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PORTSEA 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders S - T

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Sailors Home, 77, Queen street
Sangster John W., scale, weights, weighing machine & steel mill manufacturer, 87 Queen street
Savage Joseph, eating house, 11 Clock street
Scaddan Thos., lodging-house, 37 King street
Scarrott George, naval clothier, 10 Clock street
Scott Henry John, fruiterer & fishmonger, 79 Queen street
Seagrove Edwin and Wm., royal naval and military outfitters (by appointment to Her Majesty), 22 and 23 The Hard
Secombe Mrs. Eliza, straw and tuscan hat maker, 42 Bishop street
Senneck George, Coach and Horses, Frederick street
Shackle Miss Elizabeth, ostrich feather dresser, 13 Ordnance row
SHAFT JAMES INWOOD, & CO., importers and dealers in foreign wines & spirits, 61 North street
Sharp Henry, messman, H.M.S. Victory, 27 King street
SHEATH JAMES, Rose and Crown Tavern, Cumberland street
Shepherd Thomas, naval outfitter, 98 Queen street
Sherlock Charles, inspector of police, H.M. dockyard, 22 Prince Georges street
Sherman George Frederick, Victoria and Albert Tavern, 11 The Hard
Sherwood Mrs. Mary, ladies outfitting warehouse, 2 Wickham street
Sherwood Thomas, ale & porter merchant, agent for Guinness stout, Bass and Allsopps ales, 2 Wickham street
Shields Mrs., straw bonnet maker, 23 Cross street
Shirley Mrs. Sarah, lodging-house, 64 King street
Shotter William, butcher, by appointment to Her Majesty, 55 Queen street, and 31 Kent street
Shoveller John C., corn & flour factor, 35 Kent street
Silverlock Hy., postmaster, 23 Hanover street
Silverlock Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 55 Union street
Simes Henry, hairdresser, 6 Clock street
Simmons John and Edward, cabinet manufacturers, upholsterers, undertakers, appraisers, decorators, and dealers in foreign timber, 88 Queen st., & 79, St. Georges square
Sims Henry, goldsmith and jeweller, 61 Queen street
Sims Mrs. Susannah, cap maker, 107 Queen street
Siveyer William, scripture reader, 23 Lion terrace
Slade Thos., accountant, 45 St. Georges square
Slate James, band master, King street
Slemming Robert, naval & military boot and shoemaker, 65 Hanover street
Smart Mrs. Maria, beer retailer, 23 North street
Smees Henry, greengrocer, 64 Cross street
Smith Charles Bovill, auctioneer and land agent, 166 Queen street & at Wickham, Hants
Smith Mrs. Emily, straw bonnet maker, 23 Union street
Smith George & Co., general drapers, &c., Warwick house, 146 Queen street
Smith John T., tailor and draper, 7 Butcher street
Smith Richard, wood turner and venetian blind manufacturer, 2 Cross street
Smyth Brothers, licensed postmasters, and mourning coach proprietors, 40 Queen street
Smyth George, (firm of Smyth Brothers), 59 Cross street
Smythe The Misses, ladies outfitting warehouse, 41 Queen street
Snelling Henry, boot and shoemaker, 12 Butcher street
Snelling Thomas, bootmaker, 1 College street, and Havant street
Snooke Hargood, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery & common law courts, perpetual commissioner and vestry clerk of St. Johns, 21, Union street.
