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PORTSMOUTH 1855 Post Office Directory - Traders A - C

Portsmouth pubs history index - Portsmouth 1855 Directory


Aldred John, Isle of Wight tavern, Bath square
Alexander William Edmund, Blue Post hotel. Broad street
Alldridge John Lemley, dentist, 143 High street
Allen Frederick, hairdresser, East street
Anchor Charles, cooper, 43 East street St & 30 Oyster street
Antill Nathaniel (late Antill, Peters & Co.), importer of wines & spirits, scotch & irish whiskey & ale & porter agent, Oyster street & Halfmoon street, Portsea
Ashford James Farrance, Blacksmiths Arms, Prospect row
Astridge John, governor of the Borough gaol, Penny street
Atkins John & Son, bankers (draw on Martin & CO. Lombard street, London), 2 Green row
Atlee Richard, fruiterer & greengrocer, 64 Broad street
Baigent Charles Alfred, beer retailer,68 High street
Baker Frederick, Cambridge tavern, 119 High street
Baker George, jun. corn merchant & wharfinger, Broad st
Baker Henry, lodging house, 7 Grand parade
Baker Robert, Kings Arms tavern, Broad street
Bank of England (branch of ), (Henry John Dorrien, agent; John Henney, sub-agent), 26 High street
Banks James, cooper & cider dealer, 32 Oyster street
Barnes John, Two Jolly Brewers, Armoury lane
Barnes John William, grocer, 22 St. Mary street
Barnett Joseph, tobacconist, 86 High street
Barrett John, watchmaker, 1 Broad street
Bartlett James, Fortitude tavern, 49 Broad street
Bartlett John, boot & shoe maker, 50 Broad street
Batcheler & Boobyer, milliners & dressmakers, 41 Penny street
Batchelor George Robert, grocer & baker, 2 Warblington st
Batcbelor Thomas, railway carrier (& agent for Courage & Co. brewers, London), 30 Lombard street
Batchelor Thomas, bookseller, bookbinder & stationer, 98 High street
Batcheler William George, wharfinger, 6 Lombard street
Bath Henry, beer retailer, Warblington street
Baum David, general dealer, 71 St. Mary street
Baxter Thomas Hollist, shoeing smith, 16 Lombard street
Beale Ann (Miss), Roebuck, Broad street
Beale Edward, pilot, East street
Beale Mabel (Mrs.), fishmonger, Market place, High street
Beale Martha (Miss), shopkeeper, East street
Beale Thomas, custom house & shipping agent, Broad street
Bedborough Charles Thomas, grocer & teadealer, 46 High street
Bedbrook John, furniture broker, East street
Beech Thomas, pork butcher, 35 St. Thomas street
Bevan Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 25 Warblington street
Bevis George, bricklayer, 21 Warblington street
Binsteed Charles Henry, solicitor, notary & secretary to the Victoria Pier company, hon. sec. to Decanal Board of Education, & actuary assumed to Prize Commission Court, agent to the Monarch fire & United Kingdom life office, 16 High street
Bishop George Prince, porter merchant (& agent for Barclay, Perkins & Co. London), 2 & 3 Lombard street
Bishop George Prince, wine & dry cooper, 50 St.Thomas street
Blake William & Sons, merchants. East street
Blechyenden Mary Ann (Miss), Coal Exchange, Bath square
Bloxam Henry, surgeon, 1 Grand parade
Body Edwin, butcher, Pembroke street
Bolt John Henry, undertaker & sexton of St. Thomas, 54 St. Thomas street
Bonamy Sarah (Mrs.), Star & Garter hotel, Broad street
Bond John, marine store dealer, 63 Broad street
Bond John, Pack Horse, West street
Bond William, New York tavern, Bath square
Bore Prederick, greengrocer, 5 Barrack street
Bound John, Black Horse, Tower street
Bowden John, master & block maker, Bath square
Bracber James, Guernsey, Warblington street
Braddock James, pianoforte tuner, 14 Lombard street
Bradley Richard William, actuary to the savings' bank & naval instructor, 42 St. Thomas street
Bratt James, pawnbroker, 57 St. Mary street
Brooks Robert, grocer, 20 Oyster street
Broome Harry, Albion tavern, Warblington street
Brown George, dancing master, 20 Penny street
Brown George, butcher, 29 Warblington street
Brown William, Blue Bell, St. Mary Btreet
Bubb William, builder, 73 High street
Buckett John, boot & shoe maker, 44 Warblington street
