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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders A - B

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Adams Benjamin & Co. printers, 46 North street
Adams George William Hooper, messman, 36 Prince George's street
Adams William, tailor, 96 Queen street
Addison Albert (firm, Harvey & Addison), solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in common law courts, 66 Hanover street
Alexander George, eating house & greengrocer,7Hanover street
Allnutt & Son, chemists, 104 Queen street
Allnutt Frederick, lozenge manufacturer, 12 & 13 Chapel row
Amass George Edgar, butcher, 105 Queen street.
Arnett George, jeweller, 16 Union street
Anderson James, pork butcher, 28 St. James's street
Andrews George, cabinet maker, 50 Hanover street
Andrews Jeremiah, academy, 8 Lion place
Anscombe Edmund, Earl St. Vincent tavern, & carpenter, 31 The Hard
Antill Nathaniel, importer of wines & spirits, scotch & Irish whiskies, agent for Henry Brett & Co.'s " Eau de Vie" pure brandy, Bass's pale & other ales, Guinness's Dublin stout &c. near the Dockyard gates ; & at Oyster street, Portsmouth & High bank, Palmerston road, Southsea.
Appleford Isaac, greengrocer, 49 Kent street
Aria College (Rev. Isaac S. Meisels, principal), St. George's square
Armond Harriet (Mrs.), Three Tuns, 33 Kent street
Armstrong Frederick James, eating house, 5 Wickham street
Armstrong John, beer retailer, 22 North street, & wood & coal dealer, 31 Bishop street
Arnold John, confectioner, 41 Queen street & 119 Commercial road
Artrick Robert, rag merchant, 44 North street
Ashdowne & Westcott, corn merchant, 13 Queen street
Ashdowne Charles, Lion tavern, 54 St. James's street
Ashton Maria (Mrs.), midwife, 24 Daniel street
Atkins William Edward, marine artist, 5 Ordnance row
Avenell Alfred, shopkeeper, 44 Havant street
Avens William & Co. grocers, 44 Queen street
Avery George, news agent & shoe maker, 5 Havant street
Aylen Thomas, currier & leather seller, 4 & 5 Kent street
Aylott Wm. Stephen, shopkeeper, 42 Havant street
Backler George, tea & coffee dealer, export grocer &c. see Chambers W. G. & Co
Bailey Charles Holloway, brick mer. 25 St. George's square
Bailey Henry, Bedford in Chase, 14 The Hard
Baker William & Son, boot & shoe makers, 36 Queen street
Baker Edward, pawnbroker, 121 Queen street, & Commercial road, Landport
Baker Gideon, refreshment house, 37 North street
Baker Gilbert, beer retailer, 38 North street
Baker Wm. grocer & provision merchant, 28 Queen street
Ballard John, shopkeeper, 43 Britain street
Barber Henry, news agent, 48 Kent street
Barker Charles George, district superintendant to the British Workman's Assurance Co. Lim. 53 St. George's square
Barnes Elizabeth & Emma (Misses), seminary, 30 St. George's square
Barnes William, stationer, 56 Queen street
Barron Mark Charles, shipping agent, 14 Ordnance row
Bartlett Benjamin, beer retailer, 13 Cross street
Bartlett Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 65 St. George's square
Bartlett Richard, grocer, 12 Kent street
Bartlett Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 147 Queen street
Barton Fanny (Miss), eating house, 98 Queen street
Batchellor William, wholesale confectioner, 7 Queen street, & 49 Russell street, Landport
Bawden John Richard, tailor, 30 Britain street
Beacham Wm. Henry, beer retailer, 32 Marlborough road
Bechervaise John Savage, agent to Standard Life Assurance, 12 King street
Beck George, Coal Exchange, 65 Cross street
Beck George Maurice, auctioneer, 9 Queen street
Bellchamber George Augustus, tea dealer, 66 Cross street, & 287 Fratton road, Landport Beneficial Society (Thomas Slade, steward of the hail; James John Slade, secretary & schoolmaster) ; hall & school, Kent street
Bennett Joseph, Bear & Staff, 28 North street
Benyon Edward Garrard (formerly with Messrs. Swan & Edgar, London), fancy draper, milliner & ladies' outfitter, 53 Queen street
Besant & Porter, solicitors, solicitors to guardians of Portsea Island Union, to Hampshire Land Co. Limited, to Southern Counties Provident Society, to South of England Insurance Co. & to Portsea Island Benefit Building Society, 12 Union street
Besant Albert (firm, Besant & Porter), solicitor, deputy superintendent registrar of births, deaths &c. commissioner for taking acknowledgments, 12 Union street
Besant William, wine & spirit merchant, 12 Union street
Bignell Charles John, cab proprietor, 14 Puds lane
Bigwood & Cronin, ladies' tailors, naval & military outfitters, hosiers &shirt manufacturers, 134 Queen street.
