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Southsea 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders F - H

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Faddy Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, 10, Jubilee terrace
Fairlamb Mrs. Ann, millinery and drapery shop, 11 Sackville street
Farling Charles, butcher, 34, St. James street
Farmer James, market gardener, Highland road
Faulknor Mrs. Annie, lodging-house, 43 King street
Faulls Miss Mary Ann, lodgings, Shaftesbury house, Nightingale road
Fay Samuel, florist, &c., Albany nursery, Elm grove
Field Wm., foreman, H M. dockyard, Minerva cottage
Fielder George, beer retailer, Ivy street
Fielder Waller, lodging-house, 4, Eastern parade
Fiford Isaac, shopkeeper, Marmion road
Finch Francis James, classical and mathematical school, 10, Norwood terrace
Fitzgerald Jas., Alton Arms, 25 Sackville street
Fleetwood Mrs., lodging-house,. Yarborough cottage, Auckland road, East
FLEMING THOMAS, architect and surveyor, Thorndale, Florence road
Flemming Mrs. Eliz , grocer, Florence road.
Florence Chas., lodging-house, 17, Clarence parade
Foord Richard, boot maker, 33, Grovesnor street
Foord Richard James, bootmaker, 62, Sackville street
Foot Charles, shopkeeper, Somers town
FORD GEORGE JAMES, butcher and purveyor to H.R.H. Prince Alfred, Palmerston road, and 1, Hambrook street,
Ford John Morris, grocer, Highland road
Forward R., dental surgeon, 4, King's terrace
Foster Geo., beer retailer, 46 Grosvenor street
Foster The Misses, establishment for young ladies, Great Southsea street
FOWLES ALBERT GODWIN, & Mrs. Fowles, professors of music, pianoforte, organ and singing, 8, Landport terrace
Fox John, boot & shoemaker, 29, Marylebone street
Frampton Benjamin, relieving officer for the Southsea district, 2, Prince Frederick terrace
Frampton William, beer retailer, 6 Wiltshire street
Frankham Mrs Maria, butcher, 38, Hyde Park road
Franklin Wm. Alfred, grocer & baker, 1, St. James road
Fraser & White, coal factors & merchants, King street, and the Quay, Portsmouth
Fraser Jas., boot maker, Somers street, Somers town
Freeman Robt., grocer, Blackfriars road
Freeman Mrs. Harriet, preparatory establishment for young gentlemen, Elm Grove house
French William, beer retailer, Somers road.
French Wm, marine store dealer, 2, Warwick street
Frigott Mons., teacher of languages, 13, Jubilee terrace
Frogett Leonard, painter, glazier & beer retailer, 109, Somers road
Frost Mark Edwin, classical and naval school, Southsea house, Castle road.
Frost William, beer retailer, Cromwell road.
Froud Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, 61, St. James road
Froud Mrs. Sabina, King William IV, 26, Hambrook street
Fry Love, grocer, 80, York street
Fall James,. painter, glazier & paper hanger, Osborne street
Gale Charles, beer retailer, 6 Wish street
Gale George, brewer & maltster, Horn Dean, p. r., Osborne lodge, Osborne road.
Galt R, brewer & merchant, Brunswick road.
Galt Edwin & Co., brewers, The Brewery, Brunswick road
Galton. Mrs. Eliz., shopkeeper, Somers road.
