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PORTSEA 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders N - R

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Nance Frederick H., agent to the Norwich Equitable Fire Insurance office, 14 Union street
Nathan Henry, general dealer, 35 College street
Nathan Mrs. Kate, china, glass, and hardware warehouse, 121 Queen street
Nathan Lewis, clothier and general dealer, 23 and 24 College street
Nathan Samuel, general dealer, 27 College street
National Provincial Bank of England England (branch of), The Hard. Draw on London Joint Stock Branch Bank ;L William Payne Esq., manager
Newland Richard, gilder, looking glass & picture frame manufacturer, and print seller, &c., 68 Hanover street
Newman Mrs. Eliza, general dealer, 36 College street
Newnham John, tailor, 44 Bishop street
Nichols Mrs. Ann, laundress, 45 Bishop street
Ninnis Mrs. Mary Ann, beer retailer, Unicorn street
Nobes John, shopkeeper, 36 Marlborough Row
NOR MAN HARRY ADOLPHUS, trunk, portmanteau, and window blind manufacturer, 3 Half Moon street, and 36 High street, Portsmouth
Norris Eliza, lodgings, 52 St. Georges square
Norton James R., beer retailer, 52 Hanover street
Nott Andrew, inspector of shipwrights Her Majesty's dockyard, 16 St. Georges street
Ockenden William Henry, pawnbroker, 28 Kent street
Oldfield Charles, tailor and draper, 13 Bonfire corner
Oldfield Richard, Leather Bottle tavern, 13 Prince Georges street
OLeary Timothy, beer retailer, 26 Ordnance row
Oliver John Henry, resident clerk at gas office, 47 St. Georges square
O'Neill John, canteen keeper, Anglesea barracks
Orange John, dispensing chemist, 153 Queen street
Osmond Robert, naval and military outfitter, 136 and 137 Queen street
Osborn John, shopkeeper, 20 Frederick street
Owen Mrs. Rebecca, milliner and dressmaker, 68 Union street
Paddington Alfred, shopkeeper, 25 Bishop street
Padwick William, shopkeeper, 13 Havant street
Pannell Henry, Watermans Arms, 13 The Hard
Parks Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, 5 Daniel street
Parks William James, carver, gilder, and French polisher, and picture frame maker, 64 Hanover street, & 1 Daniel street and dressmaker,
Parkyn James, beer retailer, 19 Queen street
Parlett Thomas, timber dealer, St. James street
Parnell James, tobacconist, 95 Queen street
Parnell John Cosens, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery and common law courts, commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, 41, Bishop street
Papal George, The Vine, 13 Clock street
PasseII George, Bulls Head tavern, 127 Queen street
Payne Charles, grocer, 6 Daniel street
Payne Henry, boot and shoemaker, 106, Queen street
Payne William, manager of the National Provincial Bank of England (branch of), agent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Association of Scotland, 6, The Hard
Payne William, hairdresser and perfumer, 139 Queen street
Pearce Mrs. Ann, baker and grocer, 18 Butcher street
Pearce John, Dolphin tavern, 17 Ordnance row
Pearce John, shoemaker, 20 St. James street
Pearce William, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in Chancery and common law courts, agent for the County Fire and Provident Life office, 13, Union street ; p.r., The Old Priory, Fratton
Pearsall William, Crown and Anchor, 21 Hanover street
Pearson Charles Richard, bookbinder and stationer, 14 Ordnance row
Penney John, linen and woollen draper, 126 Queen street
Pennington Henry, Royal Oak Family and Commercial hotel, Queen street
Penny Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer, 50 Queen street and 2 Palmerston road, Southsea
Perks Edward Rogers, surgeon, 67 St. Georges square
Perkins Richard, beer retailer, 1 Brunswick street
PERRIN GEORGE, The Garibaldi, and last and boot tree maker, 6 Kent street
Pervin Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 43 Britain street
Pervin Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, 10 St. Georges square
PETERS GEORGE & CO., tobacco, snuff, cigar manufacturers, and merchants vinegar distillers, 155 Queen street, and Aylward street, Portsea, and wine and spirit merchants, 5, Wish street, Southsea
Phillips Mrs. Charlotte, chemist, 1 Bonfire corner
Phillips Thomas, butcher, 53 North street
Pibworth John M., cabinet maker & French polisher, Daniel street
Piggott Joseph, Three Cups, 23 Butcher street
Pine Horatio, collector to the Portsea commissioners, & deputy registrar of births, deaths, and marriages for Portsea town distrist, 31 Hanover street
Pinhorne John Jolliffe, hairdresser, 3 Union street
Pleasant John, furniture broker, 31 St. James street
Poole Joseph, tobacconist, Cumberland street
Porter Mrs. Elizabeth, sugar confectioner, 20 Daniel street
Porter John Loug, army and navy boot and shoe manufacturer, 184 Queen street
Portsmouth Guardian, Isle of Wight Express, Gosport Chronicle, and Naval and Military Examiner, printed & published by the proprietor, Mr. Thomas Hinton, every Thursday, price 1d. Established 1847. Independent in politics. Office, 80 Queen street
Portsmouth Times and Naval Gazette; printer, publisher, & proprietor, Richard Holbrook, 154 Queen street; issued every Saturday, price 21d.
