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PORTSEA 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders L - Q

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory

Lakeman Ann (Mrs.), banket maker, 2 Hanover street
Lampard Stephen, plumber & glazier, 4 Lion place
Lancaster James, tailor, woollen draper & navy & army outfitter, Half Moon street
Langford John, beer retailor, Military row
Lanham James, Kings Arms,' King street
Latter John, house & ship joiner & cabinet maker, 10 & 11 Queen street, & 20A, Broad street, Portsmouth
Law David, Lamb, 57 Union street
Lawrence Edward, brewer, & ale & porter merchant, 8 St. George's square
Lawrence Frederick, mangle maker, 3 Kent street
Lawrence Thomas, Dolphin, 17 Ordnance row
Lee Charles, coach builder, 85 Ordnance row
Lee Moses, clothier, 28 the Hard
Legg William, beer retailer, Sun street
Leggett Eleanor (Mrs.), lodging bouse, 61 St. George's sq
Leggett Joseph, beer retailer, Kent street
Leigh Wm. chemist & druggist, 36 St. George's square
Lenanton Margt. (Mrs.), millnr. & dressmaker, 13 Hanover st
Levi Benjamin Wolf, engraver & printer, 6 St. George's sq
Lewis Henry, Row Barge, 30 the Hard
Loane Elizabeth (Miss), seminary, 13 Daniel street
Lolb Henry John, bootmaker, 57 North street
Loney George, pastrycook & confectioner, 167 Queen street
Loney William, greengrocer. 45 North street
Long Henry, beer retailer, 41 Marlborough row
Long Henry, beer retailer, 22 Queen street
Long James, wholesale & retail rope, rag & metal merchant, Kent street, 4 Brunswick row & Gloucester street
Long & Son, solicitors, 13 Prince George's street
Longyear George, plumber & glazier, 24 St James' street
Lonnon George, beer retailer, 2 Bonfire comer
Lonnon Harriett (Mrs.), stay maker,26 Hanover street
Lord Sarah (Mrs.), beer retailer, 33 Bishop street
Louch Charles, Caledonian hotel, 3 Ordnance row
Loveder James, patent medicine vender, herbalist & tobacconist, 29 the Hard
Low Archibald & Edwin, solicitors, 16 St. George's square
Low Daniel, Red Lion hotel, 54 St. James' street
Luff William, Nag's Head, 21 the Hard
Lush Charles, beer retailer, Catherine row
Lush Jane (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 3 St James' street
Lush Joseph, brewer, 47 Hanover street & Hawke street
Lush Samuel, furniture dealer, 188 Queen street
Lutman Charles, music seller, 52 Hanover street
Lynch James, boot & shoe maker, 13 Kent street
McDongall Henry, pilot, 34 Prince George's street
Maddick James, tailor, 6 Wickham street
Mair Andrew, draper, 26 North street
Mallory Thomas Toft, surgeon, 21 Butcher street
Manchester William, bootmaker, 31 North street
Manning Sarah Ann (Miss), teacher of music, 15 Union st
Mansbridge Henry, beer retailer, 3 Bonfire corner
Mansbridge Henry, confectioner, 28 St. James' street
Marcer Mary Ann (Mrs.), day school, 42 Union street
Marcus Henry, tailor & draper, 49 St. James' street
Marlow Henry, beer retailer, 30 Cross street
Marsh William, grocer & beer retailer, 3 & 4 Clock street
Marshall William Orange, solicitor, 66 Hanover street
Martell Edwin, Golden Fleece, 7 Ordnance row
Martell George John, solicitor, 10 Ordnance row
Martell Rd. sheriff's officer, high bailiff of the county court & Serjeant at mace for the court of record, 40 Bishop st
Martin Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 48 St. George's square
Marvin & King, auctioneers & valuers, surveyors & house & estate agents, 84 Queen street
Marvin & Son, cabinet makers, upholsterers, undertakers & ironmongers, 6 Camden alley
Maton Jane (Miss),ladies' boardg. school, 27 St. George's sq
Maton Joseph, straw hat maker, 37 Queen street
Matthews Hy. wholes, & retl. woollen draper.naval & military tailor, shirt maker & general outfitter, 66 Queen street
Matthews Wm. glass & china dealer, 12 Queen street
Maynard William, local manager of the National Guardian life assurance office, 98 Queen street
Medus George, furrier, upholsterer & cabinet maker, 15 to 17 Queen street
Medus William, linendraper, 175 Queen street
Methven Charlotte (Mrs.), grocer, 14 Daniel street
Meyer August, teacher of trench & german, 26 Ordnance row
Miall Brothers, lead & glass merchants, North street
Miall August. professor of music,53 Prince George's street
Miall William, appraiser. 9 Union street
Miles Edward, butcher, 24 Butcher street
Miles Henry, beer retailer & joiner, 2 Daniel street
Miles William, lodging house, 9 Ordnance row
Millard June (Mrs.), tobacconist, 10 Hanover street
Mills Henry, pork butcher, 61. Queen street
Mills John Thomas, Bull's Head, 127 Queen street
Minchin William, solicitor, 45 St. George's square
Mindego James, Red Lion, 29 Havant street
Mitchell John, Engineers Arms, Kent street
Mitchell Joseph (late Ford & Co.), general carrier by railway, Aylward street
Mitchell Mary Ann (Mrs.),lodging house, 29 St. Gtorge's sq
Mitchell William, portrait painter, 108 1/2 Queen street
Monck Thomas, confectioner & pier master, 23 the Hard
Monk Thomas, bootmaker, 20 Cross street
Moody Charles, saw & tool manufacturer, 8 Kent street
Moody Ebenezer, baby linen warehouse, 168 Queen street
Moody Thomas, basket maker & fruiterer,50 Hanover st
Moody William, shopkeeper, 11 College street
Moralee John, fishmonger, 16 Butcher street
Morey Ann (Miss), milliner, 2 Union street
Morey Joseph, fruiterer & greengrocer, 29 St. James' street
Morgan William, glass & china dealer, 3 Havant street & 13 Camden alley
Morris Geo. & Edwin, curriers & leathersellers, 169 Queen st
Moses John, navy agent & outfitter, 28 the Hard
Moss Benj. Wolf, tailor, outfitter & navy agent, 1 Clock st
Moss David, surgical machinist & truss mkr. 28 Hanover st
Moss George, gasfitier & glassdealer, 4 Queen street
Moxon George, printer, bookseller & stationer, 80 Queen st
Maynard William, local manager to National Guardian life assurance company (branch), 98 Queen street
Nathan Henry, general dealer, 44 Havant street
Nathan Kate (Mrs.), Sheffield, birmingham & Staffordshire warehouse, 121 Queen street
Nathan Lewis, clothier, 23 College street
National Provincial Bank of England (Henry Deacon, manager), 6 the Hard
Neale George Segrave, Royal Oak family & commercial hotel 4; posting home, 171 Queen street
Nelson Alexander, slopseller, 16 College street
Newman Charlotte (Mrs.), Sheer Hulk, 19 the Hard
Newman Selig, clothier, 31 College street
Newton Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 King street
Newton Mary Ann (Miss), staymaker, 70 North street
Nobes Stephen, shopkeeper, 32 Marlborough row
Norman Thomas, trunk maker & window blind manufacturer, 1 Halfmoon street
Ockendon William Henry, pawnbroker, 39 Kent street
O'Connor David, greengrocer, 6 Prince George's street
Oldfield Richard, Old Leather Bottle, Prince George's st
Olding Mary Ann (Miss), berlin wool repos. 60 Hanover st
Oliver Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house,35 St. George's sq
Oliver William, architect & surveyor, 19 Union street
Orange David, soda water & ginger beer maker, Aylward st
Orange John, chemist & druggist, 153 Queen street
O'Reilly William, gent.'s boarding & day school,21 Lion ter
Orsmond Robert, tailor & outfitter, 136 Queen street
Oshorn Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, Bishop street
Osborn John, shopkeeper, 20 Frederick street
Oughton Daniel, wood & ivory turner, Catherine row
Owen Rebecca (Mrs.), milliner, 59 Union street
Paffard & Price, solicitors, 13 Union street
Page John, agent to the Hampshire friendly society, 11 Britain street
Page John, blacksmith, Aylward street
Painter John, beer retailer, 2 St. James' street
Palmer Edmund Ives, Three Tuns, 33 Kent street
Palmer Samuel Christopher, wine & spirit merchant & brewer, 26 Havant street
Pannell Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 5 Queen street
Parks William, glass & china dealer & french polisher, 15 St. James' street
Parkyn William, Golden Bell, 63 Queen street
Parlett Thomas, firewood dealer, Aylward street
Parnell John Cosens, solicitor, 39 Bishop street
Parry William, grocer, 14 Hanover street
Patterson Eliza (Miss), beer retailer, 31 Havant street
Pattington John, tailor, 21 Prince George's street
Payne Charles, grocer, 6 Daniel street
Payne Henry, boot & shoe maker, 106 Queen street
Payne William, hairdresser, 145 Queen street
Pearce William, solicitor, 12 Union street
Pennett Henry, Bear & Staff, North street
Penney John, linendraper, 126 Queen street
Perks Edward Rogers, surgeon, 5 St. George's square
Pescott & Son, railway carriers, 17 Cross street
Phillips Charlotte (Mrs.), chemist & druggist, 1 Bonfire cor
Phillips Moses, clothier, 34 College street
Phillips Solomon, fruiterer, 33 St. James'street
Phillips Thomas, butcher, 54 North street
Pibworth John, french polisher, 21 Union street
Piggott Joseph, Three Cups, 23 Butcher street
Pine Elijah, tailor. King street
Pineo Charles William Eustace, civil engineer & architect, 28 St. George's square
Pinhorne John Jolliffe, hairdresser, 3 Union street
Porter, Samuel, fruiterer, 20 Daniel street
Potter Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 64 Hanover street
Potter William, tin plate worker, 43 Daniel street
Potts John, greengrocer, 38 North street
Poulden & George, solicitors, & agents to the Sun fire office, 39 Union street
Pratt George & Jobn Friend, grocers & bakers, 75 Queen st
Pratt William, baker & grocer, Cross street
Price Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 56 St. George's sq
Prince George, boot & shoe maker, 85 Queen street
Prince Joseph, pianoforte maker & tuner, 46 St. James' st
Prior Charles, watchmaker, 25 Hanover street
Prior Jane (Mrs.), furrier, 25 Hanover street
Pritchett Thomas, Prince George's Head
Privett Eliza (Mrs.),beer retailer, 152 Queen street
Purches Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, 32 Butcher street
Porkis Charles, butcher, 30 Daniel street
Purkis Charles Henry, butcher, 71 Queen street
Purkis Stephen, butcher, 55 Queen street
Purse John, Butchers Arms, 25 Bishop street
Qniet Thomas, bricklayer, 44 Cross street
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