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Havering atte Bower History

Havering is quite a small village, but incorporates Romford and Hornchurch as part of its history. This is almost certainly due to its popularity in earlier years with royal visits, but Romford is now the major centre, with Hornchurch as its subordinate.

Havering 1839 Pigots Directory - Gentry & Clergy -

Trade in 1839 Academies to Bricklayers , Butchers to Gardeners , Grocers to Plumbers, Saddlers to Wine Merchants & Miscellaneous

Havering 1848 Whites Directory

Havering 1855 Post Office Directory

Havering 1871 Post Office Directory

Havering 1874 Post Office Directory

Havering 1882 Kelly's Directory

Havering 1894 Kelly's Directory

Havering 1902 Kelly's Directory

Havering 1914 Kelly's Directory

Havering Church on the Green & from the graveyard & Havering Stocks

Havering Public Houses


The Liberty, created in 1465 by royal charter, comprised the extensive ancient parish of Hornchurch which included the later civil parishes of Hornchurch, HAVERING and Romford. The Liberty and its separate Courts of Quarter Sessions and Petty Sessions were abolished in 1892, when its jurisdiction was transferred to the Country.
On 4 January 1893 the Essex Court of Quarter Sessions ordered that a new Petty Sessional Division to be called the Romford Division be constituted to comprise the parishes of Romford, HAVERING and Hornchurch (which lately formed the Liberty of HAVERING-atte-Bower) and Upminster and such portion of the parish of Cranham as lies immediately south of the northern boundary fence of the London and Southern Railway (which lately formed part of the PETTY Sessional Division of Brentwood) with effect from 16 February 1893 [Q/SO 55 p.632].
For RECORDS of the Petty Sessional Division of Romford see P/Ro. The earliest RECORDS of the Romford Division are to be found in the last volumes of the Liberty of HAVERING-atte-Bower Petty Sessions eg.P/Hv R3, P/Hv L1.

Scope and Content P/... M... Minutes
P/... Mc... Chairman's minutes
P/... Mj... Juvenile court minutes
P/... Mp... Probation committee minutes
P/... R... Registers and examination books
P/... Rj... Juvenile court registers
P/... Rp... Registers of offenders under the Probation Act 1907
P/... Rs... Registers of school cases
P/... Rx... Registers of further examination of defendants
P/... L... Licences
P/... F... Finance
P/... A... Adoption
P/... P... Papers
P/... Pa... Papers relating to settlement
P/... S... Special SESSIONs under act of 35 George III c.5 for raising men for the Navy
P/... Z... Miscellaneous - SEAX

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