Public Houses, Inns & Taverns of Huntingdonshire in 1864 Post Office Directory A - E

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Directory of Pubs in the UK, historical public houses, Taverns, Inns, Beer Houses and Hotels in Huntingdonshire, The listing uses information from census, Trade Directories and History to add licensees, bar staff, Lodgers and Visitors.

Addisons Arms, J. Chapman, Glatton, Peterborough
Admiral, J. Green. Holme, Peterborough
Anchor, J. Banister, Farcett, Peterborough
Anchor, H. Grant, Hartford, Huntingdon
Anchor, B. Inwards, Little Paxton, Huntingdon
Anchor, J. Lant, High street, Ramsey
Anchor, Mrs. R. Payne, Stanground, Peterborough
Angel, J. Austin, Stilton, Peterborough
Angel, J. Foster, Earith, St. Ives
Angel. G. Maile, St. Neots
Angel, W. Papworth, High street, Ramsey
Axe & Compasses, G. Saddington, Spaldwick, St. Neots
Barley Mow, H. Clark, Hartford, Huntingdon
Bell, J Brocket, Stonely, Kimbolton, St. Neots
Bell, Mrs. A. Croot, Brampton, Huntingdon
Bell, G. Dodson, Yaxley, Peterborough
Bell, Mrs. R. Metcalf, Southoe, Huntingdon
Bell, J. Okey, Little Stukeley, Huntingdon
Bell, T. Spriggs, Stilton, Peterborough
Bell, A. Thain, Great Paxton, Huntingdon
Bell, F. Willson, Spaldwick, St. Neots
Black Bull, C. Benton, Earith, St. Ives
Black Bull, E. H. Hooper, Godmanchester, Huntingdon
Black Horse, Mrs. A. Staples, Elton, Oundle
Black Swan, J. Bradshaw, Middlemoor, Ramsey
Black Swan, W. Bradshaw, Ramsey St.Mary's. Huntingdon
Black Swan, J. Edgley, Old Weston, St. Neots
Black Swan, H. Hankinson, Great Catworth, Thrapston
Black Swan, W. Johnson, Farcett, Peterborough
Blue. Anchor, T. Butler, The Quay, St. Ives
Blue Ball, J. Matthews, Eynesbury, St. Neots
Blue Bell, J. Banister, Stanground, Peterborough
Bold Dragoon, T Jones, Brampton, Huntingdon
Boot & Shoe, W. Burdett, Stilton, Peterborough
Boy's Head, J. Desbrow, Woodstone, Peterborough
Bull, D. Seamer, Great Paxton, Huntingdon
Bull inn, S. Peaks, Somersham, St. Ives
Carpenters Arms, T. Jackson, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon
Carpenters Arms, T. Parsons, Stanground, Peterborough
Carpenters Arms, T.Sneesby, Hemingford Abbots, St Ives
Chequers, W. Ashley, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon
Chequers, J. Mays, Eynesbury, St. Neots
Chequers & Globe, G. Hufford, Barham, Kimbolton
Cherry Tree, T. Parnell, Fletton, Peterborough
Coach & Horses, W. Brewster, Stanground, Peterborough
Coach & Horses, G. Radwell, North end, Huntingdon
Cock, W. Cross, King's Ripton, Huntingdon
Cock, W. Saunders, Hemingford Grey, St. Ives
Cock, W. Upchurch, Warboys, Huntingdon
Cow & Hare, J. Purser, Bullock market, St. Ives
Cross Keys, J. Hodson, Sawtry, Peterboiough
Cross Keys, S. Murfin. Upwood, Huntingdon
Cross Keys, Mrs. S. Taylor, St. Neots
Cross Keys, W Thompson, Sheep market, St. Ives
Cross Keys, S. Whiteman, Molesworth, Thrapston
Crown, W. Beldam, Bluntisham, St. Ives
Crown, Mrs. A. Crawley, Great Gidding, Oundle
Crown, R. Lee, Alconbury, Huntingdon
Crown, Mrs. A. North, Hartford, Huntingdon
Crown, Mrs. M. Shawcross, Elton, Oundle
Crown, S. Stanley, Buckden, Huntingdon
Crown, W. Strickson, Stilton, Peterborough
Crown, J. Thompson, High street, Kimbolton, St. Neots
Crown, S. H. Warren, Brampton, Huntingdon
Crown commercial inn, J. Maddox, High street, Huntingdon
Crown commercial inn, F. Miller, High street, Ramsey
Crown hotel, Mrs. Emma Fielding, Crown street, St. Ives
Crown hotel, J. Jamblin, Fletton, Peterborough
Crown & Mitre, T. Watkins, Wellington street, St. Ives
Crown & Punch Bowl, D. Elger, Somersham, St. Ives
Crown & Woolpack, G. Harlock, Glatton, Peterborough
Crown & Woolpack, J. Scotney, Connington. Peterborough
Dolphin, Mrs. F. S. Harrison, Hemingford Grey, St. Ives
Duck & Drake, W. King, Yaxley, Peterborough
Duke of Cumberland. D. White, High street, Huntingdon
Duncombe Arms, J. Wilson, Waresley, St. Neots
Eagle, Mrs. M. Savers, Bullock market, St. 1ves
Eight Bells, L. Crow, Abbotsley, St. Neots
Elephant & Castle, T. Payne, Wood Walton, Peterborough
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