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Southsea 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders I - L

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Inabler Thomas butcher, Somers road
Isaac George, greengrocer, Marmion road
Isaes George, beer retailer, Marylebone street
Jackson John, .hairdresser, Hambrook street
Jackson Mrs. M., establishment for young ladies, 25, Victoria cottage, Cottage row
Jackson Dr., Hinton house, Elm grove
Jackson Mrs. M., lodging house, 74, Upper King street
James Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, 1, Claremount cottages
Janes Mrs. Sophia, hardware shop, 44, Hyde park road
James Thos., shoemaker, 17, Si. Paul's sq.
Jarman Wm., shoeing & jobbing smith, Albert road
Jarvis William, lodgings, 11, Hampshire terrace
Jenkins Chas, butcher, 73, Grosvenor street
Jenkins George Atherly, butcher, 11, Hyde park corner
Jenkins James, builder & broker, 3, Park place
Jenkins Wm., lodging house, Gladstone house, Clarence parade
Jeram Jobs, beer retailer, & locksmith, & bellhanger, & smith in general, Park lane, St. John's place, & Stanley lane
Jeram T., market gardener, 2, Eldon street
Jerman Jas., provision merchant, 23, Somers street, Somers town
Jeram William, whitesmith & bellhanger, 2, Landport street
Jerome Joseph, painter, Marmion road
Joliffe Jas., watchmaker, 58, Wish street
JoIliffe Wm. Lee, family grocer & provision merchant, 42, Wish street
Jolliffe Win. L., commercial traveller, 2, Richmond terrace
Johnston Robert, general contractor, 11, King street
Jones Mrs. A., dressmaker, 2, Meadow street
Jones Mrs. John, straw bonnet maker, 60, Blackfriars road
Jones Miss Rosina, lodging house keeper, 1, Landport terrace
Judd Win., cabinet maker, 2, Stanley terrace, Stanley street
Jurel. Thomas, grocer & beer retailer, 35, Wiltshire street
Kanedy 0, boatswain R.N., 44, King street
Keen John B., shoemaker, 23, Hambrook street
Kemrnish, Mrs. Ann, lodging house, Minerva house, Clifton terrace
Kemmish Richard, fruiterer & greengrocer, Palmerston road
Kemp Win. T., Queen's hotel Osborne rd.
Kemshead W. B., M.A., P.H.D., naval & military academy, Cambridge house, Eastern parade
Kendall Mrs., ladies' boarding school, Kensington villa, Palmerston road
Kenderdine Wm., brewer & beer retailer, Gloucester street
Kennett W., general dealer, 46, Durham street
Kenway Alfred, lodging house, Apley house, Auckland road west
Kil!iek J. greengrocer, 1, Castle road
KING GEORGE WILLIAM, pork butcher, Marmion road
King James, teacher of languages, &c., I, Bush houses, Elm grove
King James, poor rate collector for Southsea district, Somers street, Somers town
Kiug Jas., butcher, 8, Belgrase street
King Joseph, lodging house, 6, Beresford place, Palmerston road
Kingsford J., tinplate a orker, 34, Radnor street
Kensey R., cab proprietor, 3, King street
Kirton Wm. Henry, chemist & surgeon dentist, Blackfriars road
Kissick Thomas, travelling draper, 54, Grosvenor street
Knibbs Edward, wheelwright, Meadow street
Knight Chas., lodgings, Beaumont house, Nightingale road
Knight Mrs. Emily A., boot & shoe warehouse, 25, Wish street
Knight Kester, Edwin, surgeon, Bellevue house
Knight Rev. Thomas, naval tutor, &c., St. Mary's ball
Knowlton James T., tailor, Fleet street
Knowlton John, tailor, 84, West street
Lamb Thomas, beer retailer, Brunswick rd.
Lancaster George, clerk in H.M. War office, 1, St. Paul's square
Lane R., shopkeeper, Plymouth street
Lang Charles, greengrocer, 60, Wish street
Lang Mrs. Swab, soda water, lemonade & ginger beer manufacturer, & dairy, 18, Middle street, Bedford street
Lang William, lodgings, Redcliffe house. Nightingale road
LANG WILLIAM & EDWARD, postmasters & livery stable keepers, & coal merchants, 21, Castle road
Langford Mrs. E., beer retailer, Plymouth street
Languish Mrs. Helen, lodgings, 31, Hampshire terrace
Lanning Timothy, baker, Brougham terrace
Lappadge, John, lodging house, 4, Dover terrace, Osborne road
Larcom Wm., builder, 2, The Willows, Lennox road
Laskey John, beer retailer, Green road
Lasseter Geo., bootmaker, Blackfriars road.
Lath Geo., greengrocer, Timewell terrace
Layton Edmund, warrant officer, R.N., 37, King street
Lee Charles, bath chair proprietor, 1, Fernley terrace
Lee George, lodgings, St. Mary's house, Nightingale road
Lee Miss Mary, dressmaker, 1, Gordon terrace
Legatt Mrs. C., lodgings, 16, King's ter.
Leggett Miss, dress & mantle maker, Oakley place, With street
Lever The Misses, seminary for young ladies, Bellevue cottage
Lever Mrs. A., lodging house, 10, Queen's terrace, Kent road
Lewis & Company, railway and general carriers, Ordnance row, & at Palmerston road
Lewis James, tailor & hatter, 35, With street.
Lewis Mrs. Selina Jane, lodgings, 42, Great Southsea street
Livesay Miss C., establishment for young ladies, St. Helen's park
LLEWELLYN JAMES MURRAY, surgeon dentist, 9, Somerset place, Green road
Lobb Francis, foreman to shipwrights, H.M. dockyard, 97, Upper King street
Lock Wm., florist & seedsman, Lennox nursery, Marmion road
Long Edwin S., brewer, Southsea brewery, Hambrook street
Long Samuel S., solicitor, Gloucester lodge
Louch Charles, Duke of Wellington tavern, Russell street, and Hyde park corner
Louch Dliss Mary A., millinery establishment, 10, Hyde park road
Love Henry, grocer & provision merchant, 4 & 6, Cambridge ter., Palmerston road.
Love Henry, pork butcher, Blackfriars rd.
Low D., corn factor, seedsman, &c., 15, Marmion road
Lucey Joseph, bootm-aker, Wiltshire street
LUFFE JOHN, boys' day and evening school, 2, Rutland street

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