Gamblen Samuel, Custom house officer, 18, St. Paul's square
Gard John, greengrocer and shopkeeper, Palmerston road
Garner Mrs. Jane, lodging-house, 2, Beresford place, Palmerston road
Garrett Hy., market gardener, Elm grove
Garrington & Son, surgeons, 6, Queens place
GERMAN JAMES, grocer and provision merchant, Somers street
Gibbard Daniel, school master, Convict prison, 46, King street
Gibbon Mrs., ladies' school, 11, Landport terrace
Gibbs Wm., insurance agent, 5, Gold street
Gibbs William, loan office, Middle street
Gibbs Win., fishmonger and poulterer, Palmerston road
Gibson Hy., merchant, and agent for the Confederate States of America home loan bonds, 61, Somers road
Gilbert - day school, East street
Gilbert Wm.,s of goods department, Portsmouth station, p. r., Nightingale terrace Somers road
Gill George 1;00th:taker, 5, Castle place
Gladmen Richard, store holder, H.M. gun wharf, 12, Brougham terrace
Glasse H. A., lodging-house, 6, Clifton terrace
Glover The Misses, dressmakers, Oakley place, Wish street
Godber Mrs. Elizabeth, lodging-house, 17, Clarence parade
Godwin James, butcher, 4, Wish street
Godwin William, tailor, 10, Wish street
Golding George, greengrocer, 8, Wish street
Good Jim., lodging-house, 2, Clifton ter.
Good Moses, lodging-house 18, Landport terrace, and broker, 110, Grigg street
Goold H. B., surgeon, Trapezium cottage, Kent road
Gordon W., surgeon, R.N., Waverley lodge, St. Simons road
Gorey James, lodging-house, 11, Castle rd.
Grants Gillman & Long, bankers, branch of Portsmouth, Cambridge terrace,  Palmerston road, open from 10 till 4, draw on Glyn, Mills & Co., London,
Francis D. Eastwood, Esq., manager
Green George, jeweller & watch maker, 60 Wish street
Green J., lodging-house, 17 Landport terrace
Grimes Joseph, chief clerk, Inland revenue office, 22, Castle road
Grist George, baker, 8 Gold street
Grossmith James Stewart, tailor, 40, Great Southsea street
Ground Misses Ann & Elizabeth, dress & mantle makers, 5, Gloucester view
Gudh James W., spirit merchant, 1, Richmond terrace
Guy James, The Rose and Crown, and builder, Ivy street
Hackney John David, Brunswick brewery tap, Grigg street
Hadgraft Theodore H., teacher of music, 6, Sussex road
Hadkinson John lodging-house, Culver house, Auckland road east
Hall Mrs. Eliza, milliner, 5, Park place
Hall Mrs. Emily, shopkeeper, Hampton street
Hall James, chimney sweeper, 21, Peel street
Hall The Misses Julia & Emma, fruiterers & greengrocers, 13, Castle road
Hamilton Jas., lodging-house, 3, Lower terrace
Handley George, lodging-house keeper, Stanfield house, Clarence parade
Handley The Misses, ladies' school, 21, Norfolk square
Handley Thomas, professor of music, Norfolk square
Harding Arthur' general dealer, 6, Park place
Harding Chas., builder, Brunswick road.
Harding Tredk., bricklayer, 87, Grigg street.
Harding George, wheelwright & smith, Brunswick road
Harding Henry, builder, 13, Gold street
Harding John, pilot, Highland road
Harding Miss M., dressmaker, 4, Portland place, Osborne road
Harfield The Misses, lodging house, Clarrence terrace, Clarence road east
Harnett Samuel, house agent, Gloucester view
Harpham John, commercial traveller, 16, King street
Harris Charles, lodging house, Purbeck house, Clarence parade
Harris J. & Son, plumbers and painters, 5, Landport street
Harrison W., shopkeeper, Somers road
Harte Edwin, law stationer, 86, West street
Hart James, shopkeeper, 35, Middle street
Hartley Mrs. lodging house, Claremont lodge, Stanley street
Hhrvey Alfred, surgeon R.N., Florence villa, Florence road
Haskell Edwin, beer retailer, Somers road.