Buckler Sarah Ann (Mrs.), baker, grocer & provision dealer, 15 & 16 Warblington street
Budd Richard, Dolphin Navy, Army & family hotel, 41 High street
Bull Henry, architect & surveyor, 18 Lombard street
Barges John Edward, Royal Mail, & town crier, St. Thomas street
Burne John Edward, miller & corn merchant, King's mill
Burrows Robert, tobacconist, 97 High street
Burrows Stephen, fruiterer, High street
Caine Thomas, bookseller, Pembroke street
Calcott George, King of Prussia, 12 Broad street
Calcott James, blacksmith, 12 Broad street
Calcott James, artist, 142, High street
Camwell Luke, builder & contractor, 1 St. Mary street
Cann John, master mariner, 27 Lombard street
Cantle James, carpenter, Oyster street & 13 Gold street, Southsea
Carpenter John Weapon, shopkeeper & marine store dealer, East street
Cash Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 12 St. Mary street
Casher John & Wm. wine & spirit merchants, 24 High street
Castell Henry, jeweller & fancy repository, 110 High street
Cavander Samuel & Co. tobacco, snuff & cigar manufacturers, 8 Broad street
Cave Joseph, corn & coal merchant, 63 St. Thomas street
Caws Anna (Miss), shopkeeper, 41 East street
Chamberlain's Office (William Bilton,chamberlain; Chas. Henry Hardy, harbour master; George Pitt, boatswain), Town quay
Chambers William Grant, teadealer & grocer, & agent to the Sun fire & National Mercantile life offices, 83 High street & 4 the Hard, Portsea
Chamney William, baker & grocer, 17 St. Nicholas street
Chamney William, confectioner & pastrycook by appointment to her Majesty, fancy bread & biscuit baker, 33 St. Thomas street
Charlick Wm. inspector of corn returns, 46 St. Thomas street
Charpentier William Henry, engraver, printer & stationer, 50 High street
Chestle James, tailor & outfitter, 70 Broad street
Childs Henry, sailmaker, 6 Broad street
Cbilds Joseph Linington, chemist & druggist, 117 High street
Clark, Chatterton & Clark, wholesale tea & coffee dealers, corn & provision merchants, cheese factors & importers of colonial produce. Penny street
Clark Edmund & Co. cork merchants & manufacturers, 15 Penny street
Coard Josiah, boot & shoe maker, Broad street
Cobden Clementina (Mrs.), Shipwrights Arms, Oyster street
Coffin John, butcher, Golden Lion lane
Coles Caleb & Co. linen drapers, 78 & 79 High street
Coles James William, custom house & shipping agent, 22 Lombard street & Cottage grove, Southsea
Collins Edward, custom house & snipping agent, Lombard street & St. James' road, Southsea
Collins Henry, custom house & shipping agent, Lombard street & 42 St. Mary street
Collins William, custom house & shipping agent, Lombard street & 32 St. Thomas street
Comerford John, newsagent, Market place. High street
Comerford Sophia (Mrs.), bookseller & circulating library, 1 Green row
Cook James, pilot, 43 Penny street
Cooper Ellen (Mrs.), beer retailer, High Btreet road
Coote John, pilot, 49 St. Thomas street
Copus Robert, marine store dealer, 36 Warblington street
Corporation Wharfinger's Office{ William George Batchelor. wharfinger), Town quay
Coupland John, Portsmouth Herald office, 64 High street
Cousin Nathalie (Mrs.), egg merchant, 23 Oyster street
Covey Richard, Bulls Head, Barrack street
Cox Thomas Henry, Albert tavern, 3 Warblington street
Crampton & Artis, coal & potato merchants, Town quay
Crew Edward, copperplate & seal engraver, 28 High street
Crew Fanny (Miss), miniature painter, 28 High street
Crew William, hairdresser & perfumer, 28 High street
Crofts William, George family & commercial hotel & posting house, & wine & spirit merchant. High street
Cross Edward, plumber, painter & glazier, 2 Broad street
Crotty Thomas, stationer & news spent, 27 St. Mary street
Crumpler James, Duke's Head, King William place
Cullingworth Charles James, furrier, 104 High street
Custom House (John Francis Moore Hodder, esq. collector; Thomas Ferris, esq. comptroller; Richard Henry Minns, esq. landing surveyor; George Rickman, senior landing waiter), Quay

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