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PORTSMOUTH 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders H - M

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Hammond Mrs., eating house, 21 St. Marys street
Hammond Phineas, boot and shoemaker, Pembroke street
Hampshire Banking Company (branch of), 2 Green row. Draw on the London Joint Stock Bank; bank hours 10 till 4. John Elias Atkins, Esq., manager
Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle Newspaper. Printed and published every Saturday by the proprietors, Harrison and Co., 81, High street. Price 4d. unstamped ; 5d. stamped. (Liberal in Politics). Established 1799. (See
Hardy Mrs. Ann, greengrocer, 6 Warblington street
Harmsworth Robert, grocer, 59 St. Thomas street
Harris Howard, professor of singing, 5 Grand parade
Harrison and Co., publishers and proprietors of the Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle newspaper, and general printers, 81, High street
Hart Mrs. Martha, greengrocer, 39 East street
Hatch Mrs. Amelia, ironmonger, 112 High street
HATCH MRS. REBECCA C., steam shipping agent, agent for the Atlas Fire and Life, and the Consolidated Life Insurance offices, 4, Broad street
Hayden Robert, boot maker, 32 Penny street
HAYWARD ROBERT, family grocer and baker, 115 High street
Heal James B., builder, Penny street ; p.r., Great Southsea street, Southsea
Heath William, beer retailer, 10 East street
HEATHORN CHARLES, Angel and County Court tavern, White Horse street
Hellard and Son, solicitors, 132 High street
Hellard C. B., clerk to the county magistrates, clerk to the burial board, commissioner to administer oaths in all the courts, perpetual commissioner, agent for the Eagle Life and the Sun Fire Insurance Companies
Hellard Alexander, commissioner in common law courts, and. deputy registrar of Bankruptcy court of Portsmouth
Hellard Charles Bettesworth, surgeon, 132 High street
Hellard Geo. B., surgeon, 42 St. Thomas street
Henney John, sub-agent Branch Bank of England, 25 High street
Hill Aaron insurance agent, agent for the London Assurance Fire office, &c., 14 High street
Hill Mrs. Fanny, cook and confectioner to Her Majesty, 91 High street
Hill Miss Sarah, Berlin wool repository, 98 High street
Hitchings James Cartwright, brewer at Pike, Spicer, and Co.'s brewery,. 18 High street
Hobbins Thomas, collector of taxes, 5 King William place
Hodgkins James, beer retailer, Oyster street
Holbrook James, collector of rates, &c., 82 St. Thomas street
Holder Charles, The Heros tavern, Crown street
Hollings Thomas, Naval & Military Arms, 73 St. Marys street
Hooker Mrs. Agnes, Sun tavern, Grand parade
Hooper William, bookbinder & bookseller, 71 High street
Hooper William Henry, gasfitter, &c., 62 Broad street
Hardie Frederick, ironmonger, 100 High street
HORN WILLIAM, family grocer, importer of teas, &c., agent for the Commercial Union Fire and Life Insurance Company, 106, High street
Howard John, solicitor and town clerk, clerk of the peace, and registrar of bankruptcy and county court, &c., offices, County Court and Guildhall ; p.r., 64, High street
Howes John G., the Alexandra dining and refreshment rooms, 3 White Horse street
Howes John & sauce and pickle manufacturers 2 Co.,hite Horse street
Hudson T., Golden Cross, 76 Broad street
Humphrey E. & Co., millinery and fancy repository, 109 High street
Hutchings John, farrier and smith, 59 St. Marys street .
