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PORTSEA 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders J - M

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Jacobs Charles Frederick, dealer in musical instruments, 34, College street
Jacobs Jacob and Son, linen and woollen drapers and carpet warehousemen, 32 & 33, Queen street
JAMES FREDERICK, boot maker, College street
Jeans John, R.N., naval instructor, 27, St. Georges square
Jefferys Miss A., Berlin wool repository, 53, Hanover street
Jefferies William H., tailor and woollen draper, 14, Butcher street
Jenkins John R., Blue Lion tavern, 394 Queen street
Jenman Richard, lodging house, 17, Cumberland street
Jennings Albert J., draper, 13, butcher street
Jennings Edward, general dealer, 56, Havant street
Jennings George, baker, 1, Little Britain street
Jeram John, agent to the British Prudential Assurance Company, 9, Unicorn street
Jeram Joseph G., The George, Queen at Jewell & Co., brewers, Catharine brewery, Catharine row
Jewell Dormer (firm of Jewell and Co.), 6, Chapel row
Jewell Edward (firm of Jewell and Co.), 8, Chapel row
Johnson James, cooper, 33, College street
Johnson Miss Mary Ann, beer retailer, 54, North street
Johnson Robert, wine and spirit merchant, and agent for Guinness stout, 60, Queen street
Johnson Stephen, Old Star, 4, Wickham street
Johnson William Charles, tailor and cap maker, 40, St. James street
Johnston Andrew, travelling draper, 10, Union street
Jolly William, travelling draper, 36, Union street
Jones James, new and second hand bookseller, printer, and stationer, &c., 116, Queen street
Jones John, Government pilot, 9, Britain street
Jones John, venetian blind maker & picture frame maker, Catharine row
Jones Thomas, Elephant and Castle, St. Georges square
JOSEPH H. & CO., naval and military tailors clothiers, hatters, hosiers, and general outfitters, Hall of Commerce, 92 and 93, Queen street
Joseph Harry, consul for Monte Video and Uruguay, office, 93, Queen street
Joseph Mrs. Frances, shirt manufacturer, 38, Bishop street
Joseph Isaac 4k Sons, wholesale jewellers, 1, Ordnance row
Judd Albert Mew, wine & spirit merchant, White Hart tavern, Queen street
Jurd Mrs. Rachel, trunk and box maker, 77, North street
Kain Henry, patent medicine vendor, 64, St. Georges square
KEMP GEORGE LYNCH, hat manufacturer and naval and military cap maker, 135, Queen street
Kemp Henry, sub-bailiff of the County court, 53, Union street
Kent William John, navy agent, 5, Lion terrace
Kent William L., butcher, 57, Queen street
Kerswell George bill discounter, & music warehouse, 7, Hanover street
KERWOOD SAMUEL, lead and glass merchant, plumber, glazier, painter, Sze., 32, College street
Kilpin Joseph George, watchmaker and jeweller, 33, The Hard
King and King (late Marvin and King), valuers, auctioneers, surveyors, land and property agents, 148, Queen street, and 42,High street, Gosport
King Andrew, brass founder and gasfittter, 30, Butcher street
KING GEORGE, pork butcher, Marmion road
KING JAMES, builder and contractor, 43,Hanover street
King Joseph William, builder, 11, Britain street
King William, Ship and Castle tavern, I, The Hard
Knight George, beer retailer, Cumberland street
Knight James, lodgings, 58, St. Georges square
Lake Edward, boot and shoemaker, 33, St. James street
Lakeman Stephen, basket maker, 2, Hanover street
Lambe John, beer retailer, 30, York place
Lampard George, brewer and beer retailer, 20, Prince Georges street
Lampard Stephen, plumber, gasfitter, and decorator, 42, St. James street
Lancaster dames, tailor and woollen draper and naval outfitter, Half Moon street
LANCASTER JAMES, superintendent of agents for the Reliance Mutual Life Assurance, inspector to Property and Protection, agent for the Royal Fire; National Provincial Plate Glass, and Accidental Death Insurance office, 2, St. Georges square
LANE EDWIN, beer retailer, 5, Wickham street ; and tailor, 12, Britain street
Lane James, tailor and outfitter, 5 and 10, Camden alley, and at 116, Commercial road, Landport
Law David, The Lamb, Union street
Law George William (firm of Law and Ireland), admiralty auctioneer, valuer, and estate agent, 3, Queen street
Lawrence Frederick, patent mangle maker,. 3, Kent street
Layton Charles Gregory, beer retailer, 7, Kent street
Leader George William, Military Arms, tavern, Lennox row
Lear John, shopkeeper, 14, Bonfire corner
Lee John, warrant officer, R.N., 20, King street
Lee Robert, shopkeeper, 37, Havant street
Legg William, Half ikon tavern, Sum street
Lester George, tobacconist, 29, College street
Levett Edward, pork butcher, bacon factor, and poulterer, 128, Queen street
Lewin William, boot maker, 8, Cross street
Lewis & Co., railway and general carriers, 25, Ordnance row, and at Palmerston road, Southsea
Lineham Edwin, ornamental painter, glazier, &c., 19, Hanover street
Lineham James, lodgings, 7, King street
Little John, draper, 34, Prince Georges. street
Lock John, beer retailer, 16, Havant street
Loney G., loan and discount office, 64, Cumberland street ; p.r., Lake road, Landport
Long Ann, cab proprietor, 21, St. James street
Long Daniel Shawyer, marine store dealer, 39, Kent street
Long James, Heart in Hand, 71, Union street
