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Southsea 1875 Post Office Directory - Traders M - P

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McCormack John, beer retailer, Albert road
McDougal Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 7 Southsea terrace
McDougall Harriette Henrietta (Mrs.), preparatory school, 3 Dover terrace, Osborne road
McErvy John, beer retailer, 2 York street
Mack Mary Ann (Mrs.), beer retailer, Albert road
Mackintosh Daniel, physician & surgeon, 11 King's terrace
Main Reuben, government pilot, 11 Hyde street
Mansell William, shopkeeper, Eastney
Mantle Charles, beer retailer, 1 Castle road
Mare John, lodging house, 8 Beach terrace
Morrison Mary Ann (Mrs.), Star tavern, 33 Gold street
Marsh Betsey, teacher of music, Waverley road
Marsh John, tobacconist, 31 Grosvenor street
Marsh Middleton, house agent, Marmion road
Marsh Middleton, jun. grocer, Marmion road
Marshall George, bricklayer, 3 Somers street
Marshall Thos. market gardener, Priory farm, Victoria road. north
Marshallsay Wm. Alex. India Arms, Great Southsea street
Martin Benjamin, lodging house, Beach road
Martin Edwin, surgeon dentist, 2 King's terrace
Martin Frederick James, oilman, 53 St. James's road
Martin Joseph, beer retailer, 67 West street
Martin Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer, 58 St. James's road
Martin Nancy (Mrs.), lodging ho. NIelrose ho. Osborne road
Marvin Richard, jun. solicitor, Selborne house, Kent road
Mason George, earthenware dealer, Albert road
Masterman Edward George, greengrocer, 13 Castle road
Masterman John, outfitter, 57 & 59 King's road
Mathewson Susan (Mrs.) & Swaffield Annie Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Clarence parade
Mathias Charles, lodging house, Brierwood, Shaftesbury road
Meader Fanny (Mrs.), dress maker, 83 Green road
Mechelen Maurice, academy, 2 Albany villas, Palmerston road
Medway Edward, grocer, 4 Hyde Park road
Messum William Bridges, accountant, 80 St. James's road
Mew Chas. Jas. pianoforte & music wareho. Palmerston road
Mew Thomas John, boot maker, 23 Grosvenor street
Miall Augustus, professor of music, 1 St. Paul's square
Michau Monsieur & Madame, professors of dancing,6 King's terrace
Midmer Martin, greengrocer, Clarendon road east
Miles John 8c Son, brewers, Elm steam brewery, Eldon street
Miles Henry, beer retailer, 4 Brougham terrace
Miles William Henry, cabinet maker, 6 Landport street
Miller Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, Oxford house & Cambridge house, Clarence parade
Miller Henry Charles, shopkeeper, 40 Cumberland road
Miller Moore, surgeon, North Grove house, Elm grove
Millett Jacob, beer retailer, 2 Grosvenor street
Mills & Sons, publishers & booksellers, Palmerston road
Mills George, lodging house, Silwood villa, Netley terrace
Mills Henry, Balmoral tavern, Landport terrace
Mills Joseph, linen draper, Cromwell road, Eastney
Mitchell Alfred, pawnbroker, Albert road
Monk Charles, fishmonger, 1 Park place
Montague John, beer retailer, 22 Brunswick street
Moody Caroline (Miss), ladies' school, Culver villa, Grove road.nth
Moody James, grocer, 22 King's road
Moody Reuben, builder, 25 Castle road
Moody William James, fishmonger, 50 Hambrook street
Moore & Moore, auctioneers, Marmion road
Moore Caleb, beer retailer, 72 St Vincent street
Moore Elizh.(Mrs.), lodging house, 5 Dagmer terrace, Clarence road
Moore George, boot maker, 85 St. Vincent street
