTSEA 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders E -K

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory

Eady Thomas, fruiterer & greengrocer, 2 Camden alley
Earwicker Robert, engraver, 11 Butcher street
Edgecombe Thomas Smith, solicitor, 6 North street
Ediss Winifred Gilbert, pawnbroker, 13 College street
Edwards John, navy agent, 20 the Hard
Edwards John George, Blue Lion, 39 Queen street
Edwards Jonah, tailor, 2 Portland street
Ellis John, boot & shoe maker, 111 Queen street
Ellis William, timber & coal merchant, 25 St. James' st
Ellyett Frederick, hatter & outfitter, 129 Queen Btreet
Emanuel Ezekiel & Emanuel, goldsmiths, jewellers, silversmiths, watchmakers & opticians, by appointment to her Majesty, 3 the Hard & 101 High street, Portsmouth
Emanuel Henry Michael, pawnbroker & silversmith, 12 Ordnance row
Emery Edward, grocer & baker, 47 St. James' street
Emery Sarah (Mrs.), tobacconist, 53 St. James' street
Emery William Augustus, linen draper, 146 Queen street
Englefield Henry, coal merchant, 65 1/2 St. George's square
Every Elizabeth (Mrs.), shoeing smith, Hamburg square
Exton Edward, greengrocer, 43 Cross street
Eyers William, slopseller, 18 College street
Fuller & Hummel, clock & watch makers, 99 Queen street
Farr Ellen (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, Prince George's st
Faulkner John, lead & glass merchant, 32 College street
Faulkner William, boot & shoe maker, 46 Kent street
Feltham Thomas & William, grocers & tea dealers, 133 Queen street
Feltham Charles, hatter, 120 Queen street
Feltham William, grocer, 37 Prince George's street
Field Henry, boot & shoe maker, 19 Butcher street
Field John, linen draper, 157 Queen street
Fincham Zachariah, tea dealer & family grocer, 119 Queen street, & 55 Charing cross, London
Fishley William Henry, grocer & tea dealer, 115 Queen st
Fiske Thomas Hammond, agent to the British Industrial life office, 8 Lion terrace
Fleming Edward William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 178 Queen Btreet
Fletcher & Miller, Birmingham, Sheffield & Staffordshire warehouse, 37 Butcher street & 2 St. George's square
Flowers Henry, slopseller, 5 Clock street
Flowers Thomas, general dealer, 7 Clock street
Flowers William, shopkeeper, 51 Havant street
Fogwill Richard, boot & shoe maker, 16 the Hard
Foot Caroline (Mrs.), milliner, 26 Cross street
Foot Thomas, cab proprietor, 12 St. James' street
Ford William, tailor & outfitter, 179 Queen street
Ford Henry & Richard William, solicitors, & solicitors to the Borough of Portsmouth building society, & agents to the Law fire office, Family Endowment society, & General Annuity endowment association, 170 Queen street, & High street, Portsmouth
Forsyth William, linen draper, 35 Union street
Frampton Benjamin, hairdresser & toy dealer, 30 Queen st
Franckeiss John, tailor & outfitter, & woollen draper, 61 Queen street
Franklin John, hairdresser, 3 Hanover street
Fraser Hannah (Mrs.), clothier, 25 College street
Fraser James, eating house, 6 Hanover street
Fraser John, boot & shoe maker & beer retailer, 34 Butcher st
Fraser Sophia (Mrs.), clothier, 10 Clock street
Fratis Lucas, Pelican, St. George's square
Freeman Josiah, eating house & beer retailer, 5 Wickham st
Freeman Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 36 North street
Friedeberg Jacob, clothier, 10 Camden alley
Friedeberg Lewis, slopseller, College street
Friedeberg Hark, clothier, 1 College street
Friedeberg Morris, clothier, 9 College street
Gain Joseph, beer retailer & eating house,23 & 28Butcher street
Gait Edwin, wine & spirit merchant, 8 the Hard
Galton Eliza (Miss), ladies' school, 27 North street
Galton Samuel, grocer. North street
Galton William, bricklayer, 47 Cross street
Gambier Capt. Mark, governor of the New Convict Prison, Anchor gate
Gamblen James, grocer & baker, 16 Union street
Gardner Henry, printer, bookseller & stationer, 186 Queen st