Long John, beer retailer, 6, Prince Georges street
Long Henry I., Kings Arms tavern, Queen street
Long Mrs. W., beer retailer, Marlborough row
Long Samuel Searley, solicitor, 14, Prince Georges street
Longyear George, painter and glazier, 16, St. James street
Lonnon George, beer house, 2, Bonfire corner
Lonnon Mrs. W., staymaker, 26, Hanover street
Moveder Charles, bookseller, 61, Union street
Loveder Jas., goldsmith, jeweller, diamond merchant, & dealer in oriental curiosities, 28 and 29, The Hard
Low Archibald and Son, solicitors, commissioners to administer oaths in common law courts, solicitors to the borough of Portsmouth Building Society, agents for the Alliance Fire and. Life, and the Universal Mercantile Association, office, 16, St. Georges square
Luff William, Nags Head tavern, 21, The Hard
LULHATil SIDNEY FRANK & CO., wholesale and retail boot & shoe manufacturers 130, Queen street
Lumley Thomas, clothier, 20, College street
Lumley William, general dealer, 16, College street
Lush Charles, cooper, Catharine row ; p.r., Britain street
Lush Mrs. Jane, furniture broker, 3 and 4, St. James street
Lush Joseph, brewer and maltster, St. Georges brewery
Lush Samuel, upholsterer, 188, Queen street
Lynch James, shopkeeper, 13, Kent street
Lytton James, beer retailer, 22, Butcher street
McDonald John, beer retailer, 30, College street
McKenzie -, beer retailer, Smiths lane
McLeod George, beer retailer, 40, Havant street
Mali Augustus, professor of music, 58, Prince Georges street
Manchester William, boot and shoemaker, 31, North street
Mansbridge Henry; brewer & beer retailer, 364, Bonfire corner
Marcer Mrs. Mary Ann, ladies school, 43, Union street
Marks Mrs. Alice Teresa Levi, shirt maker, 70, Union street
Marks Charles, hairdresser, 1, Cross street
Marks William, beer retailer, Smiths lane
Marrant Francis Robert, academy, St. Georges square
Marrington Mrs. Eliza, beer retailer, 20, Butcher street
Marsh James, eating-house keeper, 35, North street
Marsh William, grocer & provision dealer, &c., 3 and 4, Clock street
Marshall Mrs. Elizabeth, beer retailer, 22, North street
Marshall John Hitchings, officer, R.N., 46, Prince Georges street
Marshall and Son, solicitors, 66, Hanover street
Marshall William Orange, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery and common law courts, perpetual commissioner, clerk to the Portsea Paving Commissioners, and treasurer to the Corporation and Portsmouth, 66, Hanover street
Martell David, shopkeeper, 27, North street
Martell George John, solicitor, 10, Ordnance row
Martin Miss Louisa, lodgings, 50, St. Georges square
Marvin Edwin Orlando, navy and army upholsterer, cabinet manufacturer, and furnishing ironmonger, Camden alley and Havant street
Matthews Edward, The Row Barge tavern, 30, The Hard
Matthews Henry, naval and military outfitter, 66, Queen street
Matthews William, china and earthenware dealer, 11, Queen street
Maxted Henry, hairdresser and perfumer, 14, Hanover street
Maynard William, commission agent, agent for the Albert Life and the Manchester Fire Insurance office, secretary to the Landport and Southsea Permanent Building Society, 46, Hanover street
Medus William, linen and woollen draper, 175, Queen street
Mervin Henry, beer retailer & tobacconist, 46, North street
Mew Frederick, inspector of borough police, 52, Kiag street
Miall Brothers, glass and lead merchants, plumbers, glaziers, painters, &c., North street
Millard Mrs. Jane, toy dealer, 10, Hanover street
Miles Alfred, Eagle tavern, 1, St. Georges square
Miles Edmund, butcher, 24, Butcher street
Miller Mrs., milliner, Cumberland street
Millman Samuel, tailor, 16, Ordnance row
Mills Arthur, shopkeeper, 34, Kent street
Mills Frank Ward, butcher, Cross street
Mitchell Alfred J., photographer, 1083, Queen street
Mitchell John Thomas, Royal Engineers tavern, Kent street
MITCHELL JOSEPH, railway & general carrier 36, Lion terrace
Mitchell Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging house keeper, 3, Ordnance row
Mitch611 Thomas, lodging house, 63, King street
Moody William, shopkeeper, 11, College street
Moore Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 20, Britain street
Moore Stephen, tide master, R.N., 14, St. Georges square
Moralee John M., fishmonger, 17, Butcher street
Morey Joseph, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 27, St. James street
Morgan George Thomas, china and glass warehouse, 14, Camden alley
Morgan William, London Stout House, 20, Queen street
Morley Winham, grocer, 6, Butcher street
Morris George and Edwin curriers and leather merchants, 169, Queen _street, and 65, High street, Gosport
Morse Blaxill, beer retailer, 13, Britain street
Mortimore William, The Bell, 63, Queen street .
Morten James, travelling draper, 32, St. Georges square
MOSES A. & L., goldsmiths, jewellers, watch manufacturers, and opticians by appointment to the Admiralty, and navy agents, 26, The Hard
Moss Benjamin Wolf, navy agent and outfitter, 1, Clock street
Moss David, surgical machinist, 28, Hanover street
Mott Mrs. Susan, milliner and dressmaker 43, St. Georges square
Munday James, lodging house, 40, King street
Mupell Mrs. Mary, Fighting Cocks, 76, Queen street

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