Moore Maria Louisa (Miss), Iadies' seminary, The Hermitage, Grove road south
Moorey John, grocer, 137 Somers road
Moorman George, beer retailer, 40 Grigg street
Moors John, dentist, 12 Queen's terrace, Kent road
Moreton Joseph, marine store dealer, Albert road
Morey Charles, builder, Osborne villa, Duncan road
Morey Thomas John, potato merchant, 56 St. Vincent street
Moses Henry, greengrocer, 32 Blackfriars road
Mott William Thomas, beer retailer, 1 Landport street
Murrell William, surgeon, Sefton house, Kent road
Mutton Joshua, lodging house, 3 Jubilee terrace
Nash Frederick Augustus, Bush family hotel, Elm grove
Nash Samuel, beer retailer, 68 Kings road
National Provincial Bank of England (Thomas Henry Paddon, manager), Palmerston road ; draw on Head Office, London
Naylor Sarah (Miss), milliner, 25 Hambrook street
Neale Henry John, beer retailer, 12 Hyde Park road
Neale Mary Ann (Mrs.), Diamond tavern, 70 King street
Needes Thomas, baker, 32 Great Southsea street
Neobard James, boys' school, Tintern lodge, Clarendon road
New Pier hotel (Miss Helen Dare, manageress.), Southsea cons
New Pier Hotel Co. Limited (Edward Thomas Stehelin, sec.), Pier & Queen's hotels
Newman Obadiah, beer retailer, 15 Gloucester street
Newman William, grocer, 49 King's road
Newman William, pawnbroker, 19 Grigg street
Newton Benjamin, builder, Forbury lodge, Mary's row
Newton Fredk. James, chief engineer, R.N. 9 St. Paul's square
Newton James, grocer, 86 agent for Henry Brett & Co.'s "Eau de Vie" pure brandy, 60 King's road
Newton John, grocer, 10 & 12 Hambrook street
Nicholas Stewart, beer retailer, 1 Wiltshire street
Nichols Ann (Mrs.), lodging ho. Northbrook vii. Netley terrace
Nickling Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, Cottage grove
Nobbs Enoch, boot maker, 47 Grosvenor street
Norman Burford, surgeon, 2 Queen's crescent
Norman Henry Burford, surgeon, Portland lodge, Kent road
Norris George, hair dresser, Palmerston road
Oakes John, blacksmith, 104 Grigg street
Oakeshott Charles, photographer, Palmerston road
Oliver William, brewers' agent, Albert villa, Osborne road
011is George, F.R.G.S.I. architect & surveyor, agent for the Scottish Widows' Life Assurance Co. Hope villas, Victoria road south
O'Neill James, lodging house, 10 Jubilee terrace
Orange Eliza (Mrs.), lodging house, 22 Landport terrace
Orange Frederick, plumber &c. 24 Castle road
Organ Charles, Barleymow, Park lane
Owen Alfred Lloyd, physician, Kentlodge, Queen's crescent
Pace George, lodging house, Swiss cottage, Netley road
Pafford Jane (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 29 King's road
Pafford Sarah (Mrs.), Iodging house .2 Lorne vils. Shaftesbury road
Patibrd Thomas Henry, cabinet maker, 19 Castle road
Page Leonard, lodging house, Trapezium cottage, Kent road
Page Thomas, baker, 44 & 46 Hambrook street
Paine Catherine (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Northbrook street
Paine George Thomas, beer retailer, Lennox road
Palmer Alfred, beer retailer, 82 William street
Palmer Geo. Greethain,. brewer, St. Paul's brewery, King street
Palmer Edward, grocer, Palmerston road
Palmer Stephen, shopkeeper, Highland road
Paisgrave Thomas Phillips, lodging house, Gladstone house
Parkes Charles, grocer, 18 Hambrook street
Parkes Martha (Mrs.), lodging house, Ashburnam house
Parrott William, boot & shoe maker, Clarendon road
Parson Edward Kent, surgeon, 14 King's terrace
