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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders F - H

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Faber Charlotte (Airs.), lodging house, 17 Daniel street
Feinberg Jacob, travelling jeweller, 39 St. George's square
Feltham Thomas Pratt & Son, grocers, 133 Queen street
Feltham Fred, auctioneer, valuer & share & mortgage broker; offices, 146 Queen street
Feltham George solicitor, 5 Union street
Feltham Jane (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 13 College street
Field John, draper, 157 Queen street
Fleming Sarah Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 26 Lion terrace
Fletcher Thomas, corn factor, 39 Daniel street
Flux James, beer retailer, 79 North street
Foot George, Plough & Barleycorn, 35 St. George's square
Footitt John, Red Lion, 29 Havant street
Forbes Mary Ann (Mrs.), glove cleaner, 59 Hanover street
Ford Henry St William Henry, solicitors, commissioners for affidavits, 170 Queen street, & 15 High street, Portsmouth, St at Fareham
Ford Archibald Henry, civil engineer' 22 St. George's square
Ford Arthur, draper, 37 Queen street
Ford Henry (firm, Ford Henry & William Henry), solicitor, perpetual commissioner & commissioner to administer oaths in chancery, 170 Queen street
Ford William, tailor, 35 Queen street
Ford William Henry, solicitor, see Ford Henry & William Henry, 170 Queen street
Forsyth William, draper, 48 St. James's street
Foster Harry Pibwortit, chemist, 153 Queen street
Franklin John, hair cutter, 3 Hanover street
Franklin Kate Eliza( Miss ),dress & mantle maker,5Hanover street
Fraser John, Dolphin, 17 Ordnance row
Fraser Thomas, tobacconist, 11 Butcher street
Freeman Wm. watch maker & material dealer, 69 Hanover street
Friedeberg Jacob, outfitter, 81 Queen street
Friedeberg Lewis, outfitter, 43 Havant street
Friedeberg Rachel (Mrs.), clothier, 9 college street
Frohwein Jacob Otto, tailor, outfitter, hatter, hosier& shirt maker, 93 Queen street & 1 Havant street
Fry Alfred, lodging house, 48 St. George's square
Fulker Sarah Agnes (Mrs.), catholic repository, 34 Prince George's street
Fuller Joseph, confectioner, 53 St. James's street
Galton William, bricklayer, 29 Cross street
Game George, watch maker, 10 Camden alley
Gamlen Henry Walter, merchant tailor, little boys' clothier, outfitter, hats, caps, waterproofs, umbrellas, railway rugs, gloves, ties, collars, braces, handkerchiefs &c. 148 & 149 Queen street
Gardener Thomas, beer retailer, 42 Kent street
Gardiner George Frederick, lodging house, 56 St. George's square
Gardner John Wesley, printer, 186 Queen street & at Southsea
Garnett William,. auctioneer, 34 Queen street
Garrington Arthur Merrifield, M.D. surgeon, 48 Hanover street
Geary Joseph, shopkeeper, 84 Frederick street
Gerrie John, travelling draper, 10 Lion terrace
Giambelli Louigi, plaster figure maker, 26 St. James's street
Gibson Helen (Mrs.), Duke of Edinburgh, 80 North street
Gillhespy John, beer retailer, 15 Bonfire corner
Gillies John Forbes, pastrycook, 58 Queen street
Gittens John Allcot & Co. wine merchant, 12 The Hard
Goad John, shopkeeper, 15 Kent street
Goddard Charles, confectioner, 17 Hanover street
Goldman Isaac, clothier, 106 & 107 Queen street
Goodfellow Margaret (Miss),umbrella maker,18 0rdnanee row
Graham Wm. Sproat, travelling draper,46 Prince George's street
Grant, Gillman & Long (branch), bankers (Augustus Bartholomew, manager), 124 Queen street; draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London e.e
Grant John, beer retailer, 5 Marlborough road
Gravenor John & Co. hat manufacturer, 131 Queen street, & Commercial road, Landport
Gray Frank, beer retailer, 41 Havant street
Gray Wallace, china & glass dealer, 145 Queen street
Green David Adam, beer retailer, 1 Pods lane
Green George, sweetstuff shop, 77 North street
Green William, butcher, 53 North street
Greetham Elizabeth (Mrs.),professor of music,44 St. George's square
Greetham George Alfred, collector of rates, 9 Lion terrace
Griffin James & Co. booksellers-, stationers, printers & publishers, 2 The Hard ; & 15 Cockspur street, London
Griffin William, baker & grocer, 30 Hanover street
Griffiths Elizabeth (Mrs.), King's Arms, 22 King street
Grossmith Samuel, gasfitter, smith &c. Daniel street & Cross street
Grubb Edward, White Hart tavern, 27 The Hard
Grubb William, fruiterer, 29 College street
Gunner William, chimney sweeper, 7 St. James's street
Gurr Charles, ship modeller, 50 North street
Haigs Jonathan, hair dresser, 19 North street
Haigs Joseph, gun maker, 22 St. James's street
Hall Henry Richard, Pelican tavern, St. George's square
Halliday John, travelling draper, 23 Lion terrace
Hamilton John James, lodging house, 12 Lion terrace
Hampshire Banking Co. (branch) (Edward Ruble manager), 67 Queen street ; draw on London Joint Stock Bank, Princes street, London e.c
Hampshire Isle of Wight Supply Association, tea merchants, grocers, Sc depot for Goundry's consolidated tea (John Collins, manager), 61 Queen at.
