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PORTSMOUTH 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders H - M

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Hall John, chiropodist, Lombard street
Hamilton James Hayes, watch maker, 105 High street
Hammond Phineas, boot & shoe maker, 1 Pembroke street
Hamond Henry, Duke's Head, King William place
Hampshire Banking Co.(Arthur Henry Weston, man.), 31 High street ; draw on London Joint Stock Bank
Hampshire Telegraph & Sussex Chronicle ( Harrison & Co.), 81 High street ; published, wednesday Sc saturday.
Hard James, linen draper, 88 High street
Hardy Charles, harbour & dockmaster, Town quay
Harmsworth Robert, grocer, 59 St. Thomas's street
Harris Joseph Gloucester, forwarding agent, 10 Broad street
Haubb Philip, Black Horse, Tower street
Hawkins George, jobmaster, St. Nicholas street
Hawkins Stephen, Naval & Military Arms. St. Mary's street
Hayter William, miscellaneous dealer, 44 Warblington street
Hayward Eliza (Mrs.), grocer, 115 High street
Hellard & Son, solicitors, 132 High street
Herington William Henry, solicitor, 45 St. Thomas's street
Hill & Co. engineers, Broad street
Hill & Co. ice merchants, cooks confectioners to the Queen, restaurant & dining rooms, 91 High street
Hill Eliza (Mrs.), teacher of the pianoforte, 14 High street
Hodgkins James, beer retailer, Oyster street
Holbrook James, rate collector, 84 St. Thomas's street
Hooper Thomas John, ironmonger, 100 High street
Hooper William Henry, gasfitter, 66 Broad street
Horn William, grocer, 106 High street
Hudson Racker, Somerset hotel, 96 Broad street
Hughes Henry Charles, Bell, St. Mary's street, & earthenware dealer, Queen street, Portsea
Humphries George, shopkeeper, 86 Broad street
Humphries Robert, shopkeeper, 36 East street
Hutchings Sophia (Mrs.), Coach & Horses, 3 Broad street
Ivimey James Edward, hosier, High street, & Southsea
Jacobs Daniel, shipsmith, Town quay
Jackman Samuel, King's Arms, 80 Broad street
Jefferies William Henry, outfitter, 109 High street
Jenkins William, beer retailer, 141 High street
Jepps & Co. upholsterers, 52 High street
Jerome Innocence (Mrs.), oil & color warehouse, Highbury street
Johnson Robert, boot & shoe maker, 85i High street
Jones John, shopkeeper, 11 Warblngton street
Jordan William Joseph, beer retailer, Highbury street
Keesing James, miscellaneous dealer, 60 St. Mary's street
Kemp Wm. George family & commercial hotel, High street
Kennedy John, bottle merchant, 93 Oyster street
Kent Giles Henry, shopkeeper, 12 St. Thomas's street
King Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 37 St Thomas's street
King George, jobmaster, 38 St. Mary's street
King Thomas, commission agent, 41 Warblington street
Knott Charles, veterinary surgeon, 47 SL Mary's street
Knott Edwin, ship chandler, East street
Knott William, chemist, 47 St. Mary's street
Lapthorn William Henry, ship chandler, 68 Broad street
Latter Brothers, upholsterers, 72 High street
Leverett Henry, Union tavern, 65 Broad street
Leverett Wm. Matthew, Glazier? inn, 10 St. Thomas's street
Lewington George Henry, leather cutter, 22 Warblington street
Lewis Henry & Alfred, greengrocers, 30 East street
Lewis Henry, bookseller, 114 High street
Lewis John Philip, chemist, 84 High street
Lodder John, Fortitude, 53 Broad street
Los W. & Co. coach builders, harness makers, livery & commission stables & funeral carriage proprietors, 126 High street & 102 St. Thomas's street
Ludwig Henry, beer retailer, 9 Broad street
Lumley William, marine store dealer, 34 East street
Lumley William, outfitter, 14 East street
Luscombe Fanny & Helen (Misses), fancy repos. 44 High street
McCheane T. & J. commission agents,66 St. Thomas's street
Mackrell John, beer retailer, 143 High street
Main Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 82 Broad street
Marshall Wm. solicitor & registrar of marriages, Highbury street
Martin John Henry Charles Erridge, dental surgeon, Cambridge house High street
Martin Mary (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 7 St. Mary's street
Mathews Emma (Miss), school, Highbury street
Matthews Caleb, Orange Tree, 38 East street
Mead Thomas, Ship Kent tavern, 23 St. Mary's street
Meades James, shopkeeper, East street
Meades Thomas, beer retailer, 16 East street
Miller Barnard Charles, cabinet maker, 127 High street & 8 St. Thomas's street
Miller Geo. Loder, secretary to Royal Naval Club, Green row
Miller Robert, grocer, 83 High street
Mills William, Grosvenor hotel, 94 & 95 High street
Mitchell Jane (Mrs.), White Swan, 43 Broad street
Mitchell John William, tobacconist, 9 St. Mary's street
Mitchell Robert, outfitter, 76 Broad street
Monck Bessie, dining rooms, 55 SE 56 High street
Moncreaff Hen, inspector of weights & measures, 144 High street
Moore Egbert, ironmonger, 26 St. Mary's street
Moore George, shopkeeper, 10 Warblington street
Moore William, beer retailer' 89 St. Thomas's street
Moorshead Chas. chemist, 108 High street & 20 The Hard, Portsea
Moritz Henry, hair dresser, 99 High street
Morley Frederic, surgeon, Highbury street
Morris Henry, shipping & forwarding agent, High street
Morris Henry George, house decorator, 6 Broad street
Mutnby Charles & Co. ice wells, East street

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