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Southsea 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders M - P

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McCaffery, Jas., shopkeeper, Raglan street, Somers road
McDonnell M., general dealer, 21, Hambrook street
McDougal Mrs., school, Claremont terrace
McFadden John W., painter and paper hanger, Grigg street
Mack John, beer retailer, Albert road
MeKechnie Alexr., physician, Renfrew House, Waverley road
MeKoy Donald, seedsman, 24, Green road
McMaster John, surgeon, 25, Bellfield house, Green road
Mallabone Mrs., dressmaker, 38, Great Southsea street
Marsh Middleton, house & estate agent, china and glass warehouse, 32, Hambrook street
Marsh Middleton, grocer, Marmion road
Marsh -, lodging-house, 2, Clarence terrace, Clarence parade
MARSHAM JAMES, medical glass and bottle merchant, and dealer in druggists' sundries, 24, Middle street
Martin Benjamin, collector of St. Bartholomew church, 1, Havelock villa, Victoria road
Martin Frederick James, plumber, painter, and glazier, 47, St. James' road
Martin J., The Stag brewery, 1, Gold street
Martin James, commercial traveller, 40, King street
MARTIN JOSEPH, iron & brass founder, Starr foundry, Middle street, beer retailer, West street
Martin Mrs. M., lodging-house, 12, Landport terrace
Mew Charlea J., pianoforte & fringe warehouse, & professor of music, Cambridge terrace Palmerston road
Mew Richard, beer retailer, Blackfriars rd.
Mew Thomas J., bootmaker, 19, Hyde park corner
Mien, Charles, brewer, corn, fruit, & fish merchant, 124, Grigg street
Mall Miss E., milliner & dressmaker, g, Eldon street
Michau Monsieur & Madame, professor of dancing, 6, King's terrace
Midmer M., wood seller, 64, St. Vincent street
Miles John brewer, Elm brewery, King street. p.r., No. 63
Miller Dr., Gloucester house
Miller Mrs. E., lodging-house, 39, King street
Miller Henry C., baker, 80, Ivy street
Miller Horatio, clerk in H.M. dockyard, 41, Broad street
Miller Wm., tailor, 122, Grigg street
Millett Daniel, beer retailer, Grosvenor street
Mills J., boot & shoemaker, 53, Wish street
Mills William, bookseller, stationer, postmaster, and circulating library, 7, Cambridge terrace, Palmerston road
Minter John M., surgeon, R.N., Denbigh lodge, The Thicket
Mitchear Moses, Alma tavern, Upper East street
Moncrieff Henry, inspector of weights & measures for the Bore, 9, Wish street
Monk Sam. butcher, 3, Hyde park corner
Monkcom H. C., smith and father, Landsdown street
Moody Miss C., establishment for young ladies, Alpha cottage, Green road
Moody Jas., grocer & provision merchant, 22, Wish street
Moody John, shopkeeper, 32, Wiltshire at.
Moody Reuben, timber merchant, 9, Great Southsea street
Moore Miss C., milliner & dressmaker, 1, Melbourne place
MOORE GEORGE, bootmaker, 85, St. Vincent street
MOORE JAMES, cabinet manufacturer, upholsterer, auctioneer, valuer, house & estate agent, agent for the Law Union & Lancashire Fire & life offices, 1, Jubilee terrace, & 23, Gold street
Moore Miss M. L., ladies' boarding school, The Hermitage, Grove road south
Moorman Geo., beer retailer, 40, Grigg street
Moors Mrs. U., shopkeeper, 15, Landport street
Morant James, decorative artist, 1, Douglas villas
Moteton Thomas, furniture broker, 58, Hyde park road
Morey Charles, builder & house agent, 3, Buckingham villa, Villiers road
Marston Jeffery, sur? g? eon, 18, Sussex road
Mason Brothers, silkmercers, lacemen, drapers, &c., Waterloo house, 12 & 20, Wish street
Masterman, John, tailor & hatter, 67, Wish street
May, Mrs. E., milliner, 36, Middle street
MECHELEN HENRY JOSEPH, B.A. and MAURICE, naval and military tutors, 3, Sussex place
Medley Maria, grocer 4, Park place
Medley Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, Blackfriars road
Melville W., lodging-house, Melville house
Messum W., accountant, 80, St. James' street
Morey. J., beer retailer, 13, Hambrook street
Morey T., greengrocer, 91, St Vincent street
Morris David, plumber, painter & glazier, 42, Sackville street
Morris Sophia, lodging-house, 62, King street
Morris Henry, beer retailer, 68, West street
Morris Wm. Alfred. accountant, 126, Grigg street
Moses; Henry, greengrocer, Blackfriars road.
