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PORTSMOUTH 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders N - S

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Naylor Miss Emma, dressmaker, 26 Lombard street
Neville Walter, refreshment house, 36 St. Marys street
New Wm. Albert tavern, Warblington street
Newland William Bingham & Co., gilders, paper hanging warehouse, stationers & photographers, 116 High street
Newman Jas., shopkeeper, 2 St. Marys street
Newman Joseph, shopkeeper, Crown street
Norkett Mrs. J., hatter, 51 High street
NORMAN HARRY ADOLPHUS, trunk and portmanteau manufacturer, 36 High street, and at 3 Half Moon street, The Hard, Portsea
NORTH GEORGE CHARLES, Norths commercial coffee and dining rooms, High street
Ogburn Joseph, Fitzclarence tavern, Green Row
Oliver Mrs. Laura, dressmaker, 64 St. Marys street
Orton Robert, carver, gilder and paper hanger, 67 St. Marys street
Osgar John, greengrocer, 17 Broad street
Owen Richard, -watch maker, 2 Bathing lane
Pace Frederick, musical instrument manufacturer, 135 High street, and at Wardour street, Soho, London
Packer Thomas, beer retailer, Tower street
Page William, shopkeeper, 11 East street
Paine Edward, photographer, 61 St. Marys street
Palmer •Edwin, shipping butcher, 58 Broad street
Palmer John, fish seller, 6 Warblington street
Pappalardo Vincent, consul for Spain, Mexico, Parma, Brazil, Sardinia, Sicily, Uraguay, Italy and United States of America, 64 High street., & at Southampton
Parsons Thomas, millinery warehouse, 29 St. Marys street
Parsons Wm., chemist, 31 St. Marys street
Pasmore George, pharmaceutical chemist, 84 High street
Passells Edward, Prince William Henry, Upper West street
Payne Samuel, Neptune and Mars, 55 Broad street
Pearce James, King of Prussia, & licensed to let horses, &c.,.12 Broad street
Pearce Richard, baker and grocer, 56 St. Marys street
Peckham Edward, beer retailer, 20 St. Marys street
Pegg George, Portsmouth Arms, 48 Penny street
PELLATT THEOPHILUS, mast and block maker, and yacht fitter, Bath square, p. r. Wingfield street, Landport
Perin Hubert, jeweller & fancy warehouse, 86 High street
Pickford & Co., railway and general carriers, Bath square, and at Castle Wood street, City, London, Wm. Hickson, agent
Pike, Spicer & Co., brewers and spirit merchants, Penny street
Pineo Charles William Eustace, architect, surveyor, and civil engineer, 15 High street
Pitt .Mrs. Sarah, dining rooms, 5 Broad street
Poad Wm. Palmer, laceman and milliner, High street
POATE RICHARD, artist & photographer, Pembroke street
Police Station, Pembroke street, Mr. Richard Barber, superintendent
Portsmouth and Portsea Savings Bank, St Thomas street, Richard William Bradley, Esq., actuary
Post Office, High street, Mr. John Sheppard, postmaster
Foyer Mrs. E., beer retailer, St. Thomas street
Prince of Wales Club, 34 High street ; Henry J. Do/Tien, Esq., treasurer ; Vincent Pappalardo, Esq., secretary
Prior George, eating house, 53 Broad street
Prew Mrs. Jane, pork butcher, 66 Broad street
Quigley John, Jolly Brewers, Armoury lane
Raper William Augustus, M.D., physician, 43 St. Marys street
Read John, shipbuilder, 7 Lombard street Read John, smith and wheelwright, 29, Lombard street
Reynolds Thomas, shopkeeper, 38 Warblington street
Rice John, marine store dealer, 49 Warblington street
Richards Miss Mary, lodging-house keeper, 32 High street
Richardson Knowles, relieving officer for Portsmouth district of the Portsea Island union, St. Thomas street
Richards Frederick, tailor, 18 Penny street
Richman William, general dealer, 70 St. Marys street
Rickman William, grocer and ship store merchant, 31 Broad street
Ridlinton Daniel, newsagent, &c., 4 Pembroke street
Riley William, fruiterer, Pembroke street
Roberts William, hairdresser, 7 East street
Rogers Edward, hairdresser, 77 St. Thomas street
Roper William, greengrocer, 3 Golden Lion lane
Rout George, beer retailer, West street
Rout George Clark, navy and army outfitter, 85 & 90 High street
Routledge Mrs. Eliza, Blue Posts, Pembroke street
Russell & Naval and military out fitters, 107  High street
Russwnrm Rev. Alexander, B.A., head master of the Grammar school, Penny street
Sargeant Henry, plumber, painter, and glazier, 63 High street
Sargeant William (firm of Sargeant and Son), 3 King William place
Sargeant William & Son, ginger beer and lemonade manufacturers, Penny street
Saunders Mrs., stay and corset maker, Penny street
Saunders Nathan, dealer in second-hand clothes, 23 Oyster street
Saunders William Henry, family chemist and druggist, 113 High street
Savage William, gasfitter, bellhanger, &c., 18 Warblington street
SAYER WELLINGTON HARRISON, wine and spirit merchant, 48 High street
SCOTT JOHN WILLIAM, haberdasher, 18 St. Marys street
Scott Mrs. Martha, tobacconist, 25 St. Marys street
Shawyer James Thomas, mast and block maker, Town quay
Sheppard David, greengrocer, 140 High street
Sheppard George, boot and shoe manufacturer, 89 High street
Sheppard John, postmaster, post office, High street
Sherman John, Golden Lion, 4 Golden Lion lane
Silvester John, hair cutter, 45 Warblington street
Silvester John, East and West inn, Bath square
Simpson James, beer retailer, Warblington street
Slight Julian, surgeon, 125 High street
Smith Ann, shopkeeper, Upper West street
Smith David, beer retailer, 8 Crown street
Smith Edward, coffee house, 12 St. Marys street
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, Kings Arms, Broad street
Smith John, New York tavern, Bath square
Smithers C. M., boot and shoe warehouse, 85 High street
Smithers John Houghton, watchmaker & jeweller, 105 High street
Snook G. J. & C., importers of eggs and fruiterers, 18 Oyster street
Spalding John, Robin Hood & Little John, West street
Spencer, Browning & Co., manufacturers of optical, mathematical, & philosophical instruments, and engineers, 52 High street, and Globe Steam Factory, Penny street
Spencer Joseph, Star and Garter Army, Navy, and Family hotel, Broad street
Squance Frederick John, Wellington hotel, High street
Stamp Office, 44, High street ; Edward Luscombe, distributor
STEVENS CHARLES, Spotted Dog tavern and eating-house, St. Marys street
Stimpson Thomas, grocer, 69 Broad street.
Stone Robert, Fortitude Tap, 5 Bath square
Stow Samuel, jun., hairdresser & tobacconist, 34 St. Marys street
Suter Henry, beer retailer, 39 Warblington street
Sutton William, White Swan, 54 Broad street
Surmen Wm., shopkeeper, 58 St. Marys street
Swainson William, solicitor, Admiralty coroner for the Isle of Wight and county of Southampton, law agent to the solicitors of the Treasury, Admiralty, and War Department, Land and Inland Revenue, commissioner to administer oaths in all the courts, 148 High street
Sweetland Mrs. Martha, shopkeeper, Broad street
Swiney Miss, school, 29 Oyster street
SYMONDS & CO., artists and photographers, 39 High street, and at 15 Union street, Cycle, Isle of Wight

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