Black Charles, Sheer Hulk, 19 The Hard
Blake Alfred Starling, solicitor, 21 Union street & at Gosport
Blake Edward, furniture dealer, 33 St. James's street
Blake Joseph Starling, linen draper, 118 Queen street
Blanchett Charles, greengrocer, 108 Queen street
Blundell Henrietta (Mrs.), seminary, 44 Hanover street
Eolith° Henry Walter, watch maker, 30 Queen street
Bond Thomas, ironmonger, 19 Hanover street
Bond William Edwin, assistant overseer for Portsea parish, Parochial offices, 3 Lion terrace
Bone William Abraham, Gloucester Brewery, & brewer, 44 Gloucester street
Borough of Portsmouth Building Society (Richard Wm Bradley, sec.; Henry & William Henry Ford, solicitors); office, 37 Bishop street
Bowers Charles, carman, 25 Havant street
Bowers William John, beer retailer, 6 Havant street
Bowyer John, second-hand book dealer, 43 St. James's street
Bowyer Richard, news agent, 18 Queen street
Boyce John Hillier (late Thomas Burt), furnishing ironmonger, patent kitcheners, kitchen ranges ; Palmer's candles, colza oil, gas chandeliers, moderator, ship & candle lamps in great variety, 102 Queen street
Boyce John Hillier, wholesale & retail shirt manufacturer, hosier, glover &c. 115 Queen street
Boyce William, beer retailer, 54 North street
Boyd James, Royal Oak commercial hotel posting house, 171 Queen street
Diluting James, shopkeeper, 20 Daniel street
Bramble Brothers, builders, Portland street
Brice Thomas William, shopkeeper, 3 Clock street
Bright James, joiner, 10 Aylward street
Britannia Loan & Discount Office (Henry Kemp, man.), 53 Union street
British & Foreign Bible Society's Depot (James Jones, agent), 116 Queen street
Broadhead Mary & Ellen (Misses), muffin & crumpet bakers, 23 St. James's street
Broman Amelia (Mrs.), Blue Anchor tavern, 63 Cross street
Brooks Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, 54 St. George's square
Brown Henry & Son, butchers, 172 Queen street & at St. Mary street, Portsmouth & King's road, Southsea
Brown George Coppin, greengrocer, 17 Bonfire corner
Brown Thomas, tailor & outfitter, 19 Ordnance row
Brown William, Military Arms, Lennox row
Brushwood John, baker & grocer, 20 Frederick street
Bryant Alfred, academy, 29 St. George's square
Bryant George, photographer, 177 Queen street
Bryant Henry James, artists' colorman, 12 Hanover street
Bryant Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 North street
Buist William, travelling draper, 5 North street
Bullock Albert, grocer, 57 Cross street
Bunce Caroline (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 21 Daniel street
Bunt Charlotte Janet (Miss), seminary, 46 Bishop street
Burge Henry, confectioner, 31 College street
Burgess Joseph, tailor, 75 Queen street
Burr Jane (Miss), seminary, 32 King street
Burton Henry, shoe maker, 1 Frederick street
Button Joseph, shoe maker, 5 Cross street
Button Joseph, jun. shoe maker, 14 St. James's street
Byerley Isaac, baker, 10 Kent street
Byerley John Alfred, stock & share broker & general accountant, registrar of births & deaths for Portsea town, manager of Hampshire Sc Landport Building Society, accountant to Royal Portsmouth Hospital, agent for Phoenix Fire & Standard Life Insurance Cos. St. George's house, St. George's square

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