Patent Anhydrous, Leather Co. corners &c. Great Southsea street
Pawsey Isaac, beer retailer, 15 Eldon street
Pay James, beer retailer, 1 Prince Regent street
Payne Alfred, boot maker, 63 Somers road
Payne James Thomas, tobacconist, 55 Middle street
Payne Richard, cork cutter, 32 St. James's road
Pearce Edward, beer retailer, 38 Grosvenor street
Pearce Elizh. (Mrs.), lodging ho. Clive ho. Nightingale road
Pearce.George, lodging house, Alpha cot. Palmerston road
Pearcy Henry, beer retailer, 21 Sackville street
Pearson George, shopkeeper, 69 Grosvenor street
Pearson Henry Pooley, lodging house, 4 Queen's terrace west, Sussex road
Penny Thomas, boot maker, Palmerston road
Perkins Sir Frederick, wine & spirit merchant, Palmerston road
Perkins Hannah(IVIrs.), lodging ho., Trafalgar ho. Clarencerd
Peters George & Co. importers of wines & spirits, 5 King's road; & at Portsea
Pettet Henry, baker, 62 Fleet street
Petty Charlotte (Miss), stationer, Marmion road
Pharoah James Enos, dairyman, 47 Somers street
Pharaoh Thomas, wood dealer, 2 Broad street
Pharoah Thomas Isaac, pottery dealer, 2 Eldon street
Phillips George, house decorator, Marmion road
Phillips John, grocer, 2 Gold street
Philp John, beer retailer, 1 York street
Phippard Moses, stone mason, 91 Grosvenor street
Pickard Francis, grainer &c. 11 Eldon street
Pike William Royston, surgeon, Rose lodge, Green road
Pitt Philip John, beer retailer, 59 Grigg street
Pitts Sarah (Mrs.), lodging ho. Cheshire vii. Shaftesbury road
Platt Charles, lodging house, 2 Ottawa ter. Victoria rd. nth
Platt Frederick Thomas, tailor, 23 Hambrook street
Poad Eliza (Mrs.), milliner, Palmerston road
Poole William, beer retailer, Somers road
Poole William Henry, boot maker, 14 Middle street
Pope John, fruiterer, 68 Middle street
Portsmouth Cemetery (John Target, porter), Highland road
Portsmouth Co-operative Association Limited (Reynolds Marsland, sec.), Marmion road
Potter Thomas Martin, insurance agent, 33 Norfolk street
Potts Ira, Fort Cumberland tavern, New Southsea
Poacher James B. & Co. linen drapers, 2 St. James's road
Pratt Francis, jeweller, 11 Somers street
Pratt Frederick John DeIville, estate agent, 32 Hanbrook street & 1 Jubilee terrace
Pratt George, riding master, Clarendon road & Sussex road
Price Mary Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 12 Landport terrace
Prid Emma (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Beach terrace
Priddy Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 31 Blackfriars road
Primmer John, carver & gilder, 34 Hambrook street
Prince Henry, boot maker, 33 King's road
Prior Philip, omnibus proprietor, Lennox road
Pritchard Francis Bowen, accoucheur, 1 Kew vils. Albert road
Pritchard Frederick Perkin, linen draper, 40A., Kir19.','S road
Private Advance Office (Chas. 0. Buer, proprietor.), 8 King's road
Privett Esther (Mrs.), teacher of music, 47 King street
Privett James, general dealer, 34 Brunswick road
Probyn Sutherland, surgeon, Claremont villa, Palmerston. road
Prossor Ellen (Miss), preparatory school, St. Helen's villa, Elphinstone road
Prossor Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies' school, Baltrzoral house, Nelson road
Puntis Josiah, lodging house, 7 South parade
Purchase Mry.(Mrs.), Iodging ho.Thorriton ho. Elphinstne road
Purkis Ann (Mrs.), lodging house, 20 Hampshire terrace, Nightingale road
Pyle Daniel, baker, Albert road

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