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Southsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders A - B

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Abbinett William, beer retailer, 1 Hyde Park road
Abbott William, grocer, 73 Somers road
Ackerman Joseph, blacksmith, 10 Bedford road
Adames Harry, tailor, 4 Palmerston road & 20 Hambrook street
Adams Henry Middleton, shopkeeper, 14 Warwick street
Adams Richard Harvey, lodging house, 22 Clarence parade
Adams William John, cooper, 46 Middle street
Adcock Maria & Mary (Misses), boarding house,14 St. Helen's Park crescent
Adshead John, toy dealer, 56 St. James's road
Agates John Richard, engineer, R.N. 87 King street
Ahronsberg Isaac, watch & clock maker, Palmerston road
Alenson Justus, naval & military tutor, North Grove villas, Grove road north
Alford Daniel, surgeon, Stanhope house, Ashburton road
Alford Stephen Jacob, linen draper, 10 Hyde Park road
Alldridge John Lumley, dentist, 3 Claremont terrace, Stanley street
Allen Charles, Granada Arms, Granada road
Allen Charles James, cab proprietor, Waverley road
Allen Thomas, blacksmith, Constitution place
Allison Grace Alice (Mrs.), lodging house, Stanstead house, Stanstead road
Amey William, photographer, 43 Norfolk street
Anannally Chrlot.(Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Osborne terrace, Osborne road
Ancell Charles Godfrey, bookseller &c. Palmerston road
Ancell William, lodging house, 18 Peel street
Andrews Henry John, stationer &c. Palmerston road
Andrews John, surgeon, 3 Brunswick ter. Portland road
Antill Nathaniel, importer of wines & spirits, scotch & Irish whiskies, agent for Bass's pale & other ales, Guinness's Dublin stout &c. High bank, Palmerston road ; near the Dockyard gates, Portsea; & Oyster street, Portsmouth.
Applegate Edward, linen draper, 50 & 52 King's road
Ash Isaac, beer retailer, 2 William street
Astridge Henry, 25 Hyde street
Atkins Alfred, lodging house 5 Landport terrace
Attrill George, provision dealer, Albert road
Attrill Henry, lodging house, 5 Osborne ter. Osborne road
Aubin William, lodging house, 3 Clarence terrace, Clarence parade
Austen William chief engineer, R.N. 67 King street
Austin Mary ( lodging ho. Palermo vii. Netley terrace
Axford Wm. Henry, surgeon Warwick ho. Clarence parade
Ayers William, corn dealer, 114 Grigg street
Beggs Jacob, shopkeeper, 3 Landport street
Bailey Charles Henry, brick maker, Somers road
Bainton John & Sons, Steam saw mills, Melbourne street
Baker George Win, professor of music, 12 King's terrace
Baker Harriett (Miss), lodging house, 4 Dagmar terrace
Baker Henry, lodging house, Purbeck ho. Clarence parade
Baker John Burgoyne, steam, marble, slate & stone works, monuments, tombs, tanks, baths, stoves, kitcheners, &c. wholesale manufactory for chimney pieces of every description, Marmion road, New Southsea
Baker Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, King's road
Baldock Charles Fincham, bookseller, 62 King's road
Bald win James, greengrocer, 128 Grigg street
Ball Charles, beer retailer, 57 Grigg street
Banbury Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, Frogmore house, Clarence parade
Banger David, beer retailer, 66 Grosvenor street
Bangust James, shopkeeper, 38 Grigg street
Banks James, beer retailer & pork butcher. 40 to 44 Brunswick road
Banning George, fancy repository, Osborne road
Barber George & William, ironmongers, Albert road
Barber Albert, ironmonger, Albert road
Barber William, boot & shoe maker, Marmion road
Barham Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Westbourn terrace, Osborne road
Barker Joseph, cab proprietor, Eastney street
Bartlett James, grocer, 41 York street
Bartlett William Hugh, chemist, Highland road
Barton Frederick, beer retailer, 12 Landport street
Barton Jane (Mrs.), beer retailer, 24 Somers street
Bastable Elisha, grocer, 5 King street
Bastick John, lodging house, 19 King's terrace
Batchelor Ann (Mrs.), baker, 1 Hambrook street
Battiss William, lodging ho, Rutland ho. Clarence parade
Baxter Joseph, beer retailer, 13 Raglan street
Baylis William, chimney sweeper, Lennox road
Bayton Frederick, clock maker, 4 Pork place
Beaton John, engineer & blacksmith, 7 Blackfriars road
Beck Frederick, insurance agent, 31 Norfolk street
Beech George, beer retailer, Florence road
Beech Samuel, butcher, 45 Kings road
Behr Hy. Fredk. Christian, professor of music, 14 Norfolk street
Bellinger Edward, fruiterer, Osborne road & 3 Polygon
Bennett Alfred, general dealer, 22 Blackfriars road