Haskell John, coal meter, 88, St. James road
Haswell Wm., tailor, 6, Castle place
Hatehard. Henry, pork butcher & beer retailer, 73, Grosvenor street
Hawkins Miss Thirza, straw milliner, 14, Eldon street
HAY THEODORE, egg and poultry dealer, 29, Grosvenor street
Hayden James, bootmaker, Albert road
Hayward Mrs. Charlotte, beer retailer, 36 St James street
Hazel Thos., greengrocer, Albert road
Hazel William J., bootmaker, Marmion road
Heathcoate John, baker, St. Vincent street
Heeson J., schoolmaster, Oakley place Wish street
Helby James, chief clerk in H.M. dockyard, 1, Sussex place
Helby Miss, preparatory school, 24, Brunswick road
Hellyer Mrs. Ann grocer, 42, Blackfriars road
Hellyer Win., lodging house, 15, Clarence parade
Hendey Jas. W., Prince of Wales tavern, Somers road
Henry Meads, beer retailer, Fleet street
Hewett Daniel Grigg, shopkeeper, 45, Grigg street
HICKLEY RICHARD, butcher, 17, Eldon street
Higman John, butcher, Blackfriars road
Hill Frank, hay & corn dealer, 29, Middle street
Hill Henry, custom house officer, 7, Landport street
Hill Richard, cabinet maker & upholsterer, agent for the Royal Fire & Life office, 1 & 2, Wish at., p.r., 21, King's terrace
Hills Chas. H., Athol house tavern, Norfolk street
Hind Geo., printer, 50, Great Southsea street
Hinter Jas., beer retailer, Somers road
Hirst William D., Porlland family hotel & posting establishment, proprietor of the reading & assembly room, and livery stable keeper and jobmaster, Portland terrace, and Kent road
hoar Henry J., warrant officer, 108 Upper King street
Hoare Richard., lodging house, 11 Wish street
Hobbs F., bootmaker, 36, Wiltshire street
Hobbins W., lodging house, 20 Clarence parade
HOLLAND RICHARD, Clarendon Arms, 33 Landport street
HOLLIER CHARLES, The Lord Clyde, 5 Castle road
Hollier Mrs. M., lodging house, 9, Portland terrace
Hollingsworth II., reading rooms, baths, printing offices, ball-room, 84 temporary theatre, King's rooms
Hollins Jubilee G-, furniture broker and _ hairdresser, 30 & 40, Brunswick road
Holmes Mrs. Mary, lodging house, 21, West street
Holt George E., cook & confectioner, 40, Grosvenor street
Hooper R., tailor, 84, St. James road
Hopgood Chas., wood dealer, St. Vincent street
Hopwood William, The Magnet tavern, Telegraph street
Horn George E., butcher, 25, St. James street
Horn Wm., butcher, 2, Hyde park corner
HORNER THOMAS beer retailer and wheelwright jobbing smith, 1 Grosvenor street
Horsey James, clerk H.DI, dockyard, 11, Queen's terrace, Kent road
Horspool Wm., shoeing & jobbing smith, Lennox road
Hoskins George, brewer, beer retailer, baker and grocer, 53 Marylebone street
Hoskins John, beer retailer, Somers road
Hoskins W., beer retailer, 85 Warwick street
Howard John, tailor, 9, Gold street
Hubbard Charles, fruiterer & greengrocer, 48, Hambrook street
Humphries James, bricklayer, 70, Lower Grigg street
Humphrey J., lodgings, 13, Jubilee terrace
Humphrey Richard, lodging house, Aylesbury house, Clarence parade
HUN I"1HOMAS, painter, plumber, paper hanger, 11, Hambrook street
Hunt W., shopkeeper, 18, Great Southsea street
Hunt Wm., scripture reader, St. Jude's, 69, Osborne place, Somers road
Hunt Wm. Charles, beer retailer, 67 St James road
Hurst Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 60, Great an-1th E ea street
Hutchings Alfred, King's Arms tavern, Somers town
Hutchings John, timber dea!er, and china and earthenware warehouse, Landport terrace
Hutchings Waller, lodging house, 2, Hope villa, Auckland road east
Hoxford Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 21, St. James road
Hyams W., auctioneer, 49, Wish street, and at Butcher street, Portsea

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