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Southsea 1865 Harrods Directory - Traders Q - S

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QUICK THOMAS WARREN, builder and grocer, Marmion road
Quintrell L, linendraper, &c., 37, Wish street
Redigue Victor, newsagent, 48, Great Southsea street
Ralfs The Misses, young ladies' boarding school, Merton lodge, Merton road
Randall Wm., lodging house, Portland ter.
Rastrick & Son, pharmaceutical chemists, Wish street, King's terrace
Rztwlinson Vincent Percival, architect and surveyor, 1, Hampshire terrace
Ray James, foreman of caulkers H.M. dockyard, 24, Brougham terrace
Rayner J., draper, &c., 3, Palmerston road
Read Edward, grocer, 19, Ivy street
Read James, boot maker, 5, Marmion road
Rea 1 William, naval instructor, 1, The Willows, Lennox road
Reading George, plumber, painter, and glazier, 3 & 5, Hyde park corner
Reading James, timber converter HM dockyard, 29, West street
Redding James, gardener, Tripple cottage, Grove road south
Reed Mrs. J., lodging house, Portland pl., Kent road
Reeves Robert Harris, lodgings, 16, Hampshire terrace
Reynolds Walter Henry, confectioner, 23, Wish street
RICE GEORGE, Sir Robert Peel tavern, St. Vincent street; p. r., 8, Cottage grove
Rice Thomas, steward H.M.S. Victory, 89, Upper King street
Richards William, lodgings, 17, King's ter.
Rickmin George, senior examining officer of H.M. Customs, Portsmouth ; p. r., 213, Brougham terrace
Ridlinton Daniel, hairdresser, 11, Landport street
Riley Sarah, umbrella maker, 140, Grigg street
Roberts R., carpenter, St. Vincent street
Robertson Andrew, carpenter, 29, Great Southsea street
Robins Mrs. Sarah, milliner & dressmaker, Middle street
Roe Mrs. Susan, lodging house, 84, Wish street
Rout Mrs. Ellen, lodgings, Cameron house, Nightingale road
Rowland Wm., tailor, 44, St. James road
Rowse Edward, shopkeeper, 12, Marylebone street
Rowse Joseph, shopkeeper, 31, St. Vincent street
Russell Elizabeth, pawnbroker, Somers road.
Russell George, beer retailer, 43, Henrietta street
Russell Mrs., Hyde house school, Hyde street
Ryder Mrs. Martha, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 50, Hyde park road
Sabben John, surgeon H.M. Ser., 7, Claremont terrace
Sabine James, collector to the Portsmouth and Portsea Island Gas Company, Villiers road
Sabine The Misses, establishment for young ladies, 2, Gloucester terrace
Sadler George, inland revenue officer, 32, Peel street
Salmon William, furniture broker, 2, Norfolk street
Sanders James, shoemaker, 94, West street
Sansbury Geo., greengrocer, 30, Middle street
Sapp John James, family and dispensing chemist, 5, Grove ter., Palmerston road
Saunders Mrs. Ann, lodgings, 14, Bellevue terrace
SAUNDERS CHARLES, greengrocer, painter, and paperhanger, 21, Eldon street
Saxey Mrs. Jane, stay and crinoline warehouse, 40, Hambrook street
Schillemore Mrs. Ann, chimney sweeper, Winsor lodge
Scott Mr. James, clerk in the Customs, 18, Peel street
Scott Samuel, carpenter and joiner, 39, West street
Screech William, lodging house, 4, Beresford place, Palmerston road
Seeley A., beer retailer, Albert road
Seeley George, Barley Mow, Park lane
Selway Wm. Nash, cigar manufacturer and tobacconist, 46, Wish street
Sharp James, grocer, Blackfriars road
Shaw Robert Charles, warrant officer RN., 17, St. Paul's square
Shaw Thos., lodging house, 7, Jubilee ter.
Shelton George Lane, solicitor, 2, Brunswick terrace, Portland road
Shepherd Mrs. Thirza, shopkeeper, 36, Grosvenor street
Short Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, 73, Grigg street
Shortland Mrs. Martha, lodging house keeper, 6, Brougham terrace
Shortland William, draper, Somers road
SHOTTER GEORGE, family grocer and provision merchant, 28, Wish street
Simmonds James, market gardener, Elm grove
Simpson Marion, lodging house keeper, 2, Marine terrace
Simpson Morris, tailor, 40, Hyde park rd.