Bennett John, lodging house, 1 Eaton villas, Elm grove
Benskin George, beer retailer, 13 Blackfriars road
Bentham Augustus Lawson, surgeon, Collingwood house, Victoria road south
Bentham Samuel, surgeon, 10 Norfolk street
Bentham Thomas, surgeon, Pointon house, Victoria road. south
Bevis James, shopkeeper, 24 William street
Bewsey Joseph, confectioner, 2 The Polygon
Bicknell Charles, blacksmith, 18 Eldon street
Biden Elizabeth (Mrs.), tobacconist, Albert road
Bign.ell Joseph, lodging house, 11 Jubilee terrace
Bilton Harriett (Mrs.), lodging house, Auckland road
Bishop Anthony. butcher, Marmion road
Bishop Charles, fishmonger, Marmion road
Bishop John, The Mystery, 1 Warwick street
Bishop Joseph, beer retailer, 99 Somers road
Blackman Harriett (Mrs.), beer retailer, 44 Great Southsea street
Blake A. J. clerk to the Burial Board of the Parish of Portsea, 98 Upper King street
Blakey Eliza Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Aubrey house, Shaftesbury road
Blann Fanny Harriet (Mrs.), dress maker, 24 King street
Blessley William, dyer, 2 Park place
Blower Henry, greengrocer, 85 Grosvenor street
Bodill Francis, beer retailer, 17 Kings road
Body John, butcher, Albert road
Boghurst Thomas George, Traveller's Joy, Milton
Bolds Charles, greengrocer, Waverley road
Bond Elizabeth (Miss), artist, Park lodge, Park lane
Bond George, Castle hotel, Castle road
Bond Henry, lodging house, 1 Dudley vils. Shaftesbury road
Bone William John, fishmonger, 8 Hambrook street
Boulter James, chimney sweeper, Marmion road
Boulter Thomas, chimney sweeper, 87 Grigg street
Bowden Herbert Samuel, pawnbroker, 35 Gold street
Bowie Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Pembridge villas, Shaftesbury road
Bowman Richard, lodging house, 8 Bellevue terrace
Bradley Thomas, shopkeeper, Duncan road
Brailey Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Blackfriars road
Bransbury Hy, Hyde Park tavern, & brewer, Hyde Park road
Braxton Walter Tom, coal merchant, Stanley street
Brewer Mary Ann & Elizabeth (Misses), fancy repository, St. Helen's park
Brewer Frederick William, chemist, Clarendon road
Brewer William, confectioner, Clarendon road
Brice Thomas, shopkeeper, 60 Blackfriars road
Bridger George James, shopkeeper, 22 Somers street
Bridle Thomas, lodging house, 7 Osborne ter. Osborne road
Brightliffe Eliza & Emily (Misses), milliners, 44 King's road
Brimsden John, house agent, 3 Great Southsea street
Brine William, pianoforte tuner, 6 Marlborough terrace
Bristow Eliza Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 3 Osborne terrace, Osborne road
Broman Alfred, fancy repository, 36 & 38 Hambrook street
Brook William, beer retailer, 6 Wiltshire street
Brooker Edward Thomas, beer retailer, 47 St. James's road
Brooks Harriet (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter, 17 Middle street
Broughton Alfred, fruiterer, 10 Great Southsea street
Brown Henry & Son, butchers, 55 King's road; & at 46 St. Mary's street, Portsmouth
Brown George, boys' school, 1 Southsea villas
Brown John, fruiterer, 6 Norfolk square
Brown John, grocer, 42 Blackfriars road
Brown Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 53 Middle street
Brown William, East Hants Club & cricket ground
Browning William, beer retailer, 1 Grosvenor street
Brows John, linen draper, Palmerston road
Brund William, grocer, 25 Somers street
Brunt Thomas, income tax collector, Somers street
Brunt William, income tax collector, Somers street
Bubb William, collector of local rates, 28 Brougham terrace
Buckett Henry, lodging house, 4 &  5 Jubilee terrace
Buckle John, beer retailer, 47 Kings road
Buer Charles Octavius, private advance office, 8 King's road
Bull William & Co. millers & flour dealers, Blackfriars road
Bundy William, builder, Marmion road
Burbidge George, builder & contractor, 81 Somers road
Burden James, corn factor, 105 St. Vincent street
Burnett George, lodging house, 6 Osborne ter. Osborne road
Burnham Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, Tillington house & Oriel house, Nightingale road
Burrage Sarah Ann (Mrs.), Portland hotel, Kent road
Burris Mary (Mrs.), lodging ,house, 2 Shaftesbury villas, Shaftesbury road
Burt William John, pawnbroker, 75 Grosvenor street
Butcher Ann (Mrs.), Warrior, 38 Cumberland road
Butcher John, lodging house, 8 Peel street
Butler Christopher James, grocer, 53 Grosvenor street
Butt John William, pork butcher, 42 Hambrook street
Byerley Charlotte (Mrs.), milliner, Clarendon road east

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