Harrington William Hawkins, surgeon, 48 Hanover street
Gauntlett Francis, timber & coal merchant, builder, brickmaker & shipowner, 8 Chapel row
Gauntlett James, grocer & baker, 15 Unicorn street
Germain John Isaac, bookbinder & stationer, 30 Butcher st
Gibbs William, beer retailer, 2 Chapel row
Gilbert George, surgeon dentist, 15 Butcher street
Gilbert William, blacksmith, White's row
Gill George, boot & shoe maker, 15 Havant street
Gillies John F. pastrycook, 58 Queen street
Gillies Wilson & Johnston, linen & woollen drapers, 78 St. George's square
Gittens Misses, boarding & day school,46 King street
Goble George, clothes dealer, 11 Kent street
Goddard Thomas, butter dealer, 14 Bonfire corner
Godwin William, jun. butcher, 4 Butcher street
Goldsmith David, clothier, 6 College street
Good Edmund, marine store dealer, Hay street
Good Thomas, academy, 33 North street
Goodfellow John, umbrella maker, 27 Ordnance row
Goodman Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 10 Chapel row
Goord Henry Augustus Frederick, linendraper. 22 Butcher street
Gore Lambert, linen draper, 137 Queen street
Grant, Gillman & Long, bankers (draw on Glyn & Co.), 124 Queen street
Gravenor Thomas, hatter, 131 Queen street
Green Charles, lodging house, 43 Prince George's street
Greetham James, surgeon, 66 King street
Griffin Samuel, bookseller & stationer, 82 Queen street
Griffin William, grocer & baker, 36 Hanover street
Grist John Henry, printer & stationer, 34 the Hard
Grossmith Samuel, whitesmith & farrier, Daniel street
Gumb Daniel, whitesmith, Lennox row
Gunner Edward, chimney sweep, 1 Pud's lane
Hackney Sarah (Mrs.), Two Shipwrights, 86 Queen street
Haigs Clara (Miss), Shopkeeper, 22 Smith's lane
Haigs Henry, gunmaker, locksmith 4: bellhanger, 45 Kent street
Haigs Jonathan, hairdresser, 19 North street
Hammond Jonathan, tailor, 22 Union street
Hammond Timothy Charles, watchmaker & jeweller, 67 Hanover street
Hampshire Library $ Reading Rooms (James Frederick Whitebread, resident librarian), 21 Ordnance row
Hannam Mesbach, grocer, 26 Queen street
Hannover Henrietta ( Miss), beer retailer, 8 Daniel street
Harding George, bricklayer, Bateman's alley, Kent street
Harding George, pawnbroker, 36 Butcher street
Harding John, R.N. pilot, 61 Union street
Hargood Soooke, solicitor, 20 Union street
Hart Edward, beer retailer, North street
Hart Solomon, clothier, 8 College street
Harvey Mary (Mrs.), Hand in Hand, St. George's square
Harvey Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 24 Kent street
Harvey William Henry, gasfitter, locksmith & bellhanger, 3 Hay street
Haskell John, Antelope, 42 Hanover street
Haslehurst Job, woollen draper, 69 Queen street
Hawes Mary (Mrs.), tobacconist, 4 North street
Hawkins George, agent to the Portsea Island loan office, 7 Cumberland street
Haydon Thomas C. wholesale furnishing & naval ironmonger, whitesmith & bellhanger, tinplate worker & bar iron merchant, 109 Queen street
Hayward George, Royal Oak, College street
Hedger, James, muffin baker, 58 Kent street
Heinemann Rachael (Mrs.), pawnbroker,3C St. James' st
Helby Wm. Plyer, stay manufacturer, 35 Queen street & Kent street
Hellyer William, baker & grocer, 68 North street
Hellyer William John, solicitor, clerk to the burial board for the parish of Portsea, & agent for the London fire & life office, 19 St. George's square
Helyer William, pastrycook, 31 St. James' street
Hendy John, greengrocer,24 Ordnance row
Hewett William, jeweller & optician, 89 Queen street
Hewitt Edward, beer retailer, Britain street
Hibbs Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 42 St. George's square
Hlckin John, painter & japanner, Ordnance row
Hill Anthony, Hat in Hand, 1 Camden alley
Hills Rachael (Miss), lodging house, 54 Prince George's st
Hind & Portway, linen drapers, 43 Queen street
Hinton Thos. printer, bookseller & stationer, 69 Hanover st
