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Portsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders U - Z

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Underhill Hugh, butcher, 39 North street
Veerhault John, beer retailer, 6 Wickham street
Venters John, shoe maker, 6 Bonfire corner
Vine Samuel, export & family grocer, see Palmer & Co
Vine William, messman, 21 King street
Voke Joseph, clothier, 5 Clock street
Voller George, greengrocer, 181 Queen street
Voller Geo. Robinson, relieving officer, 43 Prince George's street
Voller Henry, boot maker, 67 Hanover street
Vose Charlotte (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker, 69 Cross street
Wainscot John, bankruptcy & general accountant, estate agent, licensed valuer &c. 9 Union street
Waldron James, boot maker, 6 St. George's square
Walker William & Co. window glass, lead, oil & color & cement merchants, 125 Queen street
Wallis Henry, greengrocer, 51 Havant street
Ward Edward Burke, beer retailer, 35 Hanover street
Ward Louie (Miss), berlin wool repository, 24 Queen street
Ward William wholesale tea dealer, 68 St. George's square (late of 51 Citteen street
Warn Jabez, pawnbroker' 37 Hanover street
Warn James, grocer & baker, 18 & 19 Butcher street
Warn James, woollen draper& clothier, 39 Hanover street
Warn Joseph, mercer & milliner, 27 Queen street
Warren Maria (Mrs.), chimney sweeper, 5 St. James's street
Warren Robert, beer retailer, 35 St. James's street
Wateridge Charles Wild, beer retailer, 57 St. George's street
Waters James, tailor, 1 Clock street
Watkins James, leather seller, 18 Bishop street
Watkins Wm. Hen. St. George's Stores, 26 St. George's square
Watson Alexander, hair dresser' 19 College street
Watson John, greengrocer, Mitre alley
Watt James, travelling draper, 16 Union street
Watt Mary Jane (Miss), stay & corset maker, 47 Queen street
Watts George' fish dealer, 2 St James's street
Watts James, furniture broker, 4 Havant street
Way Frederick Walter, surgeon, 66 St. George's square ; surgery, 16 Daniel street
Way William, clothier, 4 College street
Way William Augustus, solicitor, 18 St. George's square
Way William Edward, general engraver, 20 Hanover street
Webb Charles, shopkeeper, 23 Havant street
Webb Joseph, cab proprietor, 15 Hay street
Webber & Rider (Misses), ladies' boarding school, Blenheim house, St. George's square
Webber William, shopkeeper, 2 Portland street
Weeks John, eating house, 10 Clock street
Welton Charles. bakers' peel maker, 5 College street
Wendover & Co. cabinet makers, upholsterers, bedding manufacturers, house decorators & carpet warehousemen, 56, 57 & 58 Hanover street
West Thomas, baker & grocer, 47 Cross street
Westbrook Emma ( Miss), mourning milliner, 43 Queen street
Westwood James, Horse & Jockey, 29 Marlborough road
White P. J. & F. S. leather cutters, 38 Hanover street
White Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 53 St. George's square
White Elizabeth (Mrs.), baker, 24 Prince George's street
White George, tailor & outfitter, 123 Queen street
White Henry Woolford, china, glass & earthenware dealer, 6 Queen street ; & at 22 Commercial road, Landport
White Robert, Butchers' Arms, 26 Bishop street
White William, Manchester Unity Arms, 29 Queen street
Whiteman William Henry, tailor, 16 Lion terrace
Whittle William, Norfolk Arms, 144 Queen street
Wilder David, shopkeeper, 6 Union street
Wilkins Geo. confectioner (14 refreshment house, 142 Queen street
Wilkins Richard, photographer, 90 Queen street
Wilkinson George, dealer in live stock, 34 St. James's street
Willett John Thomas, letterpress printer, 53 Hanover street
Williams George, dealer in rushes & canes, 45 Union street
Williams James Michael, printer, 143 Queen street
Williams Wm. agt. for Sutton & Co. carriers, 29 Hanover street
Wills Elizabeth Ann (Miss), middle class school for girls, 30 Lion terrace
Wills Thomas Pratt, clerk to the guardians of Portsea Island Union, 84 superintendent registrar of births, deaths & marriages for Portsea Island district & secretary to the Portsea Island Building Society &c. 33 & 34 Lion terrace
Wilson James, draper, 66 King street
Windebank William, bricklayer, 42 North street
Windsor George, furniture dealer, 37 St James's street
Windsor John, shopkeeper, 20 Havant street
Windsor Robert, furniture broker, 8 North street
Windsor William Thomas, greengrocer, 44 Kent street
Winsor William, Still tavern, 60 Kent street
Woodman George, Real Union tavern, Bonfire corner
Wooldridge James, wood turner, Aylward street
Woolley James Priestnall, hat & cap maker, 135 Queen street
Wright & Ballard, bill posters, 25 College street
Wyles John, greengrocer & coal dealer, 29 Butcher street
Young Edward, shopkeeper, 13 Orange street
Young Harry William, cabinet maker, 41 St James's street
Young Joseph, Shakspeares Head, 29 Bishop street
Zachariah Aaron, jeweller, 45 Queen street
Zeffertt Henry, naval & military cap maker, 24 College Sstreet

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