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Southsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders C - E

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Caine & Upward, booksellers, 15 King's road
Callender Wm. Alex. accountant, 2 Exmouth villas, Duncan road
Cameron Finley, dyer, Marmion road
Campe Ina, fruiterer, Osborne road
Canner John Pain, saddler, Marmion road
Cantle Wm. ironmonger, 26 King's road & 4 Marmion place
Carey William George, school, 7 St. Paul's square
Carter Amelia (Mrs.), lodging house, 80 Grigg street
Carter William James, beer retailer, 75 Somers road
Cato Isabella (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 South parade
Caws Jane (Miss), lodging house 12 Jubilee terrace
Caws William, lodging house, 1 Lover ter. Osborne road
Cawte Henry, Sussex family & commercial hotel, Railway terminus
Chamberlain & Son, solicitors, 25 Norfolk street
Chamberlain Ayling, solicitor & commissioner in chancery, 25 Norfolk street
Chamberlain Randolph, solicitor, 25 Norfolk street
Chandler Frederick, beer retailer, Highland road, Eastney
Chappell Joseph Byrave, linen draper, Albert ter. Albert road
Charlesworth Maria (Miss), ladies' school, Merton road
Charlton George, greengrocer, Duncan road
Chatten James, linen draper, Marmion road
Cheaters George, general dealer, 83 Blackfriars road
Chestle Thomas, lodging house, 24 Clarence place
Childs James Linnington, chemist & registrar of births & deaths for Landport district, Palmerston road
Childs William Henry, Cambridge hotel, Palmerston road
Chissell George, cowkeeper, Brandon road
Churcher Fredk. Jas. plumber & lodging house, 118 Grigg street
Clark Thomas George lodging house, 14 Landport terrace
Clarke James Alexander, window blind manufacturer. 3 Castle road
Clayton Sophia & Mary (Misses), ladies' school, 2 Pembridge villas, Shaftesbury road
Clayton Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Albert road
Cleeve Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 King's terrain
Clint William, King's Head, 18 Marmion road
Conk Thomas, lodging house, 8 Jubilee terrace
Cockram George James, shopkeeper, Collingwood road
Cockram Henry, grocer, 75 Ivy street
Colbourne George, beer retailer, 2 East street
Coleman Henry, furnishing, general & manufacturing ironmonger & hot water engineer, 43 King's road
Coles William Thomas Martin, commercial traveller, 6. Cottage grove, Green road
Collett John William, gold beater, 1 Crystal street
Collins Joseph, lodging house, 16 Peel street
Collis Charles, fishmonger, 58 Blackfriars road
Collis Henry, proprietor of turkish baths, 24 King's terrace
Colson Charles, lodging house, 6 Landport terrace
Colverson John, poulterer, 1 Great Southsea street
Colverson Joshua' greengrocer, 48 Hambrook street
Cook George, fish merchant, Grove house, Castle road
Cooke Alfred Augustus, beer retailer, 51 King street
Cooke Henry. ironmonger, Palmerston road
Coombe Harriet (Miss), ladies' school, 92 King street
Coombs Edward William, linen draper, 52 Brunswick road, & boot maker, 1 Hyde Park road
Cooper Edward Mundy, tobacconist, 13 Eldon street
Cooper James, lodging house, Clarence ho. Clarence parade
Cooper Mary (Mrs.), Castle, Clarence parade
Cooper Robt. Haxby, engineer R.N. 12 Marlborough terrace
Cooper William, Grantham Arms, 5 Somers road
Copus Thomas, marine store dealer, Marmion road
Cornelius-Wheeler John, dentist, Fitzclarence ho. Kent road
Cotten Rebecca (Mrs.), lodging house, 21 Clarence parade
Cousins John Ward, M.D  physician Riversdale, Kent road
Couzens William, Nelson Arms, physician, road
Cowles Charles, boot & shoe maker, Albert road
Cowles George, boot & shoe maker, 3 Stanley street
Cox Joseph, boot & shoe maker, St. Helen's park
Cox William, beer retailer, 20 Sackville street
Crease Edwin, jobmaster, 21 Castle road
Cripps William, beer retailer, Lennox road
Croad George, beer retailer, 68 West street
Crocker John, lodging house, Thorndale, Beach road
Croft Humphrey, shopkeeper, Milton
Crook George, chief engineer, R.N. 2 Richmond terrace, Netley road
Crout Henry Edward, beer retailer, Exmouth road
Crowder Richard, farrier, 134 Grigg street