Hoar Ann (Miss), seminary, 62 Union street
Hoar Samuel, tailor, 43 King street
Hobbs George, baker, 43 Kent street
Hobbs Henry, agent to the Rock life office, 124 Queen st
Hog-flesh John, boot & shoe maker, 6 Union street
Holding William, butcher, 51 St. James' street
Holland William, beer retailer, 8 St. James' street
Hollis William, lodging house, 3 Lion terrace
Holloway Cornelius, beer retailer, 51 Hanover street
Holmes Charles, beer retailer, 38 Union street
Hookey Charles, hat manufacturer, 42 Cumberland street
Hopgood Jacob, timber dealer, 11 St. James' street
Horner Frederick, lodging house, 29 Prince George's street
Horsey James, chemist & druggist, 150 Queen street
Horsey Samuel, printer & stationer, 5 Camden alley
Horsey Samuel, jun. printer, stationer & bookseller, 151 Queen street
Horton William, beer retailer, 36 Union street
Howell Thomas, pawnbroker, 17 Bishop street
Howell William, hairdresser, 6 Clock street
Hudson Henry, glass & china dealer, 68 Queen street
Hudson Sarah Ann (Miss), grocer, Prince George's street
Hudson Stephen, deputy governor of the New Convict Prison, Anchor gate
Hudson Thomas, coal merchant, 46 Union street
Hughes William, tailor, 61 North street
Humby & Son, bootmakers, 42 Queen street
Huruby William, wholesale & export leather & shoe warehouseman, 1 & 2 Bishop street
Hunt Thomas & William, grocers & bakers, 18 Daniel st
Hunt Charles, beer retailer, 2 Clock street
Hunt William, grocer & baker, 27 Havant street
Hunt William, watch & clock maker, 14 Kent street
Hyde Frederick, grocer & baker, 1 Brunswick row
Hymus Sidney, beer retailer, Southampton row
Isaacs Charles, glass & china dealer, 31 Queen street
Ivimy Charles, solicitor, 2 Queen street
Ivimy Thomas, surgeon, 5 North street
Jackman Samuel, tailor & outfitter, 42 Havant street
Jackson Alfred, M.D.. surgeon, St. George's square
Jackson Robert, lodging house, 54 St. George's square
Jacobs J. & Son, linen drapers, silkmercers & carpet warehousemen, 32 & 33 Queen street
Jacobs Charles Frederick, music seller, 33 College street
James Frederick, boot & shoe maker, 12 College street
James William, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 19 Hanover st
Jeans Harriett (Miss), lodging house, 44 St.George's square
Jenkins & Schillemore, chimney sweeps, 21 Pud's lane
Jewell Domer, brewer,6 Chapel row
Johnson Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 55 North street
Johnson Henry, cooper, 32 College street
Johnson Stephen, Old Star, Wickham street
Jones Edward George, tailor, 18 Cross street
Jones James, bookseller, 37 Union street
Jones John, cabinet maker, Catherine row
Jones John, government pilot, 9 Britain street
Jones Thomas, Elephant & Castle commercial inn, St. George's square
Joseph Isaac & Son, silversmiths, 1 Ordnance row
Joseph Frances (Mrs.), shirt maker, 16 Bishop street
Jurd John, Kings Head, 166 Queen street
Keet & Johnson, wine & spirit merchants, 2 Wickham street, & Wish street, Southsea
Kemp George, hat manufacturer, 135 Queen street
Kemp Henry Thomas Crew, pork butcher, 81 Queen street
Kent William, butcher, 57 Queen street
Kerswell George, clock & watch maker, 8 Hanover street
Kerwood Samuel, plumber & glazier, 19 Hawke street
King Joseph & Son, builders, 53 Hanover street
King Alfred, publisher & proprietor of the 'Portsmouth Times,' 154 Queen street
King Andrew, brassfounder & gasfitter, 29 Butcher street
Kingsford Isabella (Miss), seminary, 8 St. George's square
Kirby William, hairdresser, 116 Queen street
Kirton George, beer retailer, Albion street
Kleyser William, silversmith & jeweller,147 Queen street
Knapp John, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 83 Queen street
Knight Elizabeth (Mrs), wardrobe dealer, 13 butcher street
Knight Win. Alfred, inspector of nuisances, 13 Butcher st
Knighton William, beer retailer, 1 Marlborough row
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