Hutchings Mrs. Sophia, Coach & Horses, 74 Broad street
Jackman Samuel, Kings Head, 40 Broad street
Jacob Charles, greengrocer, Barrack street
Jacobs Daniel, shoeing smith, Town Quay
Jamison George John, beer retailer, 38 St. Marys street
JEFFERY ISAAC, grocer, & sole proprietor of the All England sauce, 36 High street
Jenkins Miss Emma, milliner and dressmaker, 69 St. Thomas street
Jenkins Mrs., laundress, 17 Penny street
Jennings William, beer retailer, Prospect row
Johnson Charles, beer retailer, 54 St. Marys street
JOHNSON GEORGE, Old Blue Bell inn, & livery stable keeper, St. Thomas street
Johnson Mrs., greengrocer, 12 Warblington street
Jones Joseph William, beer retailer, 16 St. Marys street
Irvine Samuel, physician, 11 High street
Keesing James, general dealer, 60 St. Marys street
Kemp William, Fountain family & commercial hotel, and posting house, and Wine and spirit merchant, High street
Kimber John, canteen keeper, Clarence barracks
Kimber John, brewer for Messrs. G. and J. T. Garrett, 27 Penny street
King George, coach & omnibus proprietor, 281 St. Marys street
King Thomas, town carrier, Oyster street
Knighton William, Cornish Arms, 71 Broad street
Knott Charles, chemist and veterinary surgeon, 47 St. Marys street
Laishley William, Blue Anchor tavern, 68 St. Marys street
Laishley William, Military Arms, 19 Warblington street
Lamey Bartholomew, beer retailer, 1 High street road
Lang John, coal merchant, office, Bath square, p. r. 4 King William place
Langrish Mrs., milliner, 35 St. Thomas st.
Langridge George, tailor, 93 St. Thomas street
Lapthorn William Henry, sail maker, ship chandler, agent for the patent self reefing topsail, 29, Broad street, and East street
LATTER & SONS, upholsterers and cabinet makers, 72 High street, and Whitehart row
Leal George, confectioner and baker, 57 Broad street
Leverett William Matthias, The Prince Consort, 141 High street
Lewington Mrs. Elizabeth, currier and leather seller, 22 Warblington street
Lewis Henry, printer, book and music seller, binder, stationer, newsagent, &c., 102, and 114 High street
Lewis Henry, shopkeeper, 30 East street, Point
Lipscombe John, eating house, 69 High street
Lipson Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 72 Broad street
Litchfield William, The Times Correspondent, 7 Grand parade
Livesay Augustus Frederick, architect & surveyor, 30 Penny street
Lee George, coach builder, 126, High street and St. Thomas street, and livery and commission stables, Pembroke street and Penny street, p. r. Waterloo
Long William Henry, shopkeeper, 15 St. Thomas street
Lovelock John, beer retailer, 5 Prospect row
Luscombe Edward, chemist and stamp distributor, 44 High street
Macartney Frederick, clerk at Victoria pier, 42 Penny street
McCheane Thomas, merchant & general agent, 66 St. Thomas street
Machin Edward, hairdresser and perfumer, 36a High street
Mackay John,. greengrocer, 21 Warblington street
MC LEAN, ROBERTS & CO., wine and spirit merchants, High street
Mc Lennan Mrs. Maria, shopkeeper, 6 Pembroke street
Mc Sheen John, general dealer, East street
Malone John, Albion Tavern, Warblington street
Marrett Richard, Shipping and Mercantile tavern, Oyster street
Marrington James, brewer at Pike, Spicer & Cos, 28 Penny street
Marsh George, beer retailer, Town Quay
Martin James, Anglesea inn, Oyster street
Martin Jas., Fountain Hotel Tap, Penny street
Martin Sohn Henry, M.D., and dental surgeon, Cambridge house High street, and Keydell, near Horn Dean
Martin John, shopkeeper, 7 St. Marys street
Mayen Miss Caroline, lace and millinery warehouse, 93 High street
Mayston J., shopkeeper, 7 St. Marys street
Mead James, shopkeeper, 8 East street
Mead Mary Ann, Three Tuns, 40 East street
Mead Thomas, The Ship Kent, 23 St. Marys street
MILES HENRY, The Post Boy, St. Thomas street, & turner 2 High street road.
Miles William, Blue Post, Broad street
Miller Barnard C., cabinet maker, undertaker, &c., 19 St. Marys street
Miller Jacob, beer retailer, East street
Mitchell Jag., shopkeeper, 14 St. Marys street
Mitchell Mrs. Martha, grocer, 111 St. Thomas street
Mitchell Robert, shopkeeper, 9 Bath square
Mitchell Robert James, outfitter, 33 Broad street
Monck Thomas, oyster refreshment rooms, 58 High street
Moore John, hardwareman, 26 St. Marys street
Morgan George, general dealer, 5 St. Marys street
Morgan Henry, brewer, Fountain steam brewery, East street , p. r. 17 Lombard street
Moss John, register office for servants, 37 High street

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