Moss Benj. navy agent, 24, Landport terrace
MOXHA Dili WILLIAM E., general dealer, Cumberland house, Somers road
Mullen Mrs. A., lodging-house, 3, Stanley terrace, Stanley street
Munday John steward H.M.S. Royal Oak, 11, Upper king street
Murdoch Geo. P., accountant, 7, Grigg street
Murphy Mrs. K., dressmaker, 8, Palmerston road
Murray Miss C., dressmaker, Somers road.
Napper Miss M., lodging house, 3, Landport terrace
Nash Frederick A., Bush tavern, Park lane, Wish street
Nash Mrs. M. confectioner, 9, Castle road.
NASH SAMUEL, carver, gilder, picture frame manufacturer, and restorer of pictures, 68, Wish street
National Provincial Bank of England (branch of), Cambridge terrace
Naylor Miss S., straw bonnet maker, 25, Hambrook street
Nelder Wm., decorative house painter, Lennox. terrace
Nevill Henry, photographer, 51, Wish street
New Charles' pork butcher, 30, Wish street
New Henry, day school, 35, Great Southsea street
Newman Mrs. K., lodging-house keeper, Clarence parade
Newton Ben., grocer, 10, Hambrook street
Newton James, grocer & provision merchant, 14, Wish street
Newton J., baker & grocer' St. Vincent street
Nicholas B., lodgings, 12, King's terrace
Nicholas John tailor, Somers road
Nicholls Geo.; lodgings, 1, King's terrace
Nicholls J., confectioner, 33, Grosvenor street
Ninnium Mrs. E., lodgings, 3, Jubilee terrace
Nobbs Enoch, bootmaker, 47, Grovesnor street
Noris John, wood seller, 42, St. Vincent street
Norman Henry B., surgeon, Portland lodge, n t road
Norris Mrs., berlin wool & fancy repository, The Bush, Elm grove
North Edw. beer retailer, 1, Wiltshire street
Oakshott Benjamin, barge owner, 2, Cottage grove
Okend.en Mrs. Marian' lodging-house, 5 Osborne terrace, Osborne road
Oliver Mrs., stay, dress, and mantle maker, 2, Marmion road
Oliver Charles Robert, clerk H.M. dockyard, 5, Norfolk square
Oliver William, agent for Crawley's Alton Ales, Albert villa, Osborne road
Orange Mrs. Eliza, newsagent and circulating library, 38, Hambrook street
Oughton D., general turner' 16, Waterloo street
Owen Edward, warrant officer R.N., Algerine cottage, Stanley street
Pack Henry, greengrocer, 32, St. James street
Paddington J., lodgings, 10, Hampshire ter.
Pafford James Ilenry, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths in Queen's Bench, agent for the Provident Life and Fire offices, Melrose place, Osborne rd., and at St. George's square, Portsea
PAFFORD THOMAS, Fort Cumberland tavern, Highland road
Pafford Thomas Henry, furniture broker 29, Wish street
Page Fredk., physician, Milton
Page William, greengrocer, Belgrave street
Palmer & Co., auctioneers, valuers and estate agents, Marmion road
Palmer Edward, grocer and provision merchant, dealer in foreign and British wines Palmerston road
Palmer wines, Greetham' brewer, wine & spirit merchant, St. Paul's brewery, King street
Palmer Mrs. Isabella, shopkeeper, 7, Eldon street
Palmer Mrs. R., lodging house, 7, Richmond terrace
Parker Wm., coal meter, 3, Portland pl., Osborne road
Parkes Charles, grocer, 18, Hambrook street
Parnell Richard, shopkeeper, Marmion road.