Portway Joseph, linen draper, hosier, haberdasher, &c., 43 Queen street
Post office, 23, Hanover street ; Mr. Henry Silverlock, postmaster
Potter James, beer retailer, 2 Daniel street
Potter William, millinery and baby linen warehouse, 47 Queen street
Potter William; ironmonger and tin-plate worker, 1 Daniel street
Potts John, shopkeeper, 32 York place
Pragnell Charles Reeves, lodging house, 70 North street
Pratt George and Son, grocers, bakers, & confectioners, 75 Queen street
Pratt John Friend, grocer and baker, Cross street
Preston Stephen, painter, grainer, & paper hanger, 5 Queen street
Price George, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in the Exchequer of Pleas and Common Pleas, office, 14, Union street ; p.r., Mile end, Landport
Prichard John, upholsterer, 13 Hay street
Prince Joseph, pianoforte manufacturer and tuner, 46 St. James street
Prince T., boot and shoemaker, Queen street
Prior Charles, watchmaker, 25 Hanover street
Prior Mrs. Charles, furrier, 25 Hanover street
Pritchett Thomas, Prince Georges Head, 18 Prince Georges street
Privett Mrs. Susan, lodgings, 73 St. Georges square
Provincial Bank Corporation (branch of), Queen street
Purkis Charles Henry, butcher by appointment to the Royal Family, 70 and 71 Queen street
Purkis Mark Anthony, French polisher, 12 Bishop street
QUICK THOMAS WILLIAM, builder and grocer, 27 Cross street, & Marmion road
Rae James, shipwright, H.M. dockyard, Prince Georges street
Rake and Ranwell, architects & surveyors, agents to the Scottish Equitable Life assurance society, St. Georges square
Ralphs Simon, Royal George, 4 Camden alley
Randall Lewis, Victoria Music hall, North street
Rands Wm., boot &shoe manufacturer, 48 Queen street
RANNIE WILLIAM, engineer, iron and brass founder, millwright, &c., St. Georges foundry
Rastrick Wm. Henry, pharmaceutical chemist and perfumer, 122 Queen street
Rayner Samuel, grocer and clothier, 15 Clock street
Redward James, fruiterer and fishmonger, 64 Queen street
Redward Thomas, fruiterer & fishmonger, 100 Queen street
Redward William Charles, surgeon dentist, 17 Lion terrace
BEES HENRY, brazier & gas fitter, 65 Havant street
Richards Charles Edward, plumber, glazier and painter, 6 Cross street
Richards George, Royal Standard, & wine and spirit merchant, Queen street
Richards Miss Harriet, shopkeeper, 21 Havant street
Richards James, builder; 21i Havant street
Richards John, fishmonger and poulterer, 38 Queen street
Richards Thos., plumber, glazier, painter, &c., Havant street
Richardson Charles & Co., tea merchants 62 Cross street
Riddett George, Plough & Barleycorn, 35 St. Georges square
Riddle Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging-house keeper, 20 Chapel row
Rigden Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 8 King street
Ritchie John, travelling draper, 5 North street
Robinson Jas., conveyancer, 2 Marlborough Row
Robins James, beer retailer, 25 Kent street
Rogers William G., Antelope Tavern, 42 Hanover street
Rooms Henry, Queens Head Tavern, 7 The Hard
Rowell Robert Henry, chemist, 25 Queen street
Royal Naval and Engineers Club, Lion terrace, Thomas Truscott, Esq., R.N., treasurer
Ryves John, wheelwright, 39 St. Georges square

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