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Plough, Wormley, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire

Called the Crown in 1854 *

Wormley pub history index

Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Hertfordshire .

Plough, High Road, Wormley - circa 1905

Plough, High Road, Wormley - circa 1905

Plough, High Road, Wormley - circa 1958

Plough, High Road, Wormley - circa 1958

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Residents at this address

1832/William Mansfield/Retailer of Beer, Boot & Shoe Maker/../../Pigot's Directory *

1838/William Mansfield/Beer Retailer, Boot & Shoe Maker/../../Trade Directory *

1839/William Mansfield/Boot & Shoe Maker/../../Pigot's Directory *

1841/William Mansfield/Shoe M/50/Herts/Census *
1841/Frances Mansfield/../50/../Census
1841/Joseph Mansfield/../15/Herts/Census
1841/Esther Mansfield/../10/Herts/Census

1845/Wm Mansfield/Beer Retailer & Shoemaker/../../Post Office Directory *

1851/William Mansfield/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1851/William Mansfield/Shoemaker, Widower/68/Wormley, Herts/Census *
1851/Joseph Mansfield/Son, Shoemaker/27/Wormley, Herts/Census

1855/William Mansfield/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1859/Luke Simmons/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1861/Henry Squires/Beer Shop/37/Wormley, Herts/Census *
1861/Anne Squires/Wife/33/Colchester, Essex/Census
1861/Henry Squires/Son, Ag Labr/12/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census
1861/Jane Squires/Dau, Ag Labr/11/Ipswich, Suffolk/Census
1861/James Squires/Son/7/Wormley, Herts/Census
1861/Anne Squires/Dau/4/Wormley, Herts/Census
1861/Sibylla Squires/Dau/2/Wormley, Herts/Census
1861/Robert Squires/Son/5m/Wormley, Herts/Census
1861/James Sable/Visitor, Farm Lab/32/Ware, Herts/Census

1862/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1867/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1870/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1871/Henry Squires/Gardener/46/Wormley, Herts/Census *
1871/Annie Squires/Wife/44/Colchester, Essex/Census
1871/James Squires/Son, Gardener Apprentice/17/Wormley, Herts/Census
1871/Sibylla Squires/Daur/12/Wormley, Herts/Census
1871/Robert Squires/Son/10/Wormley, Herts/Census
1871/Elizabeth Squires/Daur/7/Wormley, Herts/Census
1871/William Squires/Son/6m/Wormley, Herts/Census

1874/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1878/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1881/Henry Squires/Gardener/57/Wormley, Herts/Census *
1881/Annie Squires/Wife, Beer House Keeper/55/Colchester, Essex/Census
1881/Robert Squires/Son, Plasterer/20/Wormley, Herts/Census
1881/Elizabeth Squires/Daur/17/Wormley, Herts/Census
1881/William Squires/Son, Scholar/10/Wormley, Herts/Census
1881/George Bone/Boarder, Whitesmith/27/Norwich, Norfolk/Census

1882/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1886/Henry Squires/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1890/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory

1891/John Osborne/Blacksmith/41/Mattishall, Norfolk/Census *
1891/Elizabeth Osborne/Wife/42/Barkway, Herts/Census
1891/Frances Osborne/Daur, Assisting in house duties/21/Barkway, Herts/Census
1891/Henry John Osborne/Son, Balcksmith Assistant/19/Barkway, Herts/Census
1891/Maud Mary Osborne/Daur, Scholar/13/Wormley, Herts/Census
1891/Lillian Osborne/Daur, Scholar/7/Wormley, Herts/Census
1891/Ethel Osborne/Daur, Scholar/6/Wormley, Herts/Census
1891/Ellen Osborne/Daur, Scholar/4/Wormley, Herts/Census
1891/Frederick W Osborne/Son/2/Wormley, Herts/Census
1891/Florence M Osborne/Daur/3m/Wormley, Herts/Census

1895/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1898/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1901/John Osborne/Blacksmith/52/Norwich, Norfolk/Census *
1901/Elizabeth Osborne/Wife/50/Barkway, Herts/Census
1901/Ethel Osborne/Daur/16/Wormley, Herts/Census
1901/Nelly Osborne/Daur/14/Wormley, Herts/Census
1901/Frederick Osborne/Son/12/Wormley, Herts/Census
1901/Florence Osborne/Daur/10/Wormley, Herts/Census
1901/Agnes Osborne/Daur/7/Wormley, Herts/Census
1901/Ernest Osborne/Son/6/Wormley, Herts/Census

1902/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1906/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1908/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1910/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1911/John Osborne/Blacksmith/64/Norfolk/Census *
1911/Elizabeth Osborne/Wife/62/Barkway, Herts/Census
1911/Frederick Osborne/Son, Labourer on Farm/21/Wormley, Herts/Census
1911/James Savill/Boarder, Labourer on Farm/69/Standon, Herts/Census

1912/John Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1914/Hy Jn Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1917/Hy Jn Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1922/Hy Jn Osborne/Farrier & Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1926/Henry John Osborne/Farrier/../../Post Office Directory *

1929/Henry John Osborne/Farrier/../../Post Office Directory *

1933/Hy Jn Osborne/Beer Retailer/../../Post Office Directory *

1937/Hy Jn Osborne/Plough PH/../../Post Office Directory *

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