Parry William, lodging house, Claremont cottage, Stanley street
Parson Edward K.' surgeon, 14, King ter.
Payne Miss Mary Ann, milliner, 14, Durham street
Pearce Mrs. Eliz., loasings, 5, Jubilee terrace
Pearce Mrs., lodging-house keeper, 3, Netley terrace
Pearce Mrs., lodging-house keeper, Clarence parade
Pearson Mrs., preparatory school for young gentlemen, Yeovil house Norfolk square
Peckham Eliz., register office for servants, 7, York place
Peirce George, lodging house, Alpha house, Auckland road east
Peirce Miss M., lodging house, Montague house, 8, Clarence parade
Pelham W., coach smith, &c., 21, Hyde street
Pemberton Mrs. Ells., ladies' seminary, Nightingale ter. Somers road
Penniket Geo. lodging-house, 3, Osborne terrace, °same road
Perkins Geo., general dealer, 34, Grigg street
Penny George, linen draper, hosier, &c., 19, Wish street ; p. r., 64
Peryer Edwin, shopkeeper, 48, Middle street
PETERS GEORGE & CO., wine & spirit merchants and importers, sole agents for Jameson, Pim, & Co.'s Dublin stout and porter, agents for Bass' & Allsopp's ales, and Guinness's stout, 5, Wish street;
also tobacco, snuff, and cigar manufacturers. Queen street, Portsea, & vinegar distillers, Aylward street, Portsea
Petham William, coach smith, Meadow street
Pettet George, baker, Fleet street
Petts Edward James, admiral's steward, H.M.S., 26, King street
PETTY JOSEPH JAMES, upholsterer and furniture broker, 47, Green road
Petty Miss Elizabeth, ladies' day school, 33, Great Southsea street
Phair John Clayton, corn and seed factor, 24, Wish street
PHAROAH JAMES ENOS, dairyman, Somerset street, Somers town
Pharoah John, dairyman, 29, Hyde pk. rd.
PHAROAH THOMAS, stone merchant and contractor, 4, Eldon street, & King street
PHAROAH THOMAS ISAAC, dairyman and cowkeeper, Eldon street dairy, Eldon street
Phillips George, house painter, &c., Richmond road
Phippard Joseph, baker and grocer, 19, York street
Pickard Francis, Eldon Arms, plumber, painter, and glazier, 11, Eldon street
PIKE THOMAS, accountant, 10, St. James' road
Pineo Francis, Government clerk, 1, Norwood terrace, Nelson road
Pink Mrs. Jane, lodging house, Somerset cottage, Green road
Pink Joseph, agent for Chaplin & Horne, railway carriers, 38. King street
Plucknett Thomas Frederick, tin plate worker, 36, St. Vincent street
Plumley Mark, pawnbroker, 22, Radnor street
Poate Stephen, East Hants hotel, Cricket ground
Poate Stephen, dispensing and family chemist, 55, Wish street
Pook Henry, bricklayer, 107, Grigg street
Poor Mrs. Susannah, milliner & dressmaker, 17, Durham street
Porter Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, Somers road
Post Office, Norfolk square ; postmaster, James Vey
Potter John, beer retailer, 46, Great Southsea street
Powden William Henry, leading hand of shipwrights H.M. dockyard, 86, St. James street
Preston Alfred P., grocer and provision merchant, 31, Grosvenor street
Priddy John, greengrocer, Blackfriars road
Prim Miss Anna, straw milliner, 21, St. James road
Primmer Hemy, toy shop, Somers road
Prince Henry, boot and shoemaker, 33, Wish street
Pring John, accountant, 10, Sussex road
Prior John Woods, furnishing and general ironmonger, 43, Wish street
Prior Philip, licensed to let horses' carriages, and. omnibuses for hire, Cambridge mews, Palmerston road ; p. r., 2, Stanley terrace
Pritchard Edward, contractor, 15, Cottage grove
Pritchard John, surgeon, Albert villa, Albert road
Pyle Daniel, baker and beer retailer, Albert road

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