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PORTSMOUTH 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders T - W

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Tayler James, jun., grocer, 21 Broad street
Tayler James, sen., shipwright & chandler, Town quay
Taylor George Winsor, coach builder, Pembroke street and Penny street
Taylor Hindle, lodging-house keeper, 44 Penny street
Taylor Joseph, Ordnance Arms, 69 St. Marys street
Terry Mrs. Jane, poulterer, Market house, High street; p. r., 15 Lombard street
Thomas James, Scripture reader, 13 St. Thomas street
Thomas Rees, Cambridge tavern, 119 High street
Thompson Mrs. Ann, The Arethusa, 3 Broad street
Thorn Frederick Boyle Travers, Olive Branch tavern, 29 East street, Point
Tilly Frederick, soap manufacturer, Prospect row p. r., 62 St. Thomas street
Tollervey d. H., butcher, 25 Broad street
Trayler James & Co., military and naval outfitters, 103 High street
Treakell Joseph, pianoforte and music warehouse, 75 High street
True William, umbrella maker, 2 Pembroke street
Trueman John James, shopkeeper, 22 St. Marys street
Tyler E.W., United Service hotel, High street
Ilbsdell Richard Henry Clements, miniature painter and photographer, 1 Green Row
Urch Thomas, wine & spirit merchant, 53 High street
VAN DEN BERGH LOUIS ARNOLDUS & SON, merchants and shipping agents, consuls and vice-consuls for France, Austria, Turkey, Prussia, Holland, Hanover, Belgium, Lubec, Bremen, Portugal, and Oldenburg, agents for the Hamburg and Bremen Maritime Assurance Company, Bath square
Verrant Mrs., egg merchant, 24 Oyster street
Vick G.W., tailor, outfitter, &c.,110 High street
Vickery James, Glaziers Arms, 10 St. Thomas street
Vine Charles, grocer, 38 Broad street
Vine Isaac, greengrocer, 16 Oyster street
Vryson F. legal and public accountant, financier foreign law agent, auctioneer & valuer, house, estate & general business agent, 134, High street
Waldron Mrs. Eilzabeth, boot and shoemaker, 17 Warblington street
Waller John, greengrocer, &c., 28 Warblington street
Wallis William Peter Vosper, solicitor and notary public, commissioner in the Admiralty court, 10 High street
Walters J, shopkeeper, 10 Pembroke street
Ward Joseph, Phoenix tavern, King street
Warrell S., gun maker, &c., Green row
Watts Joseph, coffee house, 10 St. Marys street
Way James Rout, insurance agent, St, Thomas street
Weeks George, decorative painter, 26 Warblington street
Weeks William George, The Bee Hive inn, and brewer, Warblington street
Weeks John, lodging-house keeper, 36 St. Thomas street
Westmore Mrs. Mary Ann, confectioner, 5 Green row
WHEELER JOHN, wholesale hardwareman, and Birmingham and Sheffield warehouse, 70 Broad street
Wheeler John William, linen draper, 88 High street
Whitcombe Joseph George, pawnbroker, 36 St. Mary street and Warblington street
WHITE ALFRED, ship broker & custom house agent, Bath square
White Mrs. Emma, lodging-house, 43 Penny street
White Henry, beer retailer, 142 High street
White Mrs. Louisa, Two Jolly Brewers tavern, Armory lane
White Mark, Golden Bell tavern, 27 and 28 St. Marys street
White Richard, surgeon, St. Thomas street
WHITE THOMAS & SON, ship builders and ship engineers, Camber Slip yard
White Thomas, fruiterer and fish dealer, 60 Broad street
White Thomas, fruiterer, 46 Broad street
White William, fish salesman, Bath square
Whitehart Mark, shopkeeper, Penny street
Whymark Alfred, beer retailer, Oyster street
Wickenden W., shopkeeper, 18 Broad street
Wilkinson James Matthew, seamans hat manufacturer, 19 Broad street
Williams Edward, builder, 7 Lombard street
Williams Thomas, Sir John Falstaff tavern, Notts lane
Williams Thomas, shoemaker, 79 Broad street point
Willis Henry, blacking manufacture; 32 Warblington street
Willoughby Benjamin, beer retailer, 23 Warblington street
Wilson George Benjamin, decorative artist, 42 St. Marys street
Wilson Mrs. Kezia, umbrella maker, 66 St. Marys street
Windsor James, tailor, 48 Broad street
Wood Robert, brass founder & finisher, gas fitter, &c., 109 St. Thomas street
Woodhouse George, forage cap maker, 30 St. Marys street
Wooliven & Moorshead, operative and dispensing chemists, 108 High street
Wright Joseph Charles, shopkeeper, 591 St. Marys street
Wright William, chemist & druggist, 92 High street
Yates Henry, beer retailer, Lombard street
YOUNG GEORGE, butcher, 46 St. Marys street
YOUNG JOHN J., brewer, S. Thomas street
Young Miss, seminary, 83 St. Thomas street, Portsea

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