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PORTSEA 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders C - E

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Cain Patrick, shopkeeper, 16, Cross street
Calcott Albert, engraver, lithographer and printer 30, Hanover street
Cameron Thomas, Earl St. Vincent, 81, The Hard
Cane James, tailor, 35, Frederick street
Carliell Thomas, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 7, Union street
Carnon. Alexander, stay manufacturer, 58, Hanover street
Carnon Mrs. Louisa, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 28, St. James street
Carpenter John, fruiterer and greengrocer, 2, Camden alley
Carter & Row, surgeons, 24, St. Georges square
Caselick John, beer retailer, 50, St. James street
Cavander Samuel & Co., tobacco, snuff, & cigar manufacturer, 12, Queen street & at High street, Portsmouth, & Whitechapel, London
Chalcraft Henry, The Coal Exchange, 65, 65, Cross street
Chalk John, beer retailer, 25, Frederick street
Chamberlain Mrs. Jane, sugar confectioner, 32, St. James street
Chambers William Grant, shipping and retail grocer, and provision merchant, 4, and 5, The Hard, and at 83, High street, Portsmouth
Chapman James, beer retailer, &c., 34, St. James street
Chapman William, jeweller, gold, & silversmith, optician, and watch and clock maker, 46, Queen street
Charpentier Thaddeus, hat and cap maker, 47, Union street
Cheesman John Joseph, lodging house, 69, St. Georges square
Chidell Brothers, wholesale grocers and provision merchants, 42, St. Georges square
Chiverton William, greengrocer, 4, St. James street
Clack William, grocer, &c., 27, Havant street
Clark Mrs. Mary Ann, dressmaker, 50, Union street
Clarke Charles, Bricklayers Arms, 17, St. James street
Clarke Edwin, Mitre tavern, Butcher street and Kent street
Clarke George, Reppels Head and Pier hotel, 24 & 25, The Hard
Claughton. Miss Sarah, lodging-house keeper, 52, Prince George street
Clay C. & L., the Misses, agents and teachers for Wheeler & Wilsons patent lock-stitch sewing machine, 134, Queen street
Clay Geo., agent for the Clerical, Medical, and General Life Assurance Company, 134, Queen street
Clay John, brush and whiting manufacturer, 1 & 2, Richmond place
Cleod John, greengrocer, 9, Cross street
Clies C., tobacconist, 12, Camden alley
CLUE GEORGE MAY, family chemist and agents for Bakers uncoloured tea, 15,Butcher street
Cocks John, shoemaker, 50, Kent street
Coghlan John, Hand in Hand, 15, St. Georges square
Cole Alfred Joseph, beer retailer, 22, York place
Cole Charles Peter, lodgings, 10, King street
Cole Henry; shopkeeper, 52, St. James street
Cole James, plumber, glazier, and painter, 16,Bonfire corner
Coles C., Red Lion inn, Havant street
Colbourne George Kervell, livery stable keeper, St. Georges mews, Ordnance row
Colebrook William, butcher, 27, Kent street
Collier James, Norfolk Arms, 144, Queen street
Collingwood Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 9, Bishop street.
