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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders N - R

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Nance Frederick Henry, law stationer, 69 Union street
Nathan Henry, clothier, 35 College street
National Provincial Bank of England (William Payne, manager), The Hard ; draw on Head Office, London
Nayler Edward, gasfitter, 33 Union street
Newland Richard, gilder, 68 Hanover street
Nicholas William & Co. chemists, 178 Queen street
Nobes Alfred, Leopard tavern, 9 Butcher street
Noble Ellen Jane (Mrs.), cloth cap maker, 45 Havant street
Noble James, Bull's Head, 127 Queen street
Norman Harry Adolphus, trunk & portmanteau maker, 3 Half Moon street
Norris James, shoe maker, 72 North street
Oakes Elizabeth (Miss), seminary, 56 Cross street
Ockenden William Henry, pawnbroker, 28 Kent street
Oldfield & Co. soda water makers, 12 Prince George's street
Olding John Alfred, baker & grocer, 18 Daniel street
Olding William, wardrobe dealer, 21 Butcher street
Orley John James, Heart-in-Hand, 71 Union street
Orsmond Robert, tailor, 136 & 137 Queen street
O'Sullivan Timothy, pork butcher, 16 Bonfire corner
Palmer & Co. export & family grocers, 7 St. George's square & 80 Queen street
Palmer Edmund, White Hart, 114 Queen street
Palmer Samuel Christopher, Ship Leopard, 26 Havant street ; residence, 4 St. George's square
Parkhouse William Davey, settlement officer to the Portsea Island Union, 32 Lion terrace
Parks William James, french polisher, I Frederick street
Parlett Henry Thomas, lodging house 60 St. George's square
Parnell John Cosens, solicitor, 41 Bishop street ; residence, Emsworth
Parochial Offices for Portsea (William Edwin Bond, assistant overseer), 3 Lion terrace
Passells George, King & Queen, 9 The Hard
Passells John, beer retailer, 40 & 41 Marlborough road
Pattenden Alfred, miscellaneous dealer, 1A., Hanover street, & shopkeeper, 17 Union street
Pattenden John, beer retailer, 35 Bishop street
Payne Charles, grocer, 6 Daniel street
Payne Henry, clothier, 101 Queen street
Payne William, hair dresser, 139 Queen street
Payne William, manager of National Provincial Bank of England (branch), & treasurer of the Portsea Island Union & to the Portsmouth Urban Sanitary Authority, & to the borough of Portsmouth, National Provincial Bank, The Hard
Pearce & Son, solicitors, 13 Union street
Pearce Arthur, solicitor (firm7 Pearce & Son), 13 Union street
Pearce Henry, beer retailer, 10 St. George's square
Pearce William, solicitor (firm, Pearce & Son), 13 Union street
Pearcey Francis, shoe maker & beer retailer, 7 Havant street
Pearson Charles Richard, bookbinder, 8 Kent street
Penney John, linen draper, 126 Queen street
Perks Edward Rogers, surgeon, 67 St. George's square
Perrin George, Royal Engineers' tavern, 53 Kent street
Perry Charles, beer retailer, 9 Portland street
Peters George & Co. wine, spirit & cigar merchants St. George's square ; vinegar brewers, Aylward street; tobacconists, 155 Queen street & at Southsea
Phillips Thomas, chemist, 25 Queen street
Pierotti George, Coach & Horses, 7 Frederick street
Pinchard William, earthenware dealer, 51 Hanover street
Pine Horatio, collector to the Urban Sanitary Authority for Portsea town, 31 Hanover street
Pinhorne John, hair dresser, 3 Union street
Pine Andrew, watch maker, 58 Hanover street
Plumbridge Thomas Spier, chemist, 1 Bonfire corner
Polden Ellen (Miss), Royal Standard, 190 Queen street
Pond Wm. Reuben, butcher, 40 Kent street; & at Landport