Crowter James, shopkeeper, Highland road
Crowther William, Borough Arms, Grigg street
Cruse Thomas Harris, family, dispensing & pharmaceutical chemist, Marmion house, Palmerston road
Crusoe Hen. Wm. lodging house, 2 St. Helen's Park crescent
Cudlipp Arthur, pawnbroker, 26 St. James's road
Cumples James, beer retailer, New Southsea
Cunningham Robert & Co. cabinet makers & upholsterers, 1 & 3 King's road
Curtis Edwin, second hand bookseller, 47 Middle street
Dagnell Samuel, fancy repository' 52 Hambrook street
Dagwell Francis, beer retailer, 38 Brunswick road
Darnpman Christopher, carpenter, 4 West street
Dart Elizabeth (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, St. Helen's park
Davis Annie (Mrs.), lodging ho. Worsley Ito. Ashburton road
Davis Caroline (Mrs.), tobacconist, Palmerston road
Davis Edward, linen draper, Marmion road
Davis Elizabeth (Mrs.), glass & china dealer, 4 Stanley street
Davis Emma ( Mrs.), furniture dealer, 51 King's road
Davis Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 7 Norfolk square
Davis Joseph James Lewis, dentist, 72 King's road
Death Amy (Mrs.), lodging house, 6 St. Helen's Park crescent
Death William, bath chair proprietor, 21 Beach terrace
Deck Charles, beer retailer, 2 Silver street
Denyer Anna (Mrs.), linen draper, 83 Fleet street
Dexter Margetts, grocer, Palmerston road
Digby Charles, dyer, Marmion road
Dilley Henry, beer retailer, 11 Hambrook street
Dimond Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 5 South parade
Diocesan Grammar School (boarding & day) (George H. DeFraine LL.B., M.C.P. principal), Southsea house, Castle road
Diver Thomas, M.D. physician, Hereford house, Kent road
Dixon John, lodging house, 18 Hampshire terrace
Dobey John, tailor, 24 York street
Dodson Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Marlborough house, Shaftesbury road
Dopson William, fruiterer, 72 St. James's road
Douglass Henry, tobacconist, Palmerston road
Douthwaite Hen. lodging ho. Beaumont ho. Nightingale road
Dove John, inland revenue officer, 19 Cottage grove
Dow William, lodging house, 6 Park lane
Dowdell Thomas Horatio, painter, 12 Eldon street
Dowle Annie (Miss), ladies' school, 4 St. Leonard's, Elm grove
Drew Mary (Mrs.), corset maker, 21 King's road
Duck William, baker, 4 Warwick street
Dugan Frederick, plumber &c. 14 Great Southsea street
Dugan George, linen draper, 19 King's road
Dugan James John, hair dresser, 14 Hambrook street
Dugan John George, house decorator, Duncan road
Dugan William, painter &c. 7 Park place
Dugdale John Whittle, glass & china dealer, Marmion road
Dmican-John, greengrocer, 76 St. Vincent street
Duniford John, beer retailer, 36 Hambrook street
Dunn Susan (Mrs.), beer retailer, 121 Grigg street
Durant James Daniel, butcher, 23 Castle road
Durrell Henry, beer retailer, Marmion road
Dyer John, linen draper, 61 & 63 King's road
Dymond James, lodging house, 10 King's terrace
Eades James Alfred, corn dealer, 26 Great Southsea street
Eamey William, beer retailer. 13 Somers road
Earl Alfred, beer retailer, 87 Grosvenor street
Edge Robert, dyer, Marmion road
Edgerton Edmund, Royal Albert, Albert road
Edwards Thomas, beer retailer, Elm grove
Egerton Thomas, wheelwright, Milton
Elliott Amelia (Miss), ladies' school, St. Elvan's  Elphinstone road
Elliott Ellen (Mrs.), dress maker, 50 Blackfriars road
Elliott Samuel, hair dresser, Palmerston road
Ellis George & Co. boot manufacturers, Palmerston road
Ellis George, boot & shoe maker, Palmerston road & 3 Marmion road; & at Commercial road, Landport
Ellis Thomas, lodging house, 13 Jubilee terrace
Emberley William, lodging house, 2 Jubilee terrace
Embleton George Thomas, grocer, 38 Sackville street
Emery Clara (Mrs.), teacher of music, 46 Green road
Eneas Charles, chimney sweeper. 5 Hyde street
Etherton William, farrier, 12 Grigg street
Evans Henry & William, builders, Brougham terrace
Evans Cornelius, baker, 14 St. James's road
Evans James, florist, 36 Green road
Evans John, Cambridge Arms, 55 Somers road
Evans Margaret (Miss), lace dealer, 27 King's road
Eyres John, chemist, & post office Albert road

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