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Southsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders F - H

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Farenden Benjamin, butcher, 46 office, road
Farrow John, lodging house, 8 King's terrace
Faulls Isabella (Miss), lodging house, Shaftesbury house, Nightingale road
Fielder Walter, lodging house, Willton house, Shaftesbury road
Fielder Walter, mineral water manufacturer, 49 Middle street
Finley Cameron, dyer, Marmion road
Flowers Francis lodging house, 7 St. Helen's Park crescent
Fogden Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, Marmion road
Fogden William Bacon, boot & shoe maker, Albert road
Ford William & Son, butchers, Palmerston road
Ford Marian (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Highland road
Ford Robert, butcher, Marmion road
Ford Sarah (Miss), milliner, 8 Middle street
Forder Robert & Charlotte (Miss),linen drapers, Marinion road
Fowles Albert Godwin, professor of music, 27 Norfolk street
Frampton Eli, umbrella manufacturer, umbrellas & sun shades made to order & re-covered with silk, russell cord, regina, satanella, lustre, zenilla, alpaca &c. on the shortest notice, repairing in all its branches, sticks dressed & mounted, Palmerston road (two doors from Mr. Childs, chemist)
Francis Frederick George, butcher, Clarendon road
Francis Henry, shopkeeper, 68 Grosvenor street
Francis Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 14 Beach terrace'
Frankliam Maria ( Mrs.), butcher, 38 Hyde Park road
Franklin William, baker & grocer, 1 & 4 St. James's road
Franklin William Alfred, confectioner, Osborne road
Froggett Leonard, Castle tavern, 119 Somers road
Frost William Henry, Eastney Arms, Cromwell road, Eastney
Fry Samuel, nurseryman, Elm grove
Fryer Frederick, carpenter, 1 Elm street
Fulford Charles, beer retailer, 48 Middle street
Fuller Henry, ginger beer manufacturer, Avenue, King street
Galley Emma (Mrs.), beer retailer, 44 Sackville street
Garriblin James, greengrocer, Kemmisham road
Gandy Hannah (Mrs.), 4 Netley terrace
Gardener Edward Thomas, dairy, Albert road
Gardener James Douglas, lodging house, 24 Hampshire terrace
Gardner Henry Hawkey, lodging house, 1 Queen's terrace west, Sussex road
Gardner John, beer retailer, Clarendon road east
Gardner John Wesley, bookseller, 2 Norfolk square
Gardner Joseph, beer retailer, 62 Ivy street
Gardner Montague Somers, accountant, Alsace terrace, Havelock park
Garner Jane ( Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Clarence parade
Garrett Henry, market gardener, Elm grove
Garrington Arthur Merrifield, physician, 6 Queen's place
Garrington William Hawkins, surgeon 6 Queen's place
Gates William, nurseryman, Albert road
Gauntlett George, beer retailer, Netley road
Gee William, 6 St. James's road
Geeves James, lodging house, 1 Clarence parade
German James, grocer, 31 Somers road
Gibbs Robert, Victoria Arms, Palmerston road
Gibbs William, coal merchant, 27 Middle street.
Gibbs William, fishmonger, Palmerston road
Gibbs William Howe, grocer, 62 Grosvenor street
Gladwin Samuel, beer retailer, Albert road
Godlier Elizabeth (Mrs.), beer retailer, 7 Prince Frederick place
Godfrey Charles Edward, pianoforte tuner,19 Beach terrace
Goldsmith James, farmer, Milton
Goldsworthy William, butcher, 34 Blackfriars road
Good Jonathan Henry, lodging house, 2 Clifton terrace
Good Sarah (Mrs.), butcher, 17 Eldon street
Goodall Peter, beer retailer, 97 Grigg street
Goodchild. Albert John, greengrocer, Albert road
Goodfellow John, umbrella manufacturer, 5 Marmion place, Grove road south
Goodwin Ellen (Mrs.), lodging ho. 2 Hope villa,. Auckland road
Gotting Christian, greengrocer, Highland road
Graham Brothers, brewers, Dock Mill brewery
Grant, Gillman & Long, bankers (branch) (Caleb Ingram, manager), Palmerston road
Green Amy (Miss), teacher of music, 2 Wiltshire street
Green Frederick Thomas, grocer, Palmerston road
Green George, watch maker, 16 King's road
Green James, Osborne tavern, Osborne road
Green Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Freemantle house
Green Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Templetown house, Shaftesbury road
Green William, pork butcher, 34 St. James's road
Greenfield Albourn, lodging house, Northbrook terrace
Griffith & Co. tobacconists, 40 King's road
Grigg Albert, lodging house, 2 Bush villas, Park lane
Grimshaw Sarah (Miss), lodging house, 17 Clarence parade
Grossmith James Stewart, tailor, 60 Great Southsea street
Groves Henry, butcher, Palmerston road
Guy John, beer retailer, 79 Ivy street
Hackett Jane (Mrs.), pork butcher, 17 Marmion road
Haigh Charles, beer retailer, Albert road
Hale Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 South parade
Hall John Thomas, fishmonger, 5 Park place
Hall Joshua, Fort Cumberland Arms, New Southsea
Hall Robert, engineer, R.N. 13 Marlborough terrace
Hall Sarah (Mrs.), lodging house, Wellesley lodge, Clarence parade
Hall Thomas accountant, 20 Brougham terrace
