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Southsea 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders C - E

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Caffin W. A., tailor and outfitter, Palmerston road
Caine Thomas bookseller, stationer, printer, news agent, &c., 54, Wish street
Cambridge House School, principal, W. B. Kemslisarl
Campbell Mrs. Ann, lodgings, 22, Great Southsea street
Cantel Miss Ann, lodging house, 5, South parade
Cantle Wm., brush, turnery', & basket warehouse, 26, Wish street
Caplen Riehard, draper, hosier, &c., Osborne house, St. James road
Carey Wm. G., school, 7, St. Paul's square
Carlow G., beer retailer, Highland road
Carrell Wm., builder & undertaker, 7, Norfolk square
Carter Mr. Charles B., white smith 23, Hyde park
Carter E., dyer & scourer, Hampton street
Carter John, dyer, 42, St. James street
Catebread Matthew, gardener, 2, Buckingham villa, Villiers road
Caws W., draper & hosier, &c., 40a, Wish street.
Cawte H., cook & confectioner, 40, Wish street
Cawte John C., tailor, Stanley street
Chamberlain A., solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in chancery, agent to the Phenix Fire & Britannia Life Insurance offices, 76, Wish street, p.r , Toronto vii.
Champion William, bath chair establishment, 36, Castle road
Chandler Wm., beer retailer, Highland road.
Chaplin & Horne, receiving house at Cambridge tavern, Palmerston road
Chapman Mrs. E., lodging house, 100, Upper King street
Charlton Miss Jane, lodging house, 4, Clarence parade
Charlton John F., staff surgeon, R.M.A., Cambridge cottage, Grove road south
Charter Jane, lodgings 20, Grigg street
Chatten James., millinery & dressmaking establishment, 1, Marmion road
Cheetam Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, 155 Hampshire terrace
Childs James L., pharmaceutical chemist, registrar of births & deaths, for Landport and Southsea, Cambridge hone, Palmerston road
Childs Wm. Henry, Cambridge tavern, wine & spirit merchant, Cambridge terrace, Palmerston road
Clarke Chas, ironmonger, 103, Grigg street
Clarke J. A, cabinet maker, 3, Castle road.
Clarke John, broker, Somers road
Clarke Mrs. M, greengrocer, 52, Russell street
Cleak Miss Caroline, seminary for young ladies, 64, Upper King street
Cleak 0-co. W., builder, 64, Upper King street
Clement & Winton The Misses, dress and mantle makers, 1, Oakley place
Cleat George, beer retailer, Somers road
Cleave Alfred, corn factor, 36, Great Southsea street
Clent William, beer retailer, Gordon terrace, Friary road
Cloherty Francis, New inn, Marylebone street
CLOVERSON JOHN, poulterer, fruiterer, & dealer in game, 1, Gt. Southsea street
CLUETT ROBERT, lozenge manufacturer, 13, St. Vincent street
Coates Mrs. Eliza, lodging house, 6, Sussex place
Cockram H., shopkeeper, 18, Rutland street
Coffin. Wm., greengrocer, Somers road
Coffin Wm. A., outfitter, Marmion road
Cole Charles, solicitor, agent for the London Assurance Incorporated Fire and Life office, 6, Landport terrace
Cole James, bricklayer, Green row
Coles George, slate merchant, slate works, The avenue, Upper King street
Coles Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, 1 & 2, Lower terrace, Osborne road
Collett John W., goldbeater, Hyde street
Collins Cornelius, leather seller & boot maker, 39 Wish street
Collins Edward, lodging house, Ashburnham house, Clarence parade
Colverson J., fruiterer and poulterer, 1, Great Southsea street
Connor J., photographer, 20 Blackfriars road.
Cook Chas., general dealer, 15, Hambrook street
Cook Edward, potato merchant, 8, York place, and at Town quay, Portsmouth
Cook Elijah, general dealer' Somers road
Cook James Win., builder, Lennox terrace
Cook Thomas, lodgings, 8, Jubilee terrace
Cooney Richard, shopkeeper, 142, Grigg street
Cooper Mrs. Mary, Castle tavern, Clarence parade
Cooper Thomas sub-contractor H.M. dockyard, Britannia cottage
Cooper William, beer retailer, Somers road.
Core Mrs. E., lodging house, 29, Norfolk street
Corner Wm.  sub-contractor H.M. dockyard, 52, King street
Courtenay Charles, surgeon, R.N., The Thicket
Cousins Charles, agent to the Union Assurance office, Q, Cottage grove
Couzens John nurseryman, seedsman, & florist, &c., Victoria lay., Palmerston road.
Couzens John, Victoria Arms tavern, Palmerston road
Couzens Richard, warrant officer, R.N., 5, Grosvenor street
Cowles Wm., E. agent, 13, Sussex road
Cowles CHARLES, boot & shoe manufacturer, Albert road
Cox Mrs. Ann, berlin wool repository, 46, Hambrook street
Cox Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner & dressmaker, 5, Great Sanitises street
Cox William, brewer, &c., Sackville street
Crick George, shopkeeper, Fleet street
Cripps Wm., boot maker, 2, The Limes, Lennox road
Crockerell Thomas, shopkeeper, Ivy street
Crout Fred., corn factor, Palmerston road
Crout Henry, beer retailer, Palmerston road.
