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PORTSEA 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders R - W

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory

Radburn Tbos Chas. master of National school, Bonfire cornr
Rake George, architect & surveyor, 104 Union street
Randall Thomas, lodging house, 59 Prince George's street
Rands, William, boot & shoe maker, 48 Queen street
Rannie John & Wm.engineers & ironfounders.St.George's foundry
Rastrick William Henry, chemist & druggist, 122 Queen st
Ratsey George Edward, cab proprietor, 21 St. James' st
Rayner Jobn, beer retailer, St. George's square
Rayner Samuel, clothier, 31 Havant street
Read Jane (Mrs.), straw hat maker, 33 Union street
Read John, timber dealer, Bishop street
Redden John, greengrocer, 38 St. James' street
Redward Charles Benjamin, attorney, 8 Wickham street
Redward James, foreign fruiterer & fish factor, 113 Queen st
Redward Tbos. foreign fruiterer & fish factor, 100 Queen st
Redward William Charles, surgeon dentist, 25 Union street
Reed Francis, Kings Arms, 191 Queen street
Rees Henry, gas fitter, 65 Havant street
Rees Mary Ann (Miss), clothier, 26 College street
Rees Thomas, hat manufaclurer, 92 Queen street
Reeves Stephen, registrar of births, deaths & marriages, & stamp distributor, 67 Queen street
Rendle Martha (Mrs.), Military Arms, Lennox row
Revell Thomas, carver & gilder, picture frame maker, & printseller & daguerreotype artist, 3 Queen street
Richards Charles Edward, plumber, Cross street
Richards Esther (Mrs.), beer retailer, 71 North street
Richards James, builder, 20 1/2 Havant street
Richards Thomas, plumber & glazier, 28 Havant street
Richardson Albert Joseph & Co. tea dealers & grocers, & importers of foreign wines, 130 Queen street
Riddett George, Plough & Barleycorn, 33 St. George's sq
Riddle Joseph, lodging house, 19 Chapel row
Riley Jeremiah, foreign fruiterer, 189 Queen street
Ridlington William, tailor, 181 Queen street
Robinson James, conveyancer & equity draftsman, 3 Marlborough row
Robinson Sarah (Mrs.), ladies' hoarding school, Marlborough house
Roe Henry, lodging house, 19 Ordnance row
Rogers Benjamin, beer retailer, 34 Hanover street
Rogers Richard Henry, coal merchant, 57 Hanover street
Rooms Henry, 'Queen's Head,' 7 the Hard
Roper Martha (Mrs.), hoot & shoe maker, 10 Butcher street
Rose Amelia (Mrs ), Waterman's Arms, 13 the Hard
Rose Benjamin, Crown, 94 Queen street
Rose Charles, White Hart, 114 Queen street
Rowe Henry George, japanner, 20 Cross street
Rowell Robert Henry, chemist & druggist, 25 Queen street
Rowne Augustus, dentist, 62 Cumberland street
Royal Naval Engineers' Club, Thos. P. Baker, esq. R..N. president; William Price, R.N. esq. vice-president; Thomas Slade, secretary, Portland house, Lion terrace
Rozzell William, beer retailer, 40 Havant street
Ryder Amy (Mrs.), farrier, 28 Prince George's street
Ryves John, wheelwright, St. George's square
Sailors' Home, Captain Charles Alexander Johnson, R.N. superintendent, 77 Queen street
Sandford George, Leopard, 9 Butcher street
Sandford James, Still tavern, Kent street
Sangster John William, scale & weighing machine & steel mill maker, 87 Queen street
Sangster Robert, manufacturer of scale beams,patent weighing machines, & improved steel mills of every description, 41 St. James' street
Saunders John, grocer & baker, 20 Havant street
Saxty James, beer retailer, 24 Union street
Scarrott Timothy, White Hart, 27 the Hard
Scott John, fruiterer & fishmonger, 21 Queen street
Scott William, beer retailer, 42 White's row
Seagrove Edwin & William, tailors & royal naval & military outfitters, 22 & 23 the Hard
Seaton Joseph, marine store dealer, Cross street
Senneck George, shopkeeper 41 Unicorn street
Shepherd Thomas, tailor, 95 Queen street
Sherwood Mary (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter, 2 Wickham street
Shotter William, butcher, 31 Kent street
Shoveller John, butter dealer, 1 Daniel street
Silverlock Henry, post master, 23 Hanover street
Simister James, stay manufacturer, 5 Union street
Simmons Jobn, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker & paper hanger, 88 Queen street
Simpson Fanny (Mrs.), marine store dealer, 14 College st
Sims Henry, watchmaker, 45 Hanover street
Sions Frederick, cap maker & hatter, 107 Queen street
Skorgensky Solomon, beer retailer, 5 Daniel street
Slade Thomas, depository of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, 51 Union street