Collins Edmund, fishmonger, 63, Cross street
Collins Joseph, tailor and draper, 82, Queen street
Collins Mrs., lodgings, 5, King street
Coltherup Henry, clothier, 18, College street
Compton Mrs. Jane, beer retailer, 28, Marlborough row
Cook Francis Goude, Berlin Wool and stationery warehouse, 24, Queen street
Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co., lace and muslin manufacturers, St. Georges Hall, and 5, Bow churchyard, London
Cotten John Robt., pawnbroker 15, Daniel street
Cousins 3. Ward, physician, Lion terrace
Cousins Thomas, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in all common law courts, 5, Union street
Cove Mrs. Jane, Pelican tavern, 41, St. Georges square
Cowd John, pork butcher, 52, North street
Cowper James, travelling draper, 36, Union street
Cox George, clothes and general dealer, 10,Havant street
Cox Henry George, general dealer, 10, Clock street
Cox Joseph, beer retailer, 36, North street
Craig Robert, draper, 16, Prince Georges street
Crampton John Thomas, coal merchant, 23, Britain street
Craven Mrs. Amelia, beer retailer, 5, Marlborough row
Cripps Thomas, fruiterer, 189, Queen street
Croad John, builder, joiner, & undertaker, 41, Union street
Crockwell George, beer retailer, Lennox row
Cropp Charles, tailor & draper, 29, Hanover street
Cunddemore William & Henry, drapers and general outfitters, 3, Butcher street
Culley Robert, tailor, 58, North street
Culling-ford Thomas Frederick, chemist & dentist, 21, Butcher street, and Spring lawn, George road, Southsea
Cunningham George, family grocer and provision merchant, 181, Queen street
Cunningham Mrs. S. K., Anglesey furnishing warehouse, 8 & 9, Queen street, and St. James street
Curtis Henry, beer retailer, Cumberland street
Curtis Thomas, steward H.M.S. Enchantress, 20, Union street
Cutler Thos., warrant officer H.M.S. Asia, 7, Chapel row
Dale Wm. James, pharmaceutical chemist, &c., 65, Queen street
Dance William, wholesale furnishing ironmonger and cutler, agent to the Gutta Percha Company, 14 & 15, Queen street
Dangerfield Richard, beer retailer, Kent street
David Charles, Three Crowns inn, 16, St. James street
Davidge John J., The Bedford and Chase, 14, the Hard
Davis Mrs. Jane, milliner and dressmaker, and register office for servants, 11, Hanover street
Davis Mrs. Sarah, clothier and general dealer, 34, Havant street
Daycock & Bird, cork manufacturers and merchants, 20, Hanover street
Dean -, Kings Head tavern, Cross street
Dick Robert & James, gutta percha boot and shoe manufacturers, 176, Queen st. ; 296, Holborn, and 132, High street, Whitechapel, London
Dickson David, travelling draper, 8, Union street
Digby Mrs. Sarah, steam dyeing establishment, hot presser, &c., 97, Queen street, and at 24, Chapel row
DILLON LINN, builder and general contractor, The Portsmouth Building Works, 1, St. Marys street
Dodman Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 162 and 163, Queen street, and 1, Middle East street, Southampton
Dole. Joseph, greengrocer, coal and wood seller, 32, Cross street
Doraison Mrs., teacher of pianoforte and singing, 77, St. Georges square
Dorey George, Old Royal Oak, College street
Dorrell David, shopkeeper, 32, Havant street
Dorrington Charles Henry, wholesale tea. and provision merchant, 8 & 1I, Great George square ; p. r., 4, Lion terrace
Douglas Edward, beer retailer, 29, Cross street
Douthwaite William, warrant officer, 16, Cumberland street
Dowles Miss Mercy, ladies school, 49, Bishop street
Downton George, km., furniture broker, 33, Hanover street
Driscoll Dennis, shopkeeper, 30, Union street
Dugan James, carpenter and joiner, Daniel street - p.r., Grigg street, Southsea
Dunn Archibald, travelling draper, 62, Union street
Dyer James S., cutler, truss, and surgical instrument maker, 9, Ordnance row
Earwicker Robert Charles, engraver and lithographer, 4, Butcher street
Eason Richard Comley, Union tavern, 254 Union street
East Edward, beer retailer, 34, Hanover street
Eaton Mrs. George, establishment for young ladies, 60, Cross street
Ede George William, drapery & millinery warehouse, 140. Queen street
Edgcombe and Cole, solicitors, 6, North street
EDMONDS & HATCH, accountants auditors, and valuers agents for the County Fire the Provident Life, and the Accidental Death Insurance Offices, 34, Queen street and at 1, Aylward street,
Edwards Charles, Anglesea Arms, 180, Queen street
Edwards John, navy agent, 20, the Hard
Edwards William, beer retailer, 1, North street
Electric and International Telegraph Company's office, 12i, the Hard; Henry Hardy, clerk in charge
Ellis Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging house, 49, St. Georges square
Ellis John, boot and shoe maker, 111, Queen street
Ellis Joseph, greengrocer, 55, North street
EMANUEL E. & E., bullion merchants, goldsmiths, jewellers, and silversmiths to the Queen, watch and clock makers and opticians, 3, the Hard. N.B.- This house, (established 1814) is unconnected with any other of the same name
Emanuel Henry M., silversmith, jeweller, and pawnbroker, 12, Ordnance row
Emanuel Judah, general dealer, 15, Bishop street
EMERY EDWARD, boot maker, 12, College street
Emery E., grocer and provision merchant, 9, 10, 47, & 49, St. James street
Emery William, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 74, Queen street

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