Crowter Williatn, accountant, 50, Brunswick road
Cadlipp, Mrs. Mary Anne, pawnbroker, 26, little James road
Cullingford Thomas Fred., surgeon dentist, Spring Lawn, Grove road.
Curtis Richard, corn & wine merchant, Highbury villa, Villiers road
Otitis William, coal & wood seller, 47, Middle street
Curtis .Wm., cab proprietor, 3, York street
D'Anzel Mons. P. J., private - teacher, 54 & 27, Wish street
Dagnell Samuel, berlin wool repository & ladies' shoe warehouse, 52, Hambrook street
Davis Mrs. C., tobacconist, Palmerston road.
Davis Edward, lodging house, Haddington villa, Auckland road west
Davis Edward C., commercial traveller, 3, Elm grove
Davis Edw., shopkeeper, 40, Melbourne street
Davis Mrs. Emma, general furnishing warehouse, 6, Brougham terrace
Davis John, shopkeeper, Highland road
Davis Mrs., lodging house, 5, Clarendon & Auckland villa, Clarence
Day Thos., whitesmith, 21, Middle street
Danyer Henry, linen draper, Fleet street
Dickenson Geo. Wm., professor of music 3, College grove
Dignam John, baker, 69, West street
Dimmick George, shopkeeper, East street
Diocesan Grammar School, Mr. W. G. Skeens, head master (of whom all in formation can be obtained)
Dixon Edward Thomas, silk mercer, linen & woollen draper, &c., 50 & 52, Wish street
Dopson Charles, greengrocer, 15, Hyde park corner
Dore Robert, beer retailer, Somers road
Douset J .D., commission agent, 5, Hyde street
Dowle Miss Annie, establishment for young ladies, 1 & 2, Windsor terrace
Drew Mrs. M., staymaker, 21, Wish street
Drew T. H., shopkeeper, 36, Warwick street
Dreweatt J., chemist, 29, Hambrook street
Drover R., shopkeeper, 25, Waterloo street
Drummond James, lodging house, Montpellier house, Clarendon parade east
Duck W., grocer & baker, 4, Warwick street
Duckett T. M., barrister, 4, Windsor terrace
Duffett Anthony, Coach Builders' Arms, Brunswick road
Dugan Mrs. If.. lodging house, 69, king street
Dugan James John, hairdresser & perfumer, 14, Hambrook street
Dugan Henry, teacher of music, 5, Gloucester terrace
Dugan William H., plumber, glazier, & painter, 7, Park lane
DUGDALE JOHN WHITTLE, glass, china & stationery warehouse, 4, Marmion road
Dunn Mrs. L., berlin wool & fancy repository, 1, Cambridge ter., Palmerston road.
Dunn Patrick, beer retailer, 105, Grigg street
Dunning William, government clerk, 14, Jubilee terrace
Durrant James, butcher, 42, Hambrook street
Dyer John, linen draper, 61, Wish street
Dymond & Bowman The Misses, ladies' boarding school, Clyde villa, Havelock park
Eamey William, beer retailer. Somers road.
Earle Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 16, Mary1ebone street
Eastley Wm., The Diamond tavern, Upper King street
Eastman's Loyal Naval establishment,
Eastern parade, principal, Dr. Spickernell
Eastwood Francis D,, manager for Grants, Gillman anti Long (bankers), 10, Cambridge terrace, Palmerston road
Edney IL, marine store dealer, Somers road.
Egerton Edmund, Albert tavern, Albert road.
Egerton Wm., wheelwright, Highland road.
Eley James, post master, Norfolk square
Elliott Dr., 5, South parade
Elliott S., hairdresser, Palmerston road
Ellis Misses Charlotte & Elizabeth, baby linen. establishment, 3, Marmion road
Ellis George, boot & shoemaker, Palmerston road
Ellis John, examining officer, MM. Customs, 29 Peel street
Emery Charles, farmer, Beech farm, Highland road
Emmons John, dairyman, 26, Gloucester street
Etherington Jas., warrant officer, R.N., 59, St. James street
ETHERTON WILLIAM, farrier and smith, Grigg street
Evans Cornelius, baker, 14, St. James road.
Evans Edward, shopkeeper, Somers road
Evans Henry, builder, 57, St. James road
Evans James, nurseryman, florist & seedsman, Green road
Evans Mrs., lodging house, 5, Beresford place, Palmerston road
Evered Henry, Alma Arms, Highland road.
Eves Miss Mary, preparatory establishment for young gentlemen, 5, Sussex place
Eyers Henry, plumber, glazier & painter, Palmerston road
Eyles Henry, dairyman, 7, Palmerston road.

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