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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders C - E

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Cable Alfred, shopkeeper, 14 Britain street
Calcott Albert, engraver & printer, 30 Hanover street
Carbon Henry, beer retailer, 13 Britain street
Carliell Thomas, umbrella maker, 7 Union street
Carter Henry, surgeon, 46 St. George's square
Carter Sophia (Mrs.), day school, 30 North street
Case Henry, beer retailer, 2 & 3 North street
Cash George, ironfounder, Aylward street
Cavander Samuel & Co. tobacco & snuff manufacturers, 10, 11 & 12 Queen street, Sc 70 High street, Portsmouth ; & 71 High street, Shoreditch, London e
Chalcraft Henry, furniture & general dealer, 58 Cross street & Castle place
Chambers W. G. & Co. tea & coffee dealers, export grocers &c. 4 The Hard
Chapman William, watch maker, 46 Queen street
Cheeseman John Joseph, lodging house, 69 St. George's square
Chessell Maria ( Mrs.), beer retailer, 35 Hawke street
Chillingford Richard, Dockyard tavern, 1 Marlborough road
Chiverton Thomas, coal & wood dealer, 56 Cross street
Chiverton William, greengrocer, 4 St. James's street
Clack William, baker & grocer, Havant street
Clark George & Co. grocers, 2 Havant street
Clark James, draper, 5 & 6 Portland street
Clarke George, Keppel's Head hotel, 24 & 25 The Hard
Clarke John, fish dealer, 57 North street
Clay Josiah, brush maker, Richmond place
Clements William, tailor, 15 Bishop street
Clies Charles, tobacconist, 12 Camden alley
Clue George May, chemist, 31 Butcher street
Coasby Henry, tailor, 10 Bishop street
Cocks John, shoe maker, 50 Kent street
Cole Charles, solicitor (firm, Edgcombe & Cole), 6 North street
Cole John, letterpress printer, 60 Hanover street
Colligan William, greengrocer, 55 North street
Collings George Frederick, boot maker, 120 Queen street
Collins Edmund George, fishmonger, 61 Cross street
Collins John, manager of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Supply Association, 51 Queen street
Collins Richard, tailor, 59 Queen street
Collis James, tobacconist, 189 Queen street
Cornier Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, 8 Aylward street
Comporo John, Queen's Pilot, 17 Marlborough road
Cook James, beer retailer, 2 Daniel street
Coombs David, boot & hoot tree maker, 35 Butcher street
Coombs Philip Peter, tobacconist, 4 Butcher street
Copestake, Moore, Crampton & Co. ( branch), warehousemen, St. George's hall ; & 5 Bow churchyard, London e.c
Copus George, greengrocer, 6 Kent street
Cotes Lucy & Emma (Misses), lodging house, 45 King street
Cowd Maria (Mrs.), pork butcher, 52 North street
Cowper James, woollen draper, 65 Hanover street
Cox Alfred, Two Shipwrights, 86 Queen street
Cox George, miscellaneous dealer, 11 Ordnance row, & china, glass &c. dealer, 32 & 50 Havant street
Cox Henry, coal merchant, 24 Lion terrace
Cox Henry, jun. coal merchant, 1 Lion terrace
Craig Robert, commercial traveller, 2 Lion terrace
Cripps Thomas, fruiterer, 64 Queen street
Croad John, builder, 41 Union street
Cuddernore Brothers, hosiers, 3 Butcher street
Cunningham S. K. (Mrs.), cabinet maker, upholsterer & feather bed manufacturer, all kinds of furniture let on hire, 8 Queen street
Curtis Henry, beer retailer, 1 Cumberland street
Dale William, chemist, 65 Queen street
Damon Joseph, carpenter, 24 College street St Butcher street
Dance William, ironmonger, 14 & 15 Queen street
Dauncey Mary (Miss), milliner, 61 Hanover street
Davies Hy. district goods supt. L. & S.W.Ry.167 Queen street
Davis Charles, Blue Lion, 39 Queen street
Davis William, beer retailer, 33 Havant street
Dibben Edwin, baker, 64 St. George's square
Digby Charles & Joseph, dyers, 97 Queen street; dyehouse, 24 Chapel row
Digby George, baker, 71 & 72 Cumberland street
Dimmer George, watch maker & jeweller,,112 Queen street
Dipnall Naomi (Mrs.), dress maker, 24 St. James's street
Dixon Edward Thos. who. manfr. of fancy drapery, Hay street
Dodman Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 162 & 163 Queen street
Dorey George, Old Royal Oak, & dealer in marine & ships' stores, 28 College street & 26 Hawke street
Douglas Kate (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Britain street
Downton Mary Ann (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 33 Hanover street
Duckett John, Three Cups, 23 Butcher street
Dugan James, builder, 8 Prince George's street
Duke Alfred Henry, electro gilder & plater, electrician, electrical instrument maker, manufacturer of electric bells for domestic & business purposes, & telegraph engineer, 4 Hanover street
Dunn Archibald, tailor &c. 62 Union street
Dunn Thomas, beer retailer, 1 Military row
Dunster Jas. printers' composition roller ma. 2 Chapel row
Dyer James Somers, surgical instrumnt.m a. 9 Ordnance row
Eames & Co. outfitters, 2 Ordnance row & 49 High street
Earwicker Robert Chas. general engraver, 20 Ordnance row
Eason Richard Comley, Union tavern, 25 Union street
Eaton George Alfred, accountant, 27 Lion terrace
Eaton Henry, White Bear, 187 Queen,street
Ede George William, draper, 140 Queen street
Edgcombe & Cole, solicitors, 6 North street
Edgcombe Thomas Smith, solicitor (firm, Edgr,combe & Cole)
Edmonds, Davis & Clark, accountants, trade valuers & auditors, 46 St. James's street; & at Southampton, Newport, I. W., Brighton & London.
Edwards Charles, Anglesey Arms, 180 Queen street
Edwards John, loan office, 70 Union street
Elliott Robert, shoe maker, 49 Cumberland street
Elmes John, verger of St. (4eorge's church, 1 Kent street
Emanuel , silversmith, 3 The Hard
Emanuel Henry Michael & Sons, goldsmiths &c. 12 & 13 Ordnance row
Emanuel Henry Michael, pawnbroker, 13 Ordnance row
Emery Henry, grocer, 47 St. James's street
Emery William, stationer, 74 Queen street
Emery William James, baker, 49 St. James's street
Emptage James, dairyman, 26 Butcher street
Etherton William, Antelope, 41 Hanover street
Evans David, beer retailer, 4 Queen street
Evans Thos. Frederick, commercial traveller, 44 King street
Eveleigh William, bricklayer, 42 White's row

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