Hampshire Land Co. Limited (Thomas Pratt Wills, manager), 33 & 34 Lion terrace
Harding Charlotte (Mrs.), pawnbroker, 36 Butcher street
Harding Joseph, queen's pilot, 14 North street
Harris Jesse, photographer, 83 Queen street
Harris Samuel, undertaker, 141 Queen street
Harris William Henry, news agent, 64 Cross street
Harrison John Charles, manufacturer of house bellows, knife boards &c. 61 Prince George's street
Hart Charlotte (Mrs.), dress maker, 9 St. George's square
Hart Solomon, general dealer, 8 College street
Harvey & Addison, solicitors, 66 Hanover street
Harvey Edwin John (firm, Harvey & Addison), solicitor, admiralty law agent, deputy coroner for Hants, commissioner in chancery & common law courts, 66 Hanover
Haslehurst Charles & George, woollen drapers, 68 Queen street
Hatherley Wm. Horatio, watch maker & jeweller, 46 Hanover street
Hawes Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 North street
Hawkins Charles, outfitter, 92 Queen street
Haydon Thomas Catford, military & naval cutler & electroplater, furnishing & general ironmonger, locksmith, bell hanger, gas fitter, brazier &c. 113 Queen street
Haysom Eliza ( Mrs.), beer retailer, 53 Britain street
Hayward Theodore, naturalist, 56 Cumberland street
Heath Henry, coal dealer, 21i Kent street
Hedger. James, muffin baker, 58 Kent street
Helby & Sons, stay manufacturers, Kent street
Hellyer William, baker & grocer, 68 North street
Hendy Charles William, outfitter, 159 & 160 Queen street
Hewett William Henry, jeweller, 89 Queen street
Hibbs James, Nags Head, 21 The Hard
Higgins George, beer retailer, 24 Havant street
Highman John, greengrocer, 4 Daniel street
Hill Edward Rubie, manager of Hampshire Banking Co. (branch), 67 Queen street
Hill James, coal & wood dealer, 42 Cross street
Hill Richard, baker & pastrycook, 29 St. James's street
Hill Thomas James, clerk of works, 13 King street
Hinton Elizabeth (Mrs.), printer, 42 St. James's street
Hoare Alexander Albert, fishmonger, 47 Kent street
Hobbs Thomas, medical botanist, 173 Queen street
Hodge Ellen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 27 St. James's street
Holbrook Richard & Sons, printers & lithographers, proprietors of the Portsmouth Times, & Naval Gazette,' 154 Queen street ; also at 31 High street, Gosport & West street, Chichester.
Holbrook Edgar, fried fish shop, 179 Queen street
Hollanders Emil, watch maker, 60 Union street & 47 Prince George's street
Holloway George, beer retailer, 34 Hanover street
Horsey & Son, printers, booksellers, stationers & stamp distributors, & post office, 151 Queen street
Houghton George, paper hanger, 38 St. James's street
Hounsorne James, commercial traveller, 8 Britain street
Howell Thomas, pawnbroker, 17 Bishop street
Hudson Henry, pottery gallery, china & glass depot, agent for IMinton's china, 119 Queen street, & Palmerston road, Southsea
Hughes Henry Charles, glass, earthenware &c. dealer,23, 31 & 40 Queen street, & Bell, Portsmouth
Hughes William, shop keeper & tailor, 62 North street
Hamby William, boot & shoe maker, 42 Queen street
Hummell Augustine, clock & watch maker, 32 Hanover street
Hunt Edmund, beer retailer, 7 Cumberland street
Hunt Edmund, beer retailer, 27 Marlborough road
Hunter George William, greengrocer, 89 Frederick street
Hunter William, dairyman, 40 Daniel street
Hutson Andrew, tobacconist, 6 Ordnance row
Huxford Louisa (Miss), dress maker, Sc. lodging house, 51 St. George's square
Hyde Frederick, baker & grocer, 1 Brunswick row

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