Snow James, working cutler, 32 The Hard
Solomon Benjamin, general dealer, 9 Havant street
Solomon Moses, navy agent, & dealer in Oriental, Dresden & Chelsea China and antiquities, 8 Ordnance row, & at Ryde, Isle of Wight
Sothcott Joseph, tailor, naval and general outfitter, 145 Queen street and 5 Marmion road, Southsea
Sothcott and Page, bakers and grocers, 15 and 16 Hanover street
Southern Counties Provident society, Thos. Pratt Wills, secretary, 4 Lion place
Southerton William John, hairdresser, and news agent, 5 Bonfire Corner
Spearman George F., Victoria and Albert, 11 The Hard
Spurrier Samuel W., baby linen warehouse, 168 Queen street
Stacey Edwin, jeweller, watch and clack maker, 129 Queen street
Stallard Mrs. Ann, Boatswains and Call, Frederick street
Stamp Office, 1, Union street, Stephen Reeves, Esq., distributor
Stapleford Edmund, fishmonger, 22 Kent street
Stapleflird John, pawnbroker 75 Frederick street
Stapleford John, accountant, 4 Chapel Row
Stelling James, solicitor, clerk to the Westbourne union, clerk to the Emsworth lighting inspectors, secretary to the Emsworth gas company, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery and common law courts, 18 Chapel row
Stephens John, acting inspector of shipwrights, H.M. dockyard, 7 Bishop street
Stephens Miss Sarah Ann, shopkeeper, 64 Frederick street
Stephens Mrs. Sophia, refreshment house, Si, North street
Stevens William, brass finisher, gas fitter, &c., 32 Hanover street
Steward James, warrant officer, R.N., 36 King street
Stewart Walter, draper, 61 Prince Georges street
Stickling Edward, warrant officer, R.N., 9 North street
Stigant George Cornelius, solicitor, 31 Prince Georges street
Stockman Philip William, master of the Metropolitan police school, H.M. dockyard, p. r., Cumberland street
STOKES & CO., importers of wines and spirits, (by appointment to Her Majesty), 15 The Hard, and agents for Ind, Coope & Cos. Romforcl ales, and Bass & Cos. pale ales, & Guineass stout Stone John. naval and military outfitter, 8 and 9, Camden alley, and 1 Wickham street
Stone Thomas W., tailor, 10 King street
Stonelick Eliza, lodgings, 25 King street
Stow George, hairdresser, 25 Bather street
Stride William, tailor, 64 North street
Sullivan Mrs. Sarah, milliner, 20 Daniel street
Sutherland George, lodging-house, 65 King street
SUTTON & CO., railway, and general carriers, and contractors, 54 Hanover street, and 35 Aldersgate street, London, James Ford, agent
Sutton George, commercial traveller, 21 Lion terrace
Swainston Albert, whitesmith, Lennox row, p. r. 49 Trafalgar street, Landport.
Symonds Mrs. Jane, greengrocer, North street
Symonds William, lodgings, 57 St. Georges square
Symons William Francis, upholsterer, 62 Havant street
Tagg Mrs. Mary Ann, lodging-house, 43 King street
Taplin John, family mourning and funeral warehouse, 141 Queen street, p. r., Eastern villa Havant
Tarrant John Russell, cabinet maker and undertaker, 26 St. James street
Taylor Mrs. Eliza, pork butcher, 40 Kent street
Taylor Miss Eliza, dressmaker, 15 Chapel row
Taylor Francis, whip maker, 7 St. James street
Taylor James, cooper, 45 North street
Taylor John, poulterer, fruiterer, & dealer in game, 82 Queen street
Taylor William, grocer & provision factor, 30 Kent street
Terry James, lodging-house, 43 Bishop street
Terry Robert Gilbert, grocer, Cross street
Thomas Wm., carver, gilder and picture frame maker, 9, Hanover street
Thompson John Henry, shopkeeper, 23 Kent street
Thompson Mrs. Martha, general dealer, 2 College street
Thorpe James Samuel, eating house, 38 Union street
Thorne James Lyon, R.N. superintendent & secretary to the Royal Sailors Home, and agent for the Scottish Widows fund Life assurance society, 6, Britain st., St. Georges square
Tilley George, naval tailor & outfitter, 2 Ordnance row
Tilly William, Black Swan Tavern, 76 North street, and Cumberland street
TILLY WILLIAM CAREY, naval and military outfitter, 49 Queen street
Titberadge George, accountant, 46 St. Georges square
TOOLE LAWRENCE HENRY, bookbinder, machine ruler & account book maker, 39 St. James street
Totterdell E. & Co., royal naval & military outfitters, by appointment to Her Majestys royal family, &c., 62 Queen street
Totterdell John, tailor & outfitter, 5 Great George square
Totterdell Matthew G., Totterdells family and commercial hotel, St. Georges square
Totterdell Matthew G., naval & military outfitter, Ordnance row
Tout Charles J., tobacconist, 1 Hanover street
Tout Charles James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 7, Camden alley ; p. r., King street
Tout John William, engineer & millwright, Bishop street
Towner Brothers, linen drapers, silk mercers, hosiers, &c., 156 Queen street
Treadgold Wm., iron merchant, ironmonger, and agent for Milers patent fire proof safes and baxes, Bishop street
Triggs Thomas, tailor, 25 North street
Triggs William; shopkeeper, 29 North street.
Tucker Edwin George, news agent, 56 North street
Turner George and Henry, wholesale and retail silk mercers, linen and woollen drapers, &c., 78 Queen street
Turner George, tailor and outfitter, 70 Hanover street
Turner James Edward, St. Georges family and commercial hotel, St. Georges square

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