Simpson Thomas Pemberton, surgeon, M.R.C.S., L.A.C., L.M., Landport terrace
Skeens William G., Southsea Grammar school, Thornby house and Balmoral house, Nelson road
Slade Jas., schoolmaster, 6, Gloucester view
Slade Mrs. Sarah, photography, 2, Queen's terrace
SLATER EDWARD, carcase butcher, 32, Sackville street
Slatterie Mrs. Anne Mariah, beer retailer, Blackfriars road
Sian gh terer David, shopkeeper, Marmion road.
Smiles Wm. James, lodging house, 19, Hampshire terrace
Smith Alfd., cabinet maker, Palmerston road.
Smith Arthur Edwin, dyer and scourer, 66, Wish street
Smith Arthur John, coach builder, Timewell terrace
Smith, Bell, & Co., fancy and ship biscuit manufacturers and aerated bread bakers and millers, Southsea steam biscuit manufactory
Smith George, civil engineer, 21, Great Southsea street
Smith George, steward R.N., Osborne street
Smith George, beer retailer, Lansdown street
Smith Henry, painter, glazier, & decorator, Somers road
Smith Henry, slater, 6, Fernley terrace
Smith James pawnbroker, Eldon street
SMITH JAMES, china and glass warehouse, Eldon street and Sackville street
Smith James, umbrella and parasol maker, 6, Brunswick road
Smith John, beer retailer, Somers road
Smith John, beer retailer, Cromwell road
Smith Joseph Robert, bandmaster R.M.A., Osborne villa, Victoria road
Smith Mark, shopkeeper, Raglan street, Somers road
Smith Mills, elsorkeeper, 101, St. Vincent street
Smith Philip Henry, warrant officer R.N., 16, Avenue, Upper King street
Smith Richard, wood turner, &c., 68, Upper King street ; shop, Cross street, Portsea
Smith Samuel, grocer, Kills street
Smith Thomas, academy, 3:Gloucester ter.
Smith Thomas, cook and confectioner, 24, King's terrace and Gold street
Smith Thomas, shopkeeper, 21, River street
Smith Wm., beer retailer, 6, Hambrook street
Smith William, lodging house, 8, Richmond terrace
Sole Mrs. Sarah, lodging house, Tamworth house, Clarendon parade
Sotchcott Thomas John, tin plate worker, 8, Hambrook street
Southon Geo., Victoria tavern, Middle street
Southses, Diocesan Grammar School, Mr. Wm. Galway Skeens, head. master (of whom all information can be obtained)
Southsea Naval and Military College principals, Dr. Cooper & Rev. J. Hawes, 1,South parade
Sparrow Robt. Pennington, surgeon, Dover house, Palmerston road
Spearing Ed., beer retailer, Highland road
Spearing Wm., pork butcher, 45, Wish street
Spelt John, stonemason, Great Southsea street ; p. r., 15, Norfolk square
Spencer Wm. George, family dispensing chemist, 55, Wish street
Spickernell Joseph, butcher, Albert road
Spike James, linen draper, silk mercer, &c., Manchester house, 13, Wish street
Spital Charles, beer retailer, 31, Hambrook street
Spreadbury Geo., lodging house, Clarence house, Clarence parade
Stafford Thomas, china and earthenware warehouse, 13, Hyde park corner
STARES SAMUEL S., grocer and provision merchant, 1, Somers street, Somers road.
Starkes Henry, beer retailer, 134, Grigg street
Stebbing Frederick Augustus, cabinet maker, 8, Landport street
Stevens Jas. Henry, Custom house officer, 11, West street
Steward William, builder and undertaker, Upper East street
Stewart Chas., accountant H.M. dockyard, 2,Queen's place
Stickiand Geo., beer retailer, Sackville street
Stokes The Misses, boarding school for young ladies, 22, Landport terrace
Stone Richard, baker, 53, York street
Stoneham James, Fort Cumberland Arms, near Milton
Stoneham J. shoemaker, 88, Grosvenor street
Stow Miss A. A., lodgings, 12, Jubilee ter.
Strange Abraham, greengrocer, 22, Hambrook street
Stratford Charles, beer retailer, 21, St. Vincent street
Stratton Frederick, Highland tavern, Highland road
Stratton James, gardener, Grove rd. south
Stubbs Thomas Weber, tailor, 13, Devonshire place W. .
Sturt Edward, beer retailer, Marylebone street
Sullivan James, lodging house, 22, Clarendon parade
Suter James, lodging house, Fremantle house, Southsea common
Suter Samuel, brewer, 13, Windsor terrace
Suter William, lodging house, 20, St. Paul's square
Swiney John, The Lord Raglan tavern, Grosvenor street
Symons Hermon, lodgings, 10, King's terrace

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