Hampshire :Banking Co. (Southsea branch), King's road
Hampshire School 0- Home for the Blind (under a committee of management), Park lane
Hancock Francis, bookseller, 45 Middle street
Handley George linen draper, Palmerston road
Harbron Rebecca (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Lazy lane
Hardin Walter, physician, 24 Landport terrace
Harding Henry, builder, 9 Marlborough terrace
Harding William, furniture broker, 2 Norfolk street
Harris & Reading, coach builders 24 King's road
Harris Ruth & Sarah (Misses), lodging house, 23 King's terrace
Harris John Henry, house decorator, 84 Grigg street
Harris William, beer retailer, 69 Grigg street
Hart James, bricklayer, 52 William street
Harwood Sl.saddlr. &c.30 King's rd & 252 Commercial road, Landport
}Imes Keziah ( Mrs.), lodging ho. Tamworth ho.Clarence parade
HaydonThos.Were,furnsling.& genLironningr. Palmerston road
Hayes Henry, livery stables, Granada road
Hayes Robert, plumber, Granada road
Haynes Benjamin, dentist, 8 Oakley place, King's road
Haynes Henry, livery stables, Clarendon road east
Haynes James, beer retailer, Marmion road
Hayter Saml. lodging house, Caprera ho.Auckland road west
Hayward Charlotte (Mrs.), beer retailer, 36 St. James's road
Hayward Robert, baker, 2 Sackville street ; & at Landport
Heal James & Co. ironmonger, Park place
Heathcote John, baker, 46 Wiltshire street
Heaven Joseph, chemist, 82 King's road
Hellen Arthur Edward, fruiterer, 35 King's road
Hellyer Henry, plumber, Clarendon road east
Hellyer Wm. lodging house, 4 Clarence ter. Clarence parade
Hennen James, inspector of letter carriers, 49 Green row
Hennes George, lodging house, 9 Beach terrace
Hewett Alfred, lodging house, 11 Hampshire terrace
Hewett James, carver & gilder, 15 Great Southsea street
Hews Caroline (Miss), lodging house, S-euthsea terrace
Hide Edwin, linen draper, 9 King's road & 136 Grigg street
Hill Frederick Augustus, watch & clock manufacturer, optician, jeweller, gold & silver smith, gilder, electroplater & diamond setter & dealer in works of art, 2 Stanley street, Palmerston road
Hilliard Geo. Draper, commission agent, 8 St. Paul's square
Himmens Thomas, outfitter, 15 Middle street
Hoar Caroline (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Beach terrace
Hoar Richard Alfred, grocer, Clarendon road east
Hobbs Eliza (Mrs.), beer retailer, 5 Castle road
Hobbs Elizabeth (Miss), preparatory school, Wilson road
Hodgkins John, beer retailer, 56 Fleet street
Holbrook & Co. hosiers, 20 Norfolk street
Holder Charles, Sir Robert Peel, 49 St. Vincent street
Holder Jas. lodging house, Chilgrove vii. Elphinstone road
Hole John, tailor, 3 Marmion place, Grove road south
Hollands Richard, Clarendon Arms, Hampshire terrace
HollierElizh.(Mrs.),prepatory school,Sussex tower,Sussex road
Hollier Jas. lodging house, 6 Portland terrace, Portland road
Hollins George, hair dresser, 30 Brunswick road
Holloway William, beer retailer, 23 York street
Home for Fallen 4. Destitute Women (Mrs. Mary Ann Colebrook, superintendent), Brunswick road
Hooper James, greengrocer, Albert road
Hopkins Harriet (Mrs.), lodging house, Hopland ho. Kent road
Horn George Edmund, butcher, 25 St. James's road
Horn Mary (Mrs.) beer retailer, 2 Melbourne place
Homer Chas. lodging house, Melville house, Osborne road
Horsey Sophia (Miss), lodging house, Ivy cottage, Park lane
Horspool George, shoeing smith, Park lane
Horspool William, blacksmith, Lennox road
Horspool William, tobacconist, Clarendon road east
Holly Augustus & Son, shopkeepers, 73 William street
Holloway Cornelius, bath chair proprietor, Stanley street
Horton John, grocer, 3 Hambrook street
Horton Thomas Frederick, greengrocer, 4 Peel street
Hoskins Walter White, Stag, 1 Gold street
Houghton Charles Mew, architect, Errol cottage, Elm grove & 4 Mermaid place
Houghton Emma Jane (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, The Pier
Hubbard Charles James, laundry, Albert road
Hucker Charles, furniture dealer, 6 Park place
Hudson Alfred Arthur, architect & surveyor, 2 Kent road
Hudson Henry, pottery gallery, china & glass depot, agent for Minton's china (branch), Palmerston road; & at 119 Queen street, Portsea
Hudson Samuel, lodging house, 18 Beach terrace
Humphrey Ann (Mrs.), general dealer. 36 St. Vincent street
Hunt Charles, house decorator, 19 Somers street
Hunt Henry, billiard table maker, 19 Eldon street
Hunt Henry George, chemist, 56 Blackfriars road
Hunt Joseph, dairy, Duncan road
Hunt Joseph C. baker, Hambrook street
Hunt Thomas, plumber &c. 4 Park place
Hunt William Charles, beer retailer, 75 St. James's road
Hunter James, beer retailer, 29 Green road
Hunter Mary Matilda (Mrs.), greengrocer, Duncan road
Hurle Mrs. lodging house, 4 Bellevue terrace
Hutchens John, coal & wood dealer, Lennox road
Hutchings Alfred, King's Arms, Green road
HutchingsChas.commercl. traveller,Osborne cot.Cottage gro
Hutchings Richard, laundry, Granada road
Hutchings Walter, livery stables, Auckland road

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