Porter John Long, shoe maker, 184 & 176 Queen street
Porter Joseph (firm, Besant & Porter), solicitor & commissioner for affidavits, 12 Union street
Portsea Island Building Society (Thomas Pratt Wills, secretary), 33 & 34 Lion terrace
Portsea Island Gas Light Co. (John Douglas, supt. & Sec.; Thomas Robert Crook, deputy supt.); office, 47 St. George's square works, Flathouse' Landport
Portsea Island Union (Thomas Pratt Wills, clerk); office, 33 & 34, Lion terrace
Portsea Island Young Men's Christian' Association (W. H. W. Crosby & W. Lee Field, hon. secs.), 137 Queen street
Portsmouth Dockyard Medical Benefit Society (G. Price, president ; William Peyton, sec.), 21 Broad street , Southsea
Portsmouth & Hampshire Mineral Water Co. Limited (Robert Kingsbury' manager), St. George's square
Portsmouth Liberal Association (Alfred Bryant, sec.), 29 St. George's square
Portsmouth Royal Sailors' Home (James Lyon Thorne, R.N. superintendent & secretary), 77 Queen street
Portsmouth Times & Naval Gazette (Holbrook & Sons ; published every saturday morning (price 2d.) & tuesday evening (price id.), 154 Queen street ; also at 31 High St. Gosport & West at. Chichester.
Power Frederick, grocer, 26 Queen street
Pratt Lavinia Ann (Mrs.), seminary, 27 North street
Preston John, sweetstuff maker, 6 Prince George's street
Price Margaret (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Lion terrace
Priestley Thomas, beer retailer, 5 Unicorn street
Prince John, shoe maker, 85 Queen street
Prior Charles watch maker, 25 Hanover street
Prior Jane (Mrs.), furrier, 25 Hanover street
Putman James, beer retailer & baker &c. 20 & 21 North street
Rake George, architect, St. George's square
Ralphs Simon, Royal George, 4 Camden alley
Rands William, boot & shoe maker, 48 Queen street
Rannie William engineer &c. St. George's square
Rastrick Wm. fly. pharmaceutical chemist, 122 Queen street
Rayner John, wardrobe dealer, l8 St. James's street
Rayner Samuel, clothier, 13 Clock street
Read John, blacksmith, 10 Aylward street
Read Silas, wheelwright, 10 Aylward street
Redward Thomas, fruiterer, 100 Queen street
Redward William Charles, surgeon dentist, 17 Lion terrace
Reed Henry, solicitor, commissioner for affidavits & commissioner for Admiralty, 14 Union street
Rees Alfred John, tinman & brazier, 17 College street
Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Society (branch) (James Lancaster, district man.), 2 St. George's square.
Reville George, furniture broker, 14 Bonfire corner
Rice George, Victoria tavern, 94 Queen street, & corn factor, 26 North street
Richards Charles Edwin, plumber & painter, 6 Cross street
Richards George, shoe maker, 15 Cumberland street
Richards Thomas, painter & plumber, 28 Havant street
Richardson George Henry, baker & shopkeeper, 22 Kent street
Reddett Frank, builder, 39 Bishop street & Kent street
Robbins William Henry, carver & gilder, 9 Hanover street
Robinson William, hatter, 3 Kent street
Rooms Henry, Queen's  Head, 7 The Hard
Roper Charles, Vine inn, 12 Clock street
Rose Henry, beer retailer, 39 Union street
Ross John Henry, cabinet maker, 183 Union street
Rothwell Walter, butcher, 22 Daniel street & 54 Cross street
Rowley Edward, beer retailer, 11 Kent street
Royal Naval Engineers' Club (Thomas Hall, sec.; James Warner, steward & manager), 12 Lion terrace
Royal Seamen & Marines' Orphan School & Female Orphan Home (Mrs. Susan Hobbs, matron)
Russell Arthur, draper, 129 Queen street
Ryan Richard, shoe maker, 14 Bishop street

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