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PORTSMOUTH 1855 Post Office Directory - Gentry

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory

Portsmouth Gentry in 1855

Atkins John Elias, esq. 2 Green row
Atkins John Elias, jun, esq., 148 High street
Batty Capt. George Henry, 4 Grand parade
Binstead Charles Henry, esq. 16 High street
Bloxam Henry, esq. 1 Grand parade
Carter Miss, 9 Green row
Cave Joseph, 63 St. Thomas street
Clark Lieut. Joseph, R.N. 129 High street
Clark Charles, esq. 40 St Thomas street
Clark Edmund, esq. 130 High street
Clark Edmund, esq. 40 St Thomas street
Colville Capt. Hon. William J, A.D.C. Government house, High street
Clark Joseph Yule, esq. 2 King William place
Dalgety Major James William, Old Government house, St. Thomas street
Daly Major-General Dunnis, 9 Green row
Devereux William, esq. 41 St marys street
Dodd George, esq. 7 High street
Dorrien Henry John, esq. 26 High street
Evelegh Capt. George, R.A. 19 High street
Ford Richard William, 12 High street
Garratt Saml Wyatt, esq. 3 Grand parade
Gibbon Robert, esq. 5 Battery row
Grant Henry, esq. 45 High street
Grant William esq. Grand Parade
Greetham Geo Lamburn, esq. 14 High street
Greetham Samuel, esq. 61 St Thomas street
Hazel Rev. William, M.A. 48 Penny street
Harrison Capt. Joseph, R.N. 79 St Thomas street
Hellard Charles Bettesrworth, esq. 132 High street
Hellard Charles Bettesrworth, esq. 10 High street
Henney John, esq. Penny street
Hinton Benj. Hudson, esq. 9 Grand parade
Hobson Rev. William Francis, B.A. 7 Green row
Holbrook Mrs, 62 St Thomas street
Howard John, esq. 54 High street
Irvine Samuel, M.D., R.M. 11 High street
Kinight Rev. Thos B.A. 44 St Thomas street
Lawrence Capt. Joseph, R.M.A. 78 St Thomas street
Langley Henry, esq. 45 St. Thomas street
Lewis Mrs. 1 Warblington street
Livesay Augustus Frederick, esq. 30 Penny street
Low Edwin, esq. 60 St. Thomas street
McCheane John, esq. 31 St. Thomas street
McCheaneThomas, esq. 66 St.Thomas street
McGhie Rev. John Poulett, M.A. Vicarage house, High street
Madden Miss, 10 1/2 High street
Maddock John, esq. R.N. 131 High street
Maitland Lieut-Col. Frederick Thomas, 22 Penny street
Martin John, esq. High street & Wymering house
Megginson Botterill, esq. 61 High street
Meik Miss, 23 High street
Miller John, esq. 96 St. Thomas street
Milner Rev. Edwd. Wm. M. A.21 Penny street
Mitchell Rev. Francis, 149 High Btreet
Mitchell Mrs. 67 St. Thomas street
Mitchell Wm. Hope, esq. 128 High street
Moore Mrs. 23 St. Thomas street
Mottley Miss Mary, 64 St. Thomas street
Newlyn John, esq. 95 St. Thomas street
Palk Misses. 17 Lombard street
Pappalardo Vincent, esq. 64 High street
Piercey Moses, esq. 124 High street
Rannie Mrs. 17 High street
Raper William Augustus, M.D
Rogers Mr. George, 93 St. Thomas street
Rolph Thomas, M.D. 15 High street
Sayer Joshua Saffery, esq. 48 High street
Shergar John Merritt, esq. 145 High street
Simpson Major-General [Lt.Governor of Portsmouth], Government house. High street
Slight Julian, esq. 125 High street
Sparrow Robert Pennington,esq. R.M.A. 77 St. Thomas street
Stewart James, M.D. 86 St. Thomas street
Swainson William,esq. 127 High street
Turner Capt. Wm. R.N. 94 St.Thomas'st
Van den Bergh Le Chevalier Louis Arnoldus, 5 Grand parade
Ward John, esq. 40 St. Mary street
Weaver Mr. Richard, 133 High street
White Mrs. Henry, 144 High street
White Richard, esq. 13 High street
Willan Capt.Wm.M. Douglas,9 High street
Winkworth Stephen esq. 92 St.Thomas st

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