Slemming Robert, boot & shoe maker, 65 Hanover street
Smart Richard, beer retailer, 23 North street
Smith Charles Bovill, auctioneer, surveyor, & land & estate agent, 170 Queen street
Smith Edmund, government contractor, New Steam basin, H.M. dockyard, & St. George's square
Smith Edward Alfred, surgeon, 16 Daniel street
Smith George, lodging bouse, 47 Union street
Smith Jobn, tailor, 7, Butcher street
Smith Richard, turner,22 Cross street
Smith Richard, beer retailer, 45 White's row
Smith Sarah (Mrs.), bear retailer, 80 North street
Smith Thomas, hat manufacturer, 13 Ordnance row
Smithers C. E. silversmith & jeweller, 45 & 185 Queen street
Smyth Brothers, fly & mourning coachproprietors. 41 Queen st
Smyth Mary & Ann (Misses), milliners & baby linen warehouse, 41 Queen street
Snelling Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 30 Havant street
Snow James, working cutler, 32 the Hard
Solomon Moses, navy agent, 8 Ordnance row
Solomons Samuel Ellis, toy dealer, 91 Queen street
Sothcott Henry, grocer & baker, 16 Hanover street
Sothcott Joseph, tailor & outfitter, 68 Hanover street
Southerton Wm. John, hairdresser & news agent. 5 Bonfire corner
South Hants Banking Co. (Jackson & Owen, managing directors), 67 Queen st.; drawn on Williams, Deacon & Co
Speck Charles, last & hoot tree maker, 9 Kent street
Sprent Jobn, grocer & tea dealer, 132 Queen street
Stacey Edwin, silversmith & cutler, 138 Queen street
Stagg Moses, cab proprietor, 7 St. James' street
Stallard Ann (Mrs.), Boatswain's Call, Frederick street
Standing William, Navy Friends, 22 Havant street
Stanford Thomas, tailor & outfitter, 43 Hanover street
Slapleford Edmund, oyster dealer, 22 Kent street
Stapleford John, pawnbroker, 75 Frederick street
Starks Thomas, grocer, 1 Cross street
Stears Isaac, Norfolk Arms, 144 Queen street
Steer Philip, beer retailer,79 Queen street
Stening James, solicitor, 20 Chapel row
Stephens John Henry, cabinet maker, 18 Bishop street
Stephens Sarah Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 64 Predtrick street Stephens William, Duke of Clarence, 110 Queen street
Stevens John, tailor & draper, 59 Queen street
Stevens Robert, plumber, Cross steet
Stevens William, brass founder & gas fitter, 32 Hanover st
Stickland George, brushmaker, 52 St. James' street
Stigant George Cornelius, solicitor, 31 Prince George's st
Stockman John, artist, 47 St. George's square
Stokes Edmund, importer of wines & spirits, 15 the Hard
Stone John, commercial traveller, 4 Lion terrace
Stone John, navy & army tailor & outfitter, 1 Wickham street, & 49 Camden alley tow Samuel, hairdresser, 25 Butcher street Stroud William, coal merchant, 57 Kent street Styles Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Britain street Swaine William, cabinet maker, 9 Da iiel street Symons Win. Francis, cabinet maker, upholsterer & undertaker, 46 Havant street
Sweet Ann (Mrs.),pawnbroker,2 Albion street
Taplen George, upholsterer, Jl Bishop street
Taplin John, linendraper & undertaker, 141 Queen street
Tarrant John, undertaker, 8 Prince George's street
Tayler James, marine store dealer, 27 Hawke street
Taylor Eliza (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, 15 Chapel row
Taylor Elizabeth (Mrs.), butcher, 23 Havant street
Taylor Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & baker, 30 Kent street
Taylor Henry, confectioner, 2 College street
Taylor Horatio, cabinetmaker & upbolsterer, 29 Kent street
Taylor James, cooper, North street
Taylor William, professor of music, 60 Union street
Terey George, White Bear, 187 Queen street
Thaw Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Lion place
Thomas Richard, lodging house, 37 King street
Thomas Richard Lavington, comb manufactory, 17 King st
Thorn George, King & Queen, 9 the Hard
Tilly George, commercial boarding bouse, 6 Ordnance row
Tilly George, tailor & outfitter, 2 Ordnance row
Tilly William Carey, tailor & draper, 49 Queen street
Timpson Henry, beer retailer. North street
Totterdell & Allin, tailors, 56 Queen street
Totterdell E. M.&Co. outfitters & shirt makers to the royal family, 62 Queen street
Totterdell John, outfitter, 79 St. George's square
Totterdell Robert, Totter dell's commercial Hotel, St.George's square
Tout Charles James, tobacconist, 1 Hanover street
Tout Thomas, beer retailer, BiĀ«hop street
Trattles Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 46 St. George's sq
Treadgold & Son, iron merchants & ironmongers, & agents
for Milner's fire-proof safes & boxes, Bishop utreet
Tregarthen Ann (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, 15 Hanover st
Tribe Mary Ann (Mrs.), ladies' boarding school, 5 Lion ter
Triggs Thomas, tailor, 60 North street
Trigis William, bootmaker, 29 North street
Turner George & Henry.linendrspers & mercers,78 Queen st
Tuck John, watchmaker, 4 College strept
Underbill Hugh, butcher, 39 North street
Vanhear John, daguerreotype artist, 23 Chapel row
Veal Sallv (Mrs.), Ship Anson, 10 the Hard
Veryard Thomas, hairdresser, 32 Kent street
Veysey Thomas, tailor, 21 Orange street
Vine Thomas, milliner, 4 Hanover street
Voker Joseph, slopseller, 12 Clock street
Wafer James, Earl St. Vincent, the Hard
Walker Henry, John & William, wholesale lead & glass merchants, 125 Queen street
Walls William, greengrocer, 31 Cross street
Warden Caroline (Miss), Coach & Horses, Frederick street
Warn James, clothier, 39 Hanover street
Warn John, jun. pawnbroker, 37 Hanover street
Warren George, beer retailer, 41 Havant street
Warren John, marine store dealer, 45 Union street
Watkins James, boot front manufacturer, currier & leather seller, 28 Bishop street
Watkins Richard, builder & mason, 45 Prince George's st
Watson Thomas, greengrocer, Mitre alley
Watts James, furniture broker, 4 Havant street
Wavell Felix Loney, builder, carpenter & undertaker, 16 Prince George's street
Wavell Joseph, carver & gilder, 9 Hanover street
Way James Albert, academy, St. George's square
Webb Daniel, butcher, 40 Hanover street
Webber John, grocer & pastrycook, 1 & 2 Butcher street
Webber William, grocer, 11 Clock street
Weeks Sarah (Mrs.), fancy stationer, 70 Queen street
Weir Matthew, linendraper, 30 St. George's square
Wells Edward Martin, corn dealer, 165 Queen street
Wendover George, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 55 & 56 Hanover street
West Thomas, baker, 1 Little Britain street
Westbrook Emma (Miss), widows' cap maker, 11 Daniel st
Wheeler Daniel, general dealer, 19 & 20 Kent street
Wheeler Daniel, Shakespear's Head, Bishop street
White Charles, butcher, 27 Cross street
White George, tailor & outfitter. 123, Queen street
White John, beer retailer, 48 White's row
White Nehemiah, greengrocer, 9 St. James' street
White Peter, currier & leather seller, 36 Hanover street
White William, currier & leather seller, 5 Portland street
White William, Manchester Union, 29 Queen street
Whitebread James Frederick, law writer, 21 Ordnance row
Whitehead Thomas, bootmaker, 36 Queen street
Whittle James, Blue Anchor, Cross street
Wilkins George, confectioner, 142 Queen street
Wilkins George, grocer & baker, 18 Butcher street
Wilkinson Caroline (Mrs.), milliner, & register office for servants, 42 St. James' street
Williams Elizabeth (Mrs.),stationer,47 Queen street
Williams James, coffee house, 37 North street
Williams James, printer, 143 Queen street
Williams John, ironmonger. 61 Hanover street
Williams John, slopseller, 19 College street
Williams John Henry, tobacconist, 35 St. James' street
Williams Joseph, chairmaker, 44 Union street
Williams William, lodging bouse, 34 King street
Wills George, shopkeeper, 14 Butcher street
Wills Mary (Mrs.), haberdasher & pattern drawer, 28 St. George's square
Winch Jane (Miss), straw hat maker, 41 Union street
Windsor George, cabinet maker, 39 St. James' street
Windsor Robert, auctioneer & appraiser, 14 St. James' st
Wink William, laceman, 112 Queen street
Winsor Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer, 6 Havant street
Winter George, Kings Head, Cross street
Woodhouse Henry, pork butcher, 38 Kent street
Woods George, saddler & harness maker, 173 Queen street
Woods John, saddler & harness maker, 1 St. James' street
Woods Thos. upbolsterer & navy & army outfitter, 2 the Hard
Woodward Joseph, greengrocer, Bonfire corner
Woodward Wm. printer, bookseller & stationer, 17 the Hard
Wright Thomas, hairdresser & tobacconist, 20 Queen street
Yates Henry, Heart in Hand, 70 Union street
Yendall William, Black Swan, North street
Yoell Abraham, silversmith & jeweller, 184 Queen street
Yoell Hester (Miss), shirt manufacturer, 80 Lion terrace
Young George Alfred Home, news agent & tobacconist, 26 Butcher street
Young Henry, cabinet maker, 43 St. James' street
Young James, hairdresser, 43 St. James' street
Young John James, grocer, 21 North street
Yoly Samuel Levy, clothier, 43 Havant street
Zarharriah Seraiskie, watchmaker, silversmith